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  1. when i swallow it feels like glass
  2. Beer and Nyquil
  3. pneumonia?
  4. how to get rid of a nasty cough
  5. how do you treat a person who has had a lot of antibiotics in their system?
  6. Severe sore throat
  7. Is this a cold?
  8. cant shake this cough off
  9. My nose is running like a tap!!
  10. how long is a cold contagious
  11. Need my voice back
  12. strep carrier
  13. why do i keep getting colds
  14. yellow mucus
  15. Green phlem
  16. the right side of my throat is so sore it feels like im choking all the time
  17. back pain with a cold
  18. what's my sickness
  19. Flu like symptoms
  20. Swallowing to much leading to sore throat and cold
  21. Anyone else dealing with this virus?
  22. when i cough
  23. Natural remedies for flu and colds?
  24. red dots with sore throat
  25. why do my colds always end up in infection
  26. Icecream and cold fluids
  27. Repercussions of exercising with a cold??
  28. cough medicine when you have high blood pressure
  29. i have a cough due to a cold and my head hurts my throat hurts and my body aches what
  30. the flu
  31. how long just a sore throat last with the flu?
  32. Anyone had this virus?
  33. I feel fine but....
  34. health
  35. sneezes stink
  36. flu/chest
  37. what are the symtums when cold ocure
  38. how to know when the flu is no longer contagious
  39. i have a horrible viral cough how can i get better
  40. Has any one had trouble getting antibiotics?
  41. whats wrong with me
  42. Is this Strep or just the flu?
  43. What causes you to vomit when you have the flu?
  44. Boyfriend came down with something..?
  45. Girlfriend and Flu question
  46. coughing dark chunks of phlegm
  47. Anyone still feel lungs inflammed months later?
  48. what's the bug going around right now ?
  49. got a cold, now stuff tastes wierd
  50. my daughters been sick for a month what could be wrong
  51. when i blow my nose there is blood
  52. Cold and cough......
  53. blowing your nose and have blood in your snot what is it
  54. Same flu, different symptoms?
  55. SO OVER strep throat and confused!
  56. hot and cold flashes
  57. 3 colds in 4 months
  58. what is going around right now
  59. Stomach Flu from HELL!!
  60. help! what can I do?....
  61. syptoms of the current flu
  62. what is going around right now
  63. what happen when blood comes in nose during flu
  64. Do you have this cold/flu virus right now?
  65. fever
  66. Flu symptoms, high school dance on Saturday, please help
  67. how to get rid of a head cold
  68. Do Cold Temperatures Make You Sick
  69. NORWALK!!??/stomach flu :(
  70. how do i unplug my ears
  71. fast pulse
  72. had headache feel dizzy and have stomach ache what could it be
  73. stomach virus
  74. hard to breath and struggle to talk.
  75. College over ran by illness.
  76. Upper respiratory
  77. metal taste
  78. when do you know you are not contagious from the flu
  79. coughing up blood
  80. Why do i keep getting colds and losing my voice?
  81. what viruses are going around right now
  82. How long does it take to catch a cold?
  83. congestion....
  84. how long will a high fever last with the flu
  85. coughing
  86. Can I take Mucinex DM and Sudafed together?
  87. when ribs hurt
  88. phlegm yellow
  89. Anyone have this?
  90. Mucus Discharge with cold
  91. Cold? Pneumonia? what is this?
  92. what viral illnesses are going around in schools
  93. what swells from the common cold?
  94. Cold Sore? or?
  95. Bronchitis? or asthma?
  96. stomach virus
  97. how many days should a fever last
  98. what to eat when you cant keep food down
  99. lung infection?
  100. If i had mono but i dont have a fever can i kiss someone withought giving them mono?
  101. to get rid of a head cold
  102. flu-like symptoms, and i'm very tired
  103. How Long Is a Cold Contagious
  104. Pneumonia
  105. Entire family has been sick for a month
  106. my chest is killing me
  107. No antibiotics for bacterial cold?
  108. my throat and ribs hurt what does this mean?
  109. my throat and ribs hurt
  110. how long can a cold be contagious
  111. Dear God in Heaven!!!
  112. Help
  113. what is it called when you feel freezing cold?
  114. Awful Stomach Flu...
  115. headache followed by whooping breathing and scratchy throat
  116. sense of smell and taste after the flu
  117. Its been 72 hours since roommate had stomach bug. I am fine. Am I safe now?
  118. Treated for pneumonia; still stuffy, ill and very tired
  119. Cold Help
  120. fluke vomiting or same as others
  121. cough after bad cold
  122. Should I call my dr.?
  123. norwalk virus and other stomach flu's
  124. why do my glands swell up after a common cold
  125. what viruses are going around in utah for 2008
  126. what are ketons in urine
  127. I have a lump in my throat
  128. flu/stomach flu
  129. Cold or flu?
  130. could a bad flu cause other problems?
