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  1. Can my retainer make my composite fillings fall out?
  2. neck pain
  3. my tooth feels bruised. what is that? TERRIFIED
  4. Help!! Need information!!
  5. Dry Mouth
  6. Can an infection happen AFTER a tooth extraction site has healed?
  7. implant or bridge??
  8. Silver filling: "Shifting sensation".
  9. Should I get both dentures or one set at a time?
  10. Just Got Wisdom Teeth Out- Are Antibiotics (Clindamycin) Necessary?
  11. my dental bridge makes me sick
  12. No inssurance, embarrised... yell at me until I go to the Dentist
  13. random front tooth pain no sensitivity
  14. nightime grinding cause one tooth to be sensitive???
  15. Dentures -- When is the right time to make that leap?
  16. Embarrassed/Anxiety... Help
  17. Help, are my gums sick?
  18. Wisdom teeth removal
  19. Diastema Bonding question: labial frenectomy needed?
  20. Getting 22 teeth pulled and TERRIFIED!!!
  21. Dental Abscess
  22. Failed Bone Graft?
  23. Pain after Gum Flap Surgery
  24. Straightening without braces
  25. Bad Breath
  26. Please someone help. Root canal and crowned these very painful
  27. Root canal teeth
  28. Tiny hard knots in lower jaw
  29. BONE GRAFT (HELP!!) - What to expect?
  30. Embarrassed about my teeth :(
  31. Sensitivity after Filling
  32. Has anyone used a Dental referer
  33. Anyone get a "Cast Metal Partial Denture"? Are you happy with them?
  34. How much discomfort is there in having a Dental Implant?
  35. Pain where my wisdom teeth use to be.
  36. 5 months after RC and tooth infected again.
  37. erupted wisdom teeth removal-healing time?
  38. Orthodontic Retainer is Cracking?
  39. My Baby Tooth is Still here, I'm 60 years
  40. Apicoectomy have amalagam, not regular root canals...? true?
  41. Ulcer Question....
  42. Diastema Bonding: how long does the operation last?
  43. Aggressive periodontitis after a lot of dental work
  44. Immediate Dentures - have a few questions
  45. Pain after deep wisdom tooth filling
  46. Bone graft with own bone taken from hip area
  47. Deep cleaning & scraping? Help please !
  48. What is this clear bubble under my tongue?
  49. What to do???
  50. when can I put my partial back in my mouth?
  51. Dental Implants-where to begin?
  52. When will dental implant feel normal?
  53. Oral surgery
  54. Can I get away with this?
  55. Tung brush
  56. Cosmetic Dentistry
  57. My modified flossing technique
  58. Now What
  59. Is removal of old amalgams medically necessary?
  60. Sore spot at very top of gum - face and ear pain
  61. Bad Breath
  62. Is my tongue OK? :(
  63. crown lengthening procedure - any tips/feedback
  64. wisdom tooth removal and sleep apnea
  65. New composite filling hurts
  66. Irritated Tooth Nerve - What to do
  67. my post is missing
  68. mental/dental dilemma
  69. Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  70. Wisdom Teeth removed - Stitches painful, cannot sleep. Help!
  71. Chipped/cracked bridge after less than a year
  72. Help! My tooth is killing me!!
  73. Some Questions
  74. full mouth extraction; excruciating pain
  75. Do I need to get a crown and root canal?
  76. jaw lock
  77. Advice for tounge and lip ulcers and acute gingivitus??
  78. Shaved Tooth For Adjacent Tooth Extraction
  79. small bump on roof of mouth
  80. Severe Pain After Extraction - Opposite Side
  81. Tooth abscessed. Am I risking a dangerous situation?
  82. Faceplanted - a piece of porcelain veneer inside lip
  83. Root Canal pain
  84. first time here. Need advice
  85. Horrified! Iím 23 and have to get Dentures!
  86. new denture wearer.
  87. Is my tooth decaying?
  88. Partial Dentures
  89. Painful Lymph node
  90. Wisdom teeth plus a huge list of symptoms
  91. How long do you think I will have to get braces for?
  92. Cut on my Lip from Wisdom Teeth Removal
  93. refund
  94. Dental Implant Curiosity
  95. Actually went thru with it
  96. When can I start working after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
  97. From Dentures to Implants?
  98. How do Dentures Work? (plz help anyone)
  99. Hole In Tooth = Cold Like Symptoms?
  100. External/internal resorption
  101. Cracked tooth led to root canal now throbbing.
  102. excruciating pain...please help!!!
  103. Full mouth extractions after care
  104. Dental Bone Graft in two weeks what should I expect (recovery, pain ect)
  105. Cracked tooth - alternative?
  106. Will removal of large plaque damage my tooth?
  107. chronic pain after dental work
  108. Bone Graft - Anyone have this done before?
  109. How long should I be in pain after crown?
  110. Upper Extractions w/Temp. Denture Prior to Implants
  111. Periodontal question- gum ache or nerve damage
  112. denture adhesive
  113. Wisdoms Out with Local Anesthesia?
  114. Bleeding wisdom tooth?
  115. Need help please- 4 surface cavity?
  116. will a spring retainer fix my crooked tooth?
  117. Is this too much Penicillin?
  118. Austin dental
  119. Numbness after Apicoectomy
  120. Grey lines inside front teeth..help, please ?
  121. Lopsided Upper Denture
  122. 12 yr old Perm. Front Tooth Turning Grey - What to Avoid doing?
