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  1. Help, questions re tooth removal
  2. Part of tooth broke off around filling - help
  3. Dental X-ray question
  4. Periodontal Disease - Deep Cleaning Questions
  5. Bad Breath caused by dry mouth ( i believe).
  6. LADD syndrome and speech
  7. Temporary filling after root canal question
  8. Two lumps in my x rays.
  9. Bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction
  10. Front Tooth knocked out...bad gum damage?
  11. dentures-a new life
  12. Is Periodontitis genetic?
  13. Pain after extraction
  14. Symptoms after scaling & root planing :(
  15. Tooth abscesses causing sinus problems, blood in ear?
  16. Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Molar Pain
  17. Healed gum tissue, bad taste
  18. Periodontal exam
  19. Bad Smelling Breath
  20. Lump In The Floor Of The Mouth
  21. Wisdom teeth extraction
  22. one tooth receding gum line?
  23. on easter my front left tooth got punched in.
  24. Getting lower partial - FREAKING out!
  25. Do I really need to go through with my Underbite surgery?
  26. Which Product(s)
  27. Brown fim on one of my teeth
  28. What do I do with this?
  29. fixed retainer
  30. Swollen Lip
  31. Tooth throbbing
  32. Is this normal for recovery from teeth pulling?
  33. Cavities and grinding!
  34. Do wisdom teeth always need to be out for braces?
  35. crown lengthening-- really necessary?
  36. Teeth sensitivity
  37. wisdom tooth extracted
  38. Has anyone reduced their gingivitis (gum disease) thru diet?
  39. Reoccuring Bump on the Roof of My Mouth
  40. Cheek, Jaw, Ear, Eye, Tooth Pain
  41. Root Canal? Really?
  42. how long do i have to wait?
  43. Was not told appropriate cost of my root canal
  44. Need dentures
  45. mydentalimagenightmare
  46. Question about my new fillings.
  47. So what kind of filling was I given .. Confused .. help
  48. Adjacent teeth pain after filling
  49. having tingling in face after an extraction!
  50. Dentist didn't help :(
  51. Looking for dentist in New York area
  52. Pain in my gums
  53. Worst dental experience ever
  54. very painful to chew
  55. Root Canal Retreatment - Who pays?
  56. Failed root canal.
  57. adult teething
  58. Inflammation/bleeding/discoloration of gums due to wisdom teeth?
  59. Teeth extraction+skin sensitivity
  60. dental flipper
  61. Pain in tooth with no live nerve
  62. can I have repeat apico?
  63. problems with my teeth strengthning
  64. Skin Necrosis after novacaine shot with epinephrine
  65. length of dental appointments
  66. What is wrong with my Tongue??
  67. Jaw Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  68. Do I need root canal treatment?
  69. dentition
  70. Shifting teeth for no reason or something else?
  71. Debris in Gums
  72. Tooth issues...help!!!!
  73. Do I need a flipper
  74. Bonding residue left on teeth after braces
  75. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  76. root tip exposed
  77. Numb Teeth
  78. Gum/tooth pressure
  79. Just had LANAP procedure - help!
  80. Single crooked tooth
  81. Getting wisdom teeth out in a couple months
  82. I "want" dentures & need advice
  83. Teeth Eroding Quickly
  84. Tooth Extraction Site Not Healing
  85. Spots on the gums
  86. Tooth Sensitivity
  87. Facial Nerve pain
  88. Why Bad Breath Often Persist Even After Treatment
  89. Tooth Extraction And Alcohol
  90. Need some urgent advice please?
  91. No pockets, can they come back in months?
  92. Question about gums?
  93. Should I be worried about my wisdom tooth?
  94. Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Dull Pain and Ear Ache?
  95. lumineers. my story
  96. serious dental problems/what to do
  97. Hidden Infection? Endodontist wants tooth pulled, help!
  98. Sensitivity after gum surgery
  99. Swollen Gums
  100. Receding Gums - help!
  101. Broken tooth
  102. Frustrated Please help
  103. small bumps in mouth
  104. Temporary Crown today
  105. Fillings
  106. Is it safe to whiten with a cracked molar?
  107. swelling covering infected wisdom tooth
  108. Big Crowns and Gum Disease?
  109. Tori removal, gum issue
  110. I think I have Osteo also
  111. 2 Apicoectomys gone wrong
  112. Help! Temporary Crown Cracked Off...
  113. Help! Pain after recent extraction & cold sensitivity
  114. bits of bone coming from gums after complete extraction
  115. Any advice on flexible partials?
  116. Horrible Dental Hygeine. Need recommendations on course of action
  117. Severe Pain even after Root Canal
  118. Valplast
  119. intense molar pain after wisdom teeth removed
  120. Need help: Tooth hurts after 3 monhts of root canal.
  121. Loose Fitting Dentures
  122. PLEASE HELP. Something sticking out of gum.
  123. Broken roots after root canal
  124. jaw pain after a routine cleaning
  125. Dental Emergency - please help!
  126. Slight wiggle?
  127. Two front teeth are loose, one chipped
  128. Wisdom teeth pain - can't get a consultation until April 19?
  129. Gum disease in early 20s
  130. Question about bite adjustment
  131. Had Fillings done now having bite problems
  132. Tooth pain after composite filling?
  133. Sensitive teeth/Exposed nerve
  134. gaps between teeth...
