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  1. Undiagnosed symptoms
  2. Fatigue after cold virus
  3. Shall I go back to doctors?
  4. The Heck Did I Have?
  5. Wheezing sound in lower left lung?
  6. Still feel sick 6 days after flu
  7. Epilepsy and No Flu Vaccine
  8. Flu or not the Flu?
  9. EXCESSIVE saliva
  10. flu for a week.
  11. pneumonitis and increased esr
  12. Stomach Flu now Acid Reflux?
  13. Son Has Had A Persistent Cough for 10 Weeks Now
  14. Diarrhea ( Stomach flu )
  15. Deal with that annoying 'flu'
  16. norovirus questions
  17. Cold for 5 days, now back of tongue is sore?
  18. I've had the flu for a week, and now other family has it?
  19. Still sick
  20. I have bad cold, scab on nose, swollen face & neck.
  21. Stomach Flu?
  22. Flu?
  23. tonsilitis and joint pain
  24. Gone deaf with a head cold
  25. coughing, when to be concerned???
  26. Unshakable Cold?
  27. help with cold like symptoms lasting 4 weeks
  28. So im guessing its that time of year for colds
  29. 2015 Flu - can't get rid of it?
  30. 2015 Flu
  31. Gastric flu, may I use flagyl
  32. Shortness of breath after very mild cold?
  33. When to change an antibiotic?
  34. Stomach flu?
  35. Sick with shaking no fever
  36. frequent colds
  37. flu for over a month
  38. Prescribed Prednisone for acute bronchitis... normal side effects??
  39. Post flu "tracheitis" (non bacterial) - need opinions
  40. Numbness in arms, legs and face
  41. Upper respiratory infection
  42. is lightheadedness like this normal?? please help
  43. Strange symptoms
  44. Frequent colds when not run down
  45. Flu shot reaction.
  46. Worst winter for flu/colds.
  47. 7 year old with flu B but doing well. I'm so baffled!!!
  48. Warmth Neck, Side Cheek and throat when dehydrated. unease sensation in throat
  49. I feel like a truck ran over me -- FLU
  50. Constant Coughing. (Sermon due on Sunday, need help)
  51. What the heck kind of cold is this?
  52. Kinda scared
  53. what could this be
  54. blood streaked phlegm
  55. My doctor prescribed me Citalopram, but I'm not sure.
  56. Flu Shot
  57. Chest Congestion
  58. Cold or not? - Help!
  59. Rocephin(ceftriaxone) IM safe?
  60. How to use Nasal Spray without dependency
  61. Lingering cough or something worse?
  62. Viral pharyngitis.Why is it not getting better?
  63. Symptoms of flu
  64. Strep Throat and Nerve Pain?
  65. Is this an ear infection??
  66. Any info
  67. Is it normal to get the flu every 2 or 3 months?
  68. The six week flu story
  69. Laryngitis?
  70. Are these all usual common cold symptoms?
  71. Flu
  72. chest congestion and night sweats
  73. 50% hearing loss, fever, terrible congestion - just a bad cold??
  74. Influenza
  75. head congestion so bad
  76. So annoyed!!!
  77. Chest congestion?
  78. Is this just a cold?
  79. Flu, Low Blood Pressure, and lingering weakness
  80. what's wrong with me :(
  81. worried about H1n1
  82. Influenza type A, pneumonia viral, ARDS
  83. White dot on left tonsil, No sore throat? Cold or Flu?
  84. Strep duration of illness
  85. Anti Flu Des
  86. Having a cold at least every month
  87. Reoccurring virus & bronchitis
  88. Stomach flu
  89. i have had a fever for 4 days... worried
  90. Massage and Flu
  91. 6 months post-flu, not the same since..
  92. Virus going around now??
  93. funny smell
  94. How do I prevent pneumonia?
  95. sphenoid sinusitis or something else?
  96. Anyone feel like they have a flu like cold/cough
  97. flu like symptoms without fever
  98. Whats going on with my stomach?!
  99. Stomach virus going around?
  100. Moving to the EU, now getting recurring colds
  101. cough
  102. Identifying a respiratory infection, after 1 month ending in a 1-day fever
  103. bronchitis / cold for 4 weeks now
  104. Colds/Flu
  105. what causing my symptoms
  106. Strange virus (or something) wont go away!
  107. Painful lymph node after antibiotic
  108. it wont go away!
  109. cold that attacks the voice box
  110. InFLUenza A is what i have!!!!! =(
  111. Here's to this cold's five week anniversary!
  112. Post Nasal Drip Nausea
  113. please help
  114. Steak of bloood in phlegm
  115. Flu: Is it detrimental to take a fever reducer?
  116. What's fastest way to recover from a cold or flu?
  117. What the difference between a cold and a Flu in symtoms?
  118. Should I take my 82 year old mother to the doctor for the flu?
  119. child with flu - help??
