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  1. Lump or Lumps on/by Supraclavicular Lymph Node
  2. Symptoms of Cancer?
  3. Could It Be Cancer?
  4. insidious back & chest pain with sore node
  5. Bad Symptoms and Possible Liver Lymphadenopathy
  6. Possible lymphoma?
  7. Confused - Should I be worried?
  8. What should I do now? Lymphoma?
  9. Sad and worried :( Lymphoma fear
  10. Please someone help me with this ... I need answers from those who have lymphoma
  11. Swollen inguinal lymph nodes, abnormal blood tests
  12. Anyone had this same experience?
  13. concerned about lymphoma, doctors keep confusing me
  14. lymphoma?????
  15. Please help lymphoma questions
  16. Feeling Confused, Frustrated, and helpless
  17. Right Supraclavicular Lymph Node
  18. Do I have Lymphoma?
  19. Anybody have pain before getting diagnosed?
  20. Non-Hodgkin's bendamustine rituximab
  21. bendamustine rituximab regimen question
  22. New - Mass in Lung (Help)
  23. Persisting swollen lymph nodes
  24. painless underarm swelling on one side no obvious lump felt
  25. Such a long time with this node
  26. Question regarding Fatique
  27. How long can hodgkins lymphoma lay dormant
  28. waiting for biopsy results ... ???
  29. Lymphona with normal blood test results
  30. what are typical symptoms of Lymphoma?
  31. swollen nodes in neck for 2 years
  32. Is there a connection between a Thyroid Disorder and Lymphoma?
  33. Palpable inguinal and left supraclavicular node
  34. Lumps in the back of my neck
  35. Enlarged vascular lymph nodes
  36. swollen left supraclavicular lymphnode
  37. Very painful lymphnodes in groin, chest, head terrified!!!
  38. Awaiting Biopsy/nodes and nodules everywhere, normal?
  39. Marble sized lump above right collarbone where pulse is felt. Bloodwork normal. MRI
  40. Scared Newbie
  41. Small lump behind jaw line
  42. Lymphoma?
  43. Swollen Lymph Node in Back of Neck
  44. RA and stiff neck - could it be something serious like lymphoma?
  45. RA and stiff neck - could it be something serious like lymphoma?
  46. Swollen Lymph Nodes - Is it Hodgkins Lymphoma?
  47. Does this point to lymphoma?
  48. Non-Secretory Myeloma/Lymphoma/Leukemia ?
  49. Supraclavicular lymph node
  50. Please Help.. Worried
  51. Question about Corticosteroids
  52. What to think??
  53. I've had swollen lymph nodes in my neck since February.
  54. i have 5 swollen lymph nodes on my neck, but no other symptoms & am very worried
  55. Was not sure where to put this please help
  56. Waiting results
  57. Lymph Nodes
  58. lumps for years, driving myself crazy
  59. Swollen nodes
  60. Please help! I don't know what to do?
  61. Very scared ... help, please?
  62. Can excisional biopsy miss lymphoma?
  63. In need of some advice
  64. Radiation
  65. Ultrasound States Possible Lymphoma
  66. 13mm mass found in lymph node
  67. I can feel my clavicular node [Virchow?]
  68. Enlarged lymph node and pain and need advice
  69. trying to help!!
  70. Non-Hodgkin's Recurrent Follicular Lymphoma
  71. Enlarged auxillary nodes under right arm
  72. ESR/CRP blood tests
  73. Hard supraclavicular lymph node for 2 years... have questions. please help!
  74. Is fever always present with lymphoma
  75. CRP/ERP blood tests
  76. I'm new & have New Swollen nodes
  77. Husband told he most likely has lymphoma after ultrasound.
  78. Pain in neck, random pain in armpit and groin now and then
  79. 7 year old child, scared parents
  80. Continuous Enlarged Lymph Nodes Throughout Body
  81. low grade fever
  82. Sezary
  83. 1cm subclavicle lymph node
  84. Mononucleosis or lymphoma?
  85. Loosing my mind
  86. Calcified Mediastinal Lymph Node
  87. swollen hard lymph node above elbow
  88. Swollen node under earlobe
  89. Swollen armpit lymph nodes
  90. immunoglobulin my levels
  91. scared!!
  92. Are cancerous lymph nodes painful/ tender?
  93. Non-Hodgkin's Diffuse Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  94. Neck Node and other stuff going on
  95. Indolent non Hodgkin's lymphoma me sentry
  96. lumps
  97. Onset of swollen lymph nodes?
  98. Concerned
  99. very long but need some help please
  100. Lumps in neck and now in groin area.
  101. Lump in Lymph Node by elbow
  102. Weird lump on skin.
  103. Curious about lump
  104. Possible lymphoma/chronic ear infection
  105. Can enlarged lymph nodes be missed?
  106. Non-Hodgkin's Newbie!! working ??
  107. Another Problem
  108. Swollen lymph nodes in neck, underarms, groin, and back of neck?
  109. Swollen lymph node/back pain ??
  110. 18 months, no answers, no diagnosis. Concerned.
  111. getting worried
  112. Painless lumps behind each ear
  113. lymph nodes in neck for a week
  114. Dr say's lymphoma is hard to diagnose! Was it for you?
  115. Sweating At Night
  116. Two Lumps on neck for 2 years, a little insight please...?
  117. Non-Hodgkin's Can anyone help me understand my CT results?
  118. CT shows continued node swelling?
  119. New and worried
  120. a piece of advice: don't worry.
