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  1. my husband is either bi-polar or has a pain pill addiction
  2. Worried About Amount Of Oxys Daughter Taking
  3. alcoholic husband
  4. how can i help my son
  5. help,sad mum needs information
  6. checking on my sissy girls and BY
  7. My Husband Is An Addict..Please Help
  8. sad mumm you ok? just checking in
  9. ativan/amytriptylan addiction,my wife is addicted
  10. Update on crack addicted sister
  11. Im Doing Ok
  12. What is an alcoholic?
  13. Sister with Crack Addiction
  14. My son is 3 months clean today!!!!
  15. Where is my brother
  16. my husband can't quit smoking weed
  17. husband adicted to internet relations
  18. My Uncle Is in Very bad Shape. Suggestions?
  19. Addiction + Mental Health Issues
  20. i know we made right decision
  21. She Left...how Do I Get Through Nite Wonder Where Shes At
  22. My boyfriend is addicted to Heroin and Crack.
  23. just to vent going crazy
  24. Questions for anyone who is familiar w/meth
  25. my daughter and her boyfriend
  26. My Hubby is back on hydrocodone.....I'm so sad....
  27. help me help my daughter
  28. Methadone & getting a job - drug testing
  29. Husband Addicted To Marijuana
  30. Update On Granddaughter
  31. How can my husband help me to stop this addiction
  32. son on methadone clinic?
  33. Happy New Years And Thanks To All
  34. Boyfriend does Cocaine - how can I help him to stop?
  35. Injecting Water into Veins: Lie or Truth?
  36. Addicted Daughter Im Going Crazy
  37. Wife still using...need advice
  38. mom of opiates addict
  39. Need Advice Asap For Daughter In Withdrawl
  40. True Addict? Or Mental Illness?
  41. Questions from a mom about addiction...
  42. Help! Son admitted heroin use.
  43. sister in vegetative state
  44. methadone questions
  45. update son went to court
  46. mother of opiates addict
  47. Meth Use Symptoms
  48. my boyfriend is an addict
  49. My Wife and Vicodin
  50. want to help husband with Vicodin additcion
  51. my son made it to Florida
  52. my sons on meth again
  53. My son's new life
  54. Anyone tried ECT for depression/addiction?
  55. Young Adults/drugs/death
  56. addict's wife seeking advice
  57. My Brother
  58. how to deal if someone close to you has an eating disorder
  59. any advice how i can help my husband?
  60. Living with an alcoholic partner?
  61. finally leaving my addicted husband
  62. Hi All
  63. My sons evaluation
  64. My son was robbed at gunpoint in our driveway
  65. Not only husband and now stepson in trouble for pot
  66. Day 26!!!!!
  67. methadone concerns
  68. Would you say my boyfriend has a drinking problem? advice please?
  69. Husband - Looking for advice
  70. My sons dad was addicted to Meth
  71. Help..Suboxne question...
  72. my sons half brother home from prison
  73. Dr. writes 1/3 of state's prescriptions for Oxycontin arrested
  74. wife addicted to vicodin
  75. Advise for addict sister
  76. mother of opiates addict
  77. Help please
  78. Boyfriend with sex addiction.
  79. Update on Husband
  80. So far so good!!!!!!!!!
  81. Mother's Boyfriend's Addiction - Advice Desperately Needed
  82. Court and my sons big decision to make
  83. Can anyone give me advice about my 12 yr old son smoking pot?
  84. NEED HELP with son
  85. Signs of addiction/use
  86. Son Home TONIGHT!!
  87. Husband addicted to cocaine
  88. What is going on with my boyfriend?
  89. Little Brother addicted to meth....I feel lost
  90. 4 Days and counting
  91. Husband relapsing
  92. Suboxone & Subtex ??
  93. Hubby's new life after rehab..
  94. Help Brother on Meth
  95. Just nee some advice
  96. Help with daughter
  97. Help, my brother is self-destructing!
  98. My husband is about to explode
  99. TV show Dateline last night- family affected by heroin addiction
  100. NEED ADVICE (MY 15teen year old son)
  101. Contract to my son
  102. Drugs Distruction
  103. Is my boyfriend an alcoholic??? Advice needed!
  104. Coping with an addict spouse
  105. For wives/husbands who stay with an alchoholic/addict spouse "for the children"
  106. Should i beleive him??????
  107. Husband addiction personality change
  108. Thunder Road feedback sought
  109. To Parents: I need a game plan
  110. wondering if Brother has a vicodin addiction
  111. Those "guilt trip" phone calls...
  112. Concerned
  113. Need Support husband alcoholic, drug abuse, lost a child, gambles, bipolar
  114. KFld, hope you and your son are doing OK
  115. Girlfriend of recovering vic addict... I'm hurting :(
  116. Husband has Alcohol Abuse Problems
  117. BUJANG !! where are you?
  118. mother of son in AA needs help/advice pls!