  131. what is this virus causing laryngitis?
  133. what color mucus means
  134. Green mucus with a cold, back to gp?
  135. What do I have?
  136. why do i get dizzy when i blow my nose
  137. cold
  138. what causes lump and swelling in neck but no pain
  139. how long can virus infection last
  140. help!
  141. Elderberry tea
  142. Flu-like symptoms...lasting 6 months...on and off
  143. Question about Upper Respiratory Infection
  144. What to do about this congestion? Nothing is working
  145. walking pneumia
  146. how to get rid of nausea caused by antibiotics
  147. Shortness of breath after a cold
  148. how long is norovirus contagious
  149. Green phlegm, Do I Need Antibiotics?
  150. exception to the rule?
  151. ribs hurt when cough
  152. Dr. said i CANT take the flu shot
  153. Does Airborne work?
  154. why would my throat feel like it was closing while sleepin
  155. what is the medicine of dry cough
  156. what is the medicine of dry cough
  157. Over and Over again!! Need some advice!!
  158. when i blow my nose blood comes out
  159. does having the cold affect an operation?
  160. bad cough and after my chest hurts
  161. what symtoms does the flu have
  162. Nauseated And Headache
  163. stiff/painful neck and strep throat
  164. Emetrol for stomach virus
  165. Back Chills/Shivering
  166. Upper right abdominal pain
  167. Be an angel & please help me!
  168. How Do I Unplug Ears
  169. only when not exercising
  170. Post nasal drip!
  171. Flu shot and Amoxicillin
  172. why can't you put mentholatum in your nostrils?
  173. Help! Night time cough that I can't stop.
  174. sore throat and a stiff neck what could it be?
  175. what does the flu feel like if u get it after having the flu shot?
  176. flu, coughs and flem
  177. how long should I wait to get a flu shot after finishing antibiotics
  178. reoccuring colds
  179. how long can a throat viral infection last?
  180. Dont know what is wrong with me
  181. how to cure from loose phlegm and cough
  182. How Long does Mucinex take to work?
  183. what causes periodic flu-like symptoms
  184. Adverse Reaction to Flu Shot 2008
  185. does cold air get you sick
  186. how long is mrsa contagious
  187. whats the new virus going around phoenix
  188. The Flu with nothing but lung symptoms?
  189. why won't cold go away
  190. sore chest, flu like symtoms and aching neck
  191. Viral Bronchitis
  192. Sick for 2 Weeks
  193. Robitussin AC( generic form )
  194. Hacking Cough
  195. Cold Vs. Mono?
  196. Positive Epstein-Barr Without sore throat
  197. Awww! Away from home with a cold/flu!
  198. Feeling faintish, sweats, occasional vomiting?
  199. what do you eat after you have the stomach flu or food poisoning
  200. I have a flu, but am having unusual symptoms, I feel horrible, What's wrong?
  201. phlegum in the throat
  202. I'm confused
  203. High CRP levels?
  204. slowing down rapid pulse
  205. ive had a cold for 3 weeks and i feel run down what can i do
  206. Odd sympton, is this normal? Small water filled pimple like things.
  207. prolonged flu like symptoms
  208. shortness of breath
  209. Croup in adults
  210. virus
  211. Sore throat
  212. Forced Coughing
  213. chest infection
  214. i cant smell or taste
  215. Stiff Neck- sore throat
  216. how long is mrsa contagious
  217. worst flu (or something or rather ) ever!
  218. what is tetraciclin
  219. Yellow Nasal Discharge...???
  220. what can cause reacurring flu symtons
  221. what does it mean when you blow ur nose and blood comes out
  222. Cough and phlegm
  223. how long does chicken pox fever last?
  224. head and nausea
  225. when i inhale my chest wheezes
  226. Is this going round UK at the minute?
  227. Itchy throat
  228. Strange recurring flu-like symptoms - really need help
  229. Headache And Upset Stomach
  230. why do I cough at night until my face swell so bad
  231. how long does chicken pox fever last ?
  232. how to take care of fatigue after quitting smoking
  233. VisRx for Cough?
  234. sore throat
  235. Infection again? Or just nasty virus?
  236. A 7 week cold
  237. side pain when coughing
  238. severe stiff neck
  239. What do I have?
  240. Yellow/Green Phlegm-Cold-Antibiotics Question
  241. Have bronchitis + ear infection and pus is developing in my eyes?
  242. Possible Meningitis S/S 2nd opinion needed
  243. Had flue now left with itchy lungs and throat
  244. Hoarseness after visiting the UK...
  245. Feeling tired all the time. Worse after bad bout of colds.
  246. Six days on Antibiotics and still have this cough
  247. First trimester with a cold...
  248. Whooping cough for the 2nd time?
  249. Lung aspiration?
  250. How long does the stomach flu last?