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  1. Facial tightness and pressure after upper teeth pulled
  2. Tooth Paste
  3. Minor bleeding after apicoectomy (root end surgery)
  4. jaw clicking and locking in mid bite
  5. What can u do if you have periodontal diease with losse teeth but do not want them pu
  6. Knocked two front teeth out...knocked two teeth loose...need 4 root canals
  7. traumatized by oral surgeon
  8. weak tooth?
  9. Natural toothpaste
  10. Neurological problems,being put to sleep..
  11. Partial with Hooks
  12. Tingling teeth
  13. Misplaced front tooth
  14. Valplast upper denture
  15. Is a root canal always necessary for a crown?
  16. question on dentures
  17. I have a white bump on my cheek and gums what is it
  18. tooth still left
  19. Please someone answer....root canal healing problems
  20. upper molar extraction....safety tips, questions?
  21. brushing like crazy but still have cavities!?!
  22. Who Do You Trust and Believe? Dentists are Human, Too
  23. extremely bad mouth breath
  24. After wisdom teeth extraction
  25. Before getting a root canal...
  26. Possible cracked root canal treated tooth?
  27. reverse braces result
  28. improperly taken x-rays?
  29. how to correct open bite.
  30. Causes of black tongue?
  31. my bone grew through the gum, the tooth removed a while ago, surgery has been done no
  32. infection in jaw bone
  33. Treatment of gums
  34. loose teeth
  35. Black/Red dot that Disappears
  36. a mold of your dentures
  37. Post Filling Strange Pain
  38. what are the ingredients used to make a denture impression
  39. In Pain and Baffled....I Need A Professional Dental Opinion Please!!!!!!
  40. how to bring down the serious cheek swelling?
  41. Which Works Better?
  42. Someone reasonable
  43. Tooth doesn't hurt anymore
  44. migraine/ jaw/ teeth issues
  45. Help! Dentures question
  46. Gum Recession
  47. Letting an abscessed tooth go?
  48. how fast can a tooth decay under a crown
  49. treatment for boney exostosis after taking Fosamax
  50. do most general dentists use rubber dams
  51. tooth pain without infection
  52. Problems with my crowns!
  53. smell/taste of raw flesh in mouth 4 months after wisdom teeth removal
  54. Massive Overbite HELP!
  55. Can someone please tell me soon...
  56. Tooth hurts from vibration only
  57. Has anyone had multiple root canals in short period of time?
  58. Blister on gum/cheek line, no pain
  59. Tooth/Root infection at bifurcation. Treatment options?
  60. Dental Situation, need Help
  61. denture feels very big in front hitting my bottom nose
  62. wisdom teeth removal--dry sockets?
  63. Recementing crown on previously root canaled tooth
  64. Is dentist taking advantage?
  65. monkey mouth
  66. Cavity and remineralization
  67. how to get over the fear of wearing dentures
  68. started shaking when dentist gave me novacan
  69. Bite feels off after wisdom and #14 extractions
  70. PLEASE help! Don't know what to do...
  71. Bio Temps
  72. what is downside of facial numdness caused by tooth on tooth contact
  73. Tooth Filling Type?
  74. Did my retainer crack my teeth?
  75. Weird Issue...cyst maybe?
  76. To fellow sufferers of periodontal disease.
  77. Uneven Bite??
  78. dont have insurance for rootcanals
  79. Mouth cancer or wisdom tooth?
  80. Tooth pain, why? no cavity nor wisdom tooth..
  81. Should I get my braces removed early
  82. how to clean under a dental crown
  83. I can't take this gum pain!!!
  84. Ashamed of my teeth
  85. Bad teeth and gum disease
  86. Canker sores
  87. bone infection around root canal
  88. Sudden gum swelling !
  89. Cost of gum surgery?
  90. displaying sparkling white healthy teeth
  91. Abscessed tooth!
  92. Wisdom teeth extraction
  93. tooth extraction
  94. oral surgery gone wrong
  95. braces braces
  96. Unbearable tooth pain
  97. Front tooth needs extracted
  98. Lanap--good results?
  99. total teeth extractions -denture expose bone
  100. problem with implant?
  101. Tooth sensitive after root canal and recent crown
  102. root extracted, tooth above now hurts
  103. Root Canal/crown so many appointments? Am I getting jerked around?
  104. Won't be able to afford Crown after Root Canal. Opinions please!
  105. Implants?
  106. Physically moving teeth. ???????
  107. I need to have teeth pulled, what do I need to know about partial dentures?
  108. Chewing gum disappeared under mt tooth
  109. how many minutes the deep cleaning should takee
  110. Wisdom teeth questions
  111. Painful expensive mouth-please help
  112. Should I go to the dentist or wait?
  113. Root Canal Treatment Gone Bad (Please help urgently)
  114. Terrible teeth, I give up. Dentists insist on restoration $30k+
  115. injured gum where teeth were pulled in '08
  116. how to make sure you get the best looking dentures
  117. does anyone know how i might get my teeth taken out and dentures same day for free
  118. Root Canal In Front Tooth?
  119. Bone/Graft and Tooth Implant. I'm anxious....
  120. what happens if i cant afford a crown on my root canal
  121. Pain after apicoectomy on tooth 7. Is this normal, or should I get an implant?
  122. Wisdom tooth hurts growing in?
  123. can you do bonding on lumineers?
