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  1. Recommended Dentist in NW London?
  2. Considering Lower Denture Implant
  3. Any young people here who have had dentures or implants?
  4. Bad Tooth and Health issue
  5. Root Canal Treatment advice needed. Stressed!
  6. Please help- Oral Pain after vomiting stomach acid
  7. Horrible taste/smell from crown
  8. Post-WisdomTeethSurgery Nausea
  9. Pain after crown prep
  10. Overbite
  11. Weird feeling in mouth
  12. Severe Open Bite
  13. Tooth problem - pls help :(
  14. Dental Issues
  15. Root canaled and crowned tooth keeps falling out!
  16. Gum swelling after wisdom tooth extraction
  17. white patch on lower lip , near the teeth ?
  18. advice about abscess
  19. Gum flap surgery/ Wisdom tooth extraction, how pain??
  20. Anybody use fixodent??
  21. molar infected and cracked
  22. Osteomyelitis after wisdom tooth extraction
  23. i lost a prosthetic tooth, what should i do?
  24. Temp Crown needed ASAP!
  25. Tooth extraction after a long infection
  26. Swelling above rebuild
  27. dry socket
  28. Crown and Post (My Fake tooth) Question
  29. Tooth Issues, Just won't end...HELP!
  30. Cavities and Genetics
  31. Preventative pulling of 2nd Molar, is it necessary?
  32. Price to pull a tooth and replace it?
  33. Bad taste in mouth
  34. Front chipped tooth turning very yellow! Please help!!
  35. Root Canal - 2 weeks later tooth pulled
  36. Partial Bridge For One Missing Tooth?
  37. Who is the best Oral surgeon for complicated wisdom tooth extraction?
  38. Bloot Clot on Gums?
  39. Bottom teeth stick out.
  40. Recovery after tooth extraction & sinus hole
  41. Pain after deep cleaning
  42. The effects of braces on reimplanted front teeth?
  43. Advice/Support/help please. Bad teeth/young age.
  44. apicoectomy
  45. Teeth shifting after not wearing retainer.. wisdom teeth blocking them?
  46. Can a dentist ban a patient from his practice?
  47. New Denture Wearer
  48. teeth clenching
  49. one spring retainer vs two price wise
  50. Is this pain normal?
  51. Jaw and tooth discomfort after filling
  52. Should I get dentures?
  53. Teeth Extractions
  54. Implants and denture adhesive
  55. New member(front teeth embarassment)
  56. Will a local anaesthetic be OK for impacted wisdom tooth?
  57. Abnormal Jaw Bone Growth
  58. Filling replacement
  59. Should I be concerned... tooth xray reveals bone dark area
  60. Feeling Down
  61. Where to find functional orthodontics?
  62. Not feeling comfortable with my dental implant crown --what shall I do?
  63. Is a 3/4 Crown an overlay?
  64. horrible taste after root canal
  65. Wisdom Teeth
  66. I just want my bottom teeth back. like they were before the brace! Help?!
  67. :( red patches on the side of my tongue :(
  68. Do I need braces?
  69. Large bump on gums where I had a tooth removed
  70. My tongue is still numb after getting a filling...
  71. hole in gum, wisdom tooth?
  72. salivary stone
  73. abscess
  74. First dentist appointment in 8 years :\
  75. Horrible Dentures!!! Do I have to pay?
  76. bad pain under crowned tooth
  77. in pain
  78. advice on how to stop grinding my teeth
  79. Scratchy tooth with bright white line between tooth and gum?
  80. Mysterious Gum Infection - Please Help
  81. Gum Graft Question
  82. Wisdo Tooth
  83. dental health
  84. Numbness After Novacaine
  85. Jaw Pain and Raised Molar
  86. does this sound like enlarged circumvallate taste buds
  87. Temporary Bridges and Caps
  88. Severe Pain 5 days after Wisdom Teeth Removal
  89. Denture- second thoughts
  90. Swelling after antibiotics
  91. Extractions on a 4 year old after accident
  92. Help! - Bad adjustments after fillings?
  93. Help, having 12 teeth out, what to expect
  94. Face swollen following filling
  95. gum infection? std?
