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  1. Update of my Dad's PSA #'s post surgery, radiation
  2. When to do next PSA
  3. Is Proton Beam Therapy worth all the trouble?
  4. Second Opinion Review Multidisciplinary Approach
  5. Proton Beam / Insurance & Medicare?
  6. IMRT vs Robotic Surgery?
  7. Prostate cancer treatment with hormone shots.
  8. Worried about psa reading
  9. Need your help: Seeds or Robotic Surgery?
  10. SELECT Trial suspended: selenium and vitamin E
  11. prostate cancer
  12. PCA3plus test
  13. now what?
  14. Has anyone head of Dr. Kawatchi
  15. Low Doses Of Celebrex and Lipitor Fights Prostate Cancer?
  16. psa levels elevated
  17. Wives, I need your help...
  18. Urinary problems after radical prostatectomy
  19. Blood in semen
  20. Novantrone
  21. Newbie From Taiwan
  22. biopsy
  23. can someone recommend a good oncologist in Tennessee?
  24. Dad is having surgery
  25. PSA level up in hubby
  26. PSA is up
  27. Selecting a Urologist
  28. repeat Psa test.
  29. Need help sorting out information
  30. what does a .3 psa after radiation
  31. vitamin c iv infusions
  32. My PSA All Over the Place Up
  33. PSA 4.7 - Normal DRE - Normal Ultrasound
  34. contained within the prostate?
  35. Husband in denial......Wife feels helpless.
  36. Father in Law diagnosed, have questions
  37. Proton Beam Versus HIFU Ultrasound Which Is Better?
  38. If It Isn't Prosititis or Cancer, Then What Makes PSA Levels Rise?
  39. Is The PCA3 Test Available Everywhere?
  40. Pectin Kills Prostate Cancer Cells In University of Georgia Study
  41. Question About Radiation Seeds
  42. Ultrasound Heat Treatment For Prostate Cancer
  43. New PSA test today and it is up almost a point in 6 weeks?
  44. White Blood Cells In Urine
  45. Hormone Therapy:
  46. Some Question on PSA Post Radiation Therapy
  47. I'm still here - busy researching proposals
  48. Doubling time not so good ?
  49. Mood swings after Prostate removed?
  50. Life Expectantcy
  51. Prostate Cancer Deaths
  52. New to board
  53. Promegranate Juice May Slow Prostate Cancer According to UCLA Study
  54. Recommendations for Second Opinions on Biopsy
  55. Prostate cancer followup
  56. how important is a transitional biopsy
  57. Interstitial Laser Coagulation
  58. Spreading picked up by MRI/CT, not the Bone Scan ?
  59. PSA Bounce anyone?
  60. combining an antiandrogen drug with an LHRH-agonist?
  61. Why Does My PSA Remain High After Negative Biopsy
  62. increased PSA level from 0.2 to 8.2 in two months..advice??
  63. PSA Tests Post-Diagnosis : Interpretation of Results ?
  64. Case For Doing Nothing - for Now ??
  65. Hey Jim, Mike and everyone else,
  66. Have PC, PSA up from 14.22 to 22.34 in 2 months
  67. Have PC, PSA up from 14.22 to 22.34 in 2 months
  68. psa levels raised
  69. Looking for advice about elevated psa
  70. Has anyone had radiation therapy with the GPS seeds?
  71. Has Anyone Had High PSA Due To Prostate Infection?
  72. PSA fluctuations - cancer or not? Antibiotics, etc.
  73. Psa Test
  74. Doc Put Off My Biopsy..Is This A Smart Thing To Do?
  75. I Don't See A Lot Of Posts About Radiation Seed Therapy
  76. Has Anyone Had HIFU Ultrasound Treatment for Prostate Cancer?
  77. radiation burns treatment (Jim - IADT)
  78. Does Anybody Believe In Fighting Prostate Cancer With Nutrition?
  79. New To The Health Board.. I'm Going For Biopsy & Totally Confused Please Help
  80. DRE Examine Question
  81. Infection And Elevated PSA Levels
  82. Exciting New Treatment Option in Trials
  83. Hss anyone had constant elevated PSA levels that wasn't cancer?
  84. New technique, mris,
  85. Re: How much robotic experience is enough ?
  86. How Bad Is It Getting A Prostate Biopsy.
  87. My PSA Has Been at for and 5 range for a year now. Should I be worried?
  88. where do I go from here
  89. New to the site, and glad I found it,
  90. second line treatments for advanced metastatic p ca
  91. Radiation experience, problems and prognostic hopes
  92. i had my surgery 2 and half years ago my sex part hasnt came back yet
  93. Prostrate cancer symptoms ?
  94. Get on with my active life or surender to PC
  95. Diagnostic bone and CT scans: worthwhile?
  96. prostate brachy therapy
  97. RP was wrong decision?
  98. rectal burning during orgasm
  99. not a good day
  100. Neoadjuvant Hormone Therapy prior to Radiation
  101. "Climacturia" - recently reported "new" RP side effect
  102. Proton Beam Therapy???
  103. Help for father
  104. hormone shots prior to radiation
  105. Husband going for first biopsy
  106. psa increasing
  107. PSA results 3 year anniversay of surgery
  108. Post-op PSA
  109. CAT scan vs. bone scan for diagnostic tool
  110. Prostate Problems
  111. avodart
  112. Problems with transfusions
  113. prostate cancer
  114. interpret post op psa #'s ?
