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  1. Lymphoma with semi normal blood test?
  2. Hodgkin's Is a chest x-ray okay to rule out Hodkin's Lymphoma?
  3. Swollen nodes throughout body for 3 months, and painful jaw
  4. I posted ,got no response, and made a decision~~~
  5. 21 yrs old swollen lymph node but no sign of illness
  6. I'm 14 and really worried I have cancer!!
  7. Is it possible different lymph nodes have different types of lymphoma?
  8. Just had core biopsy of supraclavicular node
  9. Please help. You have walked in these shoes. Need to make decision
  10. 8year old daughter swollen lymphnodes
  11. After car accident-3cm swollen lymphnode in thigh??
  12. Something is wrong, but not sure what could be.
  13. Something is wrong, but not sure what could be.
  14. Sollen Lymph glands in my groin area! 60 yr. old female~~
  15. possible swollen lymphnodes
  16. Need Opinions. Please help
  17. Referred to hematologist, what to expect?
  18. 25 year old, and doctor's are unable to pinpoint exactly what is wrong!
  19. Hypoechoic Nodule in Neck
  20. Non-Hodgkin's I'm scared and i hate this cancer!
  21. help, 20 yrs old with unusual symptoms
  22. From appendicitis to lymphoma
  23. Painless, hard lymph node R side of neck
  24. A shot in the dark...
  25. What are the chances?
  26. Are lymph nodes located on your cheek area?
  27. Lump underneath ear on my neck at the corner of my jaw
  28. PLEASE help, sick for 3 months, swollen lymph nodes now 1 in left collar bone!!
  29. Non-Hodgkin's lump on left side of collarbone
  30. Embarrased to see a doctor.
  31. So many lumps, please help
  32. I dont know what it is!
  33. painful lump on upper arm
  34. 21 year old male/ swollen lymhnode under arm. Help!
  35. spine fine needle biopsy
  36. Please Help
  37. Lymphoma?
  38. Groin nodes....? Lymphoma
  39. methotrexate as additional chemo for follicular lymphoma, stage 4 grade 3a?
  40. Non-Hodgkin's common reactions to R Chop as treatment for follicular lymphoma?
  41. Lymph node/Lump lower back
  42. I have a large, hard, painfull lymph nobe
  43. I have a large, hard, painfull lymph nobe
  44. worried... Info plz
  45. Help and input from those with Lymphoma/or same sympoms as mine:)THANKS!
  46. Can the tell if you have cancer of the lymph nodes by bloodwork
  47. Lymp Node Scare
  48. I might have lymphoma or leukemia..?
  49. Enlarged Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
  50. Painful lump on jaw line
  51. Can anyone help me? Sorry for the lengthy post!
  52. Diagnosed w/ Low Grade Follical Lymphoma
  53. Low Grade Lymphoma Answers Please
  54. ultrasound of the lymph nodes
  55. Lipoma or lymphoma?
  56. Swollen Groin Lymph Nodes
  57. treatment options for follicular lymphoma stage 1 grade 3
  58. Mantle Cell Lymphoma
  59. Hodgkin's hodgkin's left untreated for 2 years?
  60. lymphoma
  61. Swelling above left clavicle and lump an back of neck
  62. can you go through RCHOP with no support?
  63. So many symptoms of lymphoma but no one will listen!
  64. Non-Hodgkin's frustrated & venting
  65. Swollen painless area near the groin and itchiness
  66. Lymph nodes swelling, cause for concern?
  67. please help
  68. Am I crazy?
  69. Small pea sized bump inside back of neck left side
  70. Hodgkin's Newbie Support Please
  71. Any advice is welcomes, please help! - Lymph nodes
  72. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Groin
  73. swollen lymph node 4 months
  74. What's next? - Inguinal Lymph Nodes
  75. Lump on 6yr olds neck for three years.
  76. 12 Year Old Boy enlarged Spleen and Swollen Nodes
  77. One Swollen Lymph Node in Groin...Unsure of Cause
  78. im panicking my entire right side of neck, lymph nodes hurt!
