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  1. caregiver advice
  2. Aging Parents
  3. no to treatment
  4. I feel like a horrible person
  5. Wanting to care for mum who has non small cell lung cancer
  6. Bedsore help
  7. my elderly father's matters
  8. Frustrated
  9. New to this and need help
  10. Am I expecting too much?
  11. Feel like I want to scream!
  12. No will to live?
  13. Elderly Parent Hard of Hearing
  14. Dad held hostage for $50.00 paperwork fee
  15. Dad held hostage for $50.00 paperwork fee
  16. Mother is Dying :((
  17. mentally drained
  18. My Mom died on Sunday, Aug 26
  19. whipped, worn out and worried
  20. liz---we lost our border collie last Monday ;-(
  21. My Mom is addicted to prescription meds, help.
  22. New to this Board: Any advice welcome
  23. Mom is moving in on Friday
  24. I need some advice
  25. Just need to vent ... Dr's offices....
  26. how do I tell parent, time for nursing home?
  27. anyone else have problems sleeping?
  28. mom still same--alz not progressed..but is that always a good thing ?
  29. At wits end!
  30. I Need Work!!!!!!
  31. Sadness
  32. I need Advice
  33. Help with My Mom
  34. Burn victim needs help
  35. Any advice?
  36. Mother of 17 Male TBI Survivor, Too much anger
  37. please tell me what to do
  38. Just need to vent. . . . .yet again :-)
  39. Advice on Father Please
  40. Info for Snoopy about lung cancer
  41. Out of Options
  42. Finding a Meaningful Position As a Caregiver!?
  43. How to help Mom?
  44. Help! Newbie here
  45. What's The Point?
  46. Don't trust family!
  47. Help...advice please
  48. Why is my mother so cold all the time now?
  49. Bad news relative around---what to do?
  50. I feel so alone.
  51. God Bless You All....
  52. Are We Killing My Father?
  53. Where do I go from here
  54. Going downhill??
  55. Caring for mom is causing me stomach problems
  56. Osteoporosis, Broken wrist, What Now.
  57. Need recommendation please
  58. need someone to talk to
  59. Medicad/Medicare Waivers....any info or experience?
  60. home health story
  61. Need to vent....any feedback? thanks :-)
  62. At Wits End
  63. Sliding Rocker
  64. dad wants to die after 7 years of being paralyzed and sick!
  65. Long Week
  66. I am so tired
  67. Just need to vent............
  68. Isolation
  69. bad caregivers
  70. Staph Infected Bed Sore and Ecoli UTI infection
  71. Always hungry...
  72. one of these oughtta make ya smile!!
  73. Help finding info, please?
  74. Funny stress relief
  75. should i leave him because his cancer?
  76. Table tribulaions
  77. Family torn apart
  78. Airborne??
  79. Not sleeping
  80. online tool to manage offers of support?
  81. Other Caregivers Who Have No Relatives?
  82. Why Am I Becoming Forgetful?
  83. what is your definition of...
  84. What can friends do for caregivers?
  85. help (or lack thereof) when YOU'RE sick
  86. Time-off trouble
  87. Long past burnout
  88. Frustrated with parents and siblings
  89. what do you like most and dislike most about beign a caregiver?
  90. what do you do to take care of yourself/ take a break?
  91. help with dad
  92. Hi, new here
  93. new to board, but not new to caregiving
  94. I'm Tired of this.
  95. feeling defeated and on the edge
  96. caring for motherin law with depression.
  97. Physically exhausted!!
  98. Help....I don't know what to do...
  99. I get so frustrated that I explode
  100. Elderly mother-Disabled husband and 2 teenagers
  101. just wanted to be heard
  102. My mother hates me
  103. Advice needed-angry aging mom!!!
  104. Grandpa Dilemma
  105. At Wits End with Brother!
  106. What is the right thing to do ...my FIL is terminal and hates me (we live w/him)
  107. Why are the sick people so self-centered and demanding?
  108. Overwhelmed
  109. I just lost my mother to cancer...
  110. Considering Moving, Move Mom In With Us??
  111. Take my Dad please!
  112. Out of my mind!!!!! Both parents 24/7
  113. Need to get Custody
  114. Looking for support as caregiver to Dad with Diabetes
  115. Newbie Looking For Understanding
  116. I think I'm dealing with PTS
  117. jealousy or not
  118. Long-term care advice needed
  119. New at this. Caregiver for Mother that is 83.
  120. Have No One.
  121. pulled two ways
  122. Problems w/ elderly dad
  123. Bored Parent Advice please!
  124. Elderly Mom
  125. Care of Nephew
  126. at the end of my rope and need to vent
  127. muscle tone gone is it normal?
