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  1. Elevated PSA
  2. Psa
  3. Effectively preserving curative options - Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
  4. Father diagnosed recently
  5. Stressed out!
  6. PSA rising what next?
  7. Calcium and risk of prostate cancer: good news!
  8. Orichectomy vs ADT?
  9. watchful waiting
  10. Scam
  11. PSA velocity >2 and assessing seriousness of prostate cancer - AUA endorsement
  12. Prostatectomy Question
  13. PSA 10.1 to 11.7 in 5 weeks
  14. Nate the Great
  15. My Husband, 43 yrs. old was just dx with prostate ca, gleason score of 6
  16. trying to be positive
  17. advise for cancer spouse
  18. Artificial Sphincter after radiation
  19. i had biopsy done.
  20. Calcium pills w/ vit. D or sep. vit. D-3
  21. Six months seems like a long time to wait...
  22. Prostate Cancer PSA 10.6
  23. sex and psa levals
  24. PSA levels
  25. does prostate cancer spread to other organs
  26. psa levels
  27. Newly diagnosed, looking at options
  28. Hi everyone, I know it has been a while.
  29. psa score
  30. Would greatly appreciate help - advanced prostate cancer
  31. Vacuum Pump:
  32. 6 months since advanced prostate diagnosis
  33. Disturbing lack of bisphosphonate therapy for bone density, mets
  34. ADT3 hangover
  35. when you have a psa level of 600 what does that mean
  36. Difficulty locating proton radiation statistics
  37. Looking for a reason NOT to get a biopsy.
  38. Prostate Cancer - Gleason 8, PSA 5
  39. dad very tired
  40. bottom end!!!
  41. it could spread?
  42. Provenge success !!!!! Awesome news !!!!!
  43. Great News Coming??
  44. 30 Polyps Found
  45. Need radiation advice
  46. Provenge - conference call 9 AM April 14
  47. Testosterone:
  48. psa level testing
  49. Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
  50. Husband just diagnosed
  51. Psa >>> 28,000
  52. 39 Years Old, PSA went from .98 to 7.7
  53. Radiation finished, side effects diminishing.
  54. Robot- Do they stand you on your head?
  55. biopsy
  56. Radical Prostatectomy/regular post issues
  57. Is this normal?
  58. Prostate Cancer at 37yrs old, looking for opinions
  59. Still so far so good: 3rd PSA (6 months), third round, tenth year IADT3
  60. if 4.5 psa
  61. 1.5 weeks since the catheter came out.
  62. Is biopsy necessary???
  63. Two new screening studies - crucial flaws in interpretation?
  64. help me please.
  65. why i need biopsy
  66. Free PSA Numbers
  67. My Wife and I Made Love, Last Night. Fist Time
  68. ProstRcision (again)
  69. anyone try any clinical trials?
  70. The Catheter Came Out Today
  71. Pain while sitting after rp,normal?
  72. Is intermittent hormonal therapy possible for metastatic prostate cancer
  73. Soy - still looking good for prostate cancer
  74. I'm Fatter Since Surgery
  75. Hi. I'm married to Trace212
  76. Chondroitin very risky for prostate cancer
  77. Screening for prostate cancer - why it's wise
  78. Question about biopsy/ibuprofen....
  79. post prostatectomy
  80. lower intestine movement and bloating
  81. Exercise is important for prostate cancer patients
  82. I am SO stressed out
  83. Bleeding from catheter site after DaVinci
  84. No drop in PSA 4 weeks after RP
  85. PSA supersensitive 0.428 4 weeks afterRP
  86. Post Operative Radiotherapy
  87. Husband 53, just diagnosed, T2b?
  88. Considering Active Surveillance for low risk cases - overcoming abhorrence
  89. This past month has been very stressful!!
  90. elevated psa
  91. What two wonderful books on PC are like - a sampling of excerpts for challenging case
  92. Cyberknife cost
  93. Brother being advised based on weight
  94. Prostate Biopsy - risk of spreading cancer ?
  95. father diagnosed...need honest responses
  96. father diagnosed...need honest responses
  97. Hurray for finasteride (Proscar) - the medical community finally does the right thing
  98. "Us Too International" - a large prostate cancer education and support organization
  99. my left testicle hurts when I'm standing up
  100. about psa
  101. Husband just diagnosed...
  102. i am so worry.
  103. Intermittent Hormone Therapy Side Effects
  104. "Peenuts" (trademark) in Active Surveillance
  105. does medicare pay for seed implants
  106. USC Norris Cancer Center
  107. Pain when peeing
  108. blood in urine, rising PSA, second opinion?
  109. One man's story
  110. Da Vinci,,,,,,,,????????????
  111. prostate biopsy report
  112. Degarelix - new drug approved by FDA: magnificent achievement
  113. Prostrate Gland grade 2 in size
  114. Dr. Donald Gleason passes away
  115. PC, and I'm only 49!
  116. Catheter out after Da Vinci,when does the pee stop
  117. pulling pain on the prostate. what does this mean?