  79. questionable symptoms
  80. probably a silly question
  81. Blood counts? New swollen node.
  82. Hodgkin's Lymph Node. When to be concerned?
  83. Lump on right side of neck. Currently taking antibiotics...
  84. Biopsy and more enlarged lymph nodes
  85. Size of Normal Lymph Nodes
  86. help please i need medical advice,
  87. lump on neck - PLEASE help.
  88. Possible Lymphoma
  89. 18 years old, doctor completely dismissed me! looking for some advice on here
  90. Possible lymphoma? Looking for some advice
  91. Alarming new symptom to lump in armpit, Looking for an answer, Please Help!!
  92. Non-Hodgkin's new to site- stage IV lymphoma
  93. Lump on lymph node - Lymphoma symptoms
  94. Follicular Lymphoma
  95. Tender Throat Glands for 4 months and No awnser
  96. Non-Hodgkin's Ice chemo with rituxan
  97. Lymphoma symptoms???
  98. Non-Hodgkin's When does treatment begin
  99. painful swollen lymph node under chin
  100. Swollen Lymph Node (for 2 years)
  101. scared
  102. itching, burning, bumpy skin
  103. Lump in neck near ear and jaw.
  104. 15 yrs old, worried that I might have lymphoma?
  105. Any advice would be great thanks!
  106. Blood tests and ultrasound- pea size lump
  107. Just had a biopsy on Thurs. and won't know until next week. Scared.
  108. Somebody Help
  109. Please, I need advice.. CAT scan shows no Lymphoma. Should I still be worried?
  110. please Help terrified!
  111. Not even sure where to post, please look over this?
  112. Different sized nodes in neck
  113. Scared I might have Lymphoma.. any advice/encouragement/help would be appreciated
  114. Does this sound like I MAY have Lymphoma? Please help
  115. Biopsy?
  116. Lymphoma markers blood test
  117. pain medicine??
  118. 21, female, and scared to death!!!!!!
  119. Lymphoma or lymes ????
  120. Mystery! Do I need testing?
  121. lymphoma?????
  122. Swollen inguinal lymph nodes
  123. need advice!!
  124. Seeking advice ASAP, Im scared to death!
  125. Bloodwork fine… But something's wrong.
  126. Is this a possibility of lymphoma or autoimmune?
  127. Doc now looking for lymphoma, any help?
  128. Advice appreciated re: thyroid & lymphnodes.
  129. biopsy back today - not good news
  130. psyching myself out
  131. Where to start? My story so far...Its a waiting game!
  132. What do I do next? So stressed out!
  133. How do I get my Doc to test me?
  134. Doc. says all I have is Mesenteric lymphadenitis, but it won't go away..in pain 24/7
  135. Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Lymphoma
  136. Re-posting several months after no response (new problems)
  137. Swollen lymph nodes in groin.
  138. Worried about some symptoms... please help.
  139. Lymph nodes in neck swollen abnormal lfts u&e
  140. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck
  141. please help !!!
  142. doesnt swollen enlarged neck lymphnodes get bigger if cancerous
  143. Inflamed lymph node
  144. Neck pressure?? Lymphoma?
  145. please answer
  146. Hodgkin's anyone with the same experience please help?
  147. Lymph node in neck
  148. Lump on left side of collar bone?
  149. worried i have lymphoma
  150. Possible lymphoma--freaking out
  151. Stories with good results, please
  152. do I have lymphoma that has spread in my neck?
  153. Swollen Lymph node Collarbone
  154. swollen lymph node ???????
  155. Cervical or Supraclavicular node?
  156. Need advice desperately
  157. Worried about Lymphoma
  158. My 16 yr old son and q to ask doctor
  159. Possible lymphoma? Tonsil issue?
  160. Swollen lymph nodes in neck
  161. Diffuse Large B Cell Stage II
  162. Should I pursue this?
  163. help
  164. What does this mean?
  165. Possible Lymphona? Need help :(
  166. should i be worried?
