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  1. Pediatric Treadmill
  2. Severe problem with the lip of my CP child.
  3. Daughter just diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia and Chiari Malformation
  4. CP and ballet training
  5. Help! Twins with varying degrees CP
  6. Are there any groups around for CP Adults?
  7. Cp-womans health issues
  8. Conflicting advice - AFO's or Prescription Orthotics with shoe modification
  9. need feedback re. femoral de-rotational osteotomy
  10. need feedback re. heel cord lengthening
  11. Spasms and Itching
  12. Adult Cerebral Palsy Specialist?
  13. Too much information
  14. Hemiplegic CP and odd sensations on the affected side
  15. How Do I Find My Old Childhood Medical Records
  16. Please Answer..I'm very confused!
  17. Would love some advice
  18. Massively dilated Ventricles and severe brain damage
  19. Need to know about having cerebral palsey and bells palsey at the same time
  20. Opinions on 3-wheel bikes
  21. Botox
  22. depressed
  23. Dr. Campion--UNC
  24. Your insight please.
  25. Potty Training.
  26. Sleep and Cerebral Palsy
  27. To diagnose???
  28. Krabat Jockey
  29. 10 year old with CP & anger..NEED HELP!
  30. Femoral osteotomy?
  31. Effects of High Altitude on CP
  32. insoles for shoes
  33. 40 years old with cp, i fell and having great difficulty walking
  34. is it normal
  35. In love with someone with CP
  36. Baby has cp?
  37. Health Insurance in MO
  38. My experience... + questions
  39. Controlling Facial Movements - Please can someone advise me? Know tips??
  40. adult stem cell for CP?
  41. Looking for information on the baclofen pump
  42. "Life Span Clinics" for Adults with CP?
  43. Theratogs/Second skin for child with ataxic low tone cp?
  44. puberty
  45. Anyone had a phenol block?
  46. Adolescence
  47. can stem cells help me im 20 ?
  48. severe hip pain
  49. Suggestions to develop strength in grasping?
  50. thankyou
  51. cerebral palsy
  52. 3 yr old son - SDR surgery?
  53. weneed a good dentist please help
  54. Has anyone participated in the Duke study regarding Cord Blood?
  55. atrophy
  56. stairlift
  57. need help!
  58. where can I can help with my sons ssi being stopped
  59. Leg Pains (feels like electric shock)
  60. Retained ATNR = CP?
  61. plz plz help us
  62. Oler CPer going crazy?
  63. Why won't doc give CP diagnosis? (12 mnth old)
  64. SDR in New York
  65. Looking for advice and help!!!
  66. one yr old cp childs mother need help
  67. Can this be CP?
  68. New G-tube for my 3 yr. old--HELP!!
  69. hinged AFO's and more.....
  70. Serial Casting
  71. Has anyone heard of a person having mild CP?
  72. Cerebral Palsy, Adult
  73. PERCs in adults with spastic diplegia
  74. Believing In Yourself, Why Is It So Hard For Me To Do?
  75. Has Anyone with CP Ever Successfully Adopted a Child?
  76. Rhizotomy Or Tendon Lengthening For 5 Year old?
  77. I'm an adult with CP
  78. Ive just been told my 10mth old has cerebal palsy :(
  79. Anybody ever used Clonidine?
  80. Airway problems ??
  81. 5 Year old Son Has Spastic CP
  82. forgetfulness
  83. potty training help
  84. Developmental delay caused by CP?
  85. looking for info / support for son aged 2 with cp
  86. i have a son of 11 who cp, i have no one to talk to
  87. Anyone seen a Physiatrist?
  88. Advice for a 16 Year Old?
  89. The Hart Walker program
  90. what does cerebral palsy higher tone mean
  91. If you think your situation is bad!!!.....
  92. self stim issues in 21 year old CP male
  93. Spasticity Issues, Anything New With How To Cope With Them?
  94. botox injections for tendo achilles tightness
  95. Stroller help!
  96. amino acids
  97. Cerebral Palsy and Stem Cell Therapy
  98. success in putting his own braces on
  99. Jandd
  100. anterior tibialis tendon transfer
  101. Need Help.
  102. C P slobbering-Scopolamine patch
  103. Job hunting, still can't figure out how or where
  104. Stem cell therapy any good for adults with cp?
  105. Yoga
  106. CP and reflux
  107. Collecting plastic bottle tops for a wheelchair....please help!!!!!
  108. I really need some help!
  109. when tired my child stretches and contracts her legs
  110. Signs and symptons
  111. CP & Working In Retail
  112. Improving Balance, How?
  113. Sdr
  114. I have CP and Im pregnant.
  115. Wii?
  116. Are children born to cp parents also affected ?
  117. Glad to be here!
  118. Cell Phone question...
  119. Potty Success
  120. the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) therapy
  121. CP kids in grade school/feedback
  122. AFO's
  123. He does not want to stand and walk. Y?
  124. Living on the East Coast (Weather wise)
  125. What % are deaf??
  126. Baclofen
  127. Dating an incredible gal with CP
  128. Having Cp in the Workplace...My Difficulties and Seeking Advice
  129. what is ataxic c p child
  130. Dystonic foot care
  131. Groups For CP Adults?
  132. Question for Adults with CP
  133. low circulation
  134. St. Louis SDR PT's differ in opinion from local PT's
  135. questions for older CPers
  136. husband has cp, looking for info...