  96. overbite jaw surgery
  97. My Teeth
  98. Dentist filing down filling/teeth too much?
  99. Wisdom Teeth Timeline
  100. Lingual nerve damage
  101. I need to get work done
  102. Nerve pain still there after root canal
  103. What should I do? (front teeth issues)
  104. Left half tongue numb after wisdom tooth surgery
  105. sinus perforation after dental extraction
  106. Question about dentists
  107. Implants have ruined my life... I think
  108. Occlusal amalgam surface optimum cavosurface angle
  109. Burning gums, tongue, inside mouth
  110. Teeth removed-immediate or full denture
  111. Bad Taste with PerioMed
  112. Got top dentures today.
  113. Gums help.
  114. Christensen appliance falling apart
  115. emax all porcelain crowns
  116. My teeth got worse after seeing the dentist? Throbbing and numb teeth
  117. Tooth Infection
  118. Permanent Denture Implants
  119. Dentist Lost Record of Performing Root Canal?
  120. help! Crowns are falling off w/decay underneath
  121. Allergic reaction to dental crowns
  122. TMJ: autologous blood injection to the TMJ
  123. Misery after wisdom teeth removal
  124. Dental
  125. My 4 front teeth...
  126. New Crown with sensitivity? a month later
  127. Help!!! I Need Dentures!!!
  128. two top front teeth
  129. dental pain from hot drinks
  130. Peridontal Disease and its affect on the brain and heart
  131. Root Canal/Crown or Extraction?
  132. Crown
  133. Impacted Wisdom Teeth swelling
  134. Weird tooth problem
  135. Facelift dentures anyone?
  136. Amalgam filling poisoning
  137. Pain 2 months after wisdom tooth extraction
  138. overbite and teeth resting on lip
  139. Need Emotional Help With Dentures
  140. my teeth are falling out and i'm only 37
  141. Tooth trauma - is there anything I can do?
  142. So worried about my teeth!!!
  143. Rotting teeth
  144. Am worried about crown issues
  145. Roof Of mouth Looks Weird? PLEASE HELP!
  146. Roof Of mouth Looks Weird? PLEASE HELP!
  147. Extracted Molars.
  148. Noticed a strange... Something near one of my extraction sites
  149. Full Upper Dentures - Problems
  150. My tooth still hurts after getting cavity filled
  151. Pain in front teeth and 7mm localised pocket :(
  152. Abscess, eye pain and headache
  153. Question about what my options are
  154. Wisdom Tooth Recovery
  155. Orthognatic Surgery anyone?
  156. Pain below bottom front teeth (not sure if it's dental related)
  157. help need advise on what to do.
  158. Can you crown a canine tooth
  159. Gum pocket problem. Need solutions!
  160. Red spot on gum
  161. Swollen lymph gland after tooth extraction
  162. Too deeply drilled filling?
  163. Hole in gum and extreme pain
  164. Teeth and mouth pain
  165. need your help
  166. lump inside the mouth on the rigth cheek
  167. Lump in mouth after biopsy
  168. Painful tooth
  169. Strange Symptoms after Wisdom teeth out
  170. Please help me out with this?
  171. Filled molars
  172. 36 and getting dentures, scared
  173. wisdom tooth bumps
  174. extraction tooth#30 with bone graft
  175. swelling 4 weeks after oral surgery
  176. Crown set was incorrect crown...
  177. Can ultrasonic scaling remove resin composite material...?
  178. Molar teeth removal
  179. tooth and jaw pain
  180. Had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday, wondering what I should look out for
  181. teeth cloning
  182. did i need a crown?
  183. fosamax
  184. Sudden sensitive teeth
  185. Replacing Cerec crown after root canal
  186. Sensitive front teeth
  187. do pain meds cause tooth decay?
  188. Need dentures
  189. Bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction
  190. Pain 11 days after wisdom tooth extraction
  191. Resorption, now what?
  192. Extreme Pain - Root Canal?
  193. Front Upper Dental Splint - Duration?
  194. Dentures
  195. What do I do?
  196. Suggestions After you Have Teeth Pulled
  197. Broken dentures
  198. Extraction site healing, normal or not?
  199. Upper dentures and overbite
  200. Stitches not dissolving - 3 weeks
  201. Weird tooth shape after fillings?
  202. Gap in two front teeth
  203. Filled cavity, can't chew
  204. Pain in many teeth after getting temporary bridge?
  205. teeth aching and headaches
  206. Worries about new resin composites!
  207. Can my teeth under the bridge be fixed?
  208. Just had a Apicoectomy
  209. Lanap gum laser surgery next month! Scared!
  210. Sinus lift by tapping?
  211. 19 & Considering Dentures
  212. Still numb after dental work 6 days ago
  213. Wisdom Tooth extracted, profuse bleeding 10 days later!
  214. so much pain
  215. first cavity
  216. Abscess on molar that had root canal? Extraction or ??
  217. incomplete tooth extraction
  218. Cavity Between Teeth
  219. 7-8 month wait in pain..
  220. Jaw throbbing 3 weeks aftr wisodm teeth removal
  221. unexplained toothache
  222. 25 Full upper and lower dentures. In need of advice
  223. Hellpp ear and teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
  224. post submandibular gland excision question
  225. Dental Implants $$$$$$
  226. FIVE dental visits to re-do a root canal?
  227. Previous RootCanal Tooth Pulled - Extreme Pain! Help?
  228. New filling is causing zings on my tounge
  229. Cut on gum, not healing
  230. Immediate implant & Wisdom tooth removal
  231. 3 Molar extractions , now I have ear pressure
  232. 5 molar extraction, 4 days later, other teeth in pain.
  233. 16 Years Old, Considering Tooth Bonding...
  234. Full Mouth Extraction on the horizon, but need info.
  235. Front Tooth Injury
  236. unexplained pain after root canal
  237. All on 4 Implants
  238. Gum Graft! does any one have any advice??
  239. Worst experience ever
  240. Constant Pain after Fillings
  241. 5 small fillings, now ear and teeth pain
  242. Tooth filling after extraction
  243. my teeth are worn down to the gum
  244. Dental problems causing dizziness, balance problems, and swaying?
  245. Full complete dentures
  246. 26 years old. Full top extractions
  247. Root Canal 8 Years Ago- Alive Again or Start of Infection??
  248. pain 2 years after crown now they say needs root canal
  249. Dentist only partiallly removed teeth
  250. Part of tooth came off, dentist put in temp filling :S

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