  135. Root canal or extraction?? Need pain relief..
  136. root canal with a crown in place
  137. Rinsing my mouth with salted Water
  138. Filling problem?
  139. Leaking Filling?
  140. Getting my wisdom teeth out
  141. Unhealing cut in gum and some achey issues
  142. Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, South Carolina
  143. want an implant
  144. Combo bruxism/retainer device?
  145. Root Canal Still Sensitive After One Year
  146. Swelling
  147. Post wisdom tooth extraction - 24/7 headache
  148. Small red spots on side of tongue
  149. Skip the Scale and Root Plane and just go for the Bone Graft?
  150. Problems caused by wisdom teeth?
  151. Bad breath is no joke
  152. upcoming tooth extraction and anxiety/depression
  153. Loose crowns/bridges?
  154. Deep cavity filled and it's killing me! :/
  155. Extremely scared please tell me whats going on with my body
  156. Temporary bridge questions
  157. Dentist wants to pull 3 bottom molars?! HELP PLEASE
  158. 21 year old about to get dentures. Scared.
  159. So scared.. I have to have a front top tooth extracted!!
  160. Jaw Infection?
  161. bad breath complications
  162. implants
  163. Can you remove a really bad tartar build up at home?
  164. Wisdom teeth problems
  165. Major tarter / plaque behind front bottom teeth
  166. Dental Hygiene
  167. new dentures are causing gums to burn
  168. bad breath--what have you you tried?
  169. Feels like the endodontist is like a mechanic- relying on ignorance
  170. Loose upper denture
  171. 38 and getting dentures ...Im soo scared
  172. Incoming wisdom tooth/gum sensitive to solid objects, red flag or no?
  173. Does Your Root Canal Feel Normal??
  174. 14 teeth removed in one sitting
  175. Hard White lump?
  176. Anyone Have Root Canal That Feels Weird??
  177. new plate
  178. What's going on with rct tooth?
  179. I feel like crying
  180. Packing cord possibly left in??
  181. Second root canal 5 years later???
  182. Two cavities and six more developing
  183. loose tooth
  184. Ugggghh sore tooth!
  185. dentures..still cannot eat
  186. Tooth pain on tapping or biting
  187. 2 Front Teeth knocked out, and one Loose
  188. sensitive teeth
  189. Question about wisdom tooth extraction
  190. new dentures
  191. Half numb tongue
  192. Valium for 6 year old?
  193. Excessive gum bleeding around crown....
  194. Exposed Root Solutions
  195. implants for dentures abroad
  196. tooth ache pain
  197. tongue 'uneven' on one side, from pulled tooth?
  198. Wound on tongue caused by mouth wash
  199. Duration of numbness after orthognathic surgery
  200. Strange Bump with Circle in Mouth
  201. Appliance for pushing tooth forward - anyone have experience?
  202. new dentures . extractions
  203. Dental abscess causing stomach pain?
  204. molar black near gumline/gum border?cavity or discoloration?
  205. Bubble formed on gums
  206. i don't think i can wait much longer
  207. Bad bridge?
  208. Help with pain after a filling
  209. just had all teeth pulled and dentures put in the same day.
  210. Loose teeth under dental bridge
  211. Heart Problem After Root Canal?
  212. Bite problems
  213. Grandma
  214. Do I need jaw surgery?
  215. One front tooth capped; other one, too?
  216. Can excessive plaque or scaling move teeth?
  217. Root Canal Re-Treat Confusion
  218. Ohhh my aching crowned tooth!!! (after 10 years)
  219. abcess???
  220. Mouthwash & Floss: Can They Hurt?
  221. My tongue is really hurting
  222. Why is there a hole in my gums?! [w/ pictures]
  223. crown unable to chew
  224. My Tooth Clicks when something cold Is Placed on it...what is it????
  225. Deep Cavity filled- pain?
  226. Do I really need a bite adjustment?
  227. Front tooth cracked.
  228. Dental implants
  229. 13 year old w/ pacifier?
  230. Bone loss
  231. Embarrassed...
  232. Small white pieces inside mouth.
  233. Anyone had implant abutment changed???
  234. Anyone regret getting veneers?
  235. Feel like I am going to crack!
  236. Half tongue numb after wisdom tooth surgery
  237. Plaque or Crumbling Teeth?!
  238. Hurt mouth in fall
  239. Fractured Root -- do I HAVE TO extract it?
  240. Wrong tooth!!!
  241. root canal 2 parts please help
  242. Dental Infection in mid stages. ?
  243. Wisdom tooth question
  244. Can an old dental implant be removed??
  245. Relyx bonding material allergy
  246. Problem with Crowned/RCT tooth
  247. Alternative for crowns?
  248. Can Chewing Ice Hurt Root Canal?????
  249. 2nd Molar Shift After Wisdom Tooth Extraction???
  250. Ready to Just Pull It???

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