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  1. hand biting
  2. New hear
  3. Drooling and bad breath
  4. Adult mild CP - Has anyone experienced drastic improvement of symptoms before?
  5. you are a warrior
  6. Watching tv jumping, panic attack
  7. in forties dealing with cerebral palsy
  8. Same old same old
  9. Dystonic driving
  10. Anyone with CP try Nike Flyease shoes?
  11. Desperate for some input
  12. I need more information on my condition.
  13. Weak adductors (affecting the hip and thigh)
  14. Please help read this
  15. c.p. AND m.s.
  16. talking to siblings about cp
  17. startle reflex interfering with progress
  18. Teen with Cerebral Palsy
  19. To have or not have a driving evaluation?
  20. Positivity and cerebral palsy
  21. My daughter has cb she is 5 yr old displaying new symptoms need advice
  22. Cerabral Palsy Information Resource
  23. CP down right side from birth, wrist fusion?
  24. cerebral paresis absences drugs
  25. Vaginal Tightness due to Spastic Diplegia
  26. CP Startle Reflex around boyfriend
  27. C.P. Fatigue
  28. Infant meeting milestones - still CP?
  29. CP/baclofen pump & sex
  30. don't want osteotomies
  31. CBD Oil
  32. Question about CP & Hearing
  33. Need advice for my 12 year old daughter with cp
  34. Hello! :) Help please.
  35. Nervous about dating
  36. Baby diagnosed with CP SPASTIC QUAD
  37. I need some more info about My condition.
  38. baclofen Pump? do you have one?
  39. Expert advice
  40. Cerebral Palsy and Erectile Dysfunction
  41. tendon lengthening
  42. Pain in big toe?
  43. Problems in Adulthood resulting from organ system development issues
  44. Is my special baby dying!
  45. Girlfriends parents don't like me
  46. operations for. adult cerebral palsy
  47. Question about Gabapentin
  48. Gabapentin
  49. Hi... looking for advice
  50. In new relationship with CP man
  51. Desperate for help...
  52. Problems with Cerebral Palsy- anyone else?
  53. Need advice 3 y/o with mild spastic diplegia
  54. Neural Therapy
  55. Tips to Do a Ponytail?
  56. bursitis inflammation in hip joint
  57. Hello/Happy New Year/Question about Hemiplegia Aging Effects
  58. Hi! Going for an assessment soon - Botox injections?
  59. Might as well make an intro thread
  60. New to this site
  61. Is anyone here from canada
  62. We Need help : Moving away from the snow
  63. CP and Disability Benefits
  64. Leg Problem
  65. New here w/ Question
  66. Stroller?
  67. trying to find answers
  68. CP and starting a family
  69. valium for spasms
  70. unit rod
  71. Double stroller for a 5 year old with cerebral palsy plus an infant?
  72. need suggestions on my spastic diplegic toddler
  73. Birth Control Question
  74. Looking for Options
  75. Hi I'm new just saying hello!
  76. Intro & question on adult diagnosis
  77. Cerebral palsy question.
  78. More or Less Exercise/Activity?
  79. relocating to florida with a teenager with cerebral palsy
  80. Cerebral Palsy and aging
  81. Just saying Hello and question about SSRIs
  82. New here... mild CP-Spastic type
  83. CP and Deep Depression????
  84. Frustrating
  85. anxiety
  86. I'm scared that my symptoms have got worse.
  87. New here
  88. new here
  89. training of cerebral palsy
  90. new to this site
  91. Cerebral Palsy and Fatigue
  92. Adult Female with CP - Contemplating Surgery
  93. How much is the expenses in USA for Therapy
  94. What to Major in in College
  95. ryan76
  96. Sex and cp
  97. Dealing with CP and HBP
  98. Please Help
  99. dx cp with seizures
  100. Work Causing Jelly Legs
  101. Getting Older with Cerebral Palsy
  102. fibrosis and an age old scar tissue on the tendon achilies
  103. Adult CP Individual in Confusion Right Now
  104. neck pain, for real neck pain
  105. C.p
  106. Daughter w/CP & extreme behavior issues
  107. child w/cp bathing issues
  108. rhizotomy
  109. Hello....
  110. Dont have any clue
  111. Mild CP Adult impairment syndrome...
  112. What's it like to be a parent of a child with CP?
  113. trouble staying relaxed
  114. Going for Well Woman Exam
  115. CP and tiredness
  116. New Member
  117. Cp as an adult
  118. How is CP diagnosed
  119. hello
  120. Torn meniscus
  121. new medical treatments for adults with CP
  122. Finding a job when you have cp
  123. Spastic CP and Positional Vertigo
  124. Return to therapy
  125. How do you deal with having Cerebral Palsy?
  126. Is surgery possible?
  127. 2 1/2yr old with cp - pls share ur experience
  128. Girlfriend keeps falling
  129. Questions
  130. Hamstring lengthening surgery
  131. Others like myself
  132. botox dr.
