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  1. Does my dentist owe me $6500?
  2. pull teeth or not?
  3. retreated root canal issues
  4. Clear firm bump under my tounge.
  5. Stumped, possible root canal issue
  6. Intermittent Throbbing in Gums for 5 Months.
  7. Sensitivity 1 month after crown.
  8. Receding gums cure?
  9. Filling in gold crown after root canal
  10. Split tooth 3 of 4 root canals done
  11. Burning Teeth
  12. Gum Ache
  13. Healthy bleeding gums when brushing HELP
  14. Periodontal Disease?
  15. 3 and a 1/2 weeks after a simple tooth extraction the socket is still red
  17. Pinhole Surgical Technique for receding gums
  18. blood after dentures
  19. Extreme Gum/nerve pain after drinking Vitamin Water? Why?
  20. Lost my retainer and am freaking out, please help.
  21. Chronic infection
  22. New to dentures ... having some issues
  23. Ill health effects of chewing gum 12+ hours a day? Need to overcome addiction
  24. Terrified of cavities
  25. Bone Pain
  26. Pain months after tooth extraction
  27. Post wisdom tooth extraction filling hurts
  28. Bitter taste from cavity? Infection sign even though no pain?
  29. Dental Implant/Bone Graft
  30. Tooth/Gum pain after removing Aligner
  31. LANAP Procedure issue Laser Gum Surgery
  32. Any suggestions for this pain?
  33. Effectiveness of toothpaste
  34. Slight Throbbing after route canal
  35. Is My Tooth Decaying?
  36. Finacial help for cleft palate adult?
  37. dental help
  38. Dental Issues
  39. How much arnica for tooth extraction ?
  40. question about a filling
  41. "Looking for Denture Advice"...
  42. Dental Implants Safe longterm?
  43. Dental inplants???
  44. Confused
  45. I. AM. FREAKING. OUT. (Please help put me at ease.)
  46. Teeth catching and making my tooth sore, is it my fault?
  47. Small hole in gum after oral surgery
  48. Severe pain + other symptoms
  49. Caramel colored stain? What is this?
  50. Orthognathic Appt
  51. Lump inside cheek
  52. How do I choose the right dentist to do my Crown?
  53. Terrible Experience
  54. My Wisdom Tooth Recently Turned Gray
  55. cleaning and exam 2x a year , what about bitewing x rays ? dentist doesn't do it
  56. Chipped tooth while flossing?
  57. teeth loss
  58. new teeth...
  59. Teeth click slightly
  60. Unexplained gum pain
  61. Lump on gum
  62. Floss caught between teeth on filling -- SOLVED (for me at least)
  63. neck pain and stiffness, teeth misalignment, cool sensation
  64. Pain in tooth with IMPLANT after crown on
  65. Weird surface pain after fixing high bite
  66. worst headache ever after wisdom tooth surgery
  67. Dental Allegies
  68. anyone on birth control pill had a tooth extracted ? experiences ?
  69. Large Back Tooth (Molar) Extraction...
  70. Nerve pain maybe? Extracted failed root canal
  71. Failed root canal? Something strange going on.
  72. Bleeding Nerve Pinching Sensitive No Health Insurance
  73. Ridge in upper, outer gums
  74. Back of mouth, side of tongue strange bumps/cut-like indentions
  75. Periodontal desease
  76. Need some input (dentures)
  77. Sore/tender spots?
  78. Recommendations during 6 month healing period with no upper teeth
  79. Wisdom Tooth Coming In At 57 Years Of Age?
  80. Pain In Socket After Molar Extraction
  81. Son has mega cavities
  82. Should I go to a Dentist ASAP?
  83. sinus pressure related to teeth throbbing?
  84. Gums too small..
  85. Any recommendations on good dental clinics in Paragon?
  86. invisalign?
  87. feeling of intense pressure above front tooth after root canal
  88. Numbness from wisdom teeth extraction
  89. Oral Thrush - Is this weird?
  90. Can i wear braces?
  91. Bottom Incisor Needs Filling (Root Canal 6 years ago)
  92. Toothache
  93. Broken tooth on dentures
  94. Dental impressions
  95. Mouth is in a state. Panic!
  96. Rotting teeth
  97. Tooth Infection treated twice with root canal still a problem
  98. Root Canal Need Advice
  99. Cavitat vs iCat machine for Jaw Bone Cavitations
  100. Mild pain in the tooth after deep filling
  101. bridge pain
  102. Recommendations for Jaw Cavitation Specialist?
  103. 10 days after having immediate dentures
  104. Shooting pain when flossing implant
  105. Anyone else go through this? Excruciating whole mouth/teeth pain with no cause?
  106. filling cavity after deep cleaning?
