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  1. Apicoectomy
  2. ? about sensitivity
  3. whats the worst part of a root canal?
  4. Pale Pink Teeth after LANAP
  5. Tooth Mousse
  6. Dry Socket Question
  7. Gingivitis & Dental Exam Question?
  8. What To Do If You Have No Dental Insurance
  9. Wisdom tooth extraction sedation will i feel pain
  10. Dental Predicament
  11. Enamel Problem?
  12. dental partials
  13. Porcelain crown has air pocket
  14. What the heck is wrong?
  15. Abcess from very old filling loss - never had dental as an adult - need advice
  16. missing teeth
  17. 2 yrs on since white filling and STILL have uncomfortable sensation with it
  18. how do i get over the fear of dentists???
  19. absessed tooth
  20. Getting Impatient
  21. Deep Bite - Treatment or not???
  22. Scared I'm going to lose my teeth
  23. Teeth missalignment problem.
  24. yellowed teeth from taking tetracycline - can it ever be bleached?
  25. Sensitiviy after Deep cleaning for pero
  26. Lots of questions about dentures
  27. how do you take a nerve out of a tooth
  28. Dentist treatments in MEXICO or outside USA??
  29. Can sugar in natural fruits like Watermellon, Kiwee cause cavities
  30. Open bite jaw surgery....?
  31. i have aggressive periodontitis
  32. pyogenic granuloma on gums
  33. Swollen back gums (?)
  34. Top Right Second Molar Extracted
  35. Fistula & Apicodecomedy
  36. Partial or Bridge
  37. how long does ot take for keflex to work
  38. My canine tooth, pull, fill, or root canal?
  39. what are your teeth suppose to look like after cavities have been filled?
  40. tooth pain
  41. teeth look grey on a three yr. old
  42. I have white stuff on my tonsil.What does it mean?
  43. Tooth still hurts after 2nd filling ?
  44. side effect from implants
  45. wisdom teeth extraction lips swollen
  46. sgould i call my oral surgeon now or can i wait til monday?
  47. Any partial users?
  48. how to keep lower dentures in place
  49. cavity
  50. Lots of things to ask....
  51. gum graft
  52. New filling in back molar and now in pain
  53. Gum recession
  54. Ok to have Abscess Wisdom Tooth Pulled?
  55. Abscess/pregnant
  56. how long does it take for antibiotics to work
  57. friction between opposing crowns
  58. impacted tooth
  59. is gingivitis reversible?how?
  60. Tooth Abscess? Bad taste, mostly filling
  61. Dental repair costs
  62. i have had a tooth extracted, why is the gland in my neck swollen?
  63. can a wisdom tooth make my thyroid glands hurt
  64. occasional gum pain
  65. Elevated Heart Rate
  66. scammy dentist asks me to pay upfront for root canal
  67. dont know what to do next???
  68. Dentist wants to pull my teeth but..
  69. back gum wisdom hurts
  70. Do dentists offer in office treatments for pain?
  71. Nasopalatine duct cyst
  72. a work in progress 33 upper denture
  73. Full dentures at 32 yrs old...
  74. Whitening for two weeks with tray system...NO results... why?
  75. Fistula
  76. My dental bridge doesn't look natural
  77. Gum has grown over a wisdom tooth after gingivectomy
  78. dry socket
  79. red dot on lip
  80. My front teeth are long / Gum problem
  81. Getting a molar pulled
  82. denture
  83. should wisdom teeth be removed if causing no pain
  84. Cavity Development
  85. Aggressive Periodontitis- advice/support please!?
  86. metranizadole
  87. why doesnt insurance cover dental problems due to cancer
  88. brown line on 2 teeth
  89. Front tooth is loose,... what option is advisable?
  90. Pressure pushing lower teeth back
  91. Is there help from Ontario Government to get impacted wisdom teeth removed
  92. teeth misalignment..please advise me
  93. Dental Implant and Burning Gums??
  94. Recent Placement of Veneers
  95. Reasonable dentures around GA, SC, NC???
  96. Acid Erosion
  97. lower right jaw pain after crown ontwo upper right teeth
  98. i had a cyst removed from inside my gum when will my gum grow back
  99. excessive dental bill?
  100. Could it be a dry socket?
  101. tooth sensitivity, possible nerve issue + tooth with hole
  102. antibiotics didn't clear up my wisdom tooth infection
  103. problems with lower dentures
  104. root canal treatment
  105. Why is my jaw clicking
  106. Two front teeth knocked out
  107. Valplast??
  108. Wisdom Tooth Disaster...
  109. 6 days after having all upper teeth extracted
  110. Bruxism help
  111. Cracked tooth
  112. Bad smell in crown
  113. Can a tooth be removed from a bridge
  114. if you have to wear braces for a year how much will it cost?
  115. I have 1/2 of my tooth broken off
  116. how many dollars to remove tooth
  117. still have baby teeth
  118. how to get fixadent out of the roof of mouth
  119. what does tartar on teeth look like?
