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  1. Has anyone had SDR vs. Botox later in life
  2. Movement
  3. New
  4. Cervical spine damage
  5. CP and Behavior
  6. advice about hip surgery
  7. Self feeding
  8. Hello, I'm New......
  9. question about dressing/personal assistant problems
  10. Can A Physical Therapist Diganose Cp ?
  11. Any advice would be helpful
  12. Cerebral palsy and Depression
  13. sex and cp?
  14. new here with some concerns...
  15. Need help with toilet training
  16. New here...
  17. I'm new here
  18. Want Info On Drivers License
  19. 11 Year Old - Surgery?
  20. Exercise and CP
  21. Mild CP and Social security?
  22. Weight and CP
  23. Someone to talk too about my CP
  24. Advice from those who have had SDR
  25. Question regarding 6 month old daughter
  26. high functioning CP dating highly involved CP...advise please
  27. ADA requirements for wheelchair accessability in Apartment Complexes
  28. Spastic Quadriplegia - high tone, seizures
  29. CP support groups??
  30. Baclofen Pump
  31. Baclofen Pump
  32. Diagnosed at 14, advise needed...
  33. New Here Sex and Cerebral Palsy
  34. New here! (Dating with CP)
  35. Just diagnosed
  36. Sex Drive/ Potency...
  37. dating question
  38. There is a guy that has same CP.
  39. Limited use of hands
  40. Tongue Issue Related To Choking
  41. Hi, I am New and I have CP
  42. Nada Chair
  43. Is it even worth it?
  44. physical therapy question
  45. A few questions.
  46. wiggling toes in leg casts
  47. What is muscle tune and how is it related to my being in leg casts?
  48. subjective experiences in leg casts
  49. Brand New to the forum and C.P.
  50. Hey!
  51. Another newbie..
  52. I'm new here.
  53. Special Needs Day Care
  54. hi im new here
  55. I have a few questions.
  56. Speech Therapy Update: Can Anyone Tell Me If Things Are Going Right?
  57. Calcaneal Lengthening
  58. backpack issues.
  59. so this is really hard to explain...
  60. Choking Problems, Anyone?
  61. Questions about the cost of an operation.
  62. Physio vs Conductive education
  63. question for people who have dated/are married
  64. 15 month old with new CP diagnosis
  65. please help me my son is 4months old
  66. Looking for good book/ info on puberty for kids with physical disabilities...
  67. Post-Botox 3yo w CP much more hesitant in standing/walking
  68. Any experience with brain cysts and fenestration to release pressure?
  69. socks for braces--any recommendations?
  70. Worried mom of 3 month old
  71. SDR Parents
  72. Physical Therapy Experiences
  73. our 2 year olds struggles, being told he has CP then not
  74. friend problems
  75. athetoid cp
  76. new member intro and a question
  77. Alcohol and CP
  78. CP/TBI simularities?
  79. Grant or finanicial assistance for new bike?
  80. need help for when I have a baby
  81. Dystonia
  82. Anyone have experience with illness related seizures in CP?
  83. New to Mesage board
  84. New to CP
  85. hi
  86. How should I handle the inlaws
  87. For those that live alone...
  88. waking up at night and constant scratching
  89. Hello.
  90. Hello.
  91. some help????
  92. Mommy-New here
  93. Any Advice, Hope?
  94. questions about child
  95. Hi
  96. concerned about friend
  97. Earth Shoes!
  98. need headgear advice
  99. Has anyone tried a DAFO, or any other AFO that works for high tone/tiptoeing????
  100. first time botox injections
  101. HELP! Botox no longer working as well - where to from here???
  102. SDR post-op estim tip/muscle strengthening
  103. trouble sleeping
  104. getting second opion on surgery?
  105. Hello
  106. Has anyone heard of a transdermal patch that helps w/ drooling?
  107. Good News!!!
  108. Does anyone know of any surgeries that can help with high tone in arms and hands?
  109. long term Rhizo and Botox
  110. klonus
  111. Pfimmer method--massage
  112. Surgery Advice
  113. For parents that want to talk (Cerebral Palsy)
  114. Questions?????
  115. i am new here but have a 2 year son with cp what someon to talk to
  116. non cp dating someone with cp
  117. surgery or Botox?
  118. Adult CP and deterioration
  119. Surgery Positive or Negative
  120. New here
  121. new to these boards
  122. Question please respond ASAP
  123. potty training child w/ cp
  124. Hi! I'm new to the boards, have some questions
  125. female health issue
  126. Hurt feelings - what do i tell my 3yr old to say to other kids?
  127. Question about getting older with CP
  128. Botox
  129. Hi I'm new
  130. I have a couple of questions
  131. OT/PT ideas
  132. Botox information
  133. will he or wont he??
  134. 3yr old spastic hemiplegia-Surgery??