  123. Dental Bone Graft Infection?
  124. Please help anyone Do i have tmj
  125. Surgeon cracked molar next to wisdom tooth during extraction
  126. root bifurcation
  127. Wisdom tooth extraction recovery
  128. Root scaling & planing
  129. Ummm, Tooth Still Sensitive After Multiple Fillings?
  130. Large lump over front teeth?
  131. wisdom teeth/really scared
  132. wisdom teeth pulled
  133. I'd like to whiten but 8 & 9 chipped, what's best long term approach?
  134. did root canal cause facial tightness?
  135. Anybody? Somebody? No more money left!!
  136. Terrified of Dry Socket
  137. Killing a nerve without root canal surgery
  138. A Rather New Filling Has Begun Experiencing Pain
  139. Severe tooth decay. Thinking about full dentures.
  140. Nagging tooth pain
  141. Do I really need root scaling...again!?!
  142. How long can I put off Wisdom Teeth removal?
  143. What is the difference between...
  144. I Think My Dentist Has A Mortgage Payment Coming Up...
  145. Nitrous (laughing gas) at the dentist
  146. Broken Crown on tooth with root canal done
  147. Gum pain 2 months after extraction?
  148. extreme decay under crown!
  149. Phantom Pain?
  150. When expanding upper palate/arch ...
  151. Crown dilemma
  152. White bump on roof of mouth
  153. Tongue irritation for 12 weeks
  154. Porc Crowns Fused Together
  155. Poorly Done Root Canal.... how dangerous?
  156. Lip and Chin Numb for about 25 days now after Wisdom Teeth Removal.
  157. What was this lump under my tongue?
  158. does this look like oral leukoplakia?
  159. Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary?
  160. grayish/brownish between crowded teeth
  161. 9 upper teeth extracted Thursday
  162. Cavities between teeth - cant see or feel
  163. This tongue coating is killing my confidence
  164. pimpel + infection
  165. Wisdom Teeth
  166. young endodontist..old vs new..Opinions please
  167. White patches on inner cheeks
  168. Extreme pain in a filing when eating hot food
  169. Mind Boggling Tongue
  170. my son is 6 years old and his front teeth are black?
  171. Lower Denture Plate Question
  172. Dental implant
  173. failed rc +post removal???
  174. Can I Get My Money Back If I Don't Attend Appointment
  175. Extremely painful jaw and abscess..
  176. Untreated Tooth Pain
  177. Interpreting a dental CT Scan
  178. Can a cleaning cause issues???
  179. How long is a RCT molar normally sore for?
  180. Extracting wisdom teeth
  181. White pimple like bump on roof of mouth
  182. teeth gone up into the gums 10 years old
  183. Root Canal Pain
  184. Broken Tooth Repair
  185. Gum Graft
  186. 14 Cavities
  187. would you go back...ungloved unmasked dentist?
  188. Hole Where New Bridge Meets Gum
  189. Many teeth have sensitivity suddenly
  190. inflamed ligament vs abcess???
  191. I love chewing - is it a problem?
  192. Bone Graft (using own bone) for implant - Anyone had this done before?
  193. Bilateral dry socket treatments not working
  194. blood clot in socket
  195. Buck Teeth with big over bite!
  196. How to take care of permanent porcelain crowns?
  197. Jdorok tooth and jaw pain
  198. please help. cavities
  199. Help Please!!
  200. Should I get amalgam or composite fillings for bicuspids?
  201. Crown/root canal opinion?
  202. Gum graft surgery
  203. Root canal impact on future health
  204. Dental Implant pain---doc says nothing wrong
  205. Tooth discomfort after deep cavity filling
  206. Pain after root canal three weeks later bad sign?
  207. swollen lymphnodes/glands and teeth problems related???
  208. Something on my gum line
  209. Limited jaw movement after root canal
  210. Upper Molar pulled, and sinus issues
  211. Just had a root canal on a molar done
  212. Dental flipper question ?
  213. Deep Bite: Possible Effects on Voice
  214. Why is my Root Canal is hurting the day after?
  215. Flap Surgery 3 days ago
  216. Overbite + missing 2nd premolars + jaw too far back problems... help?
  217. Extraction and implant or try braces to fill in hole?
  218. dead skin or white gungy stuff in mouth
  219. Tooth Whitening
  220. bonding
  221. Tooth Sensitivity in my son
  222. I have to get dentures at the tender age 37
  223. Clear small bumps on gum near wisdom teeth.
  224. dental crowns
  225. oxide and diabetes
  226. need help badly, in so much pain
  227. Weird extra layer-like feeling behind teeth
  228. I need to have it not filled.
  229. Need some info on teeth bonding
  230. Flying with infected gums
  231. Gums healing after quitting smoking?
  232. Can Periodontal pockets improve with home care only?
  233. Tooth Abscess and Jaw Locked Shut
  234. THyroid and Lymph nodes connection??
  235. What is a good way to get my teeth reallly clean???
  236. Dentures I hate them
  237. Loose Tooth
  238. Bad dental work
  239. Crown or Bridge
  240. Tooth & jaw ache
  241. Wisdom tooth infection or Nerve pain. ?
  242. My jaw "ticks" after impacted wisdom tooth extraction
  243. Bleeding gums & dry lips
  244. feeling pain in my gums
  245. suggest most experienced & professional Dentist For Dental Implants in New York
  246. root canal re-treatment..HELP!
  247. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  248. bridge has blue tinge
  249. Terrible, Throbbing Jaw and Chin Pain 3 weeks after Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Help! :(
  250. Why is there a hole in my gums?! [w/ pictures]

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