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  1. My anger, I don't know how to control it.
  2. Why am I so MEAN?!
  3. I think I have anger issues
  4. What's wrong with me???
  5. Anger issues
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  10. being OK
  11. Has my depression caused my anger or vice versa
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  16. The Story Thus Far
  17. Angry
  18. Angry wife _ is there an answer?
  19. Anger
  20. Scared to be diagnosed
  21. Uncontrolable anger
  22. Uncontrollable anger.
  23. out of control anger
  24. my anger comes up at the worst times.
  25. pls help
  26. Boyfriend troubles
  27. What is wrong with me?
  28. Does anyone else burp a lot when they get angry?
  29. My journey of self analysis begins...
  30. I'm dying.
  31. Intense Anger
  32. hi from dee
  33. anger management issues
  34. Looking for help
  35. I'm in a bad situation, and making it worse
  36. What's going on?
  37. I need help. I'm ruining everything and for what?
  38. Anxiety
  39. The cost of not controlling your emotions...
  40. How to reduce anger toward myself for mistakes in competition so I can perform best?
  41. Grumpy Old Man
  42. Aggressive 3 year old
  43. Finding it hard
  44. constantly irritated or angry and moody
  45. Anger Issues, Depression?
  46. Trouble USING coping skills
  47. uncontrollable rage issues
  48. Hate and Resentments
  49. Uncontrollable Anger
  50. Anger Caused by Video Games.
  51. Why am I always angry? Im 16
  52. I'm feeling unusualy aggressive lately
  53. Can't control my angry tantrums/ outbursts.
  54. Angry all the time
  55. Why am I so angry and in a bad mood all the time?
  56. No friends :'(
  57. help me
  58. am i going mad????
  59. Help?
  60. Why cant i stop being so miserable?!
  61. Lashing out without warning
  62. HELP - Increasing anger to my family from a male perspective
  63. Hello
  64. Angry, Bitter, and Resentful
  65. anger towards women i date
  66. Feel lonely and Self Destruck
  67. Help one messed up Otto
  68. My nephew died of SIDS 3 weeks ago, my boyfriend left me; someone needs to pay.
  69. I'm going to lose my boyfriend
  70. I'm angry at my boyfriend all the time, and it's getting more often
  71. Perimenapause is making me angry and irritable...
  72. Why am I angry and depressed all the time ! :(
  73. I can't cope anymore
  74. HELP: I yell even when i don't want to
  75. Concerned
  76. I take all my anger out on my boyfriend, feel like im losing him
  77. Went to jail, possibly because of medication?
  78. Need help!
  79. Angry at my lot in life
  80. Anger is ruining our lives
  81. 16 and very angry
  82. Anger Issues
  83. I'm ruining my own life.
  84. Anger over a relationship that ended 4 years ago
  85. Is anger genetic?
  86. Anger, depression, or something else?
  87. Help...Anger or stress...I cry no matter what
  88. Excessivley Angry, Please Help!!!
  89. why keep trying when anger explosion...out of control
  90. Caffeine and Anger
  91. Don't know how to control anger.
  92. Anger Issues
  93. case manger
  94. Techniques to calm down
  95. Anger and mood swings
  96. Dad Angry with my kids and wife all the time.
  97. lose my temper every day
  98. Not Comfortable in my Own Skin! :-(
  99. anger..
  100. monthly cycle related to anger?
  101. not sure if it's anger or stress. what do you think?
  102. I have hit rock bottom. I need help
  103. Anger and Custody
  104. Overly Angery
  105. Anger problems..
  106. Do I have normal Anger problems?
  107. People LOVE to push my buttons!
  108. Dont want to be so angry and negative
  109. angry at my son
  110. anger bursts
  111. I don't understand anger management
  112. controlling my anger
  113. anger problems
  114. Anger Management is about learning to control one's own self
  115. what can I do about my anger?
