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  1. 3 Yr Old With Lymphoma?? Pls Help
  2. this sux
  3. Are these normal?
  4. Tests for lymphomas?
  5. Marimac.....please clarify
  6. Latest News...2nd swollen lymph gland :-(
  7. Please help...More common causes of swollen nodes?
  8. worried about husband
  9. I need some help!
  10. Lump/Sore Spot on Back
  11. Are these lymph nodes
  12. 2yr old with swollen nodes~~HELP
  13. can you feel
  14. Swollen lymph nodes in groin
  15. Questions About Lymphoma in the Neck
  16. Symptoms
  17. went to see the oncologist today
  18. silly question
  19. Question about lymphoma in the bone marrow???
  20. Test results?
  21. Do malignant nodes continue growing?
  22. Could this be lymphoma?
  23. Please help me.... :(
  24. I think I have cancer...Advice please!
  25. Symptom question???
  26. Can inflamation from Gerd cause swollen lymph nodes
  27. One more round... Long history of Symptoms/No resolution!
  28. Concerned NEED ADVICE!!
  29. Please Advise...
  30. Worried...
  31. Curable?
  32. UPDATE on my oncology visit
  33. possible reason for swollen lymphs under chin or in groin.
  34. Cant find information on nausea
  35. Biopsy
  36. going to the oncologist/hematologist tomorrow...very scared
  37. Lymph nodes under skin
  38. please help me im 18
  39. Tender lymph nodes under arms, not swollen
  40. Day sweats?
  41. lymph node enlargement in neck
  42. dizziness?
  43. Flow Cytometry
  44. Should I trust my Doctor?
  45. Found in routine blood tests ?
  46. Lymphoma blood test
  47. Hard node mastoid bone
  48. Asymmetric abdominal/chest and discomfort. Very scared. Thoughts?
  49. Lymphoma:Spleen
  50. Is This Sound Advice?
  51. Marimac : Off Topic
  52. MRI for lymph node identification
  53. please help! Afraid I have lymphoma
  54. lump under the right side of my chin
  55. liver enzymes?
  56. questions
  57. Wife's mother had Lymphoma
  58. Lung or lymphatic cancer??? Anyone can help?
  59. Possible lymphoma 2 misunderstanding
  60. Possible Lymphoma
  61. diff. b/w lymph node and gland?
  62. cutaneous t cell lymphoma
  63. One Enlarged Tonsils and Several Swollen Lymph Nodes
  64. some questions...
  65. Squeezing lymph nodes makes them smaller?
  66. Underarms ?
  67. Scared
  68. need some reassurance
  69. Need HElP
  70. Awaiting Biopsy
  71. Groin lymph node biopsy
  72. lump behind ear!! PLEASE advise!!
  73. Lymphoma
  74. lump in back of neck for long time...
  75. Collarbone lymph nodes
  76. What is this I have?
  77. dermatitis and lymphoma????
  78. mono / long-term swollen lymph node?
  79. I'm scared
  80. Lympth Nodes
  81. Lump under my chin
  82. Need Advice, Please!
  83. Painless swollen tonsils
  84. is this a cause for concern?
  85. Neck swelling
  86. enlarged painfull lymphs in armpits
  87. Touching lymph nodes... does it keep them enlarged?
  88. Please help....just can't feel better
  89. An observation about a node..
  90. Help!..Lymph Node Enlargement
  91. Node removal
  92. Swollen nodes, CT scan... help
  93. swollen groin lymph nodes,
  94. Rach 81...
  95. I am back and really need opinions!
  96. psorisis (sp?)
  97. 20 Yr. Old Male--Reason to worry?
  98. When will the night sweats stop? Only after treatment begins?
  99. Lump at back of neck
  100. Would a diagnosis of lymphoma explain these symptoms?
  101. Checking lymph nodes
  102. Side Effect?
  103. Hello all, help needed about mass above collar bone
  104. Asymmetrical Tonsils
  105. Please Respond
  106. [B]4 yr old with lump below collarbone[/B]
  107. Saw the doc...questions..can someone help?
  108. Help. worried about several lymph nodes
  109. 6 Yr Old Daughter Has Enlarged Lymph Node
  110. Starting treatment for Hodgkins
  111. Possible Lymphoma - 1 swollen tonsil
  112. Is my node sick related??
  113. Possiable Lymphoma Very Scared
  114. Swollen node near collarbone over a year, new one appeared
  115. possiable lymphoma
  116. invisible symptoms
  117. Tumors and Herbs
  118. freaked out lumps all over!
  119. Lump above collar bone. Should I be worried?
  120. Lump on my Neck
  121. Please Help. Do I have Lymphoma?
  122. So confused!
  123. Swollen lymph node for over a year
  124. can cancerous lymphnode be painful?