  107. Need advice on "deep cleaning"...
  108. Root canal treatment after filling my tooth
  109. White lumps on inferior palate
  110. Please help:(
  111. some help please
  112. Freaking Out!! (Dentist)
  113. Getting colds after fillins?
  114. Cavity question,
  115. Well, I Dunno ...
  116. dental implant
  117. Wisdom tooth extracted 12 days ago & still in pain!
  118. NTI problems - need advice and encouragement
  119. Scared
  120. Metal Taste From Braces!
  121. tiri bone removal
  122. Dental implant infections
  123. multiple extractions and immediate dentures that dont fit
  124. Broke off a piece of cuspid on molar
  125. Immediate Denture reline
  126. Terrible bad breath
  127. Dull ache with Lightning Storm Pain after Root canal
  128. Large infection near tooth - worried
  129. Dentist said I had oral lesion...I don't see anything. Should I still have it checked
  130. Titanium Plate fracture
  131. Tooth with Root Canal
  132. Root canal therapy, complications found
  133. Bad Taste after Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  134. Help! Wisdom Tooth Extraction Gone Wrong
  135. teeth next to extraction site
  136. orthodontic braces
  137. Dentures concerns :(
  138. Bad breath
  139. Taste bud bleeding a little. on and off this week
  140. Implant Failure Question
  141. Stool color change?
  142. had wisdom tooth pulled that was coming threw gums
  143. Root Canal Retreatment Long Term problems?
  144. Are too many root canals bad for your health?
  145. Tooth broke after 1 year of Root canal
  146. New Immediate Upper Denture TODAY -- question?
  147. Tooth pain from calculus removal, need advice.
  148. help had wisdom tooth pull in pain 5 days late
  149. 91 years old is this necessary??
  150. Jaw Problem
  151. Perio Surgery
  152. Leukoplakia getting smaller
  153. odd pain
  154. Heavy Layer/Wisdom Teeth Question
  155. Severe mental trauma after 18 tooth extraction
  156. trouble at dentist taken to hospital in ambulance
  157. Chin and bottom teeth in lots of pain
  158. Apico or Extraction?
  159. Fracture lines from dental glue scraper
  160. thight prblem after hip replacement infection
  161. uncured composite filling -> root canal
  162. Upper left molars treatment.
  163. dental procedure problem wisdom tooth
  164. Front Tooth Help
  165. Invisilign Questions
  166. Wisdom Tooth Agony!! Help!
  167. Red bleeding gums when brush
  168. 17 and losing my teeth
  169. clean spots on tongue
  170. Pushed in Lower Central tooth
  171. the process of getting crowns and veneers redone?
  172. How Long should you wait to brush your teeth
  173. Dental Costs Question
  174. gum pain
  175. Do you really need to use mouthwash?
  176. does Amalgam had seprated?
  177. lump on roof of mouth
  178. 3 weeks later, still can't were new dentures.
  179. What did I do to my front tooth??
  180. Please help!! burning sensation in nasal cavity
  181. Looking for Functional Orthodontist
  182. Partial Plates and Root Canals
  183. Tooth Abscess
  184. How many root canals do you have?
  185. mandibular torus
  186. dead skin inside mouth lower inside lip.
  187. Jaw bone pieces coming through after surgery....
  188. My bite is off
  189. Non visible upper teeth
  190. Bad breath
  191. Dental Terror
  192. i had hip replacement and have to have teeth pulled
  193. Jaw/Tongue Problems after Wisdom Tooth Removal
  194. New fixed dentures
  195. Braces or jaw surgery?
  196. Dental Crown too short
  197. Metal and sour taste in mouth
  198. Flying with toothaches.
  199. what causes pressure feeling in tooth
  200. Dry Socket 9 Days after tooth extraction (NOT Wisdom Teeth)
  201. Wisdom Tooth Issue/Question
  202. Need help and answer for dentures
  203. Veneers nightmare
  204. Does abcess (pus pocket) heal itself after root canal?
  205. Potential cavity and filling, advice required
  206. Need extractions for braces and need advice
  207. Horrible liquid from top gums
  208. Share your successful dental implant story!
  209. tooth abcess???
  210. All on 4
  211. My mouth hurts so bad.. Please help
  212. Dental Implants: 1 year mark
  213. Please READ.. Lymph nodes and dental issues
  214. treating gingivitis
  215. new partail an denture wearer
  216. Reimplanted teeth -- getting pregnant
  217. Quit smoking now my tooth feels like it will fall out!
  218. Loose Crown
  219. cuspid teeth
  220. Chronic Gum Pain & Discomfort Following Frenectomy/Gum Graft
  221. Uncomfortable temporary bridge over front upper 6 teeth
  222. Dentures
  223. Jaw Bone Infection - Bone Scan
  224. Dental implants
  225. My mouth is on fire?!
  226. Root Canal causing runny nose and sneezing!
  227. Dentures
  228. Tooth discoloration after bone graft surgery
  229. All on 4 Dental Procedure
  230. are silver fillings harmful?
  231. Ongoing molar pain
  232. Dental allergies
  233. Wisdom Teeth Nightmare and what followed (MY TONGUE)
  234. is my daughter having a reaction?
  235. Braces...super nervous!!
  236. Endodontologist what to expect ?
  237. Looking for help with bad breath
  238. Put A Smile Back on My Face (continue 2014)
  239. Root Canal/Temporary Crown Problem
  240. 1 month post tooth extraction
  241. pain in teeth
  242. Getting my wisdom teeth removed!
  243. Damage to adjacent crown during extraction
  244. Implant vs. Bridge, dental school vs. dentist?
  245. Gum problems
  246. Complications after upper wisdom tooth removal
  247. Have sensitivity in a particular tooth (already had dental work)
  248. How long do re-implanted teeth last?
  249. Apico in Sinus on Upper Molar
  250. teeth problem help

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