  167. Hodgkin's can this be lymphoma
  168. Non-Hodgkin's T cell lymphoma in the eye
  169. Young male scared to DEATH.
  170. I have lymphoma right?
  171. Painless lymph & tonsils
  172. Lymphoma ????
  173. underarm node and other side of neck
  175. Swollen Lymph node in throat that i can feel when swallowing
  176. Please help me figure this out!!!!
  177. t cell skin lymphoma
  178. Mycosis Fungoides Helpline
  179. lymphoma worry
  180. Coughing up blood
  181. Lymphoma
  182. CT Scan To Rule Out Lymphoma
  183. Non Hodgkins Lymphoma with Mantle Cells
  184. Lump on my shin?
  185. Non-Hodgkin's Non-Hodgkins Large Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma
  186. Not sure if in right forum. Have a lot of the symptoms
  187. Waiting out a fever
  188. A Newbie Needs Advice! HELP!
  189. Multiple lumps/nodes
  190. CLL - Environmental Causes
  191. open lymph node biopsy
  192. Core Biopsy...what should I expect?
  193. Swollen lymph nodes...lymphoma or hashimoto's thyroiditis
  194. Parotid Masses
  195. Possibility of Lymphoma?
  196. Please give me advice :(
  197. Swollen Lymphnode, Please read as I am an overly anxious person :-/
  198. Dr referred me to hematologist and surgeon for biopsy?
  199. Please help!!! Please!!!
  200. CTCL:MF linked to autoimmune problems?
  201. Not sure what to think
  202. Lump under jaw
  203. Lymphoma, hard to diagnose
  204. Newbee GFR can Kidney function improve?
  205. swollen lymph node for years, is that okay?
  206. Swollen groin lymph node caused by sever sprained ankle?
  207. Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Gd 1 Stg 4
  208. Should I stop worrying about lymphoma?
  209. Scared
  210. Scared like everyone else but such a little bump!
  211. SCARED, any help appreciated! :) :)
  212. My doctors appt is in a month? Should I wait till then?
  213. What doctor finally listened to your symptoms
  214. Lyphoma in Child
  215. One swollen tonsil for almost two months?
  216. Scared...two and a half to 4 cm enlarged lymph nodes in groin....
  217. Scared, lost lymphoma?
  218. enlarged lymph node
  219. Lymph Nodes in Groin Area.
  220. Possible I have lymphoma? Please put input.
  221. need some advice...running out of ideas. PLS!
  222. Swollen Neck Glands?
  223. Help please!!!
  224. may be nothing, but worried! help please!!!
  225. lymph or sweat glands?
  226. lymphoma?
  227. CT-Scan vs X-Rays?
  228. Is waiting a bad idea? Symptoms of Lymphoma?
  229. Non-Hodgkin's smoking
  230. Non-Hodgkin's I just had my 1st treatment with Rituxan.
  231. Advice would be helpful....lymph nodes.....cancer in fam.
  232. Sorry to intrude
  233. what dr. should I see for enlarged lymph node in neck?
  234. Night Sweats and now Lumps
  235. 19 and scared.
  236. Some symptoms of lymphoma, should I go back to the doctor?
  237. Don't know what to think?
  238. Confusing symptoms - alcohol reaction, swollen node, sore back
  239. Lymphoma or sarcodoisis?
  240. Small hard lump behind left ear and pregnant.
  241. Can a CT differeniate between shotty nodes and lymphoma?
  242. Non-Hodgkin's PET SCAN & BMB=Possible Stage 4
  243. Mri
  244. going nuts waiting
  245. Slight concern over some symptoms
  246. lymph nodes and headache
  247. curiosity killed the cat and now im starting to worry :( all advice appriciated pls
  248. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Groin - Non Painful, help :(
  249. Slightly enlarged spleen, possible enlarged Axillary node...
  250. Sore Spleen Area