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  1. Any suggestions... checking into hospital
  2. Anyone here have a hypothyroid?
  3. am i depressed, bi polar, or what is wrong with me
  4. How can I support from afar?
  5. I feel Numb and Need Help
  6. Help
  7. what is going on with me.
  8. Stopping Pristiq
  9. how to be free from depression & enjoy the life
  10. Wellbutrin Feedback?
  11. Nortriptyline and low body temp, lightheaded etc need help...
  12. was there ever a recovery......
  13. Things don't seem right.
  14. Stress
  15. Uncertainty for the future - I know I need help...
  16. Celexa- help!
  17. Question about Celexa
  18. I am feeling really depressed
  19. Amoryn and Seradyn
  20. What does Wellbutrin do to dopamine levels?
  21. Seroquel
  22. Low Dopamine Levels
  23. do i have depression?
  24. Need advice
  25. Can someone help me understand depression??
  26. Trying to get through it all
  27. zoloft
  28. Prozac and Alcohol
  29. Could I have a problem?
  30. Wellbutrin is working well, but I am so...
  31. What's wrong with me?
  32. Weight
  33. ...Deeper and Deeper...
  34. How to help another
  35. depression
  36. is major depression treatable?
  37. New to Lexapro and have a question.
  38. Weight gain and medication
  39. Feeling angry
  40. Cymbalta vs.Zoloft
  41. Question on weight and meds.....
  42. Changing from SSRIs to MAOIs
  43. Phenelzine questions
  44. fluoxetine
  45. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) for depression
  46. antidepressants
  47. Trying to find answer for my depression
  48. What is wrong with me?
  49. I need some advice
  50. Mental Health Resources
  51. I know what's wrong, I just can't seem to fix it.
  52. depression-it aint an illness, its my life!
  53. Bad Health
  54. Symptoms of Depression
  55. what do you think I should do
  56. feeling down and need advice
  57. Wellbutrin for recurring depression?
  58. I honestly dont think anyone will ever love me.
  59. dr says meds dont usually stop working?
  60. Recieving treatment
  61. need advice
  62. Is it depression or not?
  63. Aripiprazole Abilify, Abilify Discmelt
  64. Has anyone here ever had a breakdown
  65. Lamictal Anyone?? Help MUCH appreciated!!!
  66. why would meds not work if they did before?
  67. finally shrink app tomorrow
  68. lingering thoughts
  69. need some-one to help
  70. Everything's changed
  71. Question on Celexa (Citalopram)
  72. Made the wrong choice?
  73. Don't know how to live with my sister.
  74. would u please give me some hints
  75. The following topic really depresses me
  76. Depression + Anxiety?!
  77. Has anyone else come off wellbutrin?
  78. "I just want to be/feel..."
  79. unknown...
  80. I'm just over it....
  81. Help Please anyone tried herbal remedys for depression
  82. Will talking therapyt be enough to help?
  83. Life long struggle.
  84. Paroxetine HCL
  85. Celexa vs. Paxil
  86. Drs not helping...
  87. I don't care anymore
  88. Wellbutrin and prozac....
  89. WELLBUTRIN XL or regular release...
  90. Pets & depression
  91. Absolutely no goals or motivation...
  92. Pristiq
  93. depression
  94. Here I am again....
  95. when a womam depress what the bf going to do?
  96. Feeling so hopeless
  97. Better or not?
  98. Ok what the hec is happening??
  99. effexor ?
  100. I want to stop taking wellbutrin.....
  101. What is the max time I should wait to allow Wellbutrin to work?
  102. Depressed Or Just Emotionally Weak?
  103. From Cymbalta to Pristiq cold turkey
  104. Am I still depressed?
  105. wellbutrin with prozac
  106. Cymbalta done...Wellbutrin not enuf...losin' it
  107. Former homeschooler, lots of sexual guilt
  108. please read
  109. WELLBUTRIN xl- How much do you take, and how often do you take it?
  110. Depression is driving me crazy
  111. terribal side affects at night with cymbalta
  112. Depressed & Obsession With Being Ill
  113. Withdrawls
  114. feeling better I guess
  115. Upping Wellbutrin Dose
  116. is this depression or something more?
  117. Depression returning?
  118. wat mental disorder do I have?
  119. physical pain as well as mental?
  120. Springtime Depression
  121. feverfew
  122. Depakote ER as mood stabilizer
  123. Is this depression?
  124. what med should I take?
  125. depression or sadness?
