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  1. I can't hear.
  2. Chest congestion
  3. Chronic Cough
  4. how can I tell if I'm getting better?
  5. help me please.....i have a question
  6. When to see doctor?
  7. Colds
  8. One sided infection??
  9. my husband has never had a cold!!!
  10. legs hurt & so tired!
  11. vapor rub
  12. MY infection just won't go!
  13. my viral infection
  14. Upper respitory infection
  15. coughing up odd things
  16. Still Tired
  17. throat problems
  18. Saline spray,good or bad idea?
  19. still sick after 25 days
  20. tonsil still not 'normal' after antibiotics
  21. Can't sleep-Feeling Yucky-STRESSED!
  22. Flu Shots
  23. Cough caused by post nasal drip
  24. cold or flu
  25. Airborne Cold Remedy
  26. Feeling really awful
  27. 2 1/2 week old with a cold
  28. Phlegm, spit or swallow
  29. Dam cough still wont go away
  30. cold virus transmission
  31. Some advice PLEASE????
  32. symptoms..dizzy/lightheaded, pressure in face-ears...
  33. People with CFS: Do you get flu shots?
  34. Help please...
  35. I think I have a cold, never really get sick here..............
  36. Still WORRIED!!!!
  37. 2 parts(flu shot) ( here comes the worry)
  38. Recurring colds/sore throat
  39. So scared....please help!!
  40. chest congestion from flu not going away
  41. Why is my flu lasting so long?
  42. Cold or Flu? How to tell?
  43. Coughing with white/clear phlegm
  44. can you get sick from the flu shot ???
  45. Colds and Mold Exposure
  46. bronchitis?
  47. sick employees
  48. Cold/sore throat - root canal
  49. phlegm in the throat
  50. after a sore throat.......
  51. strep throat while on bactrim?
  52. My Sneezes Stink
  53. Flu from allergy med
  54. My Dad and I
  55. *~*Is this a sign of a cold*~*
  56. Does the flu shot REALLY work?
  57. What are the odds, this will make you sick?
  58. Flu and sore throat
  59. pregnant with a cold
  60. Strep Throat Questions
  61. Can a cold cause this??
  62. Bad throat infection.
  63. Help!!!
  64. Will this give you a cold?
  65. Is it possible to not get a cold???
  66. Cold, Allergies, Asthma.......WHAT?
  67. Preventing a fullblown cold
  68. FLEM OUT THA BUTT (not literally)
  69. Sick of this cough...what do I do?
  70. sore throat and losing voice?
  71. Chest cold that won't go away!
  72. Strep throat: what happens if...
  73. recurring soar throat
  74. Swollen Tonsils Or???
  75. head cold for a week wont go away
  76. Cold&flight
  77. Cold sores
  78. Sick of Sneezing!
  79. The cold that never ends :(
  80. My two year old has been sick for week.
  81. Whooping Cough?
  82. sleep?!?! to much?
  83. dizzy spell when blowing nose
  84. Can not taste for 7 days
  85. repeatedly swollen tonsils and glands
  86. Nasty Cold/Flu and now have some dizziness...
  87. Redness after a cold sore...
  88. Help, is there a nasty cold/virus going around
  89. help!
  90. Fatigued and lightheaded, please help
  91. Donating Blood = Sore Throat?
  92. Yuck! Cold & ear wax build up?? HELP!
  93. head hurts when cough
  94. Reoccuring Colds
  95. Dizziness from pseudoephedrine - do I really need to call the Doctor?
  96. Sore throat/virus?
  97. Thick Mucous
  98. strep throat?
  99. Tonsillitis
  100. reoccuring colds
  101. Sore throat on and off for months
  102. X-ray showed fat pad (What) help!
  103. No taste and smell
  104. Phlegm after 5 days of amoxycillin
  105. Sick of Coughing!
  106. Help!
  107. Post Nasal Drip
  108. Holy Bad FLU Season!
  109. took zithromax 8 days ago still not better - what otc to take
  110. How long is a cold contagious? Heard so many different answers!
  111. Is it possible to contract the same illness indefinitely? This is ridiculous!
  112. Sick with who knows what
  113. What could be the cause of reoccuring colds?
  114. Is this Allergies or just a LONG cold?
  115. coughing up mucus with blood
  116. Cure?
  117. Cold or virus?
  118. bad soar throat =(
  119. trouble swallowing
  120. Persistent Sore Throat
  121. Please help.. bad Dr advice??
  122. Extreme Strep throat PLEASE HELP ME!
  123. Has Anyone Ever Tried Elderberry?
  124. Sore Throat and Coughing, help?
  125. Is this the flu?bronchitis?pneumonia?HELP!
  126. Bad throat for months. Help!
  127. Anyone ever tried Tamiflu?
  128. Using Airborne Formula on a week-old cold
  129. no tase or smell 2 days help me please
  130. Tired Eyes and post nasal drip
  131. Craziest flu of my life?
  132. 4 layers of Kleenex over fingertips: 1 is porous!!
