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  1. Do I have Carpal Tunnel
  2. Is it safe to wait 18 days after surgery to get stitches out??
  3. carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. Numb thumb!
  5. will they cancel my surgery if i am sick?
  6. When to have Carpal Tunnel surgery?
  7. could someone help??
  8. slow recovery?
  9. Question for those who have had CT surgery
  10. Thumb pain/stiffness
  11. Post surgery issues, unfortunately.
  12. Dequervain Surgery
  13. cubital and ulner tunnel (carpal tunnel)
  14. twitching index finger - PLEASE HELP
  15. thumb and finger pain, do i have carpal tunnel?
  16. Shock at elbow after Ulnar Nerve Transposition - Normal
  17. fat flap with surgery
  18. Wrist pain won't go away :-(
  19. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome/Ulinar Transport
  20. If you're having arm/hand pain..this might help you too!!!!
  21. Carpal Tunnel Release surgery Friday - nervous about recovery?
  22. pain in the wrist
  23. numbness in hand
  24. Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery?
  25. What would you do?
  26. Severe pain up my arm - CTS? Cortisone worked for 27 hours??
  27. when the medain nerve got damaged
  28. Ulnar nerve transposition-post op issues, please help!!!
  29. I've got Severe Carpal Tunnel & thin some?
  30. Sudden onset of CTS in both hands
  31. anyone desperate for surgery?
  32. Still very painful even after 3 months
  33. Wrist pain for 1 year
  34. what do I do now?
  35. cortisone working?
  36. when repetitive activity is stopped
  37. recent ct release, is this normal?
  38. can cortisone shot affect EMG/NCS
  39. emg's
  40. cortisone injection
  41. Carpal Tunnel back 8 years after surgery?
  42. can't do anything
  43. Is this most likely CTS?
  44. Neg. EMG & talking to doctors
  45. approx. cost of EMG TEST in neck area
  46. Tightness and muscle spasms in right hand - Could this be Carpal Tunnel?
  47. Trying to find a test
  48. Tingling On Sides Of Hands
  49. Ulnar transposition surgery March, '09
  50. carpal tunnel surgery/ exercise
  51. question... about wrist not sure if related
  52. have you experienced this with cts?
  53. what should i expect during and after surgery for cts?
  54. Post ctr surgery
  55. thenar muscle
  56. emg didn't find carpal tunnel
  57. cps diagnoses
  58. healing time for carpal tunnel
  59. night pain
  60. double crunch syndrome from a car accident?
  61. Any hope to regain dexterity after release?
  62. Disability for carpal tunnel syndrome/cubital tunnel syndrome
  63. accupuncture
  64. Nerve medicine
  65. Positive EMG But Not Sure Carpal Tunnel
  66. trembling thumb and index finger
  67. carpal tunnel and hydromyelia
  68. carpal tunnel and hydromyelia
  69. carpal tunnel sydrome, anyone?
  70. Prolothreapy??
  71. carpal tunnel syndrome and in severe pain
  72. How reliable?
  73. Carpal Tunnel, RSI and more...PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS IT
  74. Elbow (lateral-side) popping when arm is bent?
  75. equipment for computer?
  76. Had EMG today
  77. swelling normal?
  78. Could Itching Palm be an early sign of CTS?
  79. cubital tunnel surgery?
  80. Has anyone ever been diagnosised with carpal tunnel but had a negative EMG test?
  81. Severe case of Numbness!!
  82. Numbness after surgery
  83. Has Anyone had Carpel Tunnel Surgery? Questions...
  84. Early Signs of Carpal Tunnel?
  85. tinnitis - carpal tunnel -thyroidism are they realated?
  86. carpal tunnel syndrom and neck and shoulder pain
  87. carpol tunnel and ulnar nerve
  88. About the Carpal Therapist...
  89. Newbie
  90. Bruising after Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  91. Tennis elbow & P.I.N. Palsy
  92. finger tremble when bending
  93. early cts with No inusurance
  94. carpal tunnel symptoms???
