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  1. Upper Respiratory infection and Abdominal Pressure?
  2. flu like sypmtoms
  3. cold and having knee replacement
  4. Lingering cough
  5. nose bleed with mucus
  6. I have a cough before my surgery
  7. Smell disorder
  8. After the flu..i had cloudy vision and dizzieness
  9. flu last 20 days
  10. Flu Shot
  11. what to eat to recover from cold?
  12. Did I take to much?
  13. Stomach Flu
  14. Fever, headache, sore throat, cough and now a swollen lymph node
  15. Natural Herbal Remedies
  16. Lingering Cold?
  17. Nasty bug
  18. sick
  19. blood comes with mucus
  20. Is there such a thing as a mild flu?
  21. Did I just get sick?
  22. whats good for a head cold
  23. Cold medicines aren't working at all
  24. Can't get rid of this cold
  25. Mucus flow
  26. swollen neck with no pain
  27. A Rather long cold
  28. sore throat, dry hacking cough over a week
  29. plz help me. i am confused
  30. Spot on Left side of neck
  31. 4 colds in 9 months!
  32. constantly sick
  33. colopscopy + positive hpv test and abnormal pap
  34. virus keeps coming back
  35. Mouth and throat infection
  36. nosebleeds after a heavy cold
  37. advice on symptoms
  38. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, hard white dot then lump on tonsil.
  39. Can't sleep because of this issue...
  40. is there a virus going around?
  41. How long will Chickenpox fever last and how do you count the first day you got c.pox
  42. could it be the flu?
  43. Help get rid of cough fast
  44. what is the best way to get rid of a head cold
  45. I have a sore throat and have blood in my mucus what should I do?
  46. After fever breaking, why does it come back?
  47. Painful throat/trouble swallowing
  48. headache, low fever, neck pain, wheezing
  49. Whats wrong with me
  50. soar throat very stiff neck high fever
  51. feeling really tired, sore glands
  52. There are my symptoms, any ideas?
  53. Neverending sickness
  54. Flu problem
  55. Stomach ache and headache problems
  56. runny eye
  57. when i eat i cough up mucus
  58. The cough from HELL....help!
  59. what do i have when my head throbs,body ache,chest hurt when i cough
  60. ive been ill for the past week, hoping someone could share a little insight please.
  61. A better name for a cold might be "inflammation virus"?
  62. Adult Rotavirus questions
  63. Lost of taste & smell
  64. 11yrs old girl fever for 7days, pls help!!!!
  65. Dry Head Cold
  66. feeling low and paronoid
  67. Daughter
  68. Colds and Flu
  69. Thoughts on Dayquil?
  70. Laryngitis, Strep Throat, Now Bad Cough
  71. Keep getting mild cold symptoms
  72. Chesty cough since christmas
  73. how do you catch a cold?
  74. Common cold or something more?
  75. how to get rid of a head cold
  76. recurring flu-like symptoms
  77. Bronchitis.... or the Swine?
  78. how do you get rid of head colds
  79. Im sick and need help
  80. prolonged cold and high ESR count
  81. coughing, green phlegm, chest hurts
  82. sense of smell after nasal douche
  83. leg weakness
  84. Sore Throat
  85. I Feel Worse At Night
  86. pneumonia
  87. Unstable body temperature
  88. Ways to prevent a cold AFTER you think you've caught the bug
  89. what helped me - sick for week, extreme sore throat, fever
  90. Flu, Chest cold
  91. Not sure whether to see the doc yet?
  92. Midnight sweats, spiking fever and no other symptoms
  93. Mild throat infection for more than 20 days
  94. question please
  95. Bad Cold with fever for 8 days.
  96. help please
  97. Chest Gurgling when exhale with mouth open
  98. My ribs hurt after coughing a lot
  99. strange feeling
  100. flying with bad head/chest cold?
  101. dry cough or something else?
  102. how long can a fever last with the flu
  103. sneezing & breast pain
  104. will this cause A blocked ear?
  105. Lightheaded when coughing
  106. weird rash & white spots on tonsils (scarlet fever ???)
  107. Cold / Virus question
  108. Help, what does this sound like to you?....
  109. Ear clogged up
  110. How do you catch a cold ?
  111. Tight/Stiff neck and flu?
  112. Sick of this...no matter HOW careful i am!
  113. What do I have?
  114. am i gonna die
  115. sickness
  116. coughing blood
  117. I feel so ill
  118. Sick of being sick
  119. Whats this?
  120. Lingering effects of a cold..something else?
  121. Sick sick 5 weeks later
  122. Cold Or Flu? Questionable or 'Strange' symptoms
  123. White foamy mucus, still after 2 months.
  124. concerned
  125. weird chest symptoms
  126. OOOOOOOOOWwwwwww
  127. Cough for almost a month.......what now?
  128. Not sure what to think of this...
  129. what do my symptoms mean?
