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  1. Can I leave my wisdom tooth?
  2. denture scares
  3. My front teeth are wearing down?
  4. Tooth Extraction
  5. jaw pain
  6. bottom dentures
  7. heart rate from shot
  8. Some doubts and troubles after temporary fillling
  9. flagyl antibiotic after gum surgery?
  10. Desensitizing Treatment
  11. a healthy smile
  12. i have lines inside my cheek what is it
  13. Extracted infected root canal tooth.
  14. still problems after wisdom teeth removal in Oct.
  15. Crown bridging
  16. woke up while stiching my gums
  17. Some advice on my teeth...
  18. Anyone here had their frenums cut
  19. loose tooth
  20. bottom tooth pushed straight back, what to do?
  21. Extreme pain in jaw
  22. My Veneer keeps breaking!
  23. dental implant temp crown pain
  24. how to use a mouthwash
  25. dentures
  26. What do you think?
  27. what dose plaque and tartar look like
  28. Help with Dental Pain!?
  29. Need to have 4 teeth pulled? OMG
  30. discolouring gum
  31. How long for molar root canal to heal?
  32. Bone Graphs taken from the Jaw?
  33. messed up crown work
  34. gums, pimples
  35. poor customer help from biotene
  36. Dry Socket Help!
  37. swelling with novocaine
  38. Lump in my cheek after dental work?
  39. I need 6 teeth pulled and I have no insurance, where do i go
  40. what do you do with a broken tooth if you cant get to a dentist for a while
  41. tartar?
  42. Salty Taste and White Film After Extraction
  43. Adult Teething
  44. lump on gum
  45. how many is too many root canals? For an adult
  46. Overdentures with Implants
  47. Allergic reaction to veneers? Help
  48. dentist - greek speaking
  49. Last 6 teeth removed + avioplasty
  50. crowned tooth had to be removed after 20 months
  51. Excruciating Pain Months After Composite Filling
  52. How do I know?
  53. Cyst out..
  54. Wisdom tooth problem or gum problem?
  55. Partial
  56. Dentist left part of my tooth?!
  57. Denture relining kits
  58. Childs teeth coming in issue
  59. Teeth hurting - Dentist said "no reason why"...anyone have any information?
  60. what are white lines on the inside of the mouth
  61. +Sour taste in gum where teeth were pulled
  62. can u frnch kiss with dentures
  63. Having lanap on certain teeth
  64. dentist says i don't need crown on root canal molar
  65. Teeth Turning Black
  66. bump on gum
  67. Does anyone know an excellent and caring dentist in Michigan, USA?
  68. co-amoxiclav how quickly does it work
  69. bad bite after tooth was filled
  70. Endodontist Questions (Confused even though I asked him questions)?
  71. Prescription Toothpastes for Sensitivity
  72. Cost of braces
  73. Dental Cement & Gum Disease
  74. really scary! hole between top of mouth & nasal cavity, help!
  75. bad dental work
  76. jaw clicking when chewing
  77. nerve damage from dental work
  78. wisdom tooth - no stitches?
  79. Should I get dentures
  80. Dental Receptionist
  81. Cavity under crown - need answers
  82. Periodontal cyst maybe?
  83. help me please
  84. How can I afford Braces? (Severe Overbite)
  85. partial flexis
  86. Is this an upper wisdom tooth?
  87. Trust in dentist
  88. Swelling red bumps in back of my mouth??
  89. I need help with bad breath. I started going back to the dentist this year.
  90. White Spot on Gum
  91. Might have to get an implant - Terrifed
  92. Cracked Tooth. Is this bad?
  93. cannot find cause of tooth pain
  94. dental problems
  95. Should his wisdom teeth be removed?
  96. Replacing Fillings/Tooth Cracks/Etc
  97. Old Pain Medicine
  98. Crown or inlay???
  99. wear down teeth
  100. do i need an implant?
  101. periodontal disease
  102. Wisdom teeth
  103. laser vs drill
  104. Does tooth infection show up on xrays?
  105. Glycerine is bad
  106. Should all my wisdom be removed?/If there will be any problem if only one removed
  107. when do you stop irrigating an infected tooth
  108. Confused about tooth extraction.
  109. Inflamed gums - what can i do?
  110. Immediate dentures ? Help !
  111. Unexplained gum pain, please help...?
  112. too much tartar/plaque buildup
  113. Braces for vintage citizen
  114. why is my tongue still numb days after dental treatment
  115. Anyone here had their frenums cut
  116. someone please help me.
  117. Valplast Partials
  118. dental implants - one tooth at a time or both at once?
  119. root canal: 3 years to heal, huh?
  120. how old do i need to be to get veneers or dentures
  121. Randomly Sore Tongue
  122. Dental Bone Graft Failure
  123. how often should scaling
  124. Filling or root canal?
  125. do i have a absessed toothe
  126. receding gum and white mass
  127. Tension after getting a filling
  128. Dental Payment Plan Options?
  129. how do i fix translucent teeth
  130. HELP! Burning Mouth and Geographic Tongue
  131. I want to pull out my daughter's teeth but not have dental insurance, what will I do?
  132. how long after immediate dentures for puffiness of upper lip to go away
  133. when will pain go away after dental work?
