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  1. Severe infection/bridge decayed
  2. problems with white fillings
  3. Extraction or Root Canal?
  4. Fixed Bridge disappointment.
  5. White raised lump on inner lower lip
  6. new dentist concerns (hygiene)
  7. Unexplained Gum Recession
  8. Depapillated area on dorsum of tongue
  9. Swollen Gum
  10. Wisdom tooth extraction without sedation?
  11. Went to dentist after 15 years, pain in mouth and questions
  12. killer toothache
  13. Tooth, Jaw, Ear pain after fillings
  14. Please help... Has anyone used Clear Choice?
  15. Really worried and would like some advice please...
  16. Implant help,where to go.
  17. Pain despite gelfoam packing - dry socket?
  18. sinus drainage after multiple extractions
  19. Flexible Partial Plate: How well do they work for you? Any problems?
  20. Pain around back of jaw with swollen inner cheek: wisdom tooth or infection?
  21. 'Shifting' teeth?
  22. Root Canal Problems
  23. Mouth Sore w/ image
  24. Are my tonsils going to grow back?
  25. Gum sore w/ Picture
  26. Root Canal or Extraction
  27. Full Dentures
  28. scared about having all teeth pulled
  29. bubble on soft palate
  30. Any one had more than one cracked tooth at once
  31. Periodontal disease to kids.......
  32. Why root canal is actually needed.......
  33. Back Molar crown chipped from grinding. What will Dentist do?
  34. Complications after dental extraction
  35. Part 1 pre-Implants...Upper Immediate Denture Received
  36. painful,annoying bump or sore in left cheek
  37. How to Remove Tartar From Dentures
  38. Crown & Bridges
  39. Dental Abscess: Failed Root Canal
  40. Out of Options
  41. Does it look like I have an overbite?
  42. No more options
  43. Unexplained symptoms in throat and tooth
  44. Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  45. Is this normal?
  46. Lump on gum after root canal
  47. Gums Remain Making Me Suffer
  48. Root canal nightmare-desperate
  49. partial for front two lower teeth, what kind to get
  50. Pain on bite release after filling.
  51. no cavity but tooth sensitive
  52. Medicine left in gum
  53. First time with a partial (flipper)
  54. bridge or implant
  55. Bad Root Canal?
  56. Bad Root Canal?
  57. Question for Rhody (or anyone else) about herbs
  58. Dental Implants
  59. Can antibiotics cause an orange tongue?
  60. Re-RCT
  61. Frustrated
  62. Has anyone had dental implants, and have taken them out later?
  63. Tooth crumbling, too late for a crown?
  64. Do I have Oral Cancer?
  65. Teeth Out and Top Dentures Scared to Death
  66. Brushing with soap??
  67. Painful Care
  68. The truth about adjusting to Dentures
  69. Overbite
  70. Root Canal and Crown for a tooth with slight inflammation??
  71. I'm 25, wisdom teeth problem, scared, need advice quick.
  72. Pain in tooth after pits in sealant were removed
  73. Filing or Root canal????
  74. Grey tooth after a pop sensation
  75. Gum pulling away from tooth after wisdom tooth surgery
  76. SOMEONE HELP- RootCanal?!
  77. Fixodent Question
  78. Snap on smile vs partial
  79. General anesthesia for oral surgery
  80. Throat Halitosis(bad breath)
  81. Irrigating an abscess properly
  82. How on earth do you decide which is healthier to repair for $$$ or pull #15 moler
  83. Dental Filling Pain 1 mo. later...????
  84. sore gums
  85. Teeth out
  86. Sever PAIN. infected wisdom. no insurance. HELP!!
  87. Infected Wisdom. no insurance. help?
  88. What is the proper age to start Orthodontic Treatment?
  89. Dental Treatment
  90. Please help! Throbbing, Severe pain on one molar but no abscess on x ray?
  91. Lola
  92. Sore in my mouth
  93. isolated crowned tooth sensitivity + sensitive to soft touch...
  94. 3 year old to receive caps on teeth!?!
  95. Abscessed Molar Extraction & Lymph Node Infection?
  96. Anybody have micro-cavities or get micro-fillings?
  97. cracked porcelain onlay
  98. Best Method For Removing Tonsil Stones?
  99. Lumineer removal
  100. Apicoectomy on tooth number # 8
  101. Implant information
  102. acne on the gum near the front tooth.
