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  1. why do I cough at night until my face swell so bad
  2. how long does chicken pox fever last ?
  3. how to take care of fatigue after quitting smoking
  4. VisRx for Cough?
  5. sore throat
  6. Infection again? Or just nasty virus?
  7. A 7 week cold
  8. side pain when coughing
  9. severe stiff neck
  10. What do I have?
  11. Yellow/Green Phlegm-Cold-Antibiotics Question
  12. Have bronchitis + ear infection and pus is developing in my eyes?
  13. Possible Meningitis S/S 2nd opinion needed
  14. Had flue now left with itchy lungs and throat
  15. Hoarseness after visiting the UK...
  16. Feeling tired all the time. Worse after bad bout of colds.
  17. Six days on Antibiotics and still have this cough
  18. First trimester with a cold...
  19. Whooping cough for the 2nd time?
  20. Lung aspiration?
  21. How long does the stomach flu last?
  22. Weird Flu
  23. Coming and going cold?
  24. why do i feel like i got a constant cold
  25. Anyone have this?
  26. Help!! Bronchitis For 3 Weeks, Now A Cold??
  27. constant runny nose
  28. Bright Yellow Snot
  29. Raising body temp = get rid of flu faster?
  30. Can't get rid of the cough
  31. Is this a cold?
  32. Colds and WBC
  33. which days a patient with common cold can transmit the virus
  34. Can flu cause other problems in the body?
  35. Does flu cause SEVERE headache? If so, what can I do?!
  36. Weird cold - if that's what it is.
  37. Cold with Sore Mouth and Throat?
  38. Lingering cough. Suggestions?
  39. pepper
  40. Does anyone else feel like this?
  41. Lingering Virus from 2/23..What more can I do ? What next!
  42. Is there a virus going around?
  43. Bug going around
  44. i keep getting mild cold like symptoms :(
  45. very sick..
  46. how to unplug ears after a cold
  47. What kind of cold is this?
  48. white dots on throat
  49. Phlegm
  50. levaquin
  51. Beware of Levoquin
  52. Has Anyone Had This Flu For Longer Than 2 Weeks?
  53. Colds And Flu!
  54. my daughter of 17 months
  55. why you get recurring colds
  56. I don't know what I have???
  57. Cold or Flu?
  58. Nothing tastes good to me right now, yucky
  59. Flu?
  60. Can I get the flu twice?
  61. Mucus problem
  62. Can colloidal silver help me with constant colds & viruses?
  63. Daughter say's she can't walk
  64. Buckley's Cough Mixture
  65. Cold Virus/Bells's Palsy
  66. hot sweats, chills, nausea
  67. flu
  68. what if my phlegm has black spots
  69. flu symptoms
  70. Long standing cough...
  71. fever and flu
  72. how long is a cold contageous ?
  73. what to do for a dry scratchy throatand a dry cough
  74. sickly feeling.
  75. Does being cold in any way contribute to getting a cold?
  76. nasal congestion/post nasal drip
  77. Bloody tinged phlegm
  78. funky symptoms- what gives?
  79. Getting Constant Cold Symptoms
  80. Weird Stomach Cramps
  81. first a sore throat and now dizziness
  82. promethazine w/ stomach flu
  83. how to get rid of a bad cough
  84. A High Diaphragm?? help please...
  85. Cold and Feverish...
  86. Common cold with high frequency
  87. Musinex and Amoxicillan
  88. Bruised feeling in legs
  89. how to get rid of a clogged ear
  90. adult croup
  91. how do i unplug my ears?
  92. Just curious
  93. Flu Shot Question
  94. taking a shower
  95. Mouth problem
  96. why cant I keep food down
  97. urgent help needed!
  98. cold help
  99. illness that wont go away
  100. Knee Injury + a bad cold = not fun
  101. Cold or the Flu? Or maybe something else?
  102. stomach flu:how long does it last
  103. cold virus
  104. how soon after having the stomach virus can you get it again
  105. how long should a fever last in a child?
  106. Had the flu now my ears are clogged and mucus drips to my right lung how to pop?
  107. What should I do?
  108. chest mucus and annoyed
  109. flu
  110. What to eat when you cant keep food down?
  111. how to prevent choking on mucus
  112. catching a cold
  113. cold contageous
  114. Mucus/phlegm causing insatiable hunger and extreme lethargy
  115. What are these white soars in the back of my throat?
  116. Alcohol and colds?
  117. Could This Be Pneumonia?
  118. Help! I've caught 3 colds in 4 weeks!
  119. How Long is a Cold Contagious?
  120. when blowing my nose blood comes out
  121. I need input desperatly!!!
  122. 4 month old ear infection and new cold
  123. 4 weeks flu? (And still feel awful) Hertfordshire, UK
  124. Dry Cough sore throat
  125. Getting rid of a cough
  126. 3 colds in 3 weeks
  127. persistent soar throat, and dark greenish/yellowish phlegm
  128. Don't drink cold water while sick? Why?
  129. Does anyone else have this???
  130. why i feel heaviness in my head
  131. what is this virus going around
  132. Pneumonia Cough?
  133. blood and mucus when blowing nose
  134. cold's
  135. medical why blood comes out of my nose when blowing it
  136. Flu and wierd smell
  137. no voice
  138. how to get to sleep with a bad cough
  139. sore throat
  140. can a virus cause bleeding from the eyes?
