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  1. Part of tooth chipped of during regular teeth cleaning
  2. How long your deep filling took to heal?
  3. chronic fatigue and shoddy dental/orthodontic work
  4. Numb and sore tongue
  5. Scared of getting teeth pulled
  6. Periodontal and Diabetes
  7. Dental Surgery
  8. Pain in molar - dentist sees nothing wrong
  9. Born with tight jaw tendon
  10. Could this trigger chronic inflammation in my body?
  11. Gingivectomy healing
  12. Allergies Due to Dental Bridge
  13. cavity tooth removal??
  14. Pain after deep cavity filling
  15. Wisdom tooth is infected, I have to wait two months form my appointment?
  16. Pain and sensitivity in adjacent tooth after extraction
  17. Dentures at a young age
  18. Root Canal
  19. Post Root Canal extraction
  20. Front teeth pressure
  21. Oil pulling?
  22. Jaw pain and earache after root canal
  23. Sinus lift surgery for dental implant
  24. Dental shade for crown on front tooth
  25. Implant or not
  26. Still struggling to eat 4 days after wisdom tooth removal
  27. Toughening up gums
  28. gum healing after surgery
  29. Feels like a hole in my gums.
  30. Mouthwash allergy?
  31. Lost clot after extraction. Is dry socket inevitable?
  32. Maximum possible delay for braces after a first molar and wisdom tooth extraction?
  33. Will teeth shift if I don't wear retainer one day?
  34. Lower fit
  35. Root canal questions
  36. Number 5 tooth extraction w/no replacement
  37. Medicine taste after finished root canal
  38. Tongue Rubbing on Molar wont stop, TMJ?
  39. Extreme sensitivity after perm. Crown
  40. Damage caused by improper calculus removal?
  41. Flipper care
  42. "Tooth" Ache
  43. Overjet
  44. Bone Loss & Implant
  45. Young with dentures! ADVICE PLEASE
  46. Can ultrasound damage your teeth?
  47. Sinus lift
  48. Root canal help please
  49. Bone graft
  50. tooth extraction
  51. Severe Open Bite
  52. Jaw
  53. How much more is there really going to be?
  54. Scared
  55. Lower Dental Partial (Solved)
  56. Dentures
  57. crowns and bottom jaw pain
  58. Bone grafting
  59. Tounge thrust
  60. Gum grafting cost
  61. High narrow arch
  62. Dull Tooth Ache [ Help ]
  63. Alot of teeth extraction- what to expect
  64. Recent Root Canal
  65. Can teeth be added to an exsisting upper partial?
  66. Dental pain after rct treatment after a month
  67. Discovered that my dentist left a screw in my tooth
  68. Nerve damage after implant placement
  69. dentist surgery needed
  70. Upper Denture Problem
  71. Root Canal Retreatment
  72. Nerve damage after wisdom tooth removal ...
  73. My dental hygienist tells me that I need to make more frequent visits.
  74. Something on roof of mouth
  75. Trying to find answers??? Anyone??? Please!
  76. Is this cost right?
  77. Strange hole/tunnel next to gyms after wisdom teeth removal?
  78. Old filled tooth hurting?
  79. Teeth Pulled and New Dentures 2 days ago, got questions !!
  80. Bit down and moved my teeth?
  81. Extreme pain during Root Canal, and acute lingering pain after. Please help ASAP
  82. Root canal on crowned tooth
  83. Supra-erupted wisdom and molars, all front teeth no longer touch, bite off
  84. dental implants recovery
  85. Is a temporary filling toxic or more toxic than a permanent filling of the teeth?
  86. Loose tooth - dentist says it's okay?
  87. Dry Socket Pain never ending
  88. Will rinsing/gargling with peroxide damage my teeth?
  89. Looking for a cheap replaceable tooth.
  90. Tooth extraction is this normal?
  91. Forcefully pushed tongue against back tooth
  92. Over 40 with health issues and having wisdom teeth out Monday
  93. Root canal because of cracked tooth
  94. Same Day Denture and Bone Pain
  95. Root canal with bone loss from gum disease?
  96. Has anyone not used anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal?
  97. Is this TMJ-related, or wisdom tooth?
  98. Tooth cracked after filling replacement
  99. Lanap results November 2015
  100. Dentures and overbite
  101. same day dentures frustration
  102. Exposed bone I week after extraction
  103. Gap left in the front teeth making me extremely depressed
  104. Bruxism/clenching question
  105. Upper Left Rear Tooth Problem
  106. question regarding teeth extraction that have crown temps.
