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  1. Possible overdose!!!!
  2. Hydrocodone 7.5-325
  3. Addiction and Access
  4. So confused
  5. Has my boyfriend relapsed?
  6. tramadol, I hate it and all other prescription pills for pain
  7. Delusions and alcholism
  8. Alcoholic Husband
  9. Alcoholic Husband
  10. how to help boyfriend, without helping
  11. Help with alcoholic sister
  12. ex bf in rehab
  13. fathers love their little girls help please
  14. Looking for some advice
  15. Husband relapse after 4 months clean.
  16. Wife is stealing Meds that I NEED
  17. Husband takes adderall, pain pills, drinks and smokes ... too much to handle
  18. No one ever said it would be this hard
  19. Frustrated with it all
  20. Advice please!
  21. Worried
  22. Alcoholism, dementia, feeling helpless
  23. ((Please Please help!!))
  24. Wife to meth addict
  25. Heroin - is he still using?
  26. Trying to Help a grieving friend long distance.
  27. Help me help my best friend
  28. Worried Friend
  29. Aderall/alcohol abuse history
  30. My fiance is on drugs
  31. The love of my life is using cocaine
  32. Alcoholic
  33. Brother addicted to duster
  34. my friends problem with nose pain
  35. Functional alcoholism?
  36. desperate mom with son addicted to meth
  37. How can I help him? My boyfriend is a drug addict/alcoholic!
  38. skeptic
  39. Is she addicted?
  40. ((Please Help Me - I'm afraid my fiancee is becoming an alcoholic))
  41. Co dependent relationship
  42. In Relationship with an Opiate addict
  43. advice about my son's addiction
  44. Why am I in love with an Addict?!
  45. New here and need advice
  46. Husband addicted to Cocaine. I can't take it anymore
  47. Iam new to this site
  48. An outsider...understanding the alcoholic mind?
  49. HELP! Testosterone Therapy/Side Effects
  50. Decision needs to be made this week
  51. brain stroke
  52. Support: Detaching from a heroin addict with love
  53. I need advice!!!
  54. conserned
  55. Advice on Xanax addict loved one
  56. Is my boyfriend addicted to cocaine?
  57. My daughter returns home... what to do?
  58. My boyfriend left me because of his Percocet addiction/depression
  59. I don't know what to do about my husband anymore! Need advice!
  60. Trying to find funding for daughters drug treatment
  61. Cocaine ended my relationship
  62. My boyfriend has addictions and i'm scared
  63. Sons Prescription drug addiction
  64. what's next?
  65. Please advise
  66. wife is stealing my medication! what do i do?
  67. Still Need Help
  68. First Post...but youve helped me already
  69. My husbands alcoholism just continues, it's making me sick...
  70. Alcohol dilemma
  71. Addicted mom
  72. Please help...Addicts or recovering please shed some light!!!
  73. ex left me for cocaine.Tell parents about his drug addiction? Help!?
  74. Advise please!
  75. Living with an alcoholic
  76. My bofriend chose Pot over me?
  77. any advice will be helpful..need help getting my bf off of hydrocodone
  78. Boyfriend, Alcoholic?
  79. Oxy addiction help!!!!!!!
  80. my bf and heroin
  81. Resources for Family & Friends Support
  82. At a loss
  83. Xanax Recovery
  84. Need Help, Boyfriend has a drinking problem
  85. My mom needs help!
  86. Girlfriend addicted oxys need advice
  87. Need advice - husband is addicted to Percocet
  88. Trusting an esctasy/cocaine addict
  89. help
  90. Need suggestions, losing a brother from shooting heroin
  91. Alcoholism/Drugs On Both Sides Of Family
  92. my bf's addiction and lies
  93. Direction...
  94. drug addictions
  95. Love of my Life is a Cocaine addict
  96. Crack Addiction Takes Over College Educated, Career Oriented, Spiritual Woman's Life
  97. Some understanding....
  98. my boyfriend is an alcoholic
  99. Fear my daughter is addicted to drugs
  100. How do yo know if someone you love is using heroin?
  101. Living with an alcoholic
  102. seeking knowledge on opiate addiction!
  103. How to Handle an Addicted Son
  104. I'm trying to get my son in rehab
  105. My addict BF
  106. New to the boards & need support... husband's an addict.
  107. My dad is feeling sick - is it the alcohol?
  108. Bystandee
  109. I'm at the end of my tether
  110. My Mother's Opiate and Benzodiazepine Detox
  111. cocaine addiction
  112. lost my wife to adderall
  113. HELP PLEASE: Acting drunk but not drinking?
  114. Need some Opinions
  115. how to help my husband.