  116. Always Angry
  117. Anger from lack of Closure
  118. Explosive Anger
  119. Need help urgently
  120. New to the board, need help finding resources
  121. How do i get rid of hate and anger in my heart?
  122. I'm an abuser.
  123. always mad
  124. temper tantrum
  125. I hate myself after I explode
  126. Implosive Anger Type
  127. Any tips would be welcome (even 2x4's)
  128. Angry girl :(
  129. I'm generally indifferent to other people's anger..
  130. Lashing out at people....
  131. Angry and bitter all the time.
  132. looking for support and encouragement
  133. Frustration
  134. i need counseling
  135. I take out my frustration on loved ones.
  136. trying to control my anger
  137. Need to calm down; want to hit people
  138. Anger bouts
  139. Please advise!
  140. Just want this to stop!
  141. Help..
  142. widow anger
  143. Its ruining my life!
  144. Help!!
  145. Why am i so angry??
  146. Please help, I'm losing my boyfriend
  147. Why do i feel like this in this situation..?
  148. Maybe this will help.
  149. Anger Issues
  150. trying to understand myself
  151. my boyfriend gets angry too easily
  152. Am I angry or is depression back?
  153. Pregnant and scared of my husband anger.
  154. I bottle up my anger so much, but when I explode its BAD
  155. My daughter =(
  156. I need some advise please...
  157. I need some major ADVICE! PLEASE HELP!
  158. Why I get angry
  159. i dont like being angry all the time
  160. Outward bursts aren't a problem but build up is.
  161. Anyone quick to anger with complete strangers rather than friends/family?
  162. older and madder!!
  163. my husband has anger built up and i dont know how to help him....
  164. normal level of anger or problem?
  165. Always very irritable towards mother?
  166. Anger At Work
  167. Extreme Rage Case
  168. How can I Stop a lifetime of Yelling?
  169. Extreme Anger, Need Help.
  170. I yell at my girlfriend
  171. anger management
  172. Im scaring my wife and family. HELP?
  173. mad at the world
  174. Anger management in games
  175. why am i angry all the time
  176. why am i angry all the time
  177. New to this site
  178. uncontrollable yelling and screaming.
  179. got to the point where my anger is dangerous, please help?
  180. Simmering, balled up rage... How to manage?
  181. I become angry for no reason, Why!?
  182. Jekyll and Hyde!!!
  183. Why am I so angry all the time?
  184. I get over angry very fast with my girlfriend and I need to put a handle on it NOW
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  186. Anger is tearing my marriage apart
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  188. Weird anger
  189. WHAT MED IS GOOD FOR anger?
  190. Anger Issues
  191. abusive elderly father
  192. someone i know
  193. Video Game Induced Anger.
  194. what type of yoga is used to control anger
  195. Share medication that worked for YOU to control rage/anger
  196. Bitter and cynical - how to handle
  197. Uncontrollable anger out of no where
  198. Psychopath
  199. Just too angry, any recommendations?
  200. I am... Losing it... Help please!
  201. My anger towards my family
  202. Anger at how my life has turned out
  203. Fit of anger made me ill...?!
  204. My uncontrollable Anger Life... (long)
  205. I don't get no respect
  206. What to do when my wife gets me angry?
  207. My boyfriend and anger
  208. Sick and tired of anger
  209. Do I need to be medicated?
  210. Angry for the past 6 months and need help
  211. When I'm Angry
  212. This board is NOT for those dealing with angry people...
  213. Anger easily. Need professional hellp :(
  214. angry all the time
  215. I think there is something wrong with me
  216. Do i need help?
  217. Feeling horrible about what I did!
  218. Hi, my name is Joe, and I have anger issues.
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  220. Desperately seeking free anger management sessions
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  222. kids and anger
  223. why i m mad all the time to my kids
  224. Need advice on getting it under control....
  225. What is wrong with me?
  226. HATE My Boss
  227. Uncontrolable anger/hatred towards drinkers/alcohol
  228. I cant contral my anger
  229. how do i know if i need anger management
  230. Anger eruption turns violent, can't control it
  231. how can i help my boyfriend when he is mad?
  232. PLEAS help lost wife-n-kid
  233. Am I that bad?
  234. scitzofrenia
  235. I don't want to be this way
  236. Internet forum anger
  237. why am i angry?
  238. i need advise about anger managment.
  239. My Anger is Tearing my Family Apart.
  240. I hold in so much anger, my lungs get tired of screaming inside
  241. I'm ruining my own life
  242. boyfriend yells when we talk
  243. Who do I turn to? doctor?
  244. I Don't Know How I Got Here.....so Angry!!
  245. 29 year old to angry
  246. 12 years of anger changed me into someone else...help
  247. Mom who yells all the time
  248. No Help
  249. i am angry all the time why
  250. Looking for folks in same boat with some advice/opinions