  121. a positive piece of advice to all the worried people out there
  122. Have been being checked for lymphnoma since last oct
  123. haematologist question
  124. my lymph node fna results
  125. Left Supraclavicular Node
  126. Friend with many symptoms
  127. Node under jaw
  128. Lymph node pain help!
  129. multiple swollen lymph nodes
  130. ALL nodes swollen with normal CBC???
  131. Mesenteric Lymphoma???
  132. Possibly Lymphoma or Thyroid Cancer
  133. Chronic NH-Lymphoma
  134. Just looking for some experience
  135. Havent felt good for so long :(
  136. Cancer information
  137. Non-Hodgkin's Mono or Lymphoma??????
  138. Pain in armpit. Is this lymphoma ?
  139. Cervical lymph node ultrasound...
  140. To all those with Enlarged Supraclavicular Lymph Nodes
  141. please help me!!!
  142. biopsy results Help LOL
  143. Getting tested - possible Lymphoma
  144. Low platelet count and lymphoma? I have mortifying night sweats and super itchy!
  145. Hodgkin's Chronic leg pain after chemotherapy
  146. Hodgkin's Scared i could have this
  147. Can a doctor tell a cancerous lymph node by touching it?
  148. Question About Lymphoma??
  149. Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
  150. Doc has scared me...
  151. Lymphoma?
  152. lymphoma itch - please chime in
  153. non-hodgkins lymphoma
  154. Surgical Lymph Node Biopsy - Expectations?
  155. Worried About Lymphoma?
  156. Could it be Lymphoma??
  157. Freaking out. Lump in chin, please read on!
  158. Hodgkin's Any advice?
  159. Two diffrent doctors, two diffrent ideas
  160. Questions about swollen lymph nodes
  161. Lymphadenopathy Neck; Normal CBC
  162. Lumps in Neck and in Groin for Several Months Thoughts/Opinions/Similar Experiences
  163. Concerned/Confused
  164. Scary Test Results
  165. node biopsy results HELP!! GRRR
  166. Non-Hodgkin's The "What Ifs"
  167. Long-term Sore Axillary Lymphnodes - Need Advice
  168. im scared
  169. A little hypochondriac maybe, but worried at the moment.
  170. CHOP Chemo Help and experiences
  171. Follicular Lymphoma Grade 3B - Husband recently diagnosed - what is survival?
  172. possibly Lymphoma? need help SCARED
  173. very soft puffy area above my collarbo e
  174. Rather Worried now
  175. enlarged spleen
  176. Rituxan
  177. B Cell Lymphoma - Started Chemo
  178. Worried about 18 year old sons enlarged lymph node
  179. Painful Nodes. Need Insight.
  180. enlarged thymus and spleen
  181. Enlarged lymph nodes?? Over 2 months..
  182. Please Help!!2 Inguinal lymph nodes
  183. Lymph Nodes in Groin + Night Sweats
  184. Lymphoma? Mystery Illness? Path Lab Mess Up!!!
  185. Lymphoma? Mystery Illness? Path Lab Mess Up!!!
  186. please answer... just had ultrasound!
  187. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  188. 9 yr old had lymph nodes removed from neck
  189. can't stop worrying about lumps
  190. Time frame for biopsy results?
  191. Lump under chin not pain full
  192. Seek another opinion?
  193. does the doc think its lymphoma
  194. Swollen glands in neck
  195. Swollen lymphnodes?
  196. I made my husband make an appointment... Am I overreacting?
  197. please read this post and then maybe you will find answer to your question!
  198. Swollen Lymph Node 2 year , 2 cm
  199. advice needed regarding my 3yr old son with enlarged lymph node
  200. Hoping for the return of my once normal life.
  201. how did you react when you first were diagnosed as hodgkin lymphoma?
  202. Lump below collar bone. Size of Skittle.
  203. Neck lumps + high enzyme = Cancer?
  204. Enlarged hypervascular node
  205. Please help! Posting in lieu of Dr Google
  206. Repetead night sweats
  207. Layed on neck wrong in bed.
  208. Enlarged lymph nodes in neck
  209. Hodgkins newly diagnosed questions
  210. Could I have lymphoma??
  211. lump above right collarbone
  212. Non-Hodgkin's Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma: Mycosis Fungoides.
  213. Should I keep worrying?
  214. Lump in Groin?
  215. Possible lymphoma?
  216. Just would like some input please?
  217. Recent Hodgkins Diagnosis
  218. U/S results would like to know if anyone had something like this
  219. Lymph pain
  220. sick one
  221. sick one
  222. When to go back to the doctor?
  223. Tenderness of the hips
  224. Lymphoma questions!
  225. Lymph Nodes - Opinions
  226. Swollen lymph node in groin, fever and lump/boil
  227. Enlarged lymph nodes for 4 months
  228. 2 months swollen lymphnodes growing concerned
  229. All lymph nodes swollen... lymphoma?
  230. Is this possibly cancer?
  231. Worrying over nothing - or something?
  232. Rapidly growing lump in my armpit
  233. Lump in collarbone area.
  234. referred to hematologist
  235. Recurrent swollen lymph node in groin
  236. Help with swollen lymph node
  237. My 6 year old has large swollen lymph nodes on his neck.
  238. can lymphoma raise liver enzymes? please respond
  239. Waiting nervously - please read/respond
  240. when to wait or when to panic
  241. 3.5cm node showed up in MRI by my armpit?! Help!
  242. Help please :-(
  243. Mono or Lymphoma? :-(
  244. new here
  245. So tired, need someone to listen:(
  246. Do I have Lymphoma? HELP
  247. Lumps! Lots of lumps in my groin area !
  248. Lymphoma with semi normal blood test?
  249. Hodgkin's Is a chest x-ray okay to rule out Hodkin's Lymphoma?
  250. Swollen nodes throughout body for 3 months, and painful jaw