  141. Pre-emptive sore throat combat
  142. cold and cough
  143. how long is a cold contagious
  144. chest fullness and pain?
  145. I've been sick for what seems like forever..ahh help!
  146. bad sore throat
  147. Is this normal?
  148. how do you get rid of a cold?
  149. how long you are contagious from being sick
  150. what is a flu rash
  151. What are symptoms of cold in back?
  152. Cough cant stop
  153. mild fever, cough, green phlegm, muffled voice, but no severe sore throat
  154. how to get over a cold
  155. Can a flu shot give you the flu?
  156. how long is a cold contagious?
  157. how to get rid of tickle in the throat
  158. awake for six nights with a cough....
  159. When I Blow My Nose Why Is Blood In The Mucus
  160. Cough & vomitting white froth phlegm
  161. Stomach flu
  162. real bad cough
  163. General question about fever and "fever reducers".
  164. Cant get over this
  165. Severe nausea
  166. I have an annoying tickle in my throat, how do I get rid of it?
  167. Nausea Spells
  168. Antibiotics for Chest Cold???
  169. GF Has Fever, Whats should I do? Help
  170. ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’?
  171. does nyquil make you jittery
  172. Is it Influenza or something else? Please help!
  173. i am getting a head cold what is the best way to get rid of it
  174. Flu shot having a cold
  175. what virus going around
  176. coughing....
  177. health
  178. How can you die from a chest infection?
  179. Any chance we will get to see my family for Thanksgiving?
  180. blood comes out when blowing
  181. Fever, aches and a throat that feels like your swallowing glass!
  182. If you take antibiotics....
  183. Cough, Gag Reflex, Strangling Sensation
  184. how long is a cold contagious
  185. When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...
  186. incessant coughing, I'm going crazy!
  187. stomach flu
  188. What would a doctor do for Phlegm? Anti-biotics?
  189. Flue Mist
  190. phlegm
  191. intense side pain from coughing... what should i do?
  192. coughing when i lie down
  193. Back Pain
  194. flu shot injection site developed fever
  195. how long is a cold contagious ?
  196. Does anyone experience complete loss of body heat?
  197. Mycoplasma/Walking Pneumonia!!! HELP ME!
  198. how long does it take to treat septicemia
  199. help? strep -> cold
  200. Coughing up yellow flem
  201. returning fever in 7 yr old
  202. Aleve and the Flu Shot
  203. This year's (2007) flu shot-anyone have a reaction?
  204. 4 yr old has blocked nasal passage
  205. what is this?
  206. I dont know what it is???
  207. Newborn Exposure to Flu Mist
  208. throat
  209. Mucus - yellow still after 5 days of biaxin
  210. little ball of phlegm???
  211. back pain
  212. How long is cold/flu contagious?
  213. Sick for too long?
  214. Whooping Cough and Pneumonia again.......
  215. Acute Bronchitis?
  216. chest pain
  217. Am i Doing the right thing??? Please Help?
  218. Horrible phelgm taste in my moutn
  219. 3 month cold?
  220. New Here - Is anyone else school have colds going around already?
  221. cold in eyes
  222. Pls help..
  223. How Long Am I Contagious For?
  224. Bad bug
  225. red dots on throat
  226. What Do I Have?
  227. Sore Throat for 3 weeks
  228. Stomach ache and headache that wont go away
  229. New (and ill)
  230. What's wrong with meeee?
  231. Having A really hard time... cant sleep, eat, sore, and cough a lot
  232. rash after fever
  233. Head Pressure and possible flu ?
  234. Continuous nasal drain
  235. Coughing for a week without other cold symptoms. What could be wrong?
  236. illness?
  237. Eyes feeling wierd
  238. oscillococcinum
  239. Remedies for blocked nose?
  240. Uncontrollable sweating - flu?
  241. feels swollen above my eye brow
  242. Help Please
  243. Yellowish mucus when blowing my nose
  244. Strange cold...only half there
  245. Flu/cold/sore throat every month
  246. PLz Help me OUT
  247. Post Nasal Drip origin/cause?
  248. stomach flu turned something else?
  249. Infextions are too often
  250. should i see a doctor??please help!!!