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  1. White Filling Hurts?
  2. Snap on smile opinions.
  3. toothpaste switch
  4. wisdom teeth extraction and numbness
  5. Clenching / Grinding Teeth ?
  6. I had a root canal on my tooth, and a temporary filling was put in.Why is it still ac
  7. Wisdom Tooth - Medicated Gauze Came Out! Help!
  8. White patch in throat
  9. wisdom teeth extraction problems?
  10. Abscess and antibiotics
  11. Do most water filters filter out flouride?
  12. why tooth wont freeze with novacaine
  13. I have a question about halcion
  14. Problems finding oral surgeon that will work with us.
  15. Please help me - Problem on tongue and mouth
  16. when is dry socket no longer a risk
  17. what is front upper teeth splinting
  18. i need help if anyone can help please write
  19. Dental work required
  20. after fifteen days still numbness after the extraction of wisdom tooth
  21. crest whitening strips
  22. Adult molar broken and now loose
  23. Upper partial annoyance
  24. front crowns wrongly placed
  25. Question about my 5 year olds teeth
  26. Jaw probelm
  27. Bone spur on the gum
  28. Really bad tooth ache
  29. swollen gums around wisdom tooth area
  30. Slack Teeth
  31. Please help with jaw issue!
  32. I have a gum boil on top of my bottom left wisdom tooth coming out
  33. Root Canal on Front Tooth So Scared!!
  34. Want to start a family, Need extraction/Implant!
  35. Need help please :(
  36. how to know if u need a rootcanal
  37. Tooth Ache Not Really an Ache
  38. pieces of bone after extraction ?
  39. Brush rotten teeth?
  40. Question about a partial
  41. OMG i'm scared !!!
  42. help for my mum??
  43. swollen gums
  44. how long should pain last after upper left wisdom tooth extraction?
  45. Should I take my gauze out??
  46. Extraction problems???
  47. Lump
  48. Had extraction, now HORRIBLE Taste
  49. what is the strongest denture adhesive
  50. really bad nerve pain across the side of my face...
  51. do i need to fix chip in front tooth?
  52. I need any information I can get:
  53. Dark Gums - Non-disease related.
  54. Lingual Frenectomy. Did you have this done?
  55. Dry Socket?
  56. Cavity filling/drilling always needed?
  57. after root canal, food now gets stuck between molars. should dentist redo or not?
  58. flouride free toothpaste
  59. Is this fraud?
  60. advice for seeking periodontal disease treatment
  61. tongue disease
  62. Black Wisdom Tooth
  63. Cost of filling
  64. I received stitches, how long do u keep the gauzes after wisdom tooth extraction?
  65. Decalcification
  66. Tooth pain for 8 weeks, any ideas?
  67. Extraction issues!
  68. does nose change with upper jaw surgery
  69. Please help!
  70. 6 year old teeth problem
  71. too young to get dentures?
  72. what is more expensive root canal on top or bottom?
  73. Please advise on extraction pain.
  74. Gum Graft - the aftermath
  75. root canal
  76. smoking prior to wisdom tooth removal
  77. Pain 1 year after dental implant.
  78. when antibiotics aren't working for tooth infection
  79. front tooth lost
  80. aspen dental
  81. child's infected tooth
  82. What Fell Out? Crown or Tooth?
  83. how to reduce small painless lump in gums
  84. Pain in crown
  85. How long after an extraction until you are safe from dry socket?
  86. How to deal with extreme post tooth extraction pain
  87. Sore molars & jaw barely opens
  88. Can I get veneers with the condition my teeth are in now?
  89. "Too Long" wisdom teeth removal experiences?
  90. Alternative Dentist
  91. Wisdom Teeth, Stitching, Pain, ETC
  92. wisdom teeth, the stitches will dissolve and holes will open
  93. Possible fractured root at tooth 15
  94. Root Infection due to retained dental instrument
  95. No Dental Work Needed?... Let's Hope
  96. Signs of Implant Failure, Infection?
  97. Can invisalign fix bite problems?
  98. I need some help!
  99. infection after apico
  100. Looking for Dentist in Maryland
  101. what happens if an implant bridge gets loose
  102. New top partial....need advice HELP please
  103. Denture Adhesive Question
  104. Sensitivity after Hitting Teeth?
  105. bite changed ~jaw surgery recommended?
  106. Do I remove or do I keep?
  107. when can teeth be saved
  108. what filling when hole in tooth down to nerve
  109. jaw cyst for over 8 years please repond
  110. periodontists in rockland county
  111. Dental nightmare...
  112. why is it hard to open my mouth
  113. To root canal or not to root canal
  114. Apicoectomy
  115. Four teeth to go :(
  116. Wisdom Teeth Issues
  117. my teeth hurt when i tilt or move my head
  118. why is tooth sensitive six months after root canal?
