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  1. Stage 3 lower rectal cancer
  2. Scared of cancer
  3. Pain 6 weeks after removal of rectal tumour
  4. anal itching/burning
  5. removal of growth from anal area?
  6. Should I trust a negative anal pap?
  7. Rectal Cancer Stage 3 pain relief
  8. prep for colostomy
  9. Questions
  10. Anyone have rectal polyps removed?
  11. Any tips dealing with pain?
  12. Anyone use local painkiller Exparel?
  13. Pebble-sized hard mass
  14. What could it be?
  15. stage 4 rectal melanoma
  16. Having a Sigmoidoscope, What's that involve?
  17. hpv
  18. recurrence
  19. Follow up care-Rectal cancer stage 2
  20. have dark blue painless non raised spot on anus ?
  21. Anna cancer squamous cell stage 3
  22. First post-just found out rectal polyp malignant
  23. Colorectal-Diagnosis???
  24. Pea size bump above anus
  25. So lost, need some advice
  26. Spincteroplasty surgery
  27. Just diagnosed
  28. rectal squamous cell carcinoma - all alone
  29. Depressions or grooves in the crack above anus
  30. What next?
  31. Rectal nodule? Confused and scared!
  32. Any input welcome !!
  33. HPV, Nervous...
  34. Anyone Ever Dealt with a Rectal Fistula?
  35. Colonic Irrigation after colostomy
  36. Worrying too much
  37. Bump near Anus
  38. Quaking in my boots
  39. Blood in stool? Colourblind.
  40. cin, ain, vin and vain...
  41. Colonoscopy Results, Concerned
  42. chronic rectal pain
  43. Anal pain
  44. Colonoscopy
  45. Colonoscopy discovered rectal mass
  46. Question about colorectal surgery
  47. rectal carcinoid so many questions
  48. help
  49. Colorectal Cancers Response to Hemorrhoid Medicine
  50. Pressure/pain in rectum and lump
  51. Diagnosed as hemorrhoids but now very worried
  52. Anyone ever hear of a Precancerous polyp on a hemorrhoid/
  53. Pain, burning at top inside crack
  54. PAIN! And bleeding. Scared and crying - someone please answer
  55. Bright color blood in stool - Worried sick
  56. What does
  57. hopefully somebody can help me out.
  58. have "dark-ish brown" streaks in my stool?
  59. Flat stool, periodic blood
  60. how do they differentiate:cancer or hemorroids
  61. Ouch
  62. Worried about anal cancer
  63. Anal cancer symptom question
  64. Stage IIIC Survivor...5 yrs. Out & Here to Help..
  65. Rectal Cancer/Groin Lymph nodes - chemo reaction
  66. Rectal Cancer/Groin Lymph nodes - chemo reaction
  67. Confused and worried
  68. Chemo or No Chemo for stage 3? Please...
  69. Pencil Thin Stools.... Why?? Please Help
  70. Recent Research shows - Oral Sex Causes CANCER???
  71. OK...scared...help...cancer? IBD?
  72. Worried About the Big C
  73. Blood on surface of stool...scared!
  74. Total colon removal
  75. HPV and Oral Cancer
  76. What the difference between Hemorrihoid and anal cancer?
  77. hpv
  78. very worried
  79. Concerned about colon cancer!
  80. Dilemma-Chemo or no Chemo- Stage II- Pls advise
  81. Post operative pain and gas (possibly Ileus)
  82. Does This Sound Like A Hemorrhoid To You?
  83. Chronis Anal Fissure + Colonoscopy
  84. Rectal Bleeding
  85. rectal cancer
  86. Rectum Cancer
  87. Radiation ulcerations
  88. Radiation Ulceration
  89. Hi, story/answers/advice welcomed!
  90. why is it that after every bowel movement the left side of my buttox hurts
  91. BM Issues.
  92. HPV and anal/vulva cancer
  93. Possible Rectocele
  94. Xelox (Capox) vs Xeloda (capecitabine) alone
  95. Could this be a sign of cancer?
  96. could i have colon cancer?
  97. Anal Fissure management?
  98. Not sure what's going on...
  99. narrow stools, clean scope?
  100. Life after Spincteroplasty???
  101. Dysplasia-VIN= HPV?
  102. The Immortal Cyst... PLEASE HELP!
  103. How often to see doctor after Brachy
  104. New to board - just diagnosed with cancer
  105. what are the odds?
  106. 9 polyps???? Ugh!
  107. Lots of blood after movement
  108. worries
  109. Is this serious?
  110. Should I feel this lousy??
  111. Yellow Mucus Discharge, Please Help!
  112. Rectal Pain - VERY worried
  113. can my partner and I have different types of HPV virus
  114. HPV and condoms
  115. HPV Typing, costs, benefits, etc.
  116. high risk HPV and anal/oral sex
  117. Low Risk HPV & Oral Sex
  118. Will someone shed some light? ANYTHING.
  119. throbosed hemmroid or tumor
  120. anal pap smear
  121. SOMEONE please help...colon/stomach cancer?
  122. New to board - just diagnosed with rectal cancer
  123. ?? about Ileostomy
  124. I think I have waited too long??
  125. My Surgeon Changed His Opinion!
  126. Help
  127. looking for deinitive answer on changing stool shapes
  128. Rectal Cancer ..... pse help
  129. pelvic radiation as part of treatment...
  130. Rectal bleeding and coloured area
  131. CancerDad, what's your story?
  132. Peritoneal Mets (Stage IV) new surgical options
  133. If I have colon cancer I'm most likely going to die!
  134. identifying blood in the stool?
  135. Been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
  136. Attn. those who have been diagnosed...
  137. Chemo- continuous infusion
  138. I have rectal cancer, but refusing surgery...please help me
  139. I think im in trouble......
  140. Just Checking In......
  141. Brother-in-law has rectal + anal cancer
  142. PLEASE. Advice on Chemo after clean margins
  143. rectal cancer surgery drainage
  144. Mild constant rectal/anus pain combined with diarrhea
  145. Rectal CA surgery pending- support/advice?
  146. Just Got the Word
  147. Rectal Nodules
  148. worried
  149. Rectal surgery
  150. PreOp Colonoscopy
  151. What Were Your Symptoms Before Diagnosis?
  152. Surgery Coming, very nervous
  153. Husband with Rectal Cancer
  154. Worried
  155. Radiation Questions
  156. need advice on polyp/hemmorhoid
  157. Doctor visit, very worried
  158. Colon Cancer Not Always a Polyp
  159. found a small tumor in sigmoid yesterday!
  160. rectal cancer

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