  95. carpal tunnel
  96. Hand pain
  97. Things are looking up
  98. Had ctr 8 years ago,now burning pain at site
  99. Numbness After Surgery
  100. Do I have CTS?
  101. how to get normal EMG Test results
  102. all fingers numb
  103. Warning signs that you need surgery
  104. Stabbing pain/spasms inshoulder blades?
  105. Numbness in strange places, Hospital visit
  106. New here...
  107. Long Term Shoulder Pain - why? Also have cubital tunnel syndrome
  108. CTS Surgery...conventional vs. new tech ???
  109. Why did you get surgery?
  110. CTS or something else?
  111. Cubital and Carpal Tunnel Surgery in 2 wks
  112. Braces for post cts operations
  113. Ultrasound therapy for carpal & cubital tunnel sx?
  114. Operation
  115. Numbness in thumb
  116. does workmans comp cover carpal tunnel in MIchigan
  117. Instant Pain Relief in hands and wrists - with my easy technique -- IT WORKS!
  118. Just Diagnosed
  119. branton
  120. CT dx--NCS/EMG not registering a #
  121. Not Exactly Sure
  122. Anyone else?
  123. question about cts
  124. cortisone shot
  125. quivering & painful thumb
  126. I don't think it's CTS...but what is it?
  127. gsw rt arm brachial artery, ulnar & median nerve injury
  128. Hands frequently go numb
  129. Help with carpal tunnel syndrome
  130. dequervain surgery in the morning
  131. hand and arm swelling
  132. Severed Ulnar Artery
  133. post surgery numbness
  134. How do you know if you have cts
  135. How to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
  136. Weight lifting exercise & Carpal Tunnel. Bad?
  137. corpal tunnel surgery
  138. How to avoid Using computer all day?
  139. Swelling and weakness hand.. Help I don't know what it is!!
  140. How long before you drove after surgery on right hand?
  141. mom having surgery on both hands
  142. Change of Plans
  143. Update On My CTS
  144. Numbness in my elbow after Ulnar Transposition
  145. Carpal Tunnel
  146. Trigger Thumb
  147. Having a hard time with pain after ulnar transposistion any advice?
  148. Ulnar Nerve Damage
  149. Ulnar nerve transposition surgery- post op problems
  150. numbness in left pinky and ring finger
  151. Post-operative carpal tunnel syndrome
  152. yipee
  153. what not to do when you have carpel tunnel & cubital tunnel
  154. carpal tunnal and radial nerve damage??
  155. hand pain
  156. what happens if i can't do my job any more
  157. cortisone shot for trigger finger -- did it help you?
  158. Could this be CTS ?
  159. bump in the palm of your hand
  160. Why is CTS worse in winter?
  161. To all those who suffer from carpal tunnel or who have the onstart of it.
  162. Wrist brace
  163. which is worse: carpal tunnel or tendonitis
  164. How much longer?
  165. tendon glide exercises
  166. Is this normal?
  167. Questions
  168. EMG's
  169. questions... had surgery today
  170. thumb twitching
  171. how do i avoid having an operation on my elbow for nerve damage
  172. Carpal Tunnel
  173. tendonitis hypothyroid
  174. Can you have carpal tunnel with no pain?
  175. Need to locate a CTS surgeon in eastern PA
  176. Second surgery
  177. Best over the counter pain relief
  178. Carpal Tunnel
  179. Does anyone have TARSAL tunnel?
  180. Ok, I'm going to try something
  181. pain in my wrist
  182. does carpal tunnel affect your entire arm
  183. And diabetes too!
  184. Improved CTS after weight loss?
  185. love some input on life after carpal tunnel surgeries
  186. I've Made Up My Mind
  187. carpal tunnel without any pain?
  188. what is bilateral cts
  189. Cost and other comments/questions
  190. dull ache in shoulder going down to wrist and thumb
  191. carpal tunnel
  192. des quervains release surgery
  193. Knee pain
  194. Orencia for CTS?
  195. what can i expect for my EMG?
  196. Question about Physical Therapy and Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  197. cortisone shot
  198. Carpal Tunnel (Open release surgery)
  199. does anyone know how long an ulnar shortening takes?
  200. Wrist pain
  201. Acupressure for cts
  202. i had my ssd hearing how long
  203. how long does de quervain tendinitis last
  204. hydrocodone good for carpal tunnel syndrome
  205. RSD and Nerve damage
  206. allergic to splints
  207. Question about steroid injection:
  208. Questions about carpal tunnel
  209. cts and posture
  210. carpal tunnel help
  211. Hurting so bad in Arms and Hands
  212. why am i in pain after carpal tunnel operation ?
  213. Tip of Index finger painfully sensitive to touch?
  214. why would someones ulna being too long
  215. Post Op Problems
  216. wrist and fingers locked up
  217. Relief and Sleep from CTS
  218. Could this be??
  219. Nerve damage in Elbow
  220. median nerve completley severed during"routine" CTR
  221. Carpal Tunnel for years. Still hurt
  222. CT surgery
  223. Ulnar Nerve Surgery
  224. ulnar tunnel even though ALL fingers tingling????
  225. would love the benefit of your experience!!!!!!
  226. ulnar nerve
  227. carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger thumb
  228. Another Surgery???
  229. weakness in hands...
  230. nerve pain
  231. Sharp pain and tingling in finger and thumb tips.
  232. Carpal Tunnel
  233. Is this carpal tunnel?
  234. carpal tunnel like symptoms through the whole arm
  235. CTS Update
  236. Carpal Tunnel A Third Time?
  237. Open release surgery vs Laparoscopic release
  238. Return to work time post CT surgery
  239. numb hands
  240. carpal tunnel/tendinitis and B6
  241. Surgery/numbness Question
  242. Question about CT / Physical Therapy / Surgery
  243. carpal tunnel
  244. Carpal Solution anyone?
  245. Surgery 7/30, please read!...
  246. Doctor suspects CTS
  247. numb & tingling fingers
  248. Severed Ulnar Nerve
  249. Has anyone had CT with a normal EMG?
  250. Both Hands?