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  1. partial denture
  2. Can cavity pain in one tooth make others hurt too?
  3. i have to get a root canal
  4. Wisdom tooth and the referral forum
  5. getting wisdom teeth out
  6. how can i get someone to pay for my teeth to be fixed?
  7. Wisdom Tooth
  8. Jaw problems after molar removal
  9. Invisalign after wisdom teeth removal
  10. how long will abess tooth last
  11. wierd eeth growing
  12. Can mouthwash cause sores? Confused..
  13. how much should I expect to pay
  14. smell??
  15. what can wisdom teeth do
  16. when can teeth be cleaned after a gum graft
  17. Jagged tooth mid Root canal treatment
  18. loose dentures and speech problems
  19. to be specific
  20. my wisdom tooth fell out but my gum still hurts
  21. broken wisdom teeth
  22. what to do if your dentist messed up your mouth
  23. dental charge
  24. Does It Hurt When Dentist Pull Wisdom Teeth
  25. It's been a month and a half and my tooth still hurts!
  26. Has anyone had this happen
  27. My tooth smells! EEk...
  28. Amalgam in apico just floating around in there
  29. what is the strongest miligrams for hydrocodone?
  30. Is this normal a week after having a wisdom tooth pulled?
  31. Broken Molar
  32. Cracked eye tooth
  33. dental school in new jersey that do root canals
  34. Dental Flossing Tool?
  35. effects of alcohol on implants?
  36. Just had a upper tooth extracted & it hurts so bad.
  37. Lower right wisdom tooth extracted yesterday
  38. Was born without wisdom teeth, and my fourth molar -- help!
  39. what happens if a bottom tooth is extracted and not replaced
  40. Dry Socket?
  41. Stubborn dark yellow teeth
  42. Tooth needing root canal, cant afford right now, can i rip it out?!?
  43. NHS dental costs
  44. Mercury Fillings
  45. Tooth whitening
  46. Can being underweight make me more susceptible to cavities?
  47. who can help me pay to get my teeth fixed
  48. Immensely painful molar, and no dentist helps me :-(
  49. Cracked tooth
  50. Wisdom teeth - to worry or not?
  51. White Bump on Tooth
  52. Scared to death of having my teeth extracted
  53. how long can tooth with half root last
  54. flossing with braces?
  55. Two bottom teeth
  56. Techies: Miniature Meat Hook Came Out of Mouth !
  57. Procera crowns?
  58. tooth problems with a crown
  59. Tooth extraction and bone showing...
  60. New tooth cutting out!
  61. gum graft
  62. wisdome tooth removel no insurance, ct
  63. Oral lichen planus and peridex
  64. problems with pulled teeth bone showing
  65. root canal done months ago and the tooth started hurting
  66. Mouth Sore
  67. gums from growing over braces
  68. my crown and post came out, how and with what glue do I glue it back in.
  69. What is this pain/discomfort in the back of my mouth?
  70. stained teeth
  71. Lump Iside Mouth What Could This Be Not Absess
  72. what can i do about nerve damage from wisdom teeth
  73. Gum bleeding after veneers
  74. Bone grafting for dental implants
  75. Desperate to help my friend find a way to fix her really bad teeth.
  76. RSD patients that have had bad effects after dental work
  77. smoking after getting wisdom teeth out
  78. Denture Implant
  79. Getting my braces today
  80. Looking for an affordable decent dentist in southern uk (sussex poss)
  81. Someone Please Help Me Figure This Out
  82. Resin composite bonding?
  83. Why do I have to extract my broken root canal teeth?
  84. black spot on gum
  85. help
  86. anybody have a full denture over there existing teeth with no implant
  87. I had my infected wisdom tooth pulled what will happen
  88. Help :(
  89. Root Resorption
  90. Night/bite guard help...
  91. holes in gums where tooth has broken off, scared.
  92. my right side of my tongue is numb after wisdom tooth extraction what can i do?
  93. On Our Way To The Emergency Room!!!!!!
  94. dry sockets
  95. numbness in tongue after 4 wisdom teeth were removed.
  96. why would my teeth have a tingling feeling after a dental clean by the dentist
  97. Braces /sigh
  98. nasal bleeding after tooth extraction
  99. Loose Tooth after Diagnosis 25 yrs Ago
  100. Can a hygenist damage your teeth?
  101. how long after stopping antibiotics can teeth be pulled?
  102. sore mouth
  103. why do I get a headache after teeth cleaning
  104. My tooth chopped off , Do I need a comleted root canal therapy?
  105. Front Teeth Not Moving Backwards???
  106. replaced filing
  107. Cracked Tooth?
  108. how do you know if tooth infection has moved to your brain
  109. Root canal tooth feels funny
  110. need an answer if anyone has one
  111. Overbite, lower incisiors and bonding
  112. had to go to emergancy dentist today
  113. I have a two teeth next to each other one has a dental implant the other a root canal
  114. what does white on the extraction site mean?
  115. do I need to be urgent about the gap in my mouth?
  116. went to see periodontist last monday
  117. what to do about a swollen jaw
  118. Looking for a kind and caring Endontist in NJ
  119. dry socket...i need advice please!!