  119. Immediate dentures or not...
  120. how do you kill a nerve in a tooth
  121. jaw bone infection with swollen lymph node
  122. infected root canaled tooth
  123. Hit Tooth, Does It Turn Black?
  124. Dry Socket
  125. how do you replace a front tooth
  126. how long does keflex take to help
  127. Tooth Pain
  128. Jaw Problem / I hate my smile
  129. two teeth turning black
  130. teeth
  131. Implant questions
  132. dental issues
  133. Swollen gums and ulcers
  134. Dentures/bottom
  135. Experiencing a Bad Taste in my mouth
  136. Someone PLEASE advise....
  137. How can you tell when you have a cracked tooth?
  138. do aligners close 3.5 mm teeth gap
  139. if my tooth breaks does it mean that is rotting
  140. upper jaw surgery to fix underbite
  141. Pain after implant/extraction?
  142. tongue
  143. overlay vs crown
  144. help needed
  145. New upper denture.Gagging,,,Dilemma
  146. New Dentures
  147. PETRIFIED of the dentist!!!
  148. Fistula Bump after Apioectomy Returns?
  149. Root Canal/Cracked Tooth.
  150. Help for burning mouth syndrome sufferers
  151. painful wisdom tooth
  152. invisalign help
  153. Dentures
  154. Tooth Extraction
  155. keflex
  156. INCURABLE Halitosis!
  157. infection from dental work
  158. cyst in gum
  159. claspless dentures- when eating
  160. Question about teeth movement, and possibility of braces
  161. nerve pain 2 years after wisdom teeth extraction
  162. Dry Mouth And Sore Tongue
  163. Wisdome teeth and gums
  164. What to expect when I get my dentures?
  165. numbness in tongue after wisdom teeth removal
  166. Dental implants
  167. I have a big blood bubble coming out where I had a tooth removed
  168. oral cyst
  169. after filling
  170. bad breath after molar teeth are taken out
  171. Thobbing in the middle of the night
  172. Opinions on Wisdom Teeth
  173. teeth should be treated
  174. partial denture
  175. Can cavity pain in one tooth make others hurt too?
  176. i have to get a root canal
  177. Wisdom tooth and the referral forum
  178. getting wisdom teeth out
  179. how can i get someone to pay for my teeth to be fixed?
  180. Wisdom Tooth
  181. Jaw problems after molar removal
  182. Invisalign after wisdom teeth removal
  183. how long will abess tooth last
  184. wierd eeth growing
  185. Can mouthwash cause sores? Confused..
  186. how much should I expect to pay
  187. smell??
  188. what can wisdom teeth do
  189. when can teeth be cleaned after a gum graft
  190. Jagged tooth mid Root canal treatment
  191. loose dentures and speech problems
  192. to be specific
  193. my wisdom tooth fell out but my gum still hurts
  194. broken wisdom teeth
  195. what to do if your dentist messed up your mouth
  196. dental charge
  197. Does It Hurt When Dentist Pull Wisdom Teeth
  198. It's been a month and a half and my tooth still hurts!
  199. Has anyone had this happen
  200. My tooth smells! EEk...
  201. Amalgam in apico just floating around in there
  202. what is the strongest miligrams for hydrocodone?
  203. Is this normal a week after having a wisdom tooth pulled?
  204. Broken Molar
  205. Cracked eye tooth
  206. dental school in new jersey that do root canals
  207. Dental Flossing Tool?
  208. effects of alcohol on implants?
  209. Just had a upper tooth extracted & it hurts so bad.
  210. Lower right wisdom tooth extracted yesterday
  211. Was born without wisdom teeth, and my fourth molar -- help!
  212. what happens if a bottom tooth is extracted and not replaced
  213. Dry Socket?
  214. Stubborn dark yellow teeth
  215. Tooth needing root canal, cant afford right now, can i rip it out?!?
  216. NHS dental costs
  217. Mercury Fillings
  218. Tooth whitening
  219. Can being underweight make me more susceptible to cavities?
  220. who can help me pay to get my teeth fixed
  221. Immensely painful molar, and no dentist helps me :-(
  222. Cracked tooth
  223. Wisdom teeth - to worry or not?
  224. White Bump on Tooth
  225. Scared to death of having my teeth extracted
  226. how long can tooth with half root last
  227. flossing with braces?
  228. Two bottom teeth
  229. Techies: Miniature Meat Hook Came Out of Mouth !
  230. Procera crowns?
  231. tooth problems with a crown
  232. Tooth extraction and bone showing...
  233. New tooth cutting out!
  234. gum graft
  235. wisdome tooth removel no insurance, ct
  236. Oral lichen planus and peridex
  237. problems with pulled teeth bone showing
  238. root canal done months ago and the tooth started hurting
  239. Mouth Sore
  240. gums from growing over braces
  241. my crown and post came out, how and with what glue do I glue it back in.
  242. What is this pain/discomfort in the back of my mouth?
  243. stained teeth
  244. Lump Iside Mouth What Could This Be Not Absess
  245. what can i do about nerve damage from wisdom teeth
  246. Gum bleeding after veneers
  247. Bone grafting for dental implants
  248. Desperate to help my friend find a way to fix her really bad teeth.
  249. RSD patients that have had bad effects after dental work
  250. smoking after getting wisdom teeth out