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  1. Wisdom Tooth Pressure/Pain
  2. White Spots on Front Teeth from Congestion
  3. Fear of Wisdom teeth being pulled
  4. Can Anyone Help Me Please???????????
  5. Sargenti Paste
  6. Replaced a filling for sensitivity......please advise
  7. 11 year old molar question
  8. dental crown
  9. Basal Cell Hyperplasia of the tongue
  10. What is the best day of the week to have your teeth pulled?
  11. second lot of anti biotics
  12. Extraction Question
  13. I had rct 1st stage 6th right uppper jaw.. why nose bleeds due to root canal treatmen
  14. Question about not getting wisdom tooth removed when decay is in it
  15. Dentigerous cyst -- impacted wisdom tooth -- help!
  16. urgent advice on tooth plz
  17. it is do or die, but how
  18. Help post root canal problems
  19. Bony growth in my jaw?
  20. Has anyone ever had a dentist what to pull a tooth becuase of a minor cavity?
  21. shaving down teeth
  22. gum infection
  23. Why isn't brushing working?
  24. wisdom tooth extraction & CRPS
  25. dental cyst?
  26. wisdom teeth
  27. Smelly tooth
  28. how to repair a broken crown tooth
  29. how do you fix front teeth craze lines
  30. should i pull my tooth out?
  31. What is my diagnosis?
  32. new patient??
  33. Woke up with Jelly Bean of blood covering my tooth
  34. 5 year old needs all teeth removed
  35. White on Gum
  36. when to remove dental implant stitches
  37. whole new mouth
  38. how are dental partials put in
  39. Infected tooth question
  40. dentures
  41. gum pain
  42. Cavity under recent crown/graft/rc: at a serious loss!!!
  43. Does it EVER end? Frustrated....
  44. Dental implants in Poland
  45. why is enamel wearing off my teeth
  46. strange thing happened inside my mouth!
  47. I Cannot Make The Proper "s" Sound
  48. failed root canal?
  49. Supposed "Late Mandibular Growth" Affecting My Teeth Help Needed!
  50. Dentist caused my problem what should I do?
  51. What is wrong with my tooth????
  52. Problems after extraction/dental implant surgery - please help!
  53. Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS
  54. invisilign
  55. Dry socket packing
  56. Can a problems arise many years after a root canal?
  57. Molar Pain
  58. My teeth are bad =(
  59. Can an abcessed tooth cause swollen lymph nodes?
  60. how long does pericornitis last
  61. Root Canel @ Bridge Problem
  62. White raised circles under tonsils
  63. question about dentures?
  64. Wisdom tooth: to pull or not???
  65. Tobasco sauce for mouth pain?
  66. mandibular tori removal?
  67. Tongue really hurts when I swallow or chew. Any help please???
  68. New veneers
  69. Please help. Need info on medication used in wisdom teeth extraction..
  70. how to fix a chipped wisdom tooth
  71. pimple on gum where wisdom teeth removed
  72. Question about chipped tooth. What procedure can be done.
  73. partial lower
  74. ADVICE: Best foods for post wisdom teeth removal surgery?
  75. advise needed pain +++
  76. Why didn't the meds work?
  77. Oral surgery unecessary?
  78. how much is it to fix a cavity
  79. Update to sensitivity and skepticism
  80. Oral Surgery
  81. Help! Denture Problems - need advice please!!
  82. Skin covering a wisdom tooth
  83. Wisdom tooth extraction site pain
  84. White strip (swampy) at left back, lower gum line - help!
  85. Probably Something simple but.....
  86. metranizadole
  87. bad teeth
  88. Newbie Here!
  89. Do I really need Atridox for my gums?
  90. Pain while flossing - cavities at gumline?
  91. Intense Pain in front tooth - Nerve issues? I'm at a loss!
  92. cracked tooth
  93. wisdom teeth question
  94. dental school for braces- Good or Bad?
  95. bony impacted wisdom teeth
  96. Gum problems.
  97. Where dental deposit comes from?
  98. Tooth soreness after wisdom tooth removal
  99. change in my teeth and some other questions
  100. scared of dentists
  101. estimate of how much it would cost to get a stained tooth fixed at the dentist withou
  102. Dentures and I HATE them.......
  103. having all teeth pulled
  104. Swollen face.
  105. Gauze or something?
  106. NEVER get a root canal :(
  107. Ouch! a little skeptical
  108. Tooth Extraction, canker sores, lump?
  109. when an abcessed tooth is pulled can the infection still be there
  110. have swelling high on gum/jaw above molar\/ What is it\?
  111. Post Wisdom Tooth Surgery problems
  112. How rotten teeth can affect your body
  113. Red gums, red spots on lips.
  114. Complications after Wisdom Teeth Removed
  115. Apicoectomy Scars
  116. 22 hours a day with invisalign
  117. Infection around the Detal Implant
  118. Risks on having two impacted wisdom teeth pulled.
  119. Dental trauma and the necessity of root canals
  120. Toothache spread from tooth to ear/left side of face?
  121. Tongue Thrush
  122. hole in gums where wisdom teeth used to be
  123. Extraction by Oral Surgon
  124. greedy dentist?
