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  1. Have sensitivity in a particular tooth (already had dental work)
  2. How long do re-implanted teeth last?
  3. Apico in Sinus on Upper Molar
  4. teeth problem help
  5. A hole in my gum?
  6. Odd discomfort
  7. air bubble- black circle on dental ct scan
  8. Does mercury still leach if....
  9. When I touch where my broken tooth was I get heart beating faster and light headed.
  10. Apico, Retreat or Extraction
  11. Molar extraction
  12. Denture for people with low income?
  13. Pain after permanent crown
  14. Sensitive molar - filling 6 months ago
  15. Pain in the back of my tounge?
  16. I have a hole in my gums
  17. rapid teeth graying
  18. Short tooth ache after crest white strips
  19. Trismus...ie... lock jaw
  20. Bruxism, Clenching and Ear Blocks (mid-Air)
  21. Excruciating pain after 2 teeth were extracted 6 months ago
  22. Ascorbic acid in vegetables bad for teeth?
  23. Sharp, short-lived tooth ache
  24. Please help
  25. Help Please!
  26. Dentist filed permanent bridge metal showing
  27. Infection started because I didn't go to the ER
  28. my lower molar needs extraction. will top tooth fall out.
  29. Chewing pain after having composite filling?
  30. teeth help
  31. Dental flipper & strep throat: disinfect?
  32. Will an irritated tooth nerve heal on its own?
  33. Temp Flipper Hell
  34. oil of oregano capsules for teeth problems ?
  35. Bite Pain Remains After Crown Prep - Normal?
  36. Anyone ever had a Mucocele?
  37. Need help: dentist for mini implant
  38. My Front Tooth Is Dead?
  39. Internal Tooth Resorption - 2 teeth !!
  40. Tooth infection - what should I do?
  41. Tooth extraction and bone graft
  42. why would i have bone coming through gums now?
  43. Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder Experiences
  44. Dental healthy diet suggestions?
  45. Small Hole In The Back of My Gums
  46. Can anyone recommend a good oral surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio
  47. need dentures
  48. what can I eat after wisdom teeth extracted
  49. Front tooth traumatised
  50. Pressure on my tooth and gum
  51. tongue biting!
  52. Complete tooth extraction, waiting to heal
  53. Partially erupted wisdom tooth.
  54. Periontist gap, dental filling won't stay
  55. Gum Rejuvenation Technique
  56. Numb left side of lips, tongue & teeth
  57. Dry Socket
  58. Considering Switching Dentists
  59. Extractions and dentures
  60. Chronic Halitosis
  61. Lump on gum with a denture
  62. Swollen Gums 2 Weeks after Extraction
  63. dental debridement a month after tooth extraction ?
  64. after molar extraction gum puffiness and on and off pain
  65. Pain in tooth and lower jaw next extraction site
  66. Dental Surgery
  67. Atypical Odontalgia
  68. Pain for 5 months after replacement dental bridge
  69. back surgery/tooth infection
  70. Sharp bone appeared???
  71. Sinus or tooth problem.
  72. Root canal or leave it?
  73. Extraction 2/4 - Still healing?
  74. Want best and effective solution for mouth infection
  75. Problems with biting
  76. a lot of cheek pain, ear popping since 2011
  77. Guided Tissue Regeneration for Dental Implants
  78. Splinted Teeth - Low Tooth
  79. Denture Hassles
  80. Terrible toothache at night, no problem showed in x-ray?
  81. Please help! Is this dry socket?
  82. Gum swelling
  83. Implants plus poverty
  84. Oh God what have I done?
  85. Face pain a connection?
  86. My sons tooth fell out
  87. newly phobic
  88. a hole in gum
  89. Tooth "popping" sensation help!
  90. Lumineers a DISASTER!
  91. Get teeth extractions? or get another dentist?
  92. Bad breath
  93. Unexplained Tooth Ache
  94. Root canal to a filling?
  95. broken mercury fillings
  96. Cracked Root Along side of Crown
  97. Immediate dentures after extractions
  98. sore inside cheek of mouth
  99. Please Help Solve My Throbbing Gums Mystery
  100. 7 wisdom teeth
  101. Effect of coffee/tea on mouth ulcers
  102. Are first time dentures suppossed to hurt?
  103. cu-sil partial
  104. Dry Mouth
  105. Got stitches removed after gum graft surgery today...
  106. Wisdom Teeth
  107. Missing bottom Molars
  108. Dentist left decay under fillings... what do I do now?
  109. how to whiten bonded teeth
  110. exposed jawbone after tooth extraction.... no pain
  111. exposed jawbone after tooth extraction.... no pain
  112. Am I making the wrong decision?
  113. Bad headaches following teeth extraction
  114. Wisdom teeth
  115. help for yellow tooth?
  116. Lyme Disease, Mercury, and Jawbone Infections
  117. Red spot roof of mouth.
  118. Tongue Numbness from Lingual Nerve Damage
  119. My tooth feel bruised!
  120. Fillings - Sensitivity Question
  121. My mouth is a mess, diagnosed with periodontal disease
  122. My yellow tooth
  123. Root canals cause of MS?
  124. periapical Film
  125. Does A Flipper Loosen Up Over Time?
  126. Should I switch Dentist?
  127. Gum Recession Question?
  128. teeth whitening questions
  129. Can teeth grinding/clenching cause ear/throat fullness?
  130. Dental Health
  131. A bean sized blood cloth on gum
  132. Lanap
  133. Teeth falling out :( but can i get new 1's for adults?
  134. Very Infected tooth before RC.....
  135. dentures
  136. Bad teeth and young
  137. implant supported dentures
  138. Have this weird pressure on my front teeth
  139. Filling lasted less than a week...
  140. 17 with three cavities and depression.
