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  1. Dr referred me to hematologist and surgeon for biopsy?
  2. Please help!!! Please!!!
  3. CTCL:MF linked to autoimmune problems?
  4. Not sure what to think
  5. Lump under jaw
  6. Lymphoma, hard to diagnose
  7. Newbee GFR can Kidney function improve?
  8. swollen lymph node for years, is that okay?
  9. Swollen groin lymph node caused by sever sprained ankle?
  10. Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Gd 1 Stg 4
  11. Should I stop worrying about lymphoma?
  12. Scared
  13. Scared like everyone else but such a little bump!
  14. SCARED, any help appreciated! :) :)
  15. My doctors appt is in a month? Should I wait till then?
  16. What doctor finally listened to your symptoms
  17. Lyphoma in Child
  18. One swollen tonsil for almost two months?
  19. Scared...two and a half to 4 cm enlarged lymph nodes in groin....
  20. Scared, lost lymphoma?
  21. enlarged lymph node
  22. Lymph Nodes in Groin Area.
  23. Possible I have lymphoma? Please put input.
  24. need some advice...running out of ideas. PLS!
  25. Swollen Neck Glands?
  26. Help please!!!
  27. may be nothing, but worried! help please!!!
  28. lymph or sweat glands?
  29. lymphoma?
  30. CT-Scan vs X-Rays?
  31. Is waiting a bad idea? Symptoms of Lymphoma?
  32. Non-Hodgkin's smoking
  33. Non-Hodgkin's I just had my 1st treatment with Rituxan.
  34. Advice would be helpful....lymph nodes.....cancer in fam.
  35. Sorry to intrude
  36. what dr. should I see for enlarged lymph node in neck?
  37. Night Sweats and now Lumps
  38. 19 and scared.
  39. Some symptoms of lymphoma, should I go back to the doctor?
  40. Don't know what to think?
  41. Confusing symptoms - alcohol reaction, swollen node, sore back
  42. Lymphoma or sarcodoisis?
  43. Small hard lump behind left ear and pregnant.
  44. Can a CT differeniate between shotty nodes and lymphoma?
  45. Non-Hodgkin's PET SCAN & BMB=Possible Stage 4
  46. Mri
  47. going nuts waiting
  48. Slight concern over some symptoms
  49. lymph nodes and headache
  50. curiosity killed the cat and now im starting to worry :( all advice appriciated pls
  51. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Groin - Non Painful, help :(
  52. Slightly enlarged spleen, possible enlarged Axillary node...
  53. Sore Spleen Area
  54. Needle Biopsy
  55. Hi..new to the boards-looking for info-plz!
  56. Lymph Nodes???
  57. nervous about symptoms?
  58. Swollen Lymph Node Biopsy and Hematologist
  59. Lymphoma or something else.
  60. possible lymphoma????
  61. >1inch cervical node, sweats, LG fever, itching- Little Help??!!
  62. low red blood count?
  63. diagnosing lymphoma
  64. swollen lymph node and night sweat Help I am scared?
  65. CT scan shows numerous spleen granulomas
  66. Chronic swollen lymph nodes?
  67. Lymphoma or a disease spreading because of not detecting on time?
  68. Non-Hodgkin's Hickman catherer
  69. Newly Diagnosed NHL
  70. Non-Hodgkin's What is non random chromosomal aberration?
  71. Non-Hodgkin's Wait and see
  72. Swollen Neck Glands
  73. How Long Will Lymph Nodes Remain Swollen?
  74. could this be lymphoma??
  75. Terrible throat problems.
  76. Not sure?
  77. Swollen lymph node in neck
  78. egg sized lump on my arm - lymphoma?