  124. cracked tooth?
  125. tooth nerve how do i stop it
  126. Long-Lasting Tooth pain.. Help!
  127. Which medicine is better for infected tooth?
  128. implant vs denture
  129. Looking for a dentist in NJ
  130. Wisdom teeth
  131. 4 post implant screw in bottom dentures
  132. why did my filling turn yellow
  133. Destroy it all?! What about "Do no harm"?
  134. Swollen Mouth
  135. Ethics
  136. Overdentures in New York City
  137. tonge
  138. impacted wisdom teeth causing headaches
  139. Please, a recommended Dentist in Brighton, UK?
  140. Help!! Infection Leaking Puss from Side of Face -
  141. why does calculus on a tooth fall off
  142. lot of problems in removing teeth
  143. are braces always necessary when correcting an underbite?
  144. Very swollen, bleeding gum between two teeth - what is this?
  145. Please help not just bad teeth problems also other major problems :-(
  146. Wisdom teeth issues
  147. can an orthodontist correct my back teeth from hitting too much
  148. Filling for two year old baby. Is it necessary?
  149. what health problems can rotten teeth cause
  150. problem with root canal tooth
  151. Tooth PAIN
  152. 12 teeth removed and really want to smoke
  153. 12 teeth removed
  154. Receding gums
  155. feel depressed about the state of my teeth
  156. Wisdom teeth complication?
  157. why do my dentures make me whistle
  158. Can I leave my wisdom tooth?
  159. denture scares
  160. My front teeth are wearing down?
  161. Tooth Extraction
  162. jaw pain
  163. bottom dentures
  164. heart rate from shot
  165. Some doubts and troubles after temporary fillling
  166. flagyl antibiotic after gum surgery?
  167. Desensitizing Treatment
  168. a healthy smile
  169. i have lines inside my cheek what is it
  170. Extracted infected root canal tooth.
  171. still problems after wisdom teeth removal in Oct.
  172. Crown bridging
  173. woke up while stiching my gums
  174. Some advice on my teeth...
  175. Anyone here had their frenums cut
  176. loose tooth
  177. bottom tooth pushed straight back, what to do?
  178. Extreme pain in jaw
  179. My Veneer keeps breaking!
  180. dental implant temp crown pain
  181. how to use a mouthwash
  182. dentures
  183. What do you think?
  184. what dose plaque and tartar look like
  185. Help with Dental Pain!?
  186. Need to have 4 teeth pulled? OMG
  187. discolouring gum
  188. How long for molar root canal to heal?
  189. Bone Graphs taken from the Jaw?
  190. messed up crown work
  191. gums, pimples
  192. poor customer help from biotene
  193. Dry Socket Help!
  194. swelling with novocaine
  195. Lump in my cheek after dental work?
  196. I need 6 teeth pulled and I have no insurance, where do i go
  197. what do you do with a broken tooth if you cant get to a dentist for a while
  198. tartar?
  199. Salty Taste and White Film After Extraction
  200. Adult Teething
  201. lump on gum
  202. how many is too many root canals? For an adult
  203. Overdentures with Implants
  204. Allergic reaction to veneers? Help
  205. dentist - greek speaking
  206. Last 6 teeth removed + avioplasty
  207. crowned tooth had to be removed after 20 months
  208. Excruciating Pain Months After Composite Filling
  209. How do I know?
  210. Cyst out..
  211. Wisdom tooth problem or gum problem?
  212. Partial
  213. Dentist left part of my tooth?!
  214. Denture relining kits
  215. Childs teeth coming in issue
  216. Teeth hurting - Dentist said "no reason why"...anyone have any information?
  217. what are white lines on the inside of the mouth
  218. +Sour taste in gum where teeth were pulled
  219. can u frnch kiss with dentures
  220. Having lanap on certain teeth
  221. dentist says i don't need crown on root canal molar
  222. Teeth Turning Black
  223. bump on gum
  224. Does anyone know an excellent and caring dentist in Michigan, USA?
  225. co-amoxiclav how quickly does it work
  226. bad bite after tooth was filled
  227. Endodontist Questions (Confused even though I asked him questions)?
  228. Prescription Toothpastes for Sensitivity
  229. Cost of braces
  230. Dental Cement & Gum Disease
  231. really scary! hole between top of mouth & nasal cavity, help!
  232. bad dental work
  233. jaw clicking when chewing
  234. nerve damage from dental work
  235. wisdom tooth - no stitches?
  236. Should I get dentures
  237. Dental Receptionist
  238. Cavity under crown - need answers
  239. Periodontal cyst maybe?
  240. help me please
  241. How can I afford Braces? (Severe Overbite)
  242. partial flexis
  243. Is this an upper wisdom tooth?
  244. Trust in dentist
  245. Swelling red bumps in back of my mouth??
  246. I need help with bad breath. I started going back to the dentist this year.
  247. White Spot on Gum
  248. Might have to get an implant - Terrifed
  249. Cracked Tooth. Is this bad?
  250. cannot find cause of tooth pain