  133. I have cp and my foot hurts so bad on both side of foot
  134. I have cerebral palsy and other special needs
  135. osteoperosis in child
  136. Strabismus Treatment / Surgery in Adults
  137. mild Spastic Diplegia
  138. Dealing with aging ????
  139. Stabbing Pain?
  140. 19 year olds, feeling like CP is taking over.
  141. surgery in adults with cerebral palsy
  142. Femoral derotation osteomy
  143. Has anyone had a De-rotational Osteotomy?
  144. Living life with cerebral palsy
  145. 30 yrs old and think i may have cerebral palsy...
  146. hello 53 female with CP
  147. My twin son was born with CP and his Twin brother is fine.
  148. 22 year old aspiring author with spastic cp, but lost on love.
  149. Leg Length Discrepancy solutions?
  150. Sister almost 30 cerebral palsy.
  151. caregiver for adult child with Cerebral Palsy
  152. Tibia derotational surgery
  153. voice activated phones etc.
  154. hbot and neurofeedback for CP
  155. 3-wheel bikes
  156. Adult experiences of SDR
  157. My 18 month old has Mild spastic diplegia
  158. Hey im new to the site
  159. CP caused my metabolic disorder
  160. CP and Cheerleading Newbie needs Advice.
  161. Sdr
  162. 15month old Could it be CP?
  163. Hip Surgery Help....
  164. I need reassurance.
  165. Middle age CP with breathing problems
  166. Need encouragement and hope
  167. New here and don't fit in anywhere !!
  168. a recommendation ?!
  169. New to the site and has a question.... :)
  170. Botox for spastic diplegia
  171. Feeling somewhat down
  172. Spastic cerebral palsy
  173. Not diagnosed CP but looking for knowledge
  174. snow boots and braces
  175. I am in my late 30's and I have Cerebral Palsy. Is it possible for it to get worse?
  176. Parenting with cp
  177. Need to learn about CP
  178. baclofen pump recall
  179. 23 yr old cp
  180. Shoes for someone with previous tendon injury
  181. Driving with startle reflex? / Baclofen
  182. i need help for a friend who wants to drive with CP
  183. I am 15 and i have got CP
  184. Air mattress
  185. Spastic Diaplegia CP options, thoughts and advice.
  186. Hamstring Lengthening Surgery
  187. my son doesnt walk or talk or follow commands at 19months
  188. personal hygiene fro 11 year old with mild cp
  189. the Malasia story
  190. Chance of a second child having cp
  191. cp and 1st grade
  192. 28 mild cp since birth, need answers
  193. Downhill after 30?
  194. My Mission! - Walking With Cerebral Palsy
  195. hyprothryoidsm does this go with cerbral palsy
  196. 17 month old with hyptonic cp on left side started to go a lil spastic
  197. Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forum!
  198. Regression after casts and botox
  199. What will the future look like?
  200. bowel problems
  201. social advice
  202. blessed
  203. CP and successful weight loss tips?
  204. ACDF surgery and my anxiety
  205. Cerebral Palsy Baby needs a toy he can have fun with!
  206. Advice for a teacher
  207. G/J Tubes and Mysterious Stomach Backup
  208. I'm new, and have a situation ahead of me.
  209. Advice?!?
  210. Newbie here- question about newborn with CP
  211. Any thoughts - newbie here :)
  212. 17 year old who was diagnosed at 3 after seizures
  213. Osteotomy OR Soft Tissue Releases - HELP!
  214. Pediactric Orthopeds in Colorado?
  215. Sex with C.P.
  216. Adult CP
  217. Possible CP
  218. CP and Adderall XR
  219. CP Paediatric specialist
  220. I am new here!
  221. Percs
  222. Does my son have CP/What type?
  223. My bf has CP
  224. should adults with CP still see a phsyatrist every year
  225. double femoral osteotomy
  226. New to the forum,
  227. Cold weather
  228. will she regress?
  229. Dr. Dobbs
  230. Out and About.
  231. New here
  232. disabled and feeling meaningless
  233. writing technology for 10 yr old w mild CP
  234. pregnancy and cerebral palsy
  235. disability claim
  236. percutaneous lengthenings...easier to regain strength?
  237. 15 month old baby girl diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia!
  238. 15 month just diagnosed with possible mild CP from pediatrician
  239. Room for change.
  240. 41 with mild CP
  241. Baby with cp: Encouragement needed
  242. what type of mri do you have done when you have spastic diplegia
  243. Baby with CP since birth, mom in early 20's looking for hope & answers
  244. Driving with Cerebral Palsy
  245. CP Womens Health Issues
  246. Hoping for some aide
  247. Tendon Problems need advice
  248. Using Siment and baclofin pump?
  249. Woman dating man with cp
  250. Pediatric Treadmill