  125. Anyone dealt with enlarged Groin lymph node?
  126. HD Symptoms
  127. Fluid around and in lungs, low platelet count...Sound familiar? Please respond.
  128. Lymph node location? PLEASE READ
  129. Swollen Lymph in neck
  130. No one is sure what is Wrong
  131. How was the chemo?
  132. Please Help, any info appreciated.
  133. Please help, anything appreciated!
  134. Nodes That Grow and Shrink...
  135. very concerned!!
  136. Yikes!! Should I be concerned
  137. Lymph Node Question: Please Read
  138. Lymph nodes in arm?
  139. Update, and still worried, no answers...
  140. Please tell me if I should worry about this itch?!
  141. help
  142. Need Advice Please on Lymph Nodes
  143. lump
  144. Pain!
  145. Lumps under chin
  146. found a lump on my side
  147. Can anyone help me w/ these symptoms?
  148. Possible Lymphoma?
  149. mono and Hodgkin's?? Help!
  150. Neck Tightness! Freaking out! Advice?
  151. lump above right collar bone
  152. Can the lymph node be itchy itself?
  153. Swollen lymphnodes under jaw, swollen spleen, no fatigue, negative mono tests... ?
  154. lump on mastoid bone
  155. Brother has Lymphoma
  156. swollen lymphnode in armpit
  157. One enlarged tonsil and several swallen lymph nodes
  158. Armpit Lump
  159. My Neck!!!!
  160. Can you see lymphoma's
  161. supraclavicular lymph nodes
  162. Son has lump behind ear
  163. Another new lump and something else
  164. swlln nds on neck for six yrs.nvr worried till now??
  165. Smallvilenut, question for you
  166. Question about blood test results for someone with lymphoma
  167. Any advice???
  168. Curious
  169. I'm really worried. Can someone help?
  170. Help-starting Rituxan...What can I expect?
  171. Concerned Teen: Small red bump above collar bone?
  172. Question for Lyonscampbell-Hodkins Survivor
  173. Just got my neck knots checked.
  174. curious
  175. reactive lymphnode?
  176. Having Lymphoma symptoms but no diagnosis..Whats going on?
  177. Concerned, but perhaps I'm being silly...
  178. Just a question...
  179. How are normal nodes supposed to feel?
  180. Help- this is driving me crazy!
  181. Swollen lympth node on my neck
  182. Pathology Results?
  183. swollen node under lobe
  184. Large lump in armpit
  185. help
  186. Lump above collar bone, advice needed!
  187. lymph nodes in the back of head
  188. Lymph node mystery
  189. Is it lymphomas?
  190. 17 year old female I think I have a lump on my neck!
  191. Could it be Cancer
  192. A confusing lump under each armpit
  193. Swollen Nodes, EVERYWHERE
  194. my 6 month old little girl
  196. Back again
  197. enlarged lymph node in the neck
  198. (repost) Lymph or just crazy? Fear or Facts?
  199. Armpit/Side Pains???
  200. Symptoms question
  201. Scared
  202. Im So Scared :(
  203. Lymph node flips under skin.
  204. Lumps - could they be muscles?
  205. Swollen glands and lumps in back of neck
  206. Iodine Test to check for Cancer
  207. underarm lumps
  208. Has anyone had a false FNA result?
  209. lasting chemo side effect?
  210. help me please....here is my situation
  211. for FlyGirl1
  212. recovery problems
  213. Another Question
  214. Update on 6 yo DS
  215. Enlarged Lymphnode under jawline, advice please.
  216. Enlarged lymph node in neck
  218. is there anything a biopsy might determine aside from ruling out cancer?
  219. Please help if you can! swollen node in neck
  220. would i know by now???
  221. Can you have Lymphoma with only 1 symptom?
  222. Enlarged lymph nodes.
  223. Swollen gland on my neck?
  224. I need some advice
  225. Night Sweats question
  226. searching for more information
  227. My Dad has a lymph node in the neck, have questions
  228. swollen gland? near collar bone
  229. Two swollen nodes in the back of my neck...please help
  230. Worried Teen, swollen nodes??
  231. Lump behind ear
  232. Swollen Neck
  233. Hives and red blotches associated with lymphoma
  234. Lymphoma? Even though I have no apparent swollen lymph nodes.
  235. Please Give Responses To Tender Swollen Lymph Node (i Need Help and I'm Scared!!!)
  236. Tender Lymph Nodes In Neck
  237. Help Question Help
  238. Getting very concerned, no health insurance, would appreciate advice...
  239. Help please
  240. lump in armpit
  241. Need advice
  242. need some hlp.lymph pain i think
  243. lump in the back of neck
  244. ::CONFUSED:: opinion needed.
  245. Cyst? in the neck
  246. Is this normal??
  247. Nodes in left side of neck (now 4 years going on 5)
  248. need info on lymphoma
  249. Want some feedback
  250. need some advice