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  1. Drug Testing
  2. need help with fiance.
  3. Niece doing Meth - Need Questions Answered
  4. Is my boyfriend addicted to alcohol? How to tell?
  5. Please help.. fiance hooked on drugs
  6. here we go again!
  7. Update on son
  8. My wife is addicted to vicodin
  9. Need advice Im doubting myself
  10. my wife possibly drinking mouthwash
  11. Lifelong addiction causing congestive heart failure?please help
  12. Son's Progress
  13. My sister is killing herself
  14. When will I ever learn/alcoholics and marriage
  15. Im Afraid To Die Along With My Husband
  16. Everyone has opinion
  17. sons marijuana use
  18. Son went back to drugs - Is there a coke blocker?
  19. My Life With Busch Beer, Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Update on Sons
  21. My story as a Girlfriend, and a Mother.
  22. My son's fatal heroin overdose
  23. help with 14 year old who LIKES the way Pot makes him feel
  24. New Here - Hubby is Alcoholic
  25. My best friend's on crack
  26. I'm the wife of a crack addict, and in need of support
  27. just found out my husband is using oxycontin and cocain....
  28. Helping mother in law detox
  29. Suboxone - Son wants to start but cannot afford it
  30. Advice on how to talk to son
  31. Son's downward spiral
  32. Is There *Situational* Hard Drug Use??
  33. New at Al-Anon - Alcohol in my 18 year marriage
  34. Mother needs help
  35. Remeron Taper
  36. my boyfriend is addicted to crack what can i do?
  37. Daughter’s father is recovering addict.
  38. How do I help my husband end alchohol.
  39. Wife in rehab for Lortab addiction. I need advice.
  40. It has been almost a week out of rehab
  41. To past addictions who decided to quit.......
  42. HELP! Son hooked on Percs!
  43. Need Advice Bad..Husband Has Addictions
  44. New to being a spouse to an addict. Please help!
  45. Husband Addicted to Cocaine
  46. Is my brother huffing butane?
  47. crack and my brother-in-law
  48. How Do I Handle This??
  49. How to help my husband.............
  50. Need an encouraging thread for my son...
  51. Jules 3!!!
  52. What can my son be using?
  53. siblings of alcoholic older in 40-50's
  54. Is My Husband an Alcoholic?
  55. Worried about Mom.....
  56. Flintrock, Chef, Kim, update please
  57. Sister/inlaw addicted to Methadone. Help!?!?!
  58. Would sub & pregnancy cause false positive in urine test
  59. ? for oh-notagain
  60. Wife needing some advice
  61. omg my daughter is pregnant/on sub.prgram
  62. Ok she hit a nerve today
  63. Thanks all
  64. One more question ab out suboxune
  65. Mother in desperate need of advice, im at the end of my rope
  66. Q: Can a doctor monitor an abuser of perc's by doing blood work biwkly?
  67. Drug Testing
  68. Help!!!! Teenage daughter doing drugs
  69. my friend is an alcoholic
  70. My girlfriend is addicted to Lorazepam and wants to stop
  71. My son's ex died of an overdose Friday
  72. Spouse is an addict...Fear that he will take his life!
  73. Help my pals son please.
  74. I'm a worried sister trying to offer help... Suggestions Please!!
  75. suboxone questions
  76. Husband addicted to percocet.
  77. PLEASE HELP!! Found some pills in my son's room...what is it?
  78. Son and xanax...AGAIN!
  79. Guilt Over Mother
  80. How to monitor an addict getting pain pill script for real pain
  81. Parent needs quick education on smoking cocaine and if I found it's liquid form
  82. Husband is post surgery and having problems with pain medication
  83. Son is quitting but..........
  84. suboxone question for a friend
  85. Addicted mother in denial--almost a life story:)
  86. Spouse of Tramadol Addicted Wife At Wits End - Need Advice!
  87. chef, flintrock, any old timers (posters) out there?
  88. Explain drug relapse please
  89. 15 yr old brother,pleaase help !!!!
  90. My brother can't stop and is out of control...
  91. Need help with addict husband
  92. Want your thoughts on my fiance
  93. recovered addict husband on lots of meds
  94. Boyfriend addicted to herion
  95. 17 year old son's marijuana use
  96. Alcoholic Mother
  97. Pain medication...can it make you as high as a kite?
  98. Desperate for help with percocet (Boyfriend's Addiction, not mine)
  99. Please help -Daughter addicted??
  100. Husband quit drinking "cold turkey" what can I do to help?
  101. Update on son's progress
  102. Need Advice: Is she using? Can I trust?
  103. New boyfriend herion addict
  104. Urgent advice / help needed for my son
  105. kids and these drugs
  106. Out of Detox-on Suboxone
  107. boyfriend gets angry when drinking
  108. Advice for wife of a drinker
  109. Chef?
  110. Son coming home after rehab.
  111. No After School for Special needs- Single Parents
  112. Brother incarcerated
  113. Chef
  114. Hi Flintrock
  115. I think my sister is addicted to Percocet
  116. My boyfriend is an addict and trying to stay clean but can't stay clean
  117. HORRIBLE caffeine addiction!
  118. Flintrock & Chef how r u
  119. in detox for lortabs
  120. How to get husband help?
  121. Need Help! Is Wife addicted to pain pills??
  122. Husband has been high for 5 days
  123. NA Member Dating Non NA Member
  124. my son clean 2 yrs from opiates just admitted crack use
  125. Finally went to Nar anon & therapy
  126. Alchoholic? bottle of wine per day
  127. flintrock
  128. Boyfriend on Drugs?
  129. Our Children's addictions
  130. son showed up...