  107. Strange hole in mouth please help
  108. Need advice and help
  109. MANY symptoms w abscess
  110. odor from crown and surrounding gum, digestive issues
  111. Loose Implant Crown
  112. Pain with Porcelain Dental Onlay
  113. Swollen and painful erupted wisdom tooth
  114. Dental implants and other teeth needing pulled
  115. Teeth Whitening
  116. Crown type
  117. Can this cavity (lesion) be remineralized (pic)?
  118. For those of you ....
  119. Osseous surgery - healing?
  120. Need your thoughts on this please.
  121. Nervous About Crowns
  122. Its Time
  123. MetLife Dental
  124. Recurring Dental Absscess
  125. Stinky floss, but only two teeth
  126. Severely Swollen Gums Around Crowns
  127. Healthy tooth shaved for a crown fit and now it's ragged
  128. Throat issues
  129. Bleeding
  130. recovery time from dental work
  131. Hello everybody ...
  132. Crown fell off
  133. Dental Pain
  134. In desperate need of advice ... lengthy but please read entirely it all is important
  135. What's this thing?
  136. Extraction and Root Canal Issues
  137. Swollen gum after molar extraction? Is that normal?
  138. Dental Issues after Wisdom Tooth Extraction ... Dentist has no answers.
  139. Referred problems after dentist error
  140. Fatigued after Root Canal
  141. Bonding for Craze lines (Vertical lines) on front teeth ?
  142. I can't get food out of my teeth
  143. Trauma to front tooth & root canal - recovery time/concerns/advice
  144. Neck/Jaw Problems after Dental Work
  145. New molar Implant questions
  146. All on four dental implants
  147. Dental implant and bone graft issues?
  148. dark shadow on tooth pain
  149. Delayed growth in teeth
  150. Denture Help
  151. tooth sensitive to cold air, hot and cold water
  152. Wisdom tooth extraction, fully erupted/filled.
  153. Is a temporary crown supposed to hurt?
  154. Is general pain normal when a wisdom tooth comes in?
  155. Tooth Extraction
  156. 1st upper molar extraction
  157. any change in the appearance of my jaw/face with an extraction of the lower left..
  158. After getting wisdom tooth extracted, 16 hours of profuse bleeding...
  159. 20 teeth cut out while awake.
  160. Help PLEASE: I'm 21 and I've had an extraction of my lower left second molar
  161. Post wisdom tooth extraction
  162. Pain one week after dental implant placement- is this a problem?
  163. Ulcers from stitches
  164. Nerve damage?
  165. Sensitivity
  166. Dental Cement in Throat
  167. Jaw bone infection advice
  168. New filling just broke off.
  169. Question about fillings
  170. can't bite correctly anymore
  171. Possible to straighten just one tooth
  172. Is a bite adjustment (equilibration) necessary?
  173. 29 and seriously considering dentures ...
  174. Pain in bottom 2 front teeth
  175. Big mess with front teeth: root canals, extraction???
  176. Clear bump on gums
  177. i have an apt with dentist, anything I can do until then?
  178. Dental Implant Removal
  179. Gum pain and tingling sensation in cheeks and chin
  180. Weird Tongue Issues?
  181. Possible gum inflammation around tooth
  182. Am I Having a Normal Wisdom Tooth Experience???
  183. Gums top and bottom hurtting
  184. can anyone help with a few denture questions???
  185. Bad taste/smell post tooth extraction/exposure
  186. Root fragments after extraction left in gum?
  187. Visible Indents in Teeth and White Spots at Early Age
  188. Chronic nerve pain after getting all teeth pulled
  189. Sudden toothache?
  190. Pain in upper gums????
  191. Sharp pain lower left tooth/gum
  192. Question About Bleaching
  193. Extracting ALL Teeth?
  194. Teeth whitening - anyone?
  195. Problems after occlusal adjustment
  196. Negligence?
  197. electric shocks like pain caused from irritated tooth nerve
  198. Something in my gum?
  199. Wisdom teeth causing issues
  200. roof of mouth sore and tooth pain
  201. Still sensitive
  202. Osteoarthritis of the jaw (and my knees too)
  203. Gap/hole between my gum and tooth!
  204. My Tooth Hurts from Bumping please help!!
  205. Wisdom tooth help.
  206. Do i need to visit another dentist ?
  207. Jaw joint and Invisalign braces, will it help?
  208. LANAP & Root Scaling & Planing on the same day
  209. Swollen Gland, Broken tooth, Not infected?
  210. I will be getting dentures though. Can anyone tell me how is like having it. Thanks.
  211. What are the chances of a dentist scraping your enamel during a cleaning?
  212. Can a chipped/scraped tooth be remineralized?
  213. Malocclusion after wisdom tooth extraction
  214. When are they going to make cavities extinct?
  215. Blood clot after tooth extraction
  216. resin filling surface has a ridge/line at the enamel junction.
  217. Gum recession -- terrified! Help!
  218. Does Invisalign really work? Do I get Invisalign or Braces?
  219. Lump on my right lower gum
  220. Horrible tooth pain
  221. Dental Hygienist Scraped My Enamel?
  222. Holistic options for Gums??
  223. So Happy with my Partial & steps towards an All on 4.
  224. Quick question about my gums, please help
  225. Lanap
  226. molar extraction
  227. What is this on my gums? Should I go to dentists ASAP?
  228. Pain in tooth and can't find problem *Advice*
  229. Bone regeneration recovery
  230. Is this a tooth infection/abscess? Can I safely wait a few more days?
  231. Bone Fragment Causing Issue Years After Extraction
  232. Bone spurs after wisdom teeth removal
  233. Need teeth fixed
  234. Tooth Pain Comes and Goes
  235. Swollen Sublingual Gland?!
  236. tied dental floss stuck under gum
  237. Tartar or Tooth?
  238. Need several implants but no space between top and bottom teeth, what can be done?
  239. absess
  240. Swollen cheek 5 weeks after wisdom teeth removal
  241. Gum Pain
  242. Is it actually safe to have 17 teeth extracted in one sitting?
  243. Strange object found in wisdom teeth extraction sites.
  244. Root canal
  245. Badly Infected Extraction
  246. Sudden Pain several weeks after root canal
  247. Weird pain in my tooth when I eat sweets?
  248. Is a Maryland Bridge a Choking Hazard
  249. Horrifying problem with my bite, may not be able to get implants or dentures?!?
  250. Pain and Sensitivity in Several teeth after filling replaced