  141. extraction of root canal tooth
  142. Wisdom tooth taken out and scared
  143. implant vs. bridge
  144. Interferon drugs and severe dental decay
  145. "Wisdom Tooth Extraction"...
  146. Considering dentures at 32? Very afraid!
  147. Chipped enamel
  148. cervical lymphadenopathy
  149. Bad Tongue Taste
  150. Wisdom Tooth Recovery - 2 Months On Pain?...
  151. Bad breath solution seeker
  152. Diazepam with nitrous
  153. Weird tooth feeling
  154. Freaked Out - Black wisdom teeth!
  155. Root Canal question
  156. best adhesive for Lower dental?
  157. Does anyone have long term results from LANAP?
  158. Please help me
  159. Zirconia based crown looks fake and unrealistic!
  160. nerve damage extraction
  161. Spots on floor of mouth with red veins coming out of them. What are they?
  162. Crown hurts when tapped after Root Canal
  163. No vertical space, can't kiss anymore please read
  164. Flaps and white lines on inside of cheek
  165. first bite syndrome
  166. still experiencing pain after root canal
  167. Growth/Lump near floor of mouth
  168. Sore jaw after tooth extraction
  169. denture adhesive don't work for me
  170. Did I get scammed? Scaling and root planing on all 4 quadrants in 20 min
  171. Abcessed tooth/High blood pressure
  172. Top Dentures
  173. Lump on Inside wall of gums - Any ideas?
  174. Dental crown and bite adjustment horror
  175. gum involintary tightening
  176. need question answered about replacing a tooth
  177. Maxillary tori, is this dangerous?
  178. nerve damage after wisdom teeth extracted
  179. dental issues possibly due to medication side effects...
  180. Bad Tooth ache
  181. All on 4 Recovery
  182. What was i thinking????
  183. So disappointed... dentures don't fit!!
  184. Another tooth growing behind my wisdom tooth?
  185. Drug for wisdom tooth extraction.
  186. Pain After Root Canal and Temporary Crown Fitted
  187. Mouth strange feeling
  188. Short icon implants
  189. Canker Sores
  190. toothpaste for dry mouth
  191. Burning mouth syndrome?
  192. Put a smile back in my mouth.
  193. Tooth extraction
  194. Fluoride Toothpaste i wonder if its safe
  195. Tooth infection?
  196. no teeth and severe bone loss
  197. Unhappy with invisialign result and retainer
  198. Root Canal
  199. Root Canal
  200. Is this Normal? Temproary Crowns on for over a year!
  201. Dental implants sensitive to cold/heat
  202. retreating root canal drilling trough crown - can the crown move ?
  203. Four infected teeth in 6 weeks! HELP
  204. Denture Pain, what med. is available?
  205. Waiting For Root Canal
  206. Possible Reaction to Exposure to Denture Cream?
  207. Problems with Gums
  208. mass found in dental xray
  209. Getting dentures after having treatments for head neck cancer.
  210. Oral Lichen Planus and Amalgams
  211. Dental Surgery
  212. opinions needed for root canal, extraction and infection
  213. new denture help
  214. Seeking an opinion
  215. Wisdom Teeth removal issue. Please Help!
  216. not immediate dentures
  217. Implant woes, engineering solution?
  218. Filling fell out, now tooth needs pulling?
  219. Burning mouth syndrome!!!
  220. Last molar on the upper right side: extraction or root canal
  221. Loose filling 4th
  222. Dentures
  223. tonsillectomy
  224. My gum will not stop bleeding!
  225. Cosmetic fill in for top teeth???
  226. root canal tenderness
  227. Mystery meltdown ... advice needed, badly. PLEASE HELP:(
  228. 3 weeks still numb after apicoetomy
  229. Extreme anxiety over my rotting mouth at 18
  230. Have you ever used a sinus cleaner to stop bad breath? if so tell me, did it work?
  231. Waterpik flossers: Which is the best kind to get?
  232. Pain After Same Day as Extraction Dental Implants
  233. Black stain on the side + change in color on the button half
  234. one front yellow tooth
  235. One yellowing front tooth (left tooth)
  236. Pending Root Canal
  237. Cold sensitivity and swollen gland after crown
  238. Any Top Teeth Filled or Have aTempoary Crown??
  239. Horrible taste in mouth & bad breath
  240. dental bridge
  241. Dental Bridge
  242. Home remedy to whiten teeth
  243. Is permanent bridge too large and causing pain? Can it be replaced?
  244. 15 year old's dental health
  245. Periodontal laser with bite adjustment & sensitivity?
  246. Tori's in upper and lower of my mouth and dentures
  247. Nov 9 getting 19 teeth extracted
  248. Bad breath due to white tongue!
  249. 26 years old with bad teeth, thinking of having many extracted?! help?
  250. Oral thrush... need help!

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