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  1. Effexor Withdrawals!
  2. Depression is ruining my life
  3. Post College Depression
  4. urgent! electrical impulses jolting through brain
  5. why does my stomach feel nervous
  6. My girlfriend is depressed (or so she seems)
  7. Help. I think Im loosing it.
  8. Brain zaps and depression?
  9. Looking for something to look forward to.
  10. depression, procrastination and life
  11. What else is there to do...
  12. some advice please please!
  13. amitriptylin how to use help me
  14. everything is falling apart
  15. what is the difference between lexapro and wellbutrin
  16. depression is hard
  17. Is it really that bad to not have goals?
  18. Why am I this way?
  19. What is wrong with me? *MAY TRIGGER*
  20. Getting Depression Diagnosed
  21. depression.
  22. MAO-I meds and no migraines
  23. MAO-I Parnate somnolence
  24. Why me?
  25. helpful tips and advice for depression
  26. feeling sad
  27. What is this?
  28. If you are on Cymbalta..please help!
  29. rejection and can't keep friends...
  30. Cymbalta questions???
  31. Post natal depression
  32. Everything is going downhill.....
  33. I dont know what to do
  34. Possible trremor from depression meds?
  35. Effexor
  36. Guilt For My Thoughts
  37. New Wellbutrin XL Manufactuerer?
  38. End of day 5 of Wellbutrin...losing hope
  39. help me
  40. Is this wrong?
  41. Fluoxentine, Bubroprion and Propranalol
  42. Help with my problem?? Please!!!!
  43. Whats wrong with me?
  44. Do I stay or do I go?
  45. How long?
  46. Father's Day Depression
  47. Confused
  48. Question about relapse/meds
  49. Profoundly impressed with 5htp
  50. Seeing a psychiatrist for the first time...What to expect?
  51. I think that I've got to stop taking this Med
  52. chronic depression
  53. An entire lifetime of depression???
  54. Losing Myself...
  55. depression
  56. Cymbalta to lexapro
  57. poor time management
  58. In A Serious Funk...
  59. ok I need yall's help
  60. Citalopram - tiredness
  61. Seroquel 300mg is ruining MY LIFE!!!!
  62. Misery checking for company
  63. I think I might be depressed...
  64. The Black Dog
  65. PMDD, Depression, Soft Bipolar...I have no clue. But this isn't working.
  66. Its better to dye
  67. Please need help
  68. Tapering off of Lamictal?
  69. Not sure I enjoy much of anything anymore...
  70. Fed up with meds & my mind & life
  71. Scared to be happy
  72. Depression
  73. Depression
  74. seroquel 200mg makes me feel horrible :eek:
  75. Depressed, Sad and Lonely
  76. How Do I Know...
  77. How to let go of your therapist???
  78. When a SSRI Doesnt Completely Fix Your Depression
  79. Depression & diazepam ?
  80. Can't afford to live
  81. antidepressants
  82. I need your help
  83. can i be depressed for 2 months because of a night of alcohol?
  84. Wellbutrin my last resort
  85. Antidepressants on the rise - What is the best method to deal?
  86. Depression, how severe?
  87. antidepressions
  88. Depression/Anxiety...Just needing someone to talk to.
  89. depression and pregnancy
  90. Adderall, anybody?
  91. My heart hurts
  92. Wellburtin is NOT FOR ME.......the drug from.........
  93. Apologies
  94. was it selfish of me
  95. Mood Swings??:(
  96. Profesional Career to Jobless, Hopeless, and depressed.
  97. Broken Hearted
  98. Pristiq--question when taking 100mg
  99. Blood tests to check for hormone and brain chemical levels related to depression?
  100. When should I up my Wellbutrutin???
  101. about pdd nos and daytrana patch
  102. Hate being judged for depression!
  103. Anyone feel all alone in this world?
  104. Depression and A New Job
  105. How should I go about seeking help?
  106. I miss having someone to talk to
  107. Needs Some advice about dealing with parents.
  108. sweating at night
  109. Lexapro
  110. BUDEPRION XL 150mg Anyone develop SKIN RASH
  111. Side effects and daily life...
  112. having a nervous breakdown about failing my year
  113. what to do when it comes back
  114. Anyone have short term memory loss with anti-depressants?
  115. Seroquel-what to expect?
  116. Chronic emptiness & boredom
  117. I found the answer for my depression....
  118. self esteem depression/adhd
  119. I dont know what to do! I NEED HELP!
  120. Zoloft and frequent urination
  121. Anyone on here have success on Elavil for depression?
  122. HELP!!! I think my daughter is VERY ill but....
  123. Re: Lexapro--2 Things--Has Anyone Not Gained Weight & Has Anyone Had to Up The Dose?
  124. Depressed all my life
  125. please help me
  126. Recurring Homesickness
  127. Wellbutrin/Adderall/Xanax??
  128. Celexa Withdrawal?
  129. How do I cope?
  130. SSRI only works for a week?
  131. Please help :[
  132. Wellburtin.....?
  133. Prozac makes dry eyes even worse?
  134. Cymbalta
  135. Help single mom major depression
  136. Too many drugs?
  137. Disclose clinical depression to future employer?
  138. I just started Prozac and took Zyrtec with it, it's safe?
  139. Prescrip question; I am on Effexor and Nortriptyline... problems..
  140. From Prozac to Wellbutrin
  141. It is hopeless!
  142. physical pain.
  143. Crushed
  144. Wellburtin Question.........Please
  145. How long did it take Lexapro to work for you?
  146