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  1. sons baby teeth
  2. words of encouragement for dental phobists
  3. dentures
  4. Missing teeth
  5. why would a tooth be sensitive to touch after a root canal
  6. flipper for 4 year old
  7. Frequent Bad Breath
  8. one hour dental implants
  9. filling into jawbone
  10. Partial Denture Tooth Fell Out
  11. what is the cost of braces?
  12. how long until throbbing pain goes away after an apicoectomy
  13. HELP - Wiggly front teeth from too much bumping
  14. Painful lump on gum a week following root canal on abscessed tooth
  15. Tooth Ligament
  16. pus leaking in side teeth
  17. will i know anything during iv sedation
  18. Dental abscess but no sign of tooth infection on x-ray shows up
  19. decay under crown
  20. Crown problems
  21. NHS Dental Bridge Enquiry
  22. how should a crown fit?
  23. worried need answers FAST!
  24. root canal
  25. (New, Help) Extraction, Clot, (Still Bleeding After 24 Hours)
  26. gum/dental problem from meds
  27. question about tooth extraction
  28. broken wisdom tooth
  29. Replacing old dentures for better fit
  30. moving teeth??!
  31. 28 with a lot of dental issues
  32. rapidly decaying teeth, what to do?
  33. red spots on my lips
  34. Worried
  35. Stuck food causing major pain - why?
  36. So scared of getting wisdom teeth removed
  37. Im not sure?
  38. Fixed Bridge (Cercon or All porcelain)_
  39. Just had my first root canal yesterday. Went better and worse than I expected.
  40. Good or bad idea to wear retainer in this case....
  41. Abscessed Tooth
  42. Wisdom teeth extraction,pain on left side day 5...
  43. Dismiss by my dentist
  44. How rotten teeth can affect your bod
  45. Bad Dental Work
  46. why do my porcelin crowns all look different on my x ray
  47. Could this be ry socket or canker sore?
  48. Problems, problems, problems.
  49. Weird Sensation, in left lateral incisor!!!
  50. Dental Problems Too........
  51. Pain on 7 After third apicoectomy?
  52. Advanced Gingivitis
  53. My teeth are in bad shape! Someone please help.
  54. pain from the upper jaw reaching to right side of temple
  55. Leaking Crown - Is a root canal required?
  56. Impacted wisdom tooth and bad smell... do I have an infection?
  57. Tooth extraction recovery
  58. Had wisdom tooth pulled. Absolutely no pain. I didn't even have to take aspirin!!!
  59. will a new filling help? Or do I need a root canal?
  60. what exactly happens when they pull out your wisdom teeth
  61. Canker Sore Remedies
  62. Effect of bad dental health on your career
  63. Strange reaction after wisdom teeth removed
  64. hard bump upper left side above teeth-neck pain
  65. Teeth whitening treatment in Mumbai?
  66. Non Painful Wart/Spot on Gum
  67. Bad teeth- Heart problems
  68. Future without having to wear a retainer?
  69. Post nasal drip does not cause bad breath
  70. Absess on tooth
  71. Wondering
  72. #15 molar has to come out..implant or not??
  73. Root canal - how long is safe to wait?
  74. gum disease
  75. embarrassment about partial
  76. when do gums stop shrinking after dentures
  77. periodontal disease has ruined my life cant afford surgery
  78. Huge hole in tooth
  79. wisdom tooth: root canal vs. extraction
  80. Mouth guard and Frenulectomy
  81. dentures and sunken facial features....
  82. Lump in cheek for 3 months now. Trip to oncologist?
  83. how many molars should we extract?
  84. A few dental questions.
  85. soft tissue damage tooth left in gum
  86. straighten teeth without having to get braces??
  87. infected cyst in upper gum line
  88. swollen gum behind wisdom tooth
  89. horizontal impacted wisdom tooth
  90. Strange toothache issues - Not fun
  91. Clenching/Grinding and Gum Recession
  92. root canal overfill - nerve damage
  93. Is there a way to repair my tooth?
  94. Intimacy and dentures
  95. "How many years can a partial denture last?"
  96. Chlorhexidine/Peridex and Staining
  97. after an extraction
  98. "I'm 47 and I need partial uppers and lowers"
  99. "46yrs old "Full upper dentures in a week"
  100. If you bash your front teeth against something light will it damage them?
  101. 7yr old dental issues
  102. Root Canal or Extraction + Fake more economical?
  103. Exercise after dental emplants
  104. Bone Graft
  105. Complications from wisdom tooth extraction..9 years later?
  106. Teeth Whitening
  107. Rotten Teeth
  108. caring for implants?
  109. bone structure in mouth
  110. Are any of these ingredients bad for teeth?
  111. omg its not far away till full dentures help
  112. Knocked out teeth - reimplant them or just get them pulled?
  113. front tooth crown
  114. tingling in four front capped teeth(upper)
  115. lower dentures
  116. Has anyone ever had this happen?
  117. Sialoadenitis Teeth misalignment
  118. painless gum swell
  119. Burning gums after dental visit
  120. Root canal tooth split in half
  121. gum troubles
  122. Dental implant infection
  123. dentures after 1 year
  124. bad breath
  125. question
  126. Tooth moving inwards?
  127. Broken tooth/sore tongue
  128. Root canal advice please please help
  129. total jaw extraction
  130. white spot beside partially erupted wisdom tooth..