  118. waiting time to have prostrate surgery
  119. Just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  120. Still leaking blood from penis +10
  121. Weak Stream V.2
  122. Young man waiting to see a urologist
  123. Please help
  124. Ellagic Acid, what website or company do I trust?
  125. Catheter Help
  126. Agent Orange Exposure Doubles Prostate Cancer Risk
  127. Support group for wives / suggestions
  128. Pathology says no cancer after a Da Vinci
  129. Post HDR Radiation Pain for prostate cancer
  130. Advice on antibiotics
  131. Biopsy But PSA Only 0.4
  132. Diagnosed and considering brachytherapy
  133. Weak Stream
  134. Advanced case ~ Doing Well!!!
  135. CyberKnive with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT): Promise & Not Yet Proven
  136. Anyone Know these doctors?
  137. husband has prostate cancer
  138. Any Gleason 8 survivors out there?
  139. Soy and pomegranate for prostate cancer: still looking good
  140. What makes the psa level in men go up or down ?
  141. New Member: Worried and Confused!
  142. PSA test results back, not good
  143. So far so good, 2nd PSA, third round, tenth year IADT3
  144. My waterworks is not working after my operation.
  145. Biopsy complications???
  146. Doc finds smaller prostate.
  147. My Husband has Prostate Cancer - now what?
  148. PSA Readings Reduced by Antibiotics ?
  149. Orchiectomy how common now?
  150. PSA showing 3.2 what does it mean
  151. psa reading
  152. Need insight on husband's symptoms
  153. New Study Shows Selenium Does Not Fight Prostate Cancer
  154. Can Saw Palmetto help?
  155. chemo and recurring prostate cancer: not the best option at this time ?
  156. Type 1 Diabetes and PCA
  157. High stats patient 6.8 yrs. since Dx-show hope for you
  158. We got our second opinion today.
  159. Prostate biopsy report
  160. Brachytherapy Info Request
  161. We met with the Urologist yesterday,
  162. Suprise appearance of seeds after Brachy
  163. psa numbers
  164. Latest psa test: not good.
  165. My husband's pathology report..FINALLY!
  166. Back pain vs prostate cancer
  167. New Study re Supplements
  168. How common is ED after the DaVinci surgery?
  169. My Full Psa Doubled In The Last 6 Months
  170. Help Please: Looking for assistance
  171. My Biopsy Was Negative But PSA Is Still High.
  172. Elevated PSA but negative biopsy: use of finasteride, PCA3 test, free PSA test
  173. Fathe has PC
  174. Sex After A Prostate Biopsy
  175. My husband was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
  176. What does a PSA reading of 0.5 mean?
  177. climacturia
  178. Green Light Laser Prostate Surgery. Has Anyone Had This Done?
  179. 25 year-old, nodule found by DRE
  180. Update: Anyone have anything like this happen??
  181. So far so good - first PSA, third round/ninth year IADT
  182. A man over 50 years what should the PSA reading be?
  183. Prostitis or Prostate Cancer? Also How Bad Is the Biopsy
  184. Salvage radiation after Hormone Therapy?
  185. what if prostascint scan could not find cancer cells
  186. PSA Bounce after first Lupron Injection?
  187. why is my dad psa 8 and gleason 8 the urologist says it is aggressive
  188. PSA 4.7 how bad is it
  189. How high can prostate numbers go
  190. Update of my Dad's PSA #'s post surgery, radiation
  191. When to do next PSA
  192. Is Proton Beam Therapy worth all the trouble?
  193. Second Opinion Review Multidisciplinary Approach
  194. Proton Beam / Insurance & Medicare?
  195. IMRT vs Robotic Surgery?
  196. Prostate cancer treatment with hormone shots.
  197. Worried about psa reading
  198. Need your help: Seeds or Robotic Surgery?
  199. SELECT Trial suspended: selenium and vitamin E
  200. prostate cancer
  201. PCA3plus test
  202. now what?
  203. Has anyone head of Dr. Kawatchi
  204. Low Doses Of Celebrex and Lipitor Fights Prostate Cancer?
  205. psa levels elevated
  206. Wives, I need your help...
  207. Urinary problems after radical prostatectomy
  208. Blood in semen
  209. Novantrone
  210. Newbie From Taiwan
  211. biopsy
  212. can someone recommend a good oncologist in Tennessee?
  213. Dad is having surgery
  214. PSA level up in hubby
  215. PSA is up
  216. Selecting a Urologist
  217. repeat Psa test.
  218. Need help sorting out information
  219. what does a .3 psa after radiation
  220. vitamin c iv infusions
  221. My PSA All Over the Place Up
  222. PSA 4.7 - Normal DRE - Normal Ultrasound
  223. contained within the prostate?
  224. Husband in denial......Wife feels helpless.
  225. Father in Law diagnosed, have questions
  226. Proton Beam Versus HIFU Ultrasound Which Is Better?
  227. If It Isn't Prosititis or Cancer, Then What Makes PSA Levels Rise?
  228. Is The PCA3 Test Available Everywhere?
  229. Pectin Kills Prostate Cancer Cells In University of Georgia Study
  230. Question About Radiation Seeds
  231. Ultrasound Heat Treatment For Prostate Cancer
  232. New PSA test today and it is up almost a point in 6 weeks?
  233. White Blood Cells In Urine
  234. Hormone Therapy:
  235. Some Question on PSA Post Radiation Therapy
  236. I'm still here - busy researching proposals
  237. Doubling time not so good ?
  238. Mood swings after Prostate removed?
  239. Life Expectantcy
  240. Prostate Cancer Deaths
  241. New to board
  242. Promegranate Juice May Slow Prostate Cancer According to UCLA Study
  243. Recommendations for Second Opinions on Biopsy
  244. Prostate cancer followup
  245. how important is a transitional biopsy
  246. Interstitial Laser Coagulation
  247. Spreading picked up by MRI/CT, not the Bone Scan ?
  248. PSA Bounce anyone?
  249. combining an antiandrogen drug with an LHRH-agonist?
  250. Why Does My PSA Remain High After Negative Biopsy