  115. 14+ months post op
  116. Re: Tomotherapy
  117. when a psa is high and the biopsy is normal
  118. Thalidomide extending off-therapy period at 3 1/2 months
  119. what questions to ask? also general info - 88yr old w/ spinal metastasis
  120. Gleason 9
  121. Re: C'mon, be honest! If I had it to do over...
  122. Prostate Biopsies
  123. On DaVinci Robotic Surgery
  124. Washington DC Area Cancer Centers
  125. Free Psa Levels
  126. lycopene
  127. Hoping for some information or answer to question please
  128. PSA Level
  129. psa tests
  130. psa bounce
  131. Prostate and Supplements
  132. No RP/Bone Mets only/now refractory/Primary T concern
  133. On getting a biopsy
  134. Stanford study on vitamin D
  135. Why its hard to kill that last cancer cell (stem cells), & reassuring biopsy safety
  136. What’s Going On With My Prostate?
  137. PSA Levels After Surgery and Radiation
  138. Update: robotic RP
  139. Pomegranate juice/extract safety
  140. Pre-op testing before radical prostatectomy
  141. Just beginning the journey
  142. Don't understand PSA test sensitivity: is this good or bad?
  143. Treatment AFTER surgury
  144. New to this board
  145. Exercise promotes tumour growth ??
  146. Pain & bouncing PSA after brachytherapy
  147. Post Radical Prostectomy Tips
  148. declining free psa numbers
  149. Help, Do we need second opinion?!!
  150. Calling for results
  151. Brachytherapy - February 6th 2008 (renewed)
  152. Pain after radical prostectomy
  153. bone scan results and CAT scan question
  154. Whats the next step
  155. RP & could spare no nerves: how long on Viagra?
  156. Artificial Urinary Sphincter and...
  157. March 25 Dr. Appt
  158. Ins. won't pay for Viagra?
  159. Biopsy results
  160. Prostate Cancer
  161. Dad just diagnosed with PC- scared, please help!
  162. Post RP/pathology--some good, some bad//probability charts??
  163. 3 month or 6 month psa tests
  164. Bleeding after biopsy
  165. So scared I might have prostate cancer - help.
  166. What I have learned
  167. Post prostatectomy tips
  168. *PLEASE READ* problems after prostate surgery *CAN YOU HELP ME*
  169. New heat treatment for killing prostate cancer
  170. Prostate Cancer at age 54.....
  171. Pepper cured my prostate cancer !!
  172. First PSA test at 47
  173. Nutrition & lifestyle tactics - books, resources and quick summary
  174. Jump in PSA level
  175. PCA3 results
  176. Focused cryotherapy
  177. Next Steps
  178. Prostate Cancer Vaccine
  179. Increasing PSA after cryosurgery
  180. PC side efect post RRP -Updates, thoughts
  181. Undetectable PSA
  182. Pain 6 weeks out
  183. Color-Flow Doppler Ultrasound - location in SouthEast ?
  184. flucuating psa between 4-10
  185. At what age is best to start getting tested for pc?
  186. what to do when you have catheter problems
  187. Coming Soon: The largest proton therapy center in the world!
  188. Brachytherapy/Volume Study/Hormone
  189. prostate cancer after prostatectomy
  190. psa test results
  191. Help!!
  192. 3 Months Check Point!
  193. Genetic markers for prostate cancer occurrence and progress
  194. prostate cancer
  195. Gleason 8 (and higher) cancer: not good, but not always the end of the world
  196. prostate surgery August 2005 problems
  197. Should we be concerned?
  198. If lymph nodes are + after RP: hormonal therapy as a sound tactic
  199. Financial Help for Prostate Cancer Costs
  200. Cranberries after treatment for Prostate Cancer
  201. Escaped prostate cancer cells often fail
  202. Hormonal blockade off-period (holiday) in need of help: thalidomide
  203. A lump in my stomach
  204. Changes to your mental state after surgery
  205. Back from consultation after scans
  206. Tomotherapy
  207. Just Diagnosed Follow-up
  208. Brachytherapy seeds (titanium) v. airport security
  209. Self catheterisation
  210. Prostate Cancer $$$: retired/401K/SS/ins./... USA
  211. Just Diagnosed
  212. Total % of free PSA 13
  213. Surgery or Brachytherapy (seeding)
  214. Prostate Biopsy and PSA Tests
  215. Going off Lupron??
  216. Hormone Therapy (Chemical Castration) Side Effects...
  217. Brachytherapy - a couple of questions
  218. when it comes back
  219. Newbie - Father diagnosed w/ PC
  220. First Timer (lengthy)
  221. Cracking the selenium out of Brazil nuts, and a safety issue
  222. Genetiv Test for Prostate Cancer Risk
  223. Oral vs. IV bisphosphonates and risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw
  224. when are hormone shots necessary in the treatment of prostate cancer
  225. HIFU clinical trials
  226. PSA Post Surgery Levels
  227. Viagr*****
  228. Active Surveillance - a sound option for truly low risk men
  229. My brother's PSA results..
  230. Adverse Interaction Between Hormone Therapy and Low Dose Aspirin Therapy
  231. Robotic surgery coming of age
  232. How do I research doctors in Central New Jersey?
  233. Fluctuating results
  234. Fluctuating results
  235. Hospitals that do HDR Brachytherapy
  236. Prognosis day 8th anniversary (12/27/2000)
  237. Proton Beam Article in New York Times
  238. PubMed - A Christmas/Holiday gift to all of us!
  239. How much robotic experience is enough ?
  240. Raised PSA and Biopsy
  241. Good psa result after BRachy
  242. Interesting new info on PSA scores
  243. Dan Fogelberg died today of PCa at 56
  244. CyberKnife Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer
  245. Pomegranate juice/capsules to combat ED (and prostate cancer)
  246. Soy: benefit to us, and apparently disproven link to advanced PC
  247. PSA velocity > 2.0 and assessing seriousness of prostate cancer
  248. PSA Levels Went Down On Second Test. Should I Still Get A Biopsy?
  249. Psa Test
  250. Lypcopene &/versus soy