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  1. High AEC Count
  2. severe anemia: extremely low rbc... low wbc, but high platelet count.
  3. Does anyone have an Idea about what is idiopathic erythrocytosis is?
  4. blood clot from smart port
  5. Best treatment?
  6. Cancer Patient-help me if you can please :)
  7. Blood clot in left calf (DVT)
  8. Retinal hemorrhage
  9. help with blood test result
  10. Blood cell counts rising and lymphocytes rising, TSH higher than ever
  11. low RBC, low WBC and normal platelets
  12. CBC results - RDW Way high, all else in range
  13. blood supply to knee bone
  14. Test Results
  15. Popped Vessel?
  16. polycythemia?
  17. Low platelets and fatigue
  18. Eosiniophilis 544 AST 33, 9 year old okay?
  19. Pelvic MRA for chronic DVT and arterial issues.
  20. low wbc, gran% and neutn
  21. Blood Clot from Ortho TriCyclen?
  22. Hereditary Spherocytosis
  23. myelofibrosis and myelodysplastic syndrome
  24. monocyte count 1 % standard (2-10 %)
  25. warm flush in the legs
  26. moderate anisocytosis and slight poikilocytosis
  27. Opinions on Bloodwork?
  28. Is this a Blood clot, anxiety or my back?
  29. can women with MDS and very low platelet have children?
  30. Dvt
  31. Vein Bruised now there are bumps
  32. Blood clot or no?
  33. Is there something wrong with my blood?
  34. high wbc (mainly neutrophils), and platelets
  35. Prominent veins in legs (not varicose or spider veins)
  36. wbc! Help!
  37. High white count that is persistent...
  38. vein problems? or something else?
  39. high blood platelet count
  40. Thalassemia Minor?
  41. We are tyring to educate ourselves about polycythemia
  42. Thick Blood?
  43. Petechiae/high liver enzymes/high calcium
  44. help i feel bad
  45. High neut% low Lymph%
  46. Is low pt inr dangerous?
  47. Low platelet count... kinda scared
  48. leg veins
  49. need advice
  50. Lyphocytes
  51. high neutrophiles & low lymphocytes
  52. help please
  53. anemia and high monocytes, fatigued, feeling unwell
  54. Prolonged PT PTT & Tiny Red Spots All Over Body
  55. T3 Free
  56. cea 20.3
  57. My ALT level is extremely high
  58. PCOS and raised platelets
  59. Ptinr
  60. Possibly my blood causing problems?
  61. Factor XIII haemophilia
  62. The latest... platelets
  63. Sticky blood?
  64. Codiminant vertebral arteries?
  65. Do I have Hemochromatosis?
  66. Could it be aquired iron overload??
  67. Possible ET?
  68. Question about Hematomas
  69. Elevated Von Willebrand Panel
  70. Blood clot
  71. Aloe vera gel to replace serropeptase?
  72. Raised platelets?
  73. High WBC and Low Platelets.
  74. Blood vessels...what do you want from me?
  75. Low WBC, MCH & Platelets High RDW, Creatinine Serum
  76. High platelet & white cell counts
  77. Low Blood Volume and very high Creatine Kinase
  78. Dyslipidaemia, hyperuricaemia and eleveted LFT
  79. thalassemia possible hemachromatosis?
  80. Blood Clots-Question or what else could it be?
  81. bloodwork cause for concern?
  82. Long thin purple line appeared 4 days after giving blood? [Pics included]
  83. How does prednisone affect blood/lab tests results?
  84. Fatigue/Malaise Candesartan-Atenolol
  85. hot leg
  86. High hemoglobin, MCH- What does this mean?
  87. Polycythemia-early symptoms
  88. CRP level question
  89. ana titer
  90. Low iron
  91. Et
  92. Do I have Acanthocytosis?
  93. Polycythemia... What foods are you avoiding?
  94. Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS)
  95. I need help figuring out whats going on with me
  96. White Blood Count
  97. any idea?
  98. ET and trying to conceive, pregnancy safe?
  99. Polycythemia Newbie
  100. Test results. What's it all mean? Low iron? Vitamin deficient? Hypothyroid?
  101. Anxiety and blood pressure readings
  102. White cell count
  103. Missing Inferior Vena Cava
  104. blood
  105. Blood work
  106. blood clots
  107. I T P - auto immune disease
  108. blood clot??
  109. Im confused with lab tests
  110. Dizziness/Vertigo and High Platelets
  111. Blood test results
  112. Blood Clot?!
  113. blood testing
  114. blood clotting to quickly???
