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  1. Major tarter / plaque behind front bottom teeth
  2. Dental Hygiene
  3. new dentures are causing gums to burn
  4. bad breath--what have you you tried?
  5. Feels like the endodontist is like a mechanic- relying on ignorance
  6. Loose upper denture
  7. 38 and getting dentures ...Im soo scared
  8. Incoming wisdom tooth/gum sensitive to solid objects, red flag or no?
  9. Does Your Root Canal Feel Normal??
  10. 14 teeth removed in one sitting
  11. Hard White lump?
  12. Anyone Have Root Canal That Feels Weird??
  13. new plate
  14. What's going on with rct tooth?
  15. I feel like crying
  16. Packing cord possibly left in??
  17. Second root canal 5 years later???
  18. Two cavities and six more developing
  19. loose tooth
  20. Ugggghh sore tooth!
  21. dentures..still cannot eat
  22. Tooth pain on tapping or biting
  23. 2 Front Teeth knocked out, and one Loose
  24. sensitive teeth
  25. Question about wisdom tooth extraction
  26. new dentures
  27. Half numb tongue
  28. Valium for 6 year old?
  29. Excessive gum bleeding around crown....
  30. Exposed Root Solutions
  31. implants for dentures abroad
  32. tooth ache pain
  33. tongue 'uneven' on one side, from pulled tooth?
  34. Wound on tongue caused by mouth wash
  35. Duration of numbness after orthognathic surgery
  36. Strange Bump with Circle in Mouth
  37. Appliance for pushing tooth forward - anyone have experience?
  38. new dentures . extractions
  39. Dental abscess causing stomach pain?
  40. molar black near gumline/gum border?cavity or discoloration?
  41. Bubble formed on gums
  42. i don't think i can wait much longer
  43. Bad bridge?
  44. Help with pain after a filling
  45. just had all teeth pulled and dentures put in the same day.
  46. Loose teeth under dental bridge
  47. Heart Problem After Root Canal?
  48. Bite problems
  49. Grandma
  50. Do I need jaw surgery?
  51. One front tooth capped; other one, too?
  52. Can excessive plaque or scaling move teeth?
  53. Root Canal Re-Treat Confusion
  54. Ohhh my aching crowned tooth!!! (after 10 years)
  55. abcess???
  56. Mouthwash & Floss: Can They Hurt?
  57. My tongue is really hurting
  58. Why is there a hole in my gums?! [w/ pictures]
  59. crown unable to chew
  60. My Tooth Clicks when something cold Is Placed on it...what is it????
  61. Deep Cavity filled- pain?
  62. Do I really need a bite adjustment?
  63. Front tooth cracked.
  64. Dental implants
  65. 13 year old w/ pacifier?
  66. Bone loss
  67. Embarrassed...
  68. Small white pieces inside mouth.
  69. Anyone had implant abutment changed???
  70. Anyone regret getting veneers?
  71. Feel like I am going to crack!
  72. Half tongue numb after wisdom tooth surgery
  73. Plaque or Crumbling Teeth?!
  74. Hurt mouth in fall
  75. Fractured Root -- do I HAVE TO extract it?
  76. Wrong tooth!!!
  77. root canal 2 parts please help
  78. Dental Infection in mid stages. ?
  79. Wisdom tooth question
  80. Can an old dental implant be removed??
  81. Relyx bonding material allergy
  82. Problem with Crowned/RCT tooth
  83. Alternative for crowns?
  84. Can Chewing Ice Hurt Root Canal?????
  85. 2nd Molar Shift After Wisdom Tooth Extraction???
  86. Ready to Just Pull It???
  87. So Very Sad and In Pain
  88. Wisdom tooth extraction- bleeding 5 days after.
  89. strange clusters of small bumps on my gumline
  90. infected wisdom teeth, swollen throat, dizzy, what to do???
  91. uvula and gagging, input?
  92. Does this look like Oral Hairy Leukoplakia?
  93. cleaning around implants
  94. Implants, Hyperplasia anyone?
  95. implants
  96. Root Canal Sensitive When I Press on It
  97. I just got my tooth internally bleached...
  98. new toothpaste
  99. Cracked root, headaches
  100. Severe pain after tooth shaving
  101. please help, miserable. Infection after wisdom teeth removal!
  102. A valium before a dental procedure
  103. I am just about done with it all!
  104. Importance of dental hygiene was never taught to me
  105. Tooth Hurt when I press it?
  106. Horrible Bad Breath 5 months after CROWN LENGTHENING
  107. pastes and powders
  108. big lump on inside of cheek
  109. RCT Tooth sensitive - will Crown Help?
  110. Yellow teeth
  111. Grinding/Clenching help!
  112. relines
  113. Periodontal Ligament Widening on tooth holding Maryland Bridge?
  114. Front Tooth Extraction a week ago...
  115. My baby teeth are my permanent teeth? Please help!
  116. Root canal question
  117. Teeth moving outwards on one side, sinus cyst above them
  118. Broken molar...help?
  119. Rapid Pulse/Palpitations due to tooth infection?
  120. Peridontal Scam?
  121. Broken teeth
  122. Dental Implants
  123. Is my daily routine too much?
  124. Lymphocytes in tooth infection ?
  125. disgusted with lower denture
  126. Silver filling but no cavity
  127. Temp Crown - Root Canal - Ache
  128. Infection, wisdom tooth removal
  129. Dental Abscess Question - I saw a dentist already!
  130. Pain in other teeth after crown put in. :( hELP!
  131. Had a wisdom tooth extraction a month ago and now have throbbing & excruciating pain
  132. Root canal a few years ago and now have pain.
  133. can I go for braces ?