  120. 2013 flu
  121. feeling confused and spaced out after the flu
  122. I Want to Get Better :(
  123. Flu and Muscle pains
  124. Extreme fatigue and headache
  125. Remedies please
  126. Rapid Flu Test After Exposure But Prior to Any Symptoms
  127. Please help concerned mommy!?!
  128. Please help concerned mommy!?!
  129. Flu, Bronchitis, or other?
  130. flu
  131. What do I have???
  132. I have the Flu and i am Pregnant HELP PLEASE
  133. Extremely tired...
  134. To go or not to go..
  135. Cough for a week
  136. cold and flue 2012
  137. Still coughing after 3 weeks...
  138. Flu-like symptoms but w/o fever, body aches...
  139. Flu with secondary pneumonia
  140. Cold for 5 week with ear infection
  141. Cough for 3 wks
  142. Cold
  143. Flu Shot
  144. runny nose
  145. blood coming through nose
  146. Is it harmful to have more than one flu shot?
  147. Swollen glands
  148. Cold and Flu
  149. Viruses going around
  150. Flu/Cold that won't go away (3 weeks)
  151. headaches
  152. Mary has Nasel Drip and Acid Reflex. I need answers!
  153. Nasel drip - HELP :(
  154. Alarming Cold Symptom
  155. Getting sick again and again and again and again...
  156. What kind of cold do I have?
  157. finished antibiotics two days ago... feeling icky again...
  158. Persistent cold/flu?
  159. cold and flu and chest infection
  160. ready to rip my ears off
  161. Just a painful cold?
  162. Nasty cold and cough
  163. How long can stomach flu last?
  164. Aching Joints after flu like symptoms have gone??
  165. 6 months runny nose and a cough
  166. what could it be? Please, any advice?
  167. Flu
  168. Nose congestion won't go away
  169. sore throat
  170. What do you think's wrong with me?
  171. What do you think's wrong with me?
  172. Constantly sick
  173. Cold/pneumonia
  174. Can Coldness cause toothache?
  175. Could this be pneumonia?
  176. Flu/Cold viruses constantly over a year now
  177. colds
  178. Please help can't get rid of this cold
  179. Can a cold cause darker urine
  180. Any simple methods relaxing nose
  181. Cold and flu symptoms
  182. Do flu shots prevent you from getting cold symptoms
  183. Bad Cough and cold
  184. I seem to have a strange cold like symptoms going on 9 days now?
  185. This cold getting on my nerves!
  186. Bad cold virus and Laryngitis
  187. answers please
  188. help please
  189. Cold and cough for over 4 weeks
  190. Flu or Meningitis?
  191. Treatment for common cold
  192. Advice Needed ASAP - Please Read
  193. Could this be the flu?
  194. Continous headaches and stomach cramps
  195. Cold/Virus
  196. Feeling unwell for two months
  197. High fever/headaches and lingering cough
  198. Anyone explain to me, the chemistry and biology of FEVER/FLU???
  199. How does flu and its symptoms progress?
  200. Constant neck pain and headache
  201. Constant neck pain and headache
  202. lymph node question
  203. Cold or Flu Symptoms
  204. 3 month viral infection - advice/comments/suggestions
  205. Swollen glands
  206. Morning cough - different positions produce different coughs
  207. I keep getting Ill... I'm worried i've got cancer.
  208. H1N1 questions
  209. Flu? Without Cough or Sore Throat?
  210. coughing fits
  211. Sick for a week
  212. Worried about nagging cough and cold symptoms
  213. Can eating a raw onion cause a cold?
  214. Cold/flue plus worries over something
  215. Reoccuring Sore Throat And Ear After Bronchitis - Virus?
  216. Annoying endless mild soar throat
  217. cough w/ pleghm
  218. Trachea problem?
  219. How long to recover?
  220. Bad Cough
  221. im 15, and i feel very sick, can someone please help me?
  222. 24 hour flu and period related?
  223. feeling unwell for a week now...
  224. pneumonia and high white blood cell count
  225. Stomach bug vs.food poisoning? Can your immune system stop this?
  226. Shower Curtain Mold and Flu
  227. Having bad nasal congestion and a weird problem...
  228. !My stomach hurts real BAD!
  229. Just a cold?
  230. Natural Flu Remedies? No Milk???
  231. Could someone pls explain 'chills' and 'fever'?
  232. sick crazy symptoms
  233. Total loss of smell
  234. Worried about symptoms
  235. Do I have a virus?
  236. Bad flu, symptoms lasting over a month
  237. Seems worse than the normal cold.
  238. I am having surgery in 6 days and getting the flu
  239. How long can a cold last?
  240. Super bug cold
  241. Reoccurring cold
  242. I've got this flu for more than 10 days...am I doing everything right?
  243. Bird flu
  244. Dizziness, headache, post-nasal drip, back pain, fatigue...
  245. What should I do?
  246. Does Astralagus and Probiotics really help immunity?
  247. Body ache after bout of cold
  248. Same antibiotic twice in a row?
  249. Stomach Flu!? Stomach Bug!?
  250. Do I have a cold or flu? Should I see a doctor?