  134. Do root canals cause bone loss?
  135. huge difference in diagnoses, hard to get xray records.
  136. gingivitis problem
  137. Maxillomandibular Advancement Surgery (MMA)
  138. Dentures
  139. Pain in Area of Old Wisdom tooth Pocket
  140. teeth decay , the sugar .
  141. Tooth feels crushed
  142. BIZARRE mouth symptoms, 7 docs have no ideas
  143. Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  144. When is gum grafting necessary?
  145. why does dentist say i cannot have implant after extraction of front tooth
  146. i had 2tooth extraction 3 weeks ago. why do i wake up with my mouth full of blood?
  147. Ongoing problem...need some major help
  148. New to forum in pain advice pls
  149. i got a filling and i can't eat anything on it because it shoots pain down the tooth
  150. Need Help - Toothache and Bad Plaque Buildup
  151. Toothache (please respond asap, orthodontist appointment in 1 hour)
  152. Venting about Dentists... So fed up
  153. scaling and planing
  154. Nodule over healed incision
  155. Lumineers
  156. should a crown touch the gum ?
  157. abecess teeth
  158. Re-emerging Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal
  159. Cavity Fillings
  160. Wisdom Teeth Removed 3 months ago..still having problems
  161. new dentures make me gag
  162. pain in gums due to stress?
  163. the back of my tonque stinks causes my mouth to smell
  164. I woke up with 5 chipped teeth!!??!!
  165. Girlfriend's dentist broke drill in her tooth
  166. white ring on gingiva
  167. How do you report a bad dentist?
  168. amalgam
  169. Severe Sore Throat with Tooth Problems
  170. My Lumineer horror story
  171. referral time?
  172. Implant failed, metal or resin partial?
  173. no end to discomfort and pain 3 months on
  174. HELP HELP !!!! PLZ someone
  175. Apicoectomy
  176. toddler just broke tooth on a Saturday night
  177. Vinegar, Bad for Teeth?
  178. Annoying Feeling
  179. Infected tooth
  180. what do they do when they pull out your wisdm teeth
  181. Veneers (ie Costa Rica, Mexico, Hungary,etc)
  182. painful when Ieat
  183. Dental/rubber dams during root canal
  184. i've got an lump on the gum under my tooth ever since I've had root canal done
  185. concerns about dental fillings
  186. porcelain crowns
  187. Gums hurt!!
  188. My bottom front gums hurt and are receding :(
  189. rooot canal and cavities?
  190. composite resin veneer ???
  191. Bridge issues
  192. what does it mean to have a lump in your gums and you have not had a root canal yet
  193. bruise after dental filling
  194. HELP ! Veneer and grey gum all around
  195. Tooth pain
  196. gum
  197. How does a dentist pull a wisdom tooth
  198. Is it possible to have a teeth straightening at my age?
  199. sedation dentistry??
  200. Teeth Moving Slightly/Shifting/Clicking - After eating?
  201. Two unit crown from one implant
  202. Having silver mercury fillings replaced with white fillings
  203. Dental filling and sore throat
  204. Gingivectomy VS. Wisdom Teeth Removal
  205. Crown fell out while flossing! :o(
  206. Pimple on my gum
  207. Tooth Pain
  208. Filing teeth? Possible? Safe?
  209. cost to get premium set of full dentures in USA
  210. Sudden Tooth Pain?
  211. cavity under crown and infection
  212. i just got my teeth pulled and dentures
  213. please help! I had a gum graft done!
  214. Super Sensitive Teeth
  215. roots
  216. how long does it take for nerves to heal?
  217. Am I being ripped off by my dentist?
  218. Partial and tooth question
  219. does tapping on a tooth prove root canal is needed?
  220. wsidom tooth out NOW TMJ PAIN!!!!!!!!!
  221. is it gum disease or an infection??
  222. Infection after work done?
  223. Do I need my wisdom teeth out?
  224. Adult Braces/mild TMJ/shifting teeth
  225. Dentures have ruined my smile
  226. Pls. anybody help
  227. miracle happened !!
  228. Amalgam removal
  229. Mini Implant Upper plate without Pallet Part?
  230. I need a new Removable Partial upper denture
  231. Please help me!!! I have gum disease!
  232. very painful tooth!!!!!!!
  233. pre op next week but still on antibiotics for tooth infection.
  234. How can I get pop-corn out of my gum???
  235. how can i tell if a root canal went wrong?
  236. crooked teeth
  237. Practice Plan Dental Insurance ???? HELP!!!!
  238. dental fear
  239. Dental Implants in upper back molar area..success rates?
  240. dental problem getting me down
  241. Help, dentist can't find cause for my pain
  242. Teeth just keep getting worse
  243. Bonding a gap.
  244. Please help: big decisions & LANAP results from anyone who has had it??
  245. is it worth getting treated at grad school clinic
  246. Husband had teeth removed..
  247. Where to look for the best place to get dentures made
  248. What is this little clear bubble?
  249. Aching 2 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction
  250. Swollen hard gum around Crown