  135. tibial derotation osteotomy - good??
  136. Could someone translate this diagnosis?
  137. Thinking of adopting child with CP
  138. HI, nice to meet all of you!
  139. stressful feeding
  140. Botox Therapy in Adults
  141. University Of Pennsylvania NeuroOrthopedics??
  142. botox?
  143. What is the difference between Dyspraxia and mild CP?
  144. a little worried
  145. "Girlie" question
  146. spastic quadriplegia
  147. Help - Issues with a class
  148. 11 Month old has major unexplained...(long)
  149. Housing questions - Section 8, etc
  150. Baclofen pump problems??
  151. Questions about Chronic Constipation and Vomiting
  152. Do spasms get worse as you get older?
  153. can anyone help me to understand c.p
  154. Cerebral Palsy
  155. Suit Therapy
  156. hearing loss as adult?
  157. Help 10year old son wont eat!!!
  158. Muscle cramps in the legs-advice?
  159. Hamstring lengthening and achilles release in adult
  160. anyone else have problems finding 'accessible' clothing?
  161. Hi, New here with a question about something I've dealt w/ for 2 years
  162. We want to do a new thing - Isaiah 43:19
  163. Does having cp cause unusual problems after a muscle injury?
  164. Fight with School PT!
  165. So frustrated!!!
  166. 25yr old never had treatment - where do we start?
  167. Hip problems
  168. Possible for a person with cp to be a photographer?
  169. Dealing with CP and a five month old
  170. Scoliosis in 6 yo with CP
  171. How do I tell my son he has CP?
  172. Teeth grinding
  173. my son is 10, with c/p
  174. Spastic Diplegia - Breathlessness?
  175. Please help!!!!!Confused.
  176. goin'crazy
  177. am I just overly paranoid?
  178. lost 21 yr old CP male
  179. Botox in Adults ? Your thoughts and experiences please.
  180. adult clinic ideas
  181. Does it truly not get worse?
  182. New Here
  183. need advice/16 yr-old w/justational CP
  184. driving question, please reply
  185. water therapy!
  186. - - -
  187. special needs strollers?
  188. How useful are AFO's?
  189. what do you do for fun??
  190. New Here - 24 with right hemiplegia
  191. Sedation of 15 month old for MRI scan
  192. Excessive drooling and secretions
  193. FAO LucyRicardo
  194. Car Seat for 20 year Old - UK people
  195. Confused - Is it or isn't it
  196. Need some advice
  197. working with docs
  198. CP and fertility (new here, sorry if repeat)
  199. Not your average shower seat
  200. Somebody please help!!!!! 15month old daughter
  201. Hello, I Have A 6 Year Old Son With Ataxic Cp
  202. hi i'm new here
  203. Conductive Education & IEP
  204. Hope25
  205. questions about CP and illnesses/ medications
  206. I Finally Let My Sister Know About the Startle Reflex
  207. Hey, newbie here.
  208. Hi new here
  209. rehabilitation/exercises for CP
  210. Driving with mild CP??
  211. Has anybody had a surgery called Supramalleolar Rotational Osteotomy?
  212. Has Anyone Been to a Massage Therapist?
  213. Feels like pinpricks in my legs....
  214. Cerebral Palsy - Sesitivity to Noise
  215. Hello everyone. I'm new, so i'll introduce myself
  216. Sick of not knowing
  217. CIMT: Constraint-induced movement therapy -- My research and our experience
  218. um just a question...
  219. success with swallowing when eating
  220. Equipment reviews?
  221. Botox experiences - son has CP & hydrocephalus
  222. help
  223. How much therapy is "enough" for 2yo with mild CP?
  224. Therapy balls?
  225. Dental Work and Versed
  226. Josh Blue is Coming to My College Campus!
  227. Federal programs for those who do not qualify for SSI or Medicaid?
  228. Inappropriate Behavior
  229. 2 year old daughter just diagnosed with CP
  230. Foot Issues
  231. Pediatric Doctors
  232. "balance dogs"
  233. meds- baclofen
  234. Girlie Thread
  235. SDR Parents - Questions!
  236. new guy with mild cp who wants to get to know people
  237. Can CP stunt your growth?
  238. Independent Living w/CP Quadriplegia?
  239. What exercises do you do?
  240. Using mild, moderate, severe as descriptors - PLEASE READ
  241. What is mild?
  242. Meeting Teenagers With CP :)
  243. C.P. mild, had it all my life, I am 45.
  244. knee braces
  245. How do I Get People to Understand Why I Feel This Way???
  246. A friend is going to be having surgery...
  247. Ankle fusion
  248. Last Comic Standing—Josh Blue—Anyone watch it?
  249. 25 and dealing with EXTREME FATIGUE
  250. I'm new here too!

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