  134. urgent: Temporary Pain Relief for old root canal?
  135. embarrassed to go to the dentist. please help.
  136. PReventing cavitation with wisdom tooth removal
  137. Infected teeth?
  138. Gums between teeth
  139. Help! Antibiotics not working for extreme infection.
  140. dental pain
  141. Partial front denture
  142. bleeding gums
  143. root canal filling
  144. Im so upset :(
  145. strange symptom
  146. Grey area between mollar (cavity? crack?)
  147. what is gingivitis
  148. is there a way to get help with getting dentures?
  149. Dark Tooth
  150. Orthodondist Recommendation Required
  151. oral surgeon found a black circle on the x-ray
  152. i'm getting sour taste after wisdom tooth impaction
  153. Jaw was broken bone sticking through gum
  154. Tooth nerve pain - dentists can't find anything
  155. why does my tongue bleed when I brush it
  156. Dental Woes of an Army vet... suggestions, or help, or advice would be appreciated.
  157. Need an advice on treatment options
  158. 6 months of pain w/new bridge crown
  159. Root Canal Pain after 5 years
  160. Hole visible an hour after wisdom teeth extraction
  161. Gum disease and food getting stuck
  162. reaction to dental powders, adhesives
  163. Aww, You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!
  164. tooth pain the whole right side
  165. antibiotic reactions
  166. Cavity Filled - Now tooth pain
  167. when is root planing necessary
  168. Opinions about My dentist appointment (gum recession)
  169. Brtidge V's Denture
  170. Dentist damaged my gums!!!
  171. Painless lump on my gum near one of my back teeth
  172. neck pain after wisdom tooth removal
  173. I can see a blob of blood hanging off the spot were my tooth was just pulled!!
  174. 22 teeth pulled and immediate dentures put in
  175. lymph nodes from mouth problems? I need help
  176. Gum abscess - any tips?
  177. pain in side of face & neck after extraction
  178. Dry socket pain - how long?
  179. got a toothache need advice
  180. Acid Erosion
  181. Listerine Zero
  182. PLEASE PLEASE HELPP. Horizontally Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  183. Don't want my tooth pulled but ... :(
  184. exposed jawbone after oral surgery
  185. Crown too high, other problems with crown
  186. Closing Gaps
  187. bump like on upper cheek
  188. got lower denture
  189. Teeth that with age go grey
  190. immediate dentures broke
  191. teeth rubbing while sleeping
  192. Pain after having crown work
  193. White patch on gum
  194. Can crown's be lightened?
  195. what did you pay for your dentures
  196. Whitening gums
  197. Wisdom teeth and neck pain?
  198. Valium and Nitrous Oxide Combination
  199. Getting crowns and bridge
  200. ouch!!
  201. one 3rd of my front tooth broke off
  202. Help
  203. missing filling
  204. anyone have nitrous oxide for extractions?
  205. Infected Taste Bud?
  206. teeth whitening side effects?
  207. Top and bottom teeth hurt - why?
  208. wisdom teeth need to be removed badly!
  209. getting new dentures
  210. Black Spot
  211. Gum burning feeling between 2 teeth
  212. "skin tag" on tongue
  213. what can i expect from relined dentures?
  214. part denture to full denture ?
  215. I have been in severe pain for about 6 months now.
  216. Irritating gum pain
  217. Osteomyelitis in the Jaw
  218. Tooth Roots Growing Sideways, Really?
  219. Tongue and Mouth biting while chewing
  220. Alternative To Root Canal
  221. Unsuccessful root canal.
  222. Does root canal therapy pains?
  223. Strange dark tooth/bone tip
  224. 7 monht after tooth pulled still problems
  225. loose teeth after flossing
  226. how dentist kills the nerve in a tooth ?
  227. Molar question
  228. Drilled my tongue
  229. Dentist help: Sore mouth, and black stuff.
  230. wisdom tooth frustrated
  231. decayed wisdom tooth
  232. lost all teeth dont want to wear dentures
  233. Gum pain
  234. Bad teeth, I don't know where to start.
  235. Broken tooth
  236. implant supported denture surgery scheduled - I'm scared!
  237. Multiple Problems
  238. what causes bleeding from brushing the tongue?
  239. Dental Fear!! Help!!!
  240. 3 fillings turned into 3 rootcanals...is this normal?
  241. Wisdom teeth WITH braces :(
  242. dental surgery and hert attack
  243. lower teeth extraction
  244. Age 40 wisdom need wisdom teeth removed
  245. Tooth Extraction dident go to plan
  246. My implant experience
  247. Crowns
  248. crown or bonded tooth
  249. Teeth feel wierd!
  250. Tooth infection

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