  131. Teeth Grinding.
  132. Implant
  133. extracted infected tooth
  134. Can anyone explain this to me?
  135. im on 500mg of amoxicillin for an abscess on my tooth, how long will they take to wor
  136. helppp!!!!!
  137. Mouth Ulcer
  138. just my luck
  139. extreme gaps/small teeth
  140. Bone after tooth removal
  141. many many teeth/mouth problems..
  142. How do I live with these dentures?
  143. i think my teeth are making my body sick
  144. huh?
  145. impacted wisdom tooth
  146. can impacted wisdom teeth cause ear pressure ??
  147. Large inflamed area
  148. Fighting crown and root canal
  149. Pain after first part of root canal - I'm in agony
  150. gray spots that rub off?
  151. worried badly
  152. dentures in my immediate future - terrified!!!
  153. mouthwash! help
  154. Wisdom tooth
  155. Fractured Wisdom Tooth Cutting Into Inside of Mouth
  156. Infected tooth..
  157. 8 yr old with yellow teeth??
  158. Novacaine reaction
  159. Crowns on two front teeth after root canals
  160. Signs of infection around/in an incision in the mouth?
  161. Severe dental problems - Please help
  162. permanent tooth not coming out
  163. Why is my front tooth sensitive to touch?
  164. What is this?
  165. front teeth gap
  166. intense pain after root canal
  167. I got oral thrush from severe dry mouth and now i have a few questions
  168. redo root canal had pain at root tip
  169. Braces or Invisalign?
  170. Bite is off after crown
  171. Dental pain mystery for over 6 months now
  172. my story and a few questions
  173. Swollen Gum
  174. tingling tooth
  175. Brown Lines
  176. What is going on with my teeth?
  177. Valplast Dentures top and bottom
  178. unexplained tooth pain
  179. Problems after a filling
  180. Tooth growing in weird spot
  181. Knocked out teeth reimplanted into wrong position?
  182. Knocked out teeth reimplanted into wrong position?
  183. Bad taste in mouth after extractions
  184. Problems after tooth extraction
  185. swollen jaw
  186. Implants
  187. Chipped Tooth
  188. Tests at a Endodontist???
  189. Right side of mouth achy, teeth sensitive and sore
  190. Anyone with stents & on Plavax have dental work
  191. Pain following a root canal?
  192. Using crowns to anchor a crown
  193. my big teeth never come down
  194. Sensitive achy teeth
  195. This common after cavity fillings?
  196. cracks bonded with composite filling?
  197. can you get an inflamed tooth from a crown when you need a root canal
  198. Black Spots On Teeth- Can Anyone Help??
  199. full set of dentures at a young age
  200. dental nightmare
  201. Bond that's keeping my splint on is coming off.
  202. temporary crowns
  203. Facial tightness and pressure after upper teeth pulled
  204. Tooth Paste
  205. Minor bleeding after apicoectomy (root end surgery)
  206. jaw clicking and locking in mid bite
  207. What can u do if you have periodontal diease with losse teeth but do not want them pu
  208. Knocked two front teeth out...knocked two teeth loose...need 4 root canals
  209. traumatized by oral surgeon
  210. weak tooth?
  211. Natural toothpaste
  212. Neurological problems,being put to sleep..
  213. Partial with Hooks
  214. Tingling teeth
  215. Misplaced front tooth
  216. Valplast upper denture
  217. Is a root canal always necessary for a crown?
  218. question on dentures
  219. I have a white bump on my cheek and gums what is it
  220. tooth still left
  221. Please someone answer....root canal healing problems
  222. upper molar extraction....safety tips, questions?
  223. brushing like crazy but still have cavities!?!
  224. Who Do You Trust and Believe? Dentists are Human, Too
  225. extremely bad mouth breath
  226. After wisdom teeth extraction
  227. Before getting a root canal...
  228. Possible cracked root canal treated tooth?
  229. reverse braces result
  230. improperly taken x-rays?
  231. how to correct open bite.
  232. Causes of black tongue?
  233. my bone grew through the gum, the tooth removed a while ago, surgery has been done no
  234. infection in jaw bone
  235. Treatment of gums
  236. loose teeth
  237. Black/Red dot that Disappears
  238. a mold of your dentures
  239. Post Filling Strange Pain
  240. what are the ingredients used to make a denture impression
  241. In Pain and Baffled....I Need A Professional Dental Opinion Please!!!!!!
  242. how to bring down the serious cheek swelling?
  243. Which Works Better?
  244. Someone reasonable
  245. Tooth doesn't hurt anymore
  246. migraine/ jaw/ teeth issues
  247. Help! Dentures question
  248. Gum Recession
  249. Letting an abscessed tooth go?
  250. how fast can a tooth decay under a crown