  137. Follow to prev post re: 27y/o unable to sleep
  138. weaning off of dantrium
  139. 27 y/o daughter does not sleep for days
  140. Cold Weather
  141. annoying habit
  142. Do you think might 11yr old daughter has mild cp??
  143. doctors that treat cerebral palsy
  144. getting kids with cp to sleep
  145. Breathing and Voice Projection (Again)
  146. tneale2
  147. Palsotab, herbal med....anyone heard of it?
  148. achellis tendon
  149. 4 month old baby born brain damaged
  150. Yonkersmom
  151. hello all, am new and would appreciate some input
  152. ongoing journey of getting the heel down--post SDR
  153. Walking ability immediately after botox and casting - any experiences?
  154. dystonic cp
  155. I am new have questions, need insights, what is your life like?
  156. after 28 years I finally have dx
  157. Adductor Release
  158. Driving with startle reflex?
  159. Just curious: would this kind of surgery, help?
  160. Sex and CP
  161. adults getting strength back after surgery
  162. Hi I'm new, just wanting some info on Botox for CP
  163. Regarding The Act of Smiling
  164. how do i know if my child has cp?
  165. New Member--Question for Adults with CP about Botox
  166. Living with CP
  167. Any Advise
  168. Stud Earrings
  169. Job Advice?
  170. Finally Got Behind The Wheel...
  171. Looking for Advice Thank You
  172. Oral Baclofen for four year old
  173. Is there someone to help?
  174. myofacia for Cerebral diplegic child age 5
  175. Tubs with doors
  176. Vasdilation
  177. A question for older CP people...
  178. Hello
  179. Carrying things and walking
  180. Success with the Poos and Wees! Hurray for persistence!
  181. Help please
  182. Hey everybody!!!!
  183. Choosing a school for a child with CP...
  184. Question For CPers...
  185. How to diganose CP??...
  186. Hello and an introduction......
  187. Weak Tongue, Anyone?
  188. Summer camp for kids with CP
  189. Twins, and one has cerebral palsy
  190. I need advise
  191. Psudomonus in Cerebral Palsy Children
  192. Baclofen
  193. Biting of inner side of mouth
  194. Questin About A Hand Splint vs Elastic band Wrap
  195. Self esteem issues regarding CP
  196. Very mild CP, but job and personal issues have me a reck
  197. i an new and cofused please help!
  198. up & go walker
  199. I have mild cp and am having several job issues
  200. Insole & heel raise for adult
  201. Oral Baclofen
  202. Temper tantrums in CP children
  203. Happy Mother's Day
  204. Having some difficulty and pain in my left leg
  205. Hello, I am new here
  206. its been a while
  207. Anyone had experience with a brain probe to test brain pressure?
  208. Anyone having hypotonic cerebral palsy?
  209. 4 years girl baby mild CP with urinary dysfunction
  210. I just found this Message Board and signed up...
  211. I'm seeing someone with CP...
  212. To have surgery or not to have surgery...
  213. 4 Yr. Old Grandson just diagnosed with Mild CP
  214. Has anyone tried chinese medicine ?
  215. Went to the physiatrist yesterday...
  216. Sensation of Bowel Motions
  217. Will he ever be a normal boy ?
  218. Sensory problems
  219. is there anything i can do?
  220. Ladies, I need your help!
  221. Loss of muscle control after surgery
  222. My Micro Preemie Twins with Cerebral Palsy
  223. Cerebral Palsy and rapid pulse
  224. New to board with questions...
  225. CP -Arthritis & nerve pain & dislocations
  226. Hi, everybody. New to board.
  227. How to tell Autsim Behaviors vs. CP?
  228. Dr. Parks selective dorsal rhizotomy
  229. Seizures & vomiting
  230. cerebral palsy botox
  231. New to the board
  232. facial spasms/smiling
  233. What to ask
  234. Formula 303
  235. Signing/Writing In Front of Others...Anyone Tense Up?
  236. Anyone Drive? If so, How?
  237. Hi, long time since I Posted BUT, I need something!!
  238. Arthritis
  239. CP and Hypermobility - what a combination!! Can anyone relate?
  240. Specific Exercises?
  241. Eating Habits in Public
  242. Bubble Gum For Excersise
  243. bracing options and oral baclofen for my son with cp
  244. Treatments
  245. Crying-Like Voice...Anyone?
  246. Difficulty with math in college setting
  247. has anybody ever passed out in a prone stander?
  248. Stem cell treatment
  249. Jerking/Sudden TIcks...Anyone?
  250. what kind of job can you hold?