  125. Crazy orthodontics idea~ Can I make my oral cavity smaller?
  126. Teeth Grinding
  127. Smoking after root canals
  128. deep scale cleaning
  129. Wisdom Teeth Pain
  130. Dental Cleaning Ok when tooth abcessed?
  131. bluecross dental???
  132. does sorness happens after at tooth extraction?
  133. does anyone know a good dentist in london?
  134. could i be right?
  135. orthodontist's bad work
  136. starting to worry
  137. What should I do to prepare for 7 extractions and an upper dental plate tomorrow
  138. Whitening
  139. help!!
  140. What can I expect after having all top teeth pulled??
  141. how soon after having teeth pulled can you eat solid food
  142. medicare and perodontal disease
  143. Pain
  144. Weird growth in mouth
  145. antibiotics after a tooth is pulled
  146. One lonely grey tooth!
  147. does anyone suffer or know of anyone?
  148. anyone had filling added to teeth they have "grinded down"?
  149. Dentist Owes Me Money - Can Anyone Help??
  150. Bad Toothache and my Dentist office is closed!
  151. How Much Time Off Work After Wisdom Tooth Removal?
  152. Dental Implant
  153. How long can a cavity go before needing a root canal?
  154. canker sores?
  155. is this a bad idea?
  156. Anyone here with dental implants?
  157. gums sore what is best to soothe them?
  158. Some of you may remember
  159. Do I Really Need A Partial?
  160. thin gums and deficiency?
  161. ?
  162. One crooked tooth need some advice!
  163. dental insurance in georgia
  164. suffering with teeth but no one will help !!
  165. sick of teeth hurting!!
  166. Apioectomy
  167. Please Answer!!
  168. root canal ahhh!
  169. Fillings falling out
  170. I am at a loss! Has this happened to anyone?
  171. Abcess
  172. how long swelling last after having 10 teeth pulled
  173. Can i remove dental deposit myself?
  174. Black spot on gum
  175. *sigh* It's me again...
  176. Did I pay too much for crowns under dental plan?
  177. Help PLEASE! Had a tooth pulled and YUCK!!
  178. Tooth gum and Head pain.
  179. how long does it take for lyrica to work?
  180. unbearable pain after veneers
  181. about the tooth nerve and what if the nerve is affected
  182. how can you tell if your wisdom teeth are coming in?
  183. dental schools near/in Atlanta???
  184. dental insurance?
  185. damaged nervous system because of wisdom teeth extraction
  186. Very sick.
  187. Invisalign
  188. Scaling/root planing experiences?
  189. Oral Surgery?
  190. Good News!!
  191. Bad Wisdom Tooth
  192. new & need info about perm soft liners
  193. Tooth ache!
  194. Dental Pain, can't find any help???????????? HELP, PLEASE
  195. my wisdom tooth removal other options?
  196. Broken tooth question
  197. broken jaw what to eat
  198. rootcanal gone wrong
  199. I hate my flipper
  200. wisdom tooth removal, failure to take canal root
  201. What am I in for??
  202. Front teeth hurt when waking up in morning
  203. replacement of missing teeth with FPD
  204. very bad tooth
  205. tooth removal advice
  206. Are Dentures/Retainer tablet cleaners bad for our health?
  207. what is a hard red lump inside cheek area
  208. Split in my gums
  209. Novacane didnt work?
  210. Denture adhesives or strips
  211. Wisdom tooth on right lower is rotted out and HURTS!!
  212. Lots of work at once and very scared
  213. question
  214. root canals
  215. Wisdom Teeth Changing The Shape Of My Face???
  216. Irritated, bleeding gums
  217. toothache
  218. good night guard
  219. Teeth whitening
  220. Root Canal Question
  221. Question!
  222. sensitive teeth do those tooth pastes really help?
  223. reabsorption
  224. can i get a denture that won't get in the way of my kissing
  225. What about what I want...
  226. Wisdom tooth extraction procedure
  227. Wisdom Tooth Extraction question
  228. Root Canal ...
  229. gum cut
  230. tongue issue
  231. when can i use mouthwash
  232. New immediate dentures stomach problems
  233. Too much dental work - always in pain?
  234. Invisalign and partials?
  235. sore mouth after cleaning?
  236. Wisdom Tooth difficulties
  237. Dentist question
  238. Mouth Revved!
  239. I think my bite is off - Headaches
  240. Bump on Gum
  241. Tooth extraction without replacement?
  242. insurance and sedation
  243. Grinding Problem
  244. Root Canals
  245. Too much sealer causing swelling?
  246. major abcessed tooth w/ swelling jaw and lower palette
  247. long teeth
  248. Bleeding on tooth
  249. Front tooth Loss
  250. Cushion Grip

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