  79. Could this be lymphoma?
  80. Hard node left side of neck
  81. Swollen lymph nodes, like everyone else!
  82. Swollen nodes in groin
  83. Hodgkin's Very worried
  84. I may have Lymphoma
  85. Hodgkin's Was diagnosed with Hodgkin's today!
  86. Please HELP. 16 year old. Possible lymphoma cancer! Desperate for help!
  87. FUO.. possibly NHL?
  88. FNA inconclusive
  89. Hodgkin's Needle Biopsy..
  90. Positive I have lymphoma or some type of cancer.. please help?
  91. Lymphoma and Non randon chromosomal aberration
  92. enlarged lymph node and itching
  93. My dad has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Low Grade, Stage IV
  94. Hodgkin's Enlarged Thymus Gland, and Tumor..
  95. any suggestions welcome
  96. Medi Port - Experiencing Pain along edges
  97. Swollen Nodes - Please Suggest
  98. Advice
  99. what's making me sick--the rituxan or the pre-drugs
  100. Itchy skin and swollen neck gland
  101. Hi I'm a 20 year old male
  102. what causes blood-like blotches on the skin?
  103. Should I be concerned? CT Results/Swollen Lymph Nodes/Healthcare nightmare
  104. stage 4 follicular lymphoma
  105. Lump in Neck
  106. Very scared...he's only 7 & lumps are popping up all over his neck.
  107. Could the Biopsy have been wrong?
  108. Lymph Node Abdomen, Acne, Pain
  109. lump under right jaw bone and 2 under right arm
  110. strep throat /itching
  111. feeling overwhlemed
  112. i have a enlarged spleen and very bad abdominal pains what should i do
  113. realy worried about lymphoma....please help!
  114. does lymphoma show i blood tests??
  115. a poem for you!
  116. Underarm lump
  117. Possible lymphoma?
  118. Swollen Lymph node in Groin
  119. itching all over no rash which comes and goes and a swollen lymph node in neck should
  120. Occipital Lymph Node swelling
  121. Benign lymphoma – is there such a thing?
  122. Hodgkins Lymphoma
  123. for female hodgkins survivors...
  124. Working on a diagnosis, here's my story...
  125. question about after effects from treatments .......
  126. had hodgkins 13 years ago, ask me anything you want!
  127. Swollen Lymph Nodes 4+ years
  128. 16 month old
  129. What is this huge lump on the back of my neck
  130. Conflicting Ultrasound - Help Needed
  131. 2 year old with Swollen Lymph Nodes 8 months
  132. swollen lymph nodes for 7 years
  133. what if inguinal lymph node is not removed
  134. why do i have a swollen bump underneath my jaw line
  135. lymph nodes that are swollen but not painful + other symptoms
  136. Lymphoma, mixed cell and no insurance!
  137. Possible lymph and breast involvement?
  138. blood spots
  139. What causes supraclavicular lymph nodes to swell?
  140. Lumps on neck, on my spine...
  141. Two adjacent lymph nodes under neck painless and hard... Serious?
  142. where i feel my pulse on my neck is a hard lump
  143. i have a lymph node swelling between upper thigh and groin which does not hurt