  133. Safe to Swallow Phlegm?
  134. Rattling Sound
  135. Anyone else .. Is this a cold or what??
  136. Bad cough gone or dormant?
  137. Strange recurring flu-like symptoms - really need help
  138. exhaustion with "cold" anyone else?
  139. Any ideas?
  140. whats this?
  141. More than just a cold!
  142. My skin "caught a cold!!"
  143. medication advice needed
  144. chest pain
  145. Need help with figuring something out, might be serious?
  146. Rib pain with coughing.... anyone else?
  147. Do i have the flu?
  148. What Could This Be?
  149. Cold recovery question
  150. yellow phlegm help
  151. whats going on? anyone else..?
  152. Anyone Have These Symptoms
  153. Fluid in the ear from a cold...
  154. Flu advice....
  155. Kinda gross
  156. Always seem to have flu like symptoms. :(
  157. From the Atlanta Journal Constituion Sunday
  158. I don't know what to think!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. Cough
  160. Flu questions...
  161. More Questions
  162. Blasted Nasty Ugly Bronchitis that is going around
  163. Cold or Flu and what to do????
  164. lymph nodes
  165. Upper Respiratory Infection?
  166. What have i got?
  167. Flu vaccine
  168. Cold or Flu?
  169. Twizliz checking in on you!
  170. How long should a fever last with the flu?
  171. Cold that acts like an allergy
  172. Flu?
  173. Different Flu-like Symtoms
  174. stomach flu?
  175. My two cents on the flu shot
  176. Todays Trauma
  177. pneumonia
  178. bronchitis
  179. got bronchitis
  180. Bronchitis buddies---
  181. From The Frying Pan into the "Flu Fire"!
  182. any remedies or suggestions?
  183. What have i got ????
  184. TwizLiz How are you doing???
  185. Contagious?
  186. Cold, flu, bronchitis?
  187. Zinc lozenges for shorter colds?
  188. Can I cough up mucus/flem?
  189. different kinds of bronchitis
  190. phlegm in throat
  191. Bronchitis folks--whooping cough?
  192. Flu without Sore throat and cough???
  193. Bronchitis how long until it goes away!!
  194. hu!! is this even possiable!
  195. How contagious: Flu?
  196. Flu?
  197. Phelgm/ and or known as Mucas.
  198. Upper Respiritory Tract Infection
  199. Dymatap with Rx Decongestant?
  200. What to take for a dry cough?
  201. Dr. said strep throat but wonder...
  202. Bronchitis questions
  203. can you take tylenol with advil?
  204. flu?? or just a cold??
  205. How to build up my immunity?
  206. How high a fever is too high?
  207. Temperature/Fever
  208. Question Re: Fever
  209. cold sore
  210. Bronchitis or Cold
  211. citrobacter fruendii or the flu...help
  212. Cold or a flu?
  213. Wheezing when inhaling Help!!!
  214. non stop sore throats?
  215. Achiness with colds???
  216. Flu??? What's going on?
  217. How do you get rid of Laryngitis?
  218. Headaches after flu normal? Advice please
  219. will my cold get worse?
  220. not sure if this has to do with sore throat PLEASE HELP
  221. Airborne Formula
  222. Annoying Cold
  223. cold sores
  224. Cough keeping me up at night!!!
  225. cough
  226. I have a cold. **sniffs**
  227. swollen eyes and lips
  228. swollen testicles due to cold/flu?
  229. quick remedies
  230. extreme pain taking 3 advils every 3 hours is this safe?
  231. Can someone help?
  232. "new flu?"
  233. How much longer?
  234. Walking Pneumonia??
  235. bad flu/cold.......
  236. My sense of taste and smell have gone!
  237. Bumps on Tounge
  238. Is it a cold or what???
  239. could this be pneumonia??
  240. 1-month cold?????
  241. Cold cough and slight fever
  242. brown (sometimes greenish yellow phlegm, no fever, no chills, what is it?
  243. Newbie with 1 sore tonsil
  244. coughing, sneezing, green phlegm, can't get warm
  245. blowing up blood!
  246. walking pnuemonia?
  247. getting rid of a cough
  248. typical yet pretty bad throat and fever problems
  249. Colds that come every year at the same time and never go away
  250. I can't believe I am sick again, once a month arrrggghhh.......

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