  120. Root canal problem
  121. blood vessels burst in fingers
  122. california periodonist
  123. Fosteum
  124. Dread My Appiontment
  125. cosmetic consequences of osseous surgery
  126. i dont have insurance and need to go to the dentist but dont want to spend too much
  127. Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster
  128. black spot on the right side of mouth
  129. EMERGENCY Bleeding ptofusely from socket.
  130. reoccuring white spots on the sides of my tongue
  131. how much does dental sedation cost
  132. will the bridge have to come out if a root canal is beeing done
  133. small spots on gum-help please??
  134. after getting your wisdom teeth removed
  135. how to get your bite right
  136. Numbness in jaw after wisdom tooth removed
  137. how can you heal dry socket?
  138. Sharp bone after tooth extraction?
  139. Clenching = Tooth Pain?
  140. 4 yr old's teeth turning black and breaking
  141. dry socket
  142. Can You Get a Fixed Bridge to Replace Upper Eye Tooth?
  143. how to cope with upper dentures
  144. Molar sensitive to cold
  145. 6 months pregnant & have a cavity
  146. reseading gums
  147. once a root canal is done how long can I stay with the temporary filling?
  148. jaw or molar pain
  149. Infection 4-6 weeks after extraction
  150. Flipper Driving Me Crazy
  151. gums
  152. extraction wiht infection remaining?
  153. how long does a root canal last
  154. tootache in a molar
  155. No sore spots...is this normal?
  156. Should I soak my partial nightly?
  157. tooth question
  158. call it a periodontal infection and not a disease and you will change your outcome
  159. 1/2 Grey Teeth
  160. Major dental problems and worried.
  161. symtoms of a wisdom tooth
  162. numb tongue
  163. Horrible taste
  164. to have baby teeth removed
  165. Bite wrong w/ crown! Can anything be done?
  166. Partial Valplast
  167. Sorry date change extractions were 3/11
  168. 2 extractions 3/16 Questions?
  169. metal taste
  170. if you lose one tooth what happens to the other teeth
  171. Periodontitis Question
  172. Abcess tooth
  173. White fillings v.s Silver fillings
  174. Swollen Bump above Partial Wisdom Tooth
  175. Root canal on a tooth that was infected from before
  176. Brown Line On Tooth
  177. Pain after a minor cavity filling
  178. Getting a temporary partial denture...need advice please
  179. Absessed Tooth! HELP!
  180. how can i find out which periodonist is best for me with no health insurance?
  181. All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth...no, really!!
  182. Conflict of Dental Opinion - who's right?
  183. One more question
  184. I got hit in the mouth, is my tooth dying?
  185. Cracked tooth/filling fell out, have questions
  186. Do you always need antibiotics after a root canal?
  187. Lets undo a cavity
  188. Porcelain Crown Issue
  189. Exposed bone after wisdom tooth surgery
  190. wisdom tooth
  191. Jaw and Molar pain
  192. valplast plate vs regular
  193. Affordable Dentures or All Care for mini implants?
  194. Radiolucency?
  195. when having tooth out my lip still feels the same
  196. sensitivity after composite fillings
  197. swollen gum behind my wisdom tooth?
  198. What country for dental work ?
  199. Pressure and pain in my ears after having wisdom teeth extracted
  200. what is this
  201. Eating with ValPlast Upper Partials?
  202. i have one dark tooth in the front. how can i fix this?
  203. 26 year old with spacer?
  204. pain in teeth, but shows no cavity
  205. retainer cleaning
  206. Temporary veneer fell off...what do I do?
  207. Temorary Cement
  208. bonded teeth
  209. Nutritional deficiency and poor teeth?
  210. Tooth pains, any suggestions
  211. any one have idea
  212. Getting Dentures and Adjusting at A Young Age
  213. ZINC poisoning from poligrip & fixodent
  214. Crown issues
  215. Itching Stinging Sensation fFrom Tooth
  216. What is the recovery time for having 6 teeth pulled?
  217. I'm New and Really Need some advice about Dentures Please
  218. ive had root canal done
  219. Black teeth by gumline gums receding too!
  220. Need to see dentist/periodontist and no insurance/money suggestions????
  221. Neck/Chest pain caused by dental problems
  222. Dental Schools?
  223. Jaw pain please help
  224. after root canal tooth crack what to do ?
  225. cavity missed in 9yr old
  226. flipper only option for 13 year old?
  227. Unusual wear
  228. 9 year old with abscess and fainting
  229. Clenching Teeth during the day
  230. gum problem
  231. Partial flipper..nervous..have alot of questions
  232. dentures
  233. Bad taste after receding gum surgery on skin graft
  234. dental implants/crowns
  235. how to fix my bad looking teeth
  236. Major tooth decay!!!!!
  237. Tooth Extraction with infection?
  238. What a wake up call...Dentures
  239. how to tell if your tooth is dying
  240. what can i do for the pain in my jaw after getting a tooth pulled
  241. Temporary Crown on tooth doesn't cover-what??
  242. Any ideas for money?
  243. small hard bump after wisdom teeth extraction
  244. need some opinions, sensitive tooth, nausea, headaches
  245. Is This Normal after Root Canal?
  246. Receding Gums
  247. Can I go back to work the next day after I have had one wisdom tooth pulled
  248. after one wisdom tooth is pulled
  249. Gums
  250. Porcelain Veneer Questions

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