  115. Chest Pain, D-Dimer >2,500, Heartburn, Abnormal EKG, Negative PE
  116. recently diagnosed NMH
  117. Arerial bleeding
  118. PAD question
  119. burst blood vessel
  120. Lab concerns
  121. Dizzy spells and cramping down my arms
  122. High D-Dimers
  123. CBC ( complete blood count ) query, Pls help
  124. chronic venous insufficiency
  125. Platelet count...is something happening to me?
  126. Blood Work
  127. Is this a crazy idea? polycythemia
  128. High Blood Presure
  129. Low Blood Platelets/Chronic Fatigue ?
  130. Blood Lab Results
  131. my wbc is 16000 im scared
  132. Blood Pressure
  133. need help to find info on G6PD
  134. White cell increasing
  135. Polycythemia Diet
  136. Is this normal?
  137. Polycythemia vera
  138. Aching and pain in legs after taking Lovenox
  139. Pulmonary Embolism
  140. filter for blood clot (dvt)
  141. Peripheral artery disease
  142. Why does he keep clotting?
  143. Splinter hemorrhages, please I am scared!
  144. It's now a blood clots in both legs- ADVICE?
  145. Leg hemorrhage after DVT
  146. Occlusion of the popliteal artery
  147. What do splinter hemorrhages mean? Help please...
  148. Donated Blood
  149. Low blood count and microcytosis2+
  150. Local Anesthetic Hematoma sudden swelling and headache
  151. taking diazepam before giving blood?
  152. Essential Thrombocytosis (high platelets)
  153. B12 levels keep dropping
  154. high red blood cell count
  155. Help needed
  156. Ldh
  157. 100% Carotid right artery
  158. RED DOTS on Skin
  159. Chronic venous insufficiency
  160. Polychythemia Vera
  161. Update
  162. are a few petechiae something to be concerned about?
  163. Blood pressure was high, now maybe it's low?
  164. Polycythemia
  165. Shouldn't WBC be elevated if you have an infection?
  166. Hemolytic anemia relapse
  167. WBC differential scores - anything to worry about here?
  168. Trying to Find the Name of a Blood Disease
  169. Blood flow or neuropathy problem?
  170. Spep test question
  171. High RBC Count
  172. Does bruising a lot decrease your iron levels?
  173. Von Willebrand or something else?
  174. What does Aniso mean? Blood related
  175. Lots of Abnormal Labs and confused
  176. spiriva side effects
  177. High, but steady platelets for years?
  178. increase blood flow/circulation?!
  179. Petechaie? Help?!
  180. Varicose Veins
  181. blood in urine..cancer?
  182. Should I be checked by an oncologist for Leukemia?
  183. low blood platetes
  184. Blood Transfusion & Low Blood Count
  185. what does this result mean?
  186. Hemochromatosis- Maybe?
  187. High CD4 cells
  188. ESR test
  189. high hemoglobin and vitamin B12 deficiency
  190. Blood draw issues.. What is going on?
  191. Coughing up blood in the morning
  192. low platelets and pregnancy
  193. Factor 5 Deficiency!
  194. Blood results
  195. Polycythemia? I'm scared..
  196. polycythemia to anemia
  197. ITP issue please help asap please
  198. bleeding disorder or clotting one?
  199. I have to see a hematologist. Why?
  200. What could that be?weird symptoms
  201. DVT/warfarin
  202. my platlets are 29 and i have tiny pin sized red poka dots mainly all over my hands.
  203. bruise/clots
  204. What is happening to me
  205. What wrong with me????
  206. FLuctuating MCHC?
  207. Low Reticulocyte Count
  208. AVN Osteonecrosis
  209. Scary experience
  210. Stumped by Blood Results
  211. Blood viscosity question
  212. How serious is high blood pressure at 18?
  213. What does COOMBS test results mean?
  214. Should I be worried about son's bloodwork?
  215. possible DVT?
  216. how long to get the results for a JAK2 blood test?
  217. high blood pressure or heart condition
  218. Petechia and low MPV
  219. blood clot?
  220. why is methemoglobinemia so bad?
  221. No veins to draw blood from?
  222. antibodies n blood?
  223. Random high blood pressure attacks with pins & needles in body
  224. 23 year old - platelet count 4 million
  225. Causes for a low WBC?
  226. Blood clot out of belly button
  227. CJD conrtraction from blood worry...help
  228. how to take blood pressure on a patient with double mastectomy
  229. large bump from blood draw
  230. Blood results - ill for 6+ years
  231. How high and for how long?
  232. immune (or idiopathic) thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP)
  233. very imp
  234. Extreme Fatigue, Pain, Dizzyness & CRP 26
  235. my father has factor 5 mutation - what are my chances of having it?
  236. Painful and swollen vein on the top of my wrist.
  237. Low B12- at what point could it cause symptoms?
  238. what are the chances of my daughter having factor v
  239. High White Blood Count
  240. mcv and mch elevated referred to a hemotologist
  241. blood draw
  242. what does it mean when you have red lines on your upper thigh
  243. Blood Clot?
  244. interesting bump in finger.
  245. Protein S value, knowing ATIII and Protein C?
  246. can someone please help me understand the blood result?
  247. ESR is extremely elevated at 110
  248. a little low.....now what?
  249. First appointment with hematologist
  250. High rbc & rdw - low mcv, mch, mchc

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