  126. no improvement in treatment resistant depression
  127. Sertraline (Zoloft)
  128. Yikes!!
  129. Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired....
  130. Iron deficiency syndrome
  131. More depressed than i've ever been
  132. dealing with impulsivity
  133. Pristiq: horrible reaction!
  134. Finding an antidepressant that works
  135. Cymbalta - Insurance won't cover anymore ... now what???
  136. Effexor withdrawl symptoms
  137. Request
  138. Parnate anyone?
  139. Why am I here? I don't know....
  140. Sleeping A Lot
  141. drug interactions with pristiq
  142. being supportive
  143. Cymbalta????
  144. Moving away (to the beach)
  145. Prozac-Acid Reflux
  146. Back on Lexapro
  147. Wellbutrin...
  148. Help! Depression, anxiety and OCD
  149. how do you get disability for depression?
  150. side effects
  151. I'm so confused with this depression thing...
  152. New Member here
  153. I don't know where to start....
  154. Just...lost...
  155. Is Medication Worth it for me?
  156. Effexor - any help on this drug is appreciated.
  157. Can my recent prozac dose increase cause this?
  158. some advice..y/n?
  159. Augment with Synthroid?
  160. 2 months free
  161. Can someone give me some advice-
  162. doubting what I want out of life
  163. Depression or ADD? How can I tell the difference?
  164. Alone, but I don't want to be close to anyone
  165. Dad's shadow
  166. My Psych. keeps changing medicines
  167. I've been feeling so down lately....
  168. Effexor XR compared to Pristiq??
  169. risperidone?... seriously?!
  170. Depression is killing me slowly!
  171. Can you take .........Prozac and.....
  172. Effexor
  173. celixa anti depressent
  174. 28 days and now....
  175. Message Boards and Depression
  176. Celexa-side effects
  177. Depression and Eating Disorders
  178. Wellbutrin not working anymore?
  179. Valentine's Day
  180. Pristiq effects on libido
  181. Taked to my doctor today.......
  182. If the Prozac does not work after week five.......
  183. Am I depressed? I'm confused about my feelings
  184. What is depression?
  185. Please tell me I am going to come out of this....
  186. effexor and added abilify
  187. Advice for a hopeless man
  188. 2 years depression, new therapist says i don't have MDD...
  189. 600 mg Effexor Anyone higher?
  190. Nervous Breakdown at 19
  191. I can't move forward
  192. Chronic emptiness
  193. Splitting Cymbalta capsules?
  194. Can I ask about electric shock therapy
  195. WHat If I Asked for Help.........
  196. doc app today and work woos
  197. advice needed
  198. ambien?
  199. Why am I still.
  200. Stopping Wellbutrin
  201. so this is how i see it
  202. Don't know what to do
  203. Is their something less sedatating?????
  204. bad reaction to celexa, scared please help!
  205. Ok.......took my Prozac last night.....
  206. Am I sick or depressed
  207. Question/Ideas about Relapse
  208. Does anybody take anything with Prozac?
  209. moa of flupentixol&melitracen combo
  210. Confused. No Known Reason.
  211. Zoloft and Wellbutrin
  212. new to Prozac
  213. Do you think Klonopin or Cymbalta cause weight gain?
  214. Words of Encouragement
  215. Hey digmusic
  216. Cymbalta
  217. besides pills
  218. how to get rid of sadness
  219. ???
  220. new meds not working
  221. Will my anxity get better with Prozac
  222. Lonely
  223. Nexium and Anxiety / Depression
  224. needs help to understand
  225. Please tell me my depression is going to get better
  226. Taking Cymbalta every other day?
  227. New here with a question
  228. The Doubting Disease
  229. How to help family member taking meds?
  230. How do you tell people...?
  231. Does anybody have anything nice to say.
  232. Sorry...
  233. venlafaxine want to come off it
  234. Propranolol & Lexapro: Any advice?
  235. Anyone ..pristiq?
  236. Can Someone Help or Understand?
  237. what to do when waking up sad
  238. I know you all are tired of my ???'s
  239. how to find a cure
  240. I Ask Myself Why Each Day..
  241. Don't Understand this Depression
  242. Does anybody take Prozac @ Nite?
  243. Feeling cold sensation in my chest area...
  244. Abilify questions
  245. Why do I feel this way..
  246. Can depression lead to Bulimia..?
  247. Where has my Sex Drive gone, has anybody seen it???
  248. I am having trouble sleeping on Prozac
  249. start my health recovery today..panic
  250. Best Antidepresssants for Low Energy?

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