  144. Lymphoma??
  145. Low lymph, retic and swollen lymph nodes
  146. Second opinion?
  147. causes of wax and waning lymphnodes
  148. lymphoma and lymphocele
  149. Worried, any advice.
  150. Might be Lymphoma but swollen nodes come and go. I'm not convinced
  151. watchful waiting - follicular lymphoma stage 1
  152. ABVD treatment without radiation
  153. Lumps in Neck for years - Stay Informed
  154. painful lump in pubic groin area accompanied with pain down the leg
  155. new here, just in process of diagnosis, not sure yet
  156. Lots of lumps all over my neck =(
  157. Vitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxy Blood level HIGH
  158. Follicular Lymphoma, Grade I
  159. Tiny bump in armpit
  160. What can cause submandibular lymph node swelling?
  161. Pneumonia, sore underarms, rcurrent fever, lung nodules, night sweats....
  162. fericular lymphoma
  163. Cervical hard fixed non moveable lymphnode!
  164. Dr. has said I have spotted blood what is it
  165. Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma
  166. Could this be Lymphoma?
  167. Possible Hodgkin's?
  168. very sharp pain in my right side
  169. Questions
  170. Growth/Sore on left tonsil?
  171. Ultrasound Results - Looks good!
  172. Swollen Lymphnodes for 14 years. What is going on? Please read and help!
  173. Ultrasound to rule out Lymphoma
  174. *Aggresive* NHL--questioning change of treatment
  175. High Lymphocytes, weight loss, extremely worried..
  176. Which is easier to cure or treat, a lymph node nodule or a parathyroid nodule?
  177. Swollen lymph nodes....achey, tired....Thoughts?
  178. celebrex
  179. Weird or sort of normal?
  180. Benign reactive lymph node
  181. the aftermath of lymph node dissection
  182. Could this be lymphoma
  183. Swollen nodes in groin, armpit, and neck..help please.
  184. spots on my hands and lower arms along with my feet
  185. Stem cell transplant for lymphoma
  186. I have a large lump or growth on my right upper
  187. Enlarged lymph node or something else?
  188. how many lymph nodes behind ear?
  189. hard lump back of neck
  190. Hi, maybe someone on here can help diagnose me?
  191. Night sweats, enlarged spleen, borderline enlarged liver
  192. I have a lump in my groin area and pain down my hip and leg
  193. Very Scared! Please help! Body pains, swollen lymph nodes
  194. anxiety and lymphoma
  195. Every night mild night sweats and mild itching
  196. scalp scrating & lymphoma
  197. 20 year Hodgkin's Survivor Question
  198. Question about lump in chest
  199. Should I be scared???
  200. Groin lymph node question
  201. lump above the left clavical
  202. Hard Lump
  203. swollen abdominal lymph node
  204. will a CBC detect or not?
  205. It may be Lymphoma..
  206. swollen parotid gland
  207. Is this Lympomas?
  208. Right lymph node in neck swollen
  209. lump in throat
  210. Looking for some help
  211. Should I seek a 2nd opinion? Dr won’t do a biopsy on axillary lymph nodes YET.
  212. I felt a small lump for 1 year and does not change in size or hurt at all
  213. cancer patient
  214. swollen firm glands in neck and armpit, any advice?
  215. Swollen Lymph Nodes- Groin area
  216. Lump on left collar bone
  217. Another question about swollen lymph nodes.
  218. Abnormal white blood count
  219. Lymph node question
  220. Pneumonia or Lymphoma?
  221. how long can a swollen lymph node in the groin area last
  222. are these the symptoms of lymphoma?!
  223. enlarged spleen
  224. fevers
  225. doctor told me i do not have cancer
  226. mysterious symptoms lymphoma?
  227. why do i have two lymph nodes in my upper vagina
  228. Swollen posterior cervical node!!
  229. 1cm lump in anterior thigh- Need your thoughts
  230. Large measuring neck lymph nodes
  231. Multiple Swollen Lymph Nodes
  232. my doctor says i have low grade lymphoma is it cancer
  233. Just had a night sweat
  234. Possible lymphoma in a child???
  235. Large B-Cell Lymphomo
  236. swollen, firm lymphs... but moveable. getting scared. someone please help.
  237. Help, I need answers
  238. what to expect as follicular lymphoma progresses
  239. Help, my son has lumps in various spots
  240. LDH in diagnosing lymphoma?
  241. Accuracy of ultrasound in detecting abnormalities
  242. Mesentric Lymphnodes
  243. Diagnosing lymphoma, should I be concerned?
  244. it feels like lymp nodes on my neck
  245. lymphoma
  246. Swollen lymph nodes in groin
  247. 3.5 solid mass on thyroid that is hypervascular
  248. Swollen nodes
  249. My endo wants to rule out lymphoma...
  250. Lymph node enlargement post mono