  128. Mom in denial. Feel so helpless
  129. Just need to unload
  130. taking care of grandparents
  131. Need answers from caregivers
  132. trying to care for father but marriage suffering badly
  133. Greed in Family
  134. taking care of mom also
  135. Taking Care of my hubby with SCLC
  136. Being pulled in too many directions.
  137. taking care of mom
  138. Advice about family
  139. Need some answers
  140. Getting Started.....
  141. Family fell apart
  142. Sister wants me to do the work
  143. Caregivers America
  144. Help! Please!
  145. anybody in california
  146. Advice please !!!!!!
  147. confused bout great grandmas insurance policy
  148. benefits for caregivers?
  149. venting also
  150. Sad Sis needs help/advise
  151. New and venting!!!!
  152. Young and Confused
  153. What social programs can help?
  154. Caring for Mom
  155. Looking for Chris--aka cflas
  156. going broke
  157. Anybody a guardian to a younger sibling?
  158. When the going gets tough the tough get going!!
  159. Sexual harrassment? Help please
  160. ? for cfas
  161. I think I might need a valium!!!
  162. Compensation for family member due to fathers total disability
  163. 24 and scared
  164. it all looks different in the morning
  165. all wound up
  166. Path's leading to nowhere.
  167. My dad is dying of cancer and I am crying
  168. Is there a safe place to vent?
  169. Please Help Me Understand
  170. Latex sensitivity: how prevent it from getting worse?
  171. What to do now???
  172. Gel cushions: any good? expensive, so i want to know
  173. Aides: hiring how-to.. Any bklets on how to hire an aide?
  174. Mother with Dementia lives far away
  175. R & R
  176. What a wonderful two days
  177. Caretaker - Please help
  178. John186282...
  179. electric shavers: VACCUMM in any to suck away trimmings?
  180. Alcohol bath:easiest methods?
  181. What happened to family values
  182. Home Health Services,USA:can they drive me to stores:also,can they fetch groceries?
  183. Defecation:Bedridden.Tips for cleanliness wanted
  184. New to Board...Husband with MS
  185. feel like i should be able to do more
  186. Need some helpful suggestios
  187. tired of being a maid
  188. grandma is in a nursing home
  189. Caregiver ? ? ?
  190. Any Single Caregivers out there?
  191. Financial Assitance for Caregivers
  192. Feel Like My Head Is Going To Burst!
  193. college student + caregiver
  194. Bathing? Help! (Cross-posting)
  195. lonely
  196. essential meds
  197. what procedures to get put in a home?
  198. Is anyone a Daycare provider? Dealing with toddlers?
  199. reverse elder abuse
  200. help with my fil
  201. elderly parents live with me
  202. Q: on AFH vs. Agency vs. Private
  203. Asking for Advice
  204. Help with 17 yr old daughter, personal hygiene, please!
  205. caretaker situation wanted-southern az.
  206. Help?advice?
  207. A question about caregiving in Florida?
  208. Hello Friends!
  209. Mudhound... Can you let us know how you are doing?
  210. How can the cared help the caretaker not burn out?
  211. help
  212. How can my mom succeed... (Caregiver)
  213. Burning Out
  214. Overworked
  215. difficult client
  216. Parent/Researcher Invites other caregives to participate in research study
  217. How do I help
  218. Stressed and Depressed...
  219. Difficult clients
  220. caregiver who is struggling
  221. Thank you to all who gave such good advice
  222. one day at a time
  223. Spouse Caregivers
  224. Is anyone a CNA?
  225. severly depressed caregiver
  226. guilt
  227. Don't know what to do?
  228. Suggestion for dealing with caregiver stress?
  229. Need advice on weight gain products for post cancer eating without teeth
  230. A bedsore that just won't heal
  231. AAACCCKKKK!!!!!!
  232. Caring for my terminally ill mother
  233. I am a care giver....
  234. Husband has Tongue Cancer spreading
  235. find care giver for autism child
  236. EZ Bathe
  237. Help from far away.
  238. recuperation for throat/mouth radiation
  239. Care giver for mother in law
  240. Hi New here / Your Views Appreciated? thank you
  241. private duty nurse for elderly parent at home?
  242. Respite Care Boundaries
  243. overwhelmed
  244. Help!! please..
  245. Cargiving
  246. live-in caretaker
  247. My Spouse has chronic pain
  248. free disposable underwear
  249. Need help - Conflicted
  250. Spouse/significant others/caregiver