  130. Has anyone else has this bug?
  131. painful cough
  132. Ribs Hurt when I cough..
  133. Bronchitis
  134. Loss of Appetite
  135. Given double dose of seasonal flu vaccine
  136. How long is your fever lasting?
  137. How to treat your flu?
  138. Cough, now resulting in a toothache?
  139. Should you get a flu shot if you have a cold?
  140. DayQuil doesn't work!
  141. tamiflu
  142. Cold that just won't go away????
  143. At risk groups
  144. What is wrong with me??
  145. Head cold
  146. Virus
  147. Is this the flu?
  148. viral illnesses in schools
  149. Coughing until I gag
  150. Elderberry Juice?
  151. Is this possible??
  152. incessant cough
  153. cold symptoms after having flu shot???
  154. Why are people so up in arms about the flu shot....
  155. Anyone Else Taking 5,000iu Of Vitamin D3 For H1N1 Prevention?
  156. Constant Hard Neck Glands, HELP
  157. Excessive coughing
  158. flu
  159. home remedies for curing throat congestion
  160. sick over the weekend, result of taking Bactrim?
  161. Hi Anyone who can help me?
  162. 12 yr. old-constant cough
  163. Flu or Cold?
  164. Flu or something else?
  165. Cold/cough ease plus stomach upset
  166. high pulse fever
  167. my symptoms seem to get worse kinda
  168. light green discharge when blowing my nose
  169. 5 yr old virus.....
  170. yellow phlegm
  171. My symptoms confuse me
  172. flu being contagious
  173. blood nose
  174. Hot Then Cold Plus Really Scratchy Throat
  175. Can't smell and can't taste!
  176. metallic tasting cough
  177. how to drain my ear
  178. whiskey for a chest cold
  179. So I went to the ER
  180. 6 weeks of flu symptoms
  181. what would cause someone to almost passout when caughing
  182. 5 weeks of fever
  183. why is my cough worse when i lay down
  184. Thick, sticky, bloody mucus.. Please HELP!
  185. constant pain
  186. swollen right tonsil
  187. 100.4 degree fever, congestion... but feel fine otherwise.. what's wrong? help!?
  188. Started With Strep Throat Months Ago
  189. Irritated throat?
  190. Levaquin 750mg???????
  191. does post nasal drip ever go away?
  192. A cold or laryngitis and what does it mean?
  193. Dizziness
  194. what medicine for newborn does take for dry cough
  195. Cough for a month now.... help!
  196. low wbc and high monocytes??
  197. Antidote for
  198. yellow/green mucus from the nose
  199. mono
  200. A head cold with loss of smell
  201. Ear pluged
  202. I've had blood in my mucus when i blow my nose
  203. A bad infection Or just anxiety??
  204. Could this be a respiratory infection?
  205. Chest Congestion , not getting relief even with antibiotic
  206. Just curious.....
  207. sense of smell
  208. What is This?
  209. Did I have the flu?
  210. What could these symptoms be?
  211. Swollen Tonsils
  212. Does this sound like Food Poisoning to you?
  213. bad smell
  214. What is the best cure for severe post nasal drip?
  215. Please help me
  216. can you carry virus germs w/out being sick?
  217. Is this the flu?
  218. my whole ear is swollen and below it on my Lymph node
  219. Orange Snot?????
  220. How do I get rid of my terrible cough?
  221. How many is too many cough drops to take during a day?
  222. pain when coughing
  223. what does coughing up greenish yellow mucus mean?
  224. what kind of cold do i have
  225. when i swallow it feels like glass
  226. Beer and Nyquil
  227. pneumonia?
  228. how to get rid of a nasty cough
  229. how do you treat a person who has had a lot of antibiotics in their system?
  230. Severe sore throat
  231. Is this a cold?
  232. cant shake this cough off
  233. My nose is running like a tap!!
  234. how long is a cold contagious
  235. Need my voice back
  236. strep carrier
  237. why do i keep getting colds
  238. yellow mucus
  239. Green phlem
  240. the right side of my throat is so sore it feels like im choking all the time
  241. back pain with a cold
  242. what's my sickness
  243. Flu like symptoms
  244. Swallowing to much leading to sore throat and cold
  245. Anyone else dealing with this virus?
  246. when i cough
  247. Natural remedies for flu and colds?
  248. red dots with sore throat
  249. why do my colds always end up in infection
  250. Icecream and cold fluids

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