  131. Husband and Mother Enablers?
  132. My brother is on Fentyl patches + "lollipops" Anyone know anything about these?
  133. boyfriend in recovery ...still so scared
  134. my boyfriend recovering
  135. My Fiance is addicted to Lortabs// HELP!!!
  136. Mother -- alcohol changing personality? She lies!
  137. my boyfriend has been smoking crack :-(
  138. Husband Overdosed on Soma!! Help!
  139. where is everyone
  140. My Hubby and the Benzos... bad
  141. Chef, SadMum, Cram.....
  142. My brother is dead
  143. My husband is using again....
  144. Chef
  145. Sadmum, Flintrock, Chef, Kim
  146. Son is MIA again
  147. Boyfriends drug troubles
  148. SadMum, Cram Need Advice
  149. Should a doctor prescribe Ativan for an addict?
  150. my husbands 10 year crack addiction
  151. I need advice regarding addict fiance
  152. No Word from My Brother Yet
  153. day 2 for flintrock
  154. Day 1,no smoking
  155. Sadmum, any news yet?
  156. Drug test positive
  157. Sadmum, Flinrock, Kim, Chefbob, TIYL
  158. cram
  159. Husband in Detox
  160. Flintrock
  161. h,kim
  162. Cram, All OK??
  163. Sadmum, Flintrock and what is a xanax stick?
  164. Hi Kim
  165. ok cram
  166. Suicide Ideation & Resources
  167. missing you kim
  168. hi cram & flintrock
  169. ? for ratchet
  170. Constant Overdose on Different Meds
  171. cram,flintrock,chef,you all ok
  172. Medicine Manipulation Game
  173. chef,cram,flintrock,jimmybro,need to talk
  174. lisabad
  175. My sons a oxy addict
  176. week 16 for daughter
  177. I can't cope w/out my brother!
  178. Advice needed for meth son
  179. Is My Husband Alcohol Addicted?
  180. Diagnosis and Treatment
  181. My Brother
  182. Update on my Brother
  183. chef,cram,flintrock all ok
  184. tripleair
  185. thanks ozzybug
  186. ok flintrock
  187. ? for ratch
  188. oxy detox,(xanax for w/d) help
  189. sons confession #2
  190. just checking flintrock
  191. sons confession
  192. Spouse of an addict
  193. Boredom without Alcohol?
  194. hi,flintrock
  195. hi,cram and chef
  196. My Boyfriend is a alcoholic..... HELP!!
  197. hi,cram
  198. OTC Drug test
  199. hi flintrock
  200. Help !!! Little brother is on Norco and OC's
  201. calling chef and cram
  202. New Here Husband is Alcoholic
  203. newday4me
  204. My new husband started coke
  205. Help!-Boyfriend fallen off sobriety of heroin and I need help!
  206. agent subby
  207. advice ratchet
  208. advice,blasterboy
  209. chef
  210. Son is home after 8 months and ex-girl is back
  211. daughter slipping,help
  212. My sister's husband is addicted to vicatin
  213. sisteroo
  214. oxy or vicodin help
  215. Pediatric Bipolar (5 year old)
  216. mysissygirls,you ok
  217. how r u doing kim
  218. Sad Mum, how is your daughter?
  219. My daughter is messing up, what to do?
  220. Alcoholic mother just relasped
  221. no words to express my gratitude for you all for being there for all of us
  222. ? about subutex
  223. daughter overdosed/her daughter thinks she died and come back
  224. cram,you ok
  225. hi,chef
  226. i am very desperate does anyone know where i can get daugher help
  227. My Daughter OD last Nite / alive But I'm Scared
  228. Welcome Addict into our Home?
  229. hi kim
  230. update cram and flintrock please
  231. desperate, please help me
  232. 14 gaad days
  233. Daughter coming off pot
  234. Son in rehab suffering from anxiety attacks-need med recs
  235. thank you chef
  236. flintrock,cram,chef
  237. Daughter Struggles with Alcohol
  238. Son's xanax recovery
  239. Son is threatening to leave rehab
  240. duaghter back home
  241. Sister may be on meth, what do I do???
  242. Addict behaviors, do they disappear?
  243. thank you, but boyfriend's still drunk
  244. I am so naive-son was still using!
  245. Ex husband, Alcohol, and Son.
  246. Here we go again
  247. alcoholic boyfriend -help me!
  248. Update on my son and need guidance on what to do next
  249. wife addicted to vicodin
  250. thinking of you chef