  119. Husband has a gambling addiction.
  120. Help!! to KFld and all the moms and everyone else
  121. My sister is gone.........
  122. HELP hubby addicated to oxycontin
  123. Help for my son
  124. Pretty sure brother is addicted to pot...
  125. Relapse - Is it the Drugs or the Lifestyle?
  126. Incredible realization
  127. I need help with my son
  128. Alcoholic Boyfriend
  129. Hubby past test
  130. My sons girlfriend
  131. Girlfriend of An Addict
  132. Drug Testing???????
  133. my daughter is in detox
  134. Concerned Girlfriend of AA member
  135. Found out the truth about my brother
  136. worried about my husband
  137. When Your Kid Hits "Rock Bottom"
  138. Need opinions and suggestions
  139. my son
  140. I Feel So Horrible :( Should I Tell My Hubby
  141. I Talked To My Husband....
  142. Hi All
  143. Found A Pill Case
  144. Husband's Cocaine Addiction
  145. Boyfriend is a recovering Cocaine addict
  146. Update On Hubby's Progress!!!
  147. Lisa? Marilyn?
  148. need help for my sister
  149. Proward - Question for you & others
  150. Husband Being Alot Better
  151. Help with wife and lortab
  152. Question About Suboxone
  153. Windy U Still On I Need To Ask U Something
  154. Husband Just Called Dr Told Him To Call Shrink
  155. Tired Of Picking Up The Pieces
  156. My husband is addicted to ketamine...can anyone offer any help??
  157. I'm Letting My Husband Go
  158. Husband Turned To Another Addiction Plz Help
  159. robbers try to break into our house today
  160. Boyfriend with alcohol addiction....
  161. Husband Oxy addiction / Wife Miscarried
  162. Need help dealing with wifes lortab addiction
  163. Suggestions for severe WD headaches-advil doesn't work
  164. Looking for advice on helping my husband
  165. Help- Son just tested positive for heroin and coke
  166. A note to Scared Wife
  167. Huskia2 - your note interests me
  168. Please compare heroin wd to oc withdrawal
  169. Is Husband Using Again??
  170. Help..boyfriend quitting pills cannot relate to this board
  171. Please help - how do I help my new husband?
  172. 19 yr old son & Xanax
  173. Things Are Not Well At All
  174. Help with alcoholic Uncle.
  175. husband needs help
  176. Chewing Oxycontin????
  177. Should I Confront My Husband?
  178. Should I Confront My Husband - OC Abuse?
  179. wife of addict
  180. I think husband is using
  181. I give up! What is this???
  182. Help me save my momma!!
  183. Getting mad at my mother...swimming down the river of denial!
  184. Boyfriend/drugs
  185. Heroin - Can you really kick it? Wife of addict
  186. wife trying to help
  187. Lonely -- Wife of Recovering Heroin Addict
  188. Worried about ex-wife using OTC's w/ kids
  189. Handling Holiday Dinner Intoxication
  190. Brother using again, please help
  191. Help with an addict boyfriend
  192. Not sure boyfriend is using Herion? other Drug?
  193. Boyfriend's Various Addictions
  194. Searching for answers regarding my brother
  195. Addicted and I Abuse my Boyfriend Terribly Help Me
  197. Husband Using, But What Drug?
  198. 24-year old Brother with MAJOR problems
  199. ULTRACET: Addictive?
  200. Worried about someone smoking weed
  201. I Think My Husband is Addicted to Benzodiazepines
  202. Alcoholic Vietnam Vet Husband
  203. Please help if you can!!
  204. Hydrocodone & Methadone - Help for Wife
  205. please help.. my sister is addicted to vicodin..!
  206. wife is addicted, dont know what to do
  207. Visited husband in rehab and attended family program..
  208. My son and Xanax
  209. Need help with sister and nephew
  210. Husband went into Rehab Saturday
  211. Husband has been smoking pot
  212. I just want to cry and cry and cry and never wake up
  213. Father's Day Tribute...He is Gone Now...
  214. Mom Asleep on Xanax; Son Left Downstairs?
  215. It's a girl!
  216. Alcoholic Son Breaking my heart
  217. Here We Go Again-Help Please
  218. Worried about recovering boyfriend...(tumbling out of "pink cloud")
  219. My 17 year old son is "wasted" most of the time...
  220. Getting off Sub
  221. Please help with partner's addiction
  222. eternalmother and her eternaldaughter
  223. Struggling with alcoholic husband
  224. Need some answers please
  225. My mother's addiction HELP
  226. What leads to binge drinking?
  227. My son needs help.
  228. trying to help an acoholic brother
  229. Girlfriend is a Meth user 3 days clean....??
  230. How do I help my boyfriend?
  231. so many things: reason for sobriety, walking away from mom?
  232. My husband says I'm an alcoholic
  233. Help me to help my son!
  234. Daughter home from Rehab
  235. Can't Believe This!
  236. alcoholic husband
  237. Thank you and an update on my dh
  238. offer advice please
  239. What to do????
  240. Another Question-Depression
  241. To my sweet husband (Psalms 23:4)
  242. Thank you all for your input
  243. my sisters addiction
  244. Thank You All For Your Prayers And Support
  245. my aunt!
  246. Confused
  247. alcoholic husband
  248. What does he REALLY want?
  249. can't believe this!
  250. Husband's Addiction