  103. Hate this partial
  104. Tooth Extraction To be Done on a Broken Tooth
  105. How are you treated as a patient at your dentist?
  106. Is pain in a tooth and bone normal after an onlay?
  107. Questions on Partials - Tooth Extraction....
  108. Fluorosis
  109. Help - Bottom front teeth trouble!
  110. Dry Socket?
  111. Tooth Extraction
  112. Am I stuck with this overbite?
  113. Pain after tooth filling
  114. Chewing Pain!
  115. lump/bubble on toncil
  116. Realistic dentures
  117. Pain after root canal and dental crown put???
  118. dental partial/flipper and teeth grinding
  119. Burning mouth, tongue, and sores in mouth after eating!
  120. Strange (awful) odor after root canal
  121. Reasonable Charge?
  122. In pain? I may be able to help! READ THIS!
  123. Mole on the inside right cheek?
  124. Broken Tooth after Root Canal
  125. How much does it cost to go to the dentist?
  126. How long to heal after molar extraction?
  127. Translucent teeth?
  128. Stiches in my mouth :(
  129. Gum Color After Crown Lengthening?
  130. Feeling very good after anesthesia, normal?
  131. scared, need help
  132. What are the chances I need a bone graft for implant?
  133. Help! Huge pain!
  134. Is my implant tooth too deep?
  135. I think dentist is overcharging me, should I go somewhere else?
  136. painful teeth after root canal please help
  137. My tooth is fixed, but it still hurts. What to do?
  138. Zirconia/Zirconium Tooth Implant anyone?
  139. Braces and elastics
  140. painful mouth
  141. A weird thing with my teeth?
  142. Day 2 of my dentures
  143. Yellow coating on tounge and enlarged taste buds.
  144. Can my retainer make my composite fillings fall out?
  145. neck pain
  146. my tooth feels bruised. what is that? TERRIFIED
  147. Help!! Need information!!
  148. Dry Mouth
  149. Can an infection happen AFTER a tooth extraction site has healed?
  150. implant or bridge??
  151. Silver filling: "Shifting sensation".
  152. Should I get both dentures or one set at a time?
  153. Just Got Wisdom Teeth Out- Are Antibiotics (Clindamycin) Necessary?
  154. my dental bridge makes me sick
  155. No inssurance, embarrised... yell at me until I go to the Dentist
  156. random front tooth pain no sensitivity
  157. nightime grinding cause one tooth to be sensitive???
  158. Dentures -- When is the right time to make that leap?
  159. Embarrassed/Anxiety... Help
  160. Help, are my gums sick?
  161. Wisdom teeth removal
  162. Diastema Bonding question: labial frenectomy needed?
  163. Getting 22 teeth pulled and TERRIFIED!!!
  164. Dental Abscess
  165. Failed Bone Graft?
  166. Pain after Gum Flap Surgery
  167. Straightening without braces
  168. Bad Breath
  169. Please someone help. Root canal and crowned these very painful
  170. Root canal teeth
  171. Tiny hard knots in lower jaw
  172. BONE GRAFT (HELP!!) - What to expect?
  173. Embarrassed about my teeth :(
  174. Sensitivity after Filling
  175. Has anyone used a Dental referer
  176. Anyone get a "Cast Metal Partial Denture"? Are you happy with them?
  177. How much discomfort is there in having a Dental Implant?
  178. Pain where my wisdom teeth use to be.
  179. 5 months after RC and tooth infected again.
  180. erupted wisdom teeth removal-healing time?
  181. Orthodontic Retainer is Cracking?
  182. My Baby Tooth is Still here, I'm 60 years
  183. Apicoectomy have amalagam, not regular root canals...? true?
  184. Ulcer Question....
  185. Diastema Bonding: how long does the operation last?
  186. Aggressive periodontitis after a lot of dental work
  187. Immediate Dentures - have a few questions
  188. Pain after deep wisdom tooth filling
  189. Bone graft with own bone taken from hip area
  190. Deep cleaning & scraping? Help please !
  191. What is this clear bubble under my tongue?
  192. What to do???
  193. when can I put my partial back in my mouth?
  194. Dental Implants-where to begin?
  195. When will dental implant feel normal?
  196. Oral surgery
  197. Can I get away with this?
  198. Tung brush
  199. Cosmetic Dentistry
  200. My modified flossing technique
  201. Now What
  202. Is removal of old amalgams medically necessary?
  203. Sore spot at very top of gum - face and ear pain
  204. Bad Breath
  205. Is my tongue OK? :(
  206. crown lengthening procedure - any tips/feedback
  207. wisdom tooth removal and sleep apnea
  208. New composite filling hurts
  209. Irritated Tooth Nerve - What to do
  210. my post is missing
  211. mental/dental dilemma
  212. Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  213. Wisdom Teeth removed - Stitches painful, cannot sleep. Help!
  214. Chipped/cracked bridge after less than a year
  215. Help! My tooth is killing me!!
  216. Some Questions
  217. full mouth extraction; excruciating pain
  218. Do I need to get a crown and root canal?
  219. jaw lock
  220. Advice for tounge and lip ulcers and acute gingivitus??
  221. Shaved Tooth For Adjacent Tooth Extraction
  222. small bump on roof of mouth
  223. Severe Pain After Extraction - Opposite Side
  224. Tooth abscessed. Am I risking a dangerous situation?
  225. Faceplanted - a piece of porcelain veneer inside lip
  226. Root Canal pain
  227. first time here. Need advice
  228. Horrified! Iím 23 and have to get Dentures!
  229. new denture wearer.
  230. Is my tooth decaying?
  231. Partial Dentures
  232. Painful Lymph node
  233. Wisdom teeth plus a huge list of symptoms
  234. How long do you think I will have to get braces for?
  235. Cut on my Lip from Wisdom Teeth Removal
  236. refund
  237. Dental Implant Curiosity
  238. Actually went thru with it
  239. When can I start working after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
  240. From Dentures to Implants?
  241. How do Dentures Work? (plz help anyone)
  242. Hole In Tooth = Cold Like Symptoms?
  243. External/internal resorption
  244. Cracked tooth led to root canal now throbbing.
  245. excruciating pain...please help!!!
  246. Full mouth extractions after care
  247. Dental Bone Graft in two weeks what should I expect (recovery, pain ect)
  248. Cracked tooth - alternative?
  249. Will removal of large plaque damage my tooth?
  250. chronic pain after dental work

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