  116. Son addicted to oxycodon
  117. Wife in Recovery, need advice
  118. HELP. Dunno what to do to help alcoholic partner
  119. New Here with Questions
  120. Advice for parents of 19yr old drug user?
  121. Husband is an Ativan addict
  122. My Hubby is addcited to Cocaine
  123. Help! Boyfriend is relapsing after 2 years clean!
  124. A bottle or two of wine
  125. help for my son
  126. My mother left rehab...
  127. Husband is sober, finally but...
  128. My partner is an opiate addict
  129. Major change in my alcholic mother , advice urgently plz :(
  130. My Big Brother Has A Problem
  131. Trying to help my addicted son
  132. Living with an addict
  133. Letter to my crackhead husband
  134. Addicted spouse is getting violent!
  135. Husband in denial of addiction
  136. Convince husband he has a problem.
  137. Brother - Xanax addict
  138. My sister is addicted to Vicodin, she's a nurse.. HELP!!!!!
  139. Love my husband but love me more
  140. What can I do for my brother?!!
  141. Alcohol is ruining my marriage
  142. It's me, Flintrock...need u guys
  143. Adult daughter of an addict needs support!
  144. wife frustrated by un-diagnosed husband
  145. Update on son
  146. Ex-wife is meth addict advice to get custody of child
  147. please someone help i think my sister is killing herself slowly!
  148. Alcoholic Daughter and Judgemental Son in Law
  149. I'm a wife of a crack cocaine addict in desperate need as well
  150. I'm a wife of a crack cocaine addict in desperate need as well
  151. Alcholic Boyfriend
  152. Is my boyfriend drinking too much?
  153. Dad addicted to Nyquil
  154. Hubby's detox day 1 HELP!!!!
  155. Just ridiculous....
  156. please-need advice on norco withdrawl!
  157. helping my hubby stop norco
  158. I hate Xanax!!!!
  159. New here, hubby addicted for a year and I just found out. How to deal??
  160. Merry Christmas All!
  161. Our struggle with son and his addiction to Xanax
  162. Husband's Cocaine Addiction - Should I stay or should I go?
  163. My partner is addicted to Dihydrocodeine - how much can I help?
  164. my daughter relapsed big time, at end my rope
  165. my husband and coke/crack - please help.
  166. My Mother is an addict....how much do I take?
  167. A family in pain
  168. Xanax grabs son again!
  169. Need advice with marriage please...
  170. supporting my husband
  171. How to handle boyfriend's son?
  172. Secretly Found Out My Wife's Addicted To Oxy - What should I do?
  173. My marriage with an addict
  174. I Think My Wife is Addicted to Pain Meds
  175. dealing with a spouse who is addicted to percocets
  176. Cocaine is ruining my marriage....please help
  177. Mother of drug addict
  178. Husband on Meth
  179. Drug Court for my son
  180. Will my husband suffer withdrawal?
  181. boyfriend addicted to heroin
  182. How to help my alcoholic brother?
  183. New boyfriend addicted to Vicodens-HELP
  184. spouse addicted to pills
  185. Brother alcoholic and now has cancer
  186. How to discuss with husband?
  187. my son's addiction
  188. Need Advice - Son Coming Home from Detox
  189. SEVERE Ativan recovery problems -- please help!
  190. my girlfriend's addicted to vicoprofen
  191. need help for partner's detox
  192. Frustrated with alcoholic brother and his doctor
  193. friend in an induced coma/ drug overdose
  194. Mother of heroin users
  195. I have to taper, husband won't stay out of my meds
  196. Adult Daughter taking xanax and methadone
  197. my daughter is taking methadone and xanax how to help her
  198. Gave 19 year old son ultimatum... Now what??
  199. I've lost my Son to Alcohol
  200. how do I get my child off hydrocodone
  201. PLEASE HELP 16 Yr Old Son
  202. mother of 2 addicts Need input
  203. help me cope with alcoholic husband
  204. Valium withdrawal?
  205. I'm so tired. (Husband addicted to Xanax)
  206. My 13 yr old daughter is in trouble
  207. Can You Help Me Understand??
  208. help - boyfriend is alcoholic/pain pill addict
  209. brother addicted to Opiates
  210. How to help sister with drug and alcohol addiction
  211. My Husband is a Stoner: Help!
  212. Wife addicted to hydrocodone - NEED HELP!
  213. Getting the right help...
  214. Want to help my alcoholic sister but am I fooling myself?
  215. is suboxone a valid treatment?
  216. husband's methodone withdrawal
  217. Running a Naranon Meeting input
  218. My mother is an addict
  219. Helping my fiance
  220. Fiance an Alcoholic what to do?
  221. Does anybody know how I can help my husband to see he has a drinking problem?
  222. Tea to help crack addict ?
  223. Brother in a Downward Spiral, Don't Know What to Do...
  224. Boyfriend's Alcohol Addiction
  225. Boyfriend relapsed on Heroine after 6 months sobriety
  226. Fiance's addiction. I need some answers...
  227. son again
  228. My husband and I have been taking oxycodone
  229. My husband is an alcoholic
  230. need answers! brother relapsed after 4 yrs.
  231. Brother's Alcoholism is making Family's life living hell!
  232. stepbrother ruining life
  233. Drug Testing
  234. need help with fiance.
  235. Niece doing Meth - Need Questions Answered
  236. Is my boyfriend addicted to alcohol? How to tell?
  237. Please help.. fiance hooked on drugs
  238. here we go again!
  239. Update on son
  240. My wife is addicted to vicodin
  241. Need advice Im doubting myself
  242. my wife possibly drinking mouthwash
  243. Lifelong addiction causing congestive heart failure?please help
  244. Son's Progress
  245. My sister is killing herself
  246. When will I ever learn/alcoholics and marriage
  247. Im Afraid To Die Along With My Husband
  248. Everyone has opinion
  249. sons marijuana use
  250. Son went back to drugs - Is there a coke blocker?