  120. Pain after having fillings changed out
  121. Something That Goes Bump In My Mouth
  122. not sure if anyone can help
  123. What to Expect When I See the Dentist
  124. heeeeeeelp
  125. Jaw lump?
  126. Root Canal
  127. Shave Down Teeth???
  128. Crown Prep - No Root Canal - Jaw Pain
  129. Enamel Thickness???
  130. Is it a abscess on my gum or what else can it be
  131. Tetracyclin stained teeth
  132. i have goofy teeth
  133. Root Canal Treatment
  134. smoking once your wisdom teeth have been removed
  135. My sister needs some advice-lump under tongue and changes!
  136. Receding Gums
  137. gum flap surgery
  138. cleaning vs debridement?
  139. Had wisdom tooth removed, now other teeth hurt?
  140. Cold Mouthwash affecting Teeth
  141. Is it to late for my teeth?
  142. Post gum graft surgery
  143. I've done it again
  144. Dry Socket Confusion..??
  145. bottom teeth
  146. Wisdom...
  147. After 15 years, I finally went to the dentist
  148. Dental Parastethis
  149. When is it necessary to have an apicoectomy?
  150. Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Freaking out
  151. what do you do when after your extraction is healed and then the pain comes back
  152. implant and dental scaling
  153. do i need to replace them?
  154. Wisdom teeth removal and strenuous activity
  155. trauma or filling?
  156. 23 with major problem, need advice
  157. Brown Lines on Teeth
  158. Crown
  159. how long should you wait to get an implant after a tooth extraction?
  160. What Can I Expect My Recovery Time After Extracting 22 Teeth For Dentures
  161. Is the dentist right or is something else going on?
  162. Problems with new filling
  163. Anyone else have this problem>
  164. Help my smile
  165. Can I Get Some Insight?
  166. Dentist/Protadontist
  167. soft white tissue pushing through gum after extraction
  168. what could this be?
  169. having an extraction
  170. Tooth Enamel?
  171. How Do You Know
  172. Teeth get higher at night
  173. retainer crn-porc fused-hi nob and pontic-resin w/high noble met
  174. diastema
  175. T or F? Overbite = crooked lower teeth
  176. Why Put A Temporary Filling In My Tooth
  177. Open Bite
  178. how long before clindamycin works
  179. Help:Worried might lose front tooth
  180. How Long Approximately
  181. One Problem Tooth
  182. Teeth Hurting at Night
  183. Need all my teeth pulled due to pain med use
  184. Can a tooth heal itself?
  185. what can be done if you lose your teeth?
  186. Implant-Supported Bridge
  187. lower denture's ,partial or full denture ?
  188. Bump on gums and on x-ray
  189. dental work done in schools
  190. wisdom tooth
  191. Scared of getting a Tooth Abscess
  192. Good cosmetic dentist in London??!
  193. Low Testosterone and Teeth breaking
  194. Few Dental Questions
  195. Are there dental schools where I could have work done?
  196. Skin Graft
  197. IS IT Possible
  198. Swollen and painful ball on the frenulum under the tongue?
  199. blood blister??? (hopefully???)
  200. Intense pain, swollen jaw
  201. Lower Denture Problems.........Help
  202. are there any dentist out there that work with people with payment plans that cannot
  203. need specialist for Osteomyelitis
  204. gums receeding..........
  205. Help! I am having all my teeth pulled, dentures at 39 (scared)
  206. Crown-porc fuse high noble mtl..?
  207. Dental advice
  208. facial disfiguration
  209. Should broken molar be pulled?
  210. Cost of Root Canal -dental school?
  211. implants & partials
  212. Blindness after orthognathic surgery?
  213. Implants for over dentures or snap on dentures
  214. PLEASE HELP!i think my nerve is damaged after wisdom tooth extration?!!
  215. Wisdom tooth advice
  216. bump under arm pit
  217. i am allergic to Denture Adhesive what can i use?
  218. Help... Oral Thrush and Gingivitis
  219. Cerec 3D Crowns
  220. 21 and rotten teeth please help me!
  221. Healing of Wisdom Teeth
  222. how to pay for braces with medical
  223. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  224. is there anything can be done for mobile teeth?
  225. Bruxism and orthodontics
  226. wisdom tooth infection after surgery
  227. what can i do for a wisdom toothache
  228. Does medicaid/health choice help pay for braces?
  229. Looking for a good endodontist in the Plainsboro/Princeton area
  230. what is the worst thing that can happen with an abcessed tooth
  231. Considering dentures..After extraction pain...
  232. After root canal
  233. I can't afford to have my Wisdom Teeth removed.
  234. how can i tell if i have nerve damage from wisdom tooth extraction
  235. What is the ballpark cost of the full bridge that goes onto implants on lower jaw?
  236. Snap On Denture-2 Implants
  237. Can my tooth be saved?
  238. Can I take Tylenol w/codeine BEFORE root canal
  239. what happens when you bite the inside of your cheek
  240. what to do about an abscess if you don't have insurance
  241. Othodontics plan not going according to plan. HELP!
  242. extra charges ??
  243. does it cost extra to have wisdom teeth removed that have cysts on them
  244. I'm happy for once!
  245. Wisdom Tooth Extraction w/ NO STITCHES
  246. My tooth feels somewhat loose and numb
  247. Bleeding gums
  248. question about the new snap on smile appliance,any body have one
  249. impact wisdom tooth ,question
  250. Infected Wisdom Tooth?