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  1. I just don't know...
  2. Can heat sensitivity occur after root canal?
  3. Boyfriend has -awful- teeth!
  4. Multiple extractions
  5. Possible failed root canal? Getting worried...
  6. Impacted Wisdom Part Extraction
  7. Jaw Problems with Novocaine?
  8. lump inside cheek
  9. question about xray machines
  10. Crown Problem
  11. Problem with tooth next to crown.
  12. Broken tooth. Broken jawbone, too?
  13. How to REMOVE Dental Cement from Home ?
  14. HELP best solution for this crooked tooth problem?
  15. BIG MISTAKE ! How to remove dental crown/veneer ?????
  16. I just used Waterpik on my abscess
  17. Apicoectomy on front tooth throbbing-help please!
  18. HELP PLEASE! Veneer Broke in HALF!
  19. lump
  20. Lisping with Maryland bridge
  21. Crown it or Fill it?
  22. Partial vs. Full dentures
  23. Why are my teeth always yellow? Details inside.
  24. Tooth ache is gone Crown but no root canal
  25. question
  26. Save your loose teeth!
  27. Gum piece hanging over cracked wisdon tooth
  28. Numbness after wisdom teeth removal
  29. Can over use of mouthwash's cause burning in throat / roof of mouth
  30. Cavity Pain
  31. Mouth skin peeling
  32. remake of intermediate upper plate
  33. Doctor or Dentist for this?
  34. dental bridge
  35. HELP - weird bone/tooth in gums after tooth extraction
  36. Veneers
  37. Dentist help
  38. TMJ on right side after left side wisom tooth removal
  39. tooth extraction
  40. Bite adjustments
  41. Pain in back right lower jaw and back tooth...
  42. Pair of teeth being pushed inwards
  43. root canal removal
  44. Expectations from dentist
  45. looking for experinced dentist in New York city
  46. Bad breath from mouth and nose 3 years don't know what else to do!! Please help
  47. Is this a cavity?
  48. San Diego
  49. Gap between molars after wisdom teeth extraction: bite adjustment?
  50. Can something be done
  51. Problems after Root Canal
  52. question about my abscess/permanent crown
  53. Tooth shoved into the gum
  54. Temp Crown/Root canal
  55. Anti-anxiety meds help tooth pain from malocclusion?
  56. Lingering Complications/Concerns post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  57. Denture problems
  58. First visit to dentist in years, sore mouth
  59. IV Sedation Side Effects?
  60. Tooth is bothering me too
  61. Chipped tooth
  62. Can Periodontal Disease cause Thirst and dry mouth feeling?
  63. Allergies with Dental Implants
  64. Ease of taking out implants?
  65. Gingivitis?/Candida? or im crazy???
  66. Diagnodent Laser
  67. Could untreated upper tooth root absess/infection cause whole body nerve problems?
  68. Horrible stain on my tongue, please help!
  69. Please Help! My Dental Veneer Fell off and Im worried SICK!
  70. Wisdom Teeth Surgery
  71. Is bone graft needed for dentures?
  72. One side of gum's swollen for years
  73. Worsening jaw pain and swelling from wisdom growing in
  74. Extra tooth
  75. Tooth extraction at home
  76. Pericoronitis Worry
  77. Painful tooth and dry socket help!
  78. Temp Crown possible off??
  79. Giant Tooth
  80. Pain after filling
  81. Difficulty Getting Numb?
  82. 12 year molar/wisdom tooth
  83. Wisdom teeth extraction one week on
  84. peridontal disease
  85. Abscess tooth & shortness of breath
  86. Dental Problems, any ideas?
  87. Post Root Canal Question
  88. my tongue is white and hurts. i am taking anti rejection meds for a kidney transplan
  89. Problems after tooth extraction... Please Help!
  90. Little bumps on lower lip
  91. Hole in sinus
  92. gas gangrene in tooths root
  93. tooth ache
  94. Is there a way to make my teeth less sensitive to cold?
  95. Root Canal
  96. New Dentures
  97. Root canal retreatment
  98. pulpitis with no pain?
  99. Is my tooth dying?
  100. Financial problems because of brain anuerysm
  101. Which Toothbrush is Really Better - Manual or Electric?
  102. Soft bump on small palate
  103. Dentist anxiety, and help, advice, and comfort needed!! :(
  104. Bleeding 6 days wisdom teeth post-op
  105. Pain/Discomfort after crown prep
  106. Question about face/teeth pain?
  107. New Dentures - source of speech exercises?
  108. Information about dental flippers. Please help.
  109. dentist wants to pull 3 teeth
  110. jaw and now ear ache after root canal and crown
  111. help me!!!i am suffer about 1year ago
  112. Bone loss around tooth
  113. 2yo getting 6yo molars?
  114. US Dentist left Cotton under husbands crown... irony!
  115. Post Dental Work Pain
  116. Is daily salt water rinse bad for my bridge?
  117. Can teeth be dyed using food coloring?
  118. Nitrous caused jaw numbness?
  119. Gum Grafting Problem
  120. What should I do about this dentist
  121. need advice! some weird discomfort
  122. hard painless lump on my gum
  123. Maxillary Protection face mask for 4 yr girl ?
  124. bottom dentures, need help please
  125. On and Off Very Bad Breath..So Should I See?
  126. Avoid bridges and unnecessary root canals
  127. Large bump where tooth was pulled months ago
  128. abcess tooth
  129. periodontal desease please help
  130. How can I whiten my teeth?
  131. After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Mouth Hygiene
  132. Crown Discomfort -- Only Given Antibiotics?
  133. Help!!!
  134. Pain
  135. tongue
  136. please can you help in agony and worried
  137. Front bottom teeth pain and money woes. Braces? Wisdom teeth?
  138. Small Red Veins Behind Upper Molars... Normal or not?
  139. i did it!
  140. Filling on top of a root
  141. Wisdom tooth
  142. terrified to have teeth pulled!
  143. wish me luck!
  144. Bottom dentures :-( Help/support please
  145. Advice on a failed tooth extraction?
  146. Help!!! Anyone with good idea
  147. root canal on second last tooth, extract?
  148. Fixing a bite issue
  149. Problem after Oral Surgery
  150. no help
  151. Horrified of Laughing Gas/Twilight Sleep
  152. My taste buds are acting funny and smell as well
  153. lower 8 extractions
  154. Permanent crowns
  155. Problems eating with dentures
  156. What if CT scan shows spot on lower jaw
  157. Cracks and white bits on my tongue
  158. I am having 8 bottom front teeth extracted.
  159. Having all top pulled
  160. Tooth Ache
  161. New crown on root filled tooth
  162. molar needs root canal but still potentially infected
  163. Jaw Pain after crown installed???
  164. Bottom teeth
  165. 3 weeks after wisdom teeth removal pain has returned worse than ever
  166. Sensitivity to Heat
  167. Root canal & crown nightmare
  168. 1 tooth crooked
  169. new to dentures
  170. Gum Problems behind back molar, flap of skin/gum lifts up
  171. Xylitol--does it really work?
  172. Are my teeth ruined forever?
  173. Recurring brown stains
  174. Crown Issue
  175. trouble with molar number 18
  176. Broken tooth ):
  177. Bite problems
  178. Enhancing bone regrowth?
  179. How to find a dentist who does dentures
  180. wisdom teeth problem
  181. is brushing with baking soda only ok?
  182. Removal of Wisdom Teeth without Anesthesia?
  183. have i got a tooth abcess?
  184. Raleigh NC area Denture assist please
  185. teeth relapsed because i didnt wear reatiners. what are my options?
  186. what medical insurance should i go with
  187. Green & Black Tongue
  188. See teeth through gums
  189. Conflicting Advice/Confused
  190. 22 years old & need dentures...
  191. Tooth chipped, gum is sore and looks inflamed. What is it and what should I do?
  192. pain on my leftside of neck
  193. Spot on Gum
  194. Waited 6 mos for dentures, cant have one!
  195. Sedation
  196. Not sure what to think of this office.
  197. Numb right side of lip and chin
  198. Dentist broke my tooth off - need advice
  199. Bone Grafting and Implants
  200. That next dental X-ray
  201. Full mouth extraction
  202. File broken in Root canal
  203. Swollen Gum Neer Root Canal Tooth
  204. Scar tissue inside upper lip
  205. Dental Implants - Minnesota
  206. Apicoectomy - Healing - Scared
  207. Getting 2 teeth removed...
  208. Semi-broken wisdom tooth :(
  209. Questions about fillings
  210. 3 months after wisdom teeth removal
  211. Gum pulled back very far on front tooth
  212. wisdom tooth problems 3 weeks later?
  213. Is my tooth falling out?
  214. Filling/Hole/Bleeding
  215. Is this abuse?
  216. Permanent crown issues
  217. ATypical Facial Pain
  218. Infection after temporary crown...
  219. wisdom tooth extraction pain, normal? I'm 50 yrs old
  220. Desperate PLEASE HELP Crown came off & NO post it there !!
  221. Root Canal Issues
  222. I Think I've Been Scammed With LANAP
  223. Tooth broke and teeth stone - PICS included
  224. pain & swelling widom teeth area
  225. Temporary/immediate dentures
  226. Does it make sense to get dental implants one at a time?
  227. Neck Bump under jaw and right below left earlobe. Trouble swallowing. Low grade fever
  228. getting full set dentures
  229. dental problems/rotten teeth
  230. Impacted wisdom tooth very close to nerve, advice appreciated
  231. extreme fear getting ready for wisdom tooth removal
  232. New wisdom tooth causing ear fulness and ache
  233. Removable denture
  234. need positive comments on getting upper dentures
  235. Pain months after teeth extractions
  236. dull ache in jaw after filling
  237. Lump deep in cheek tissue
  238. Lingering tooth pain
  239. Swelling 4 days after wisdom teeth extracted
  240. Swollen Hard Lump On Gums HELP!!
  241. 13 re-visits
  242. Pain can last awhile after tooth pulled
  243. Severe pain please help
  244. Like a Blister in my floor of mouth ?
  245. Really really bad breath... pls help!!
  246. Crown that takes 2 hours to put in?
  247. MRI and metal posts under teeth
  248. RSD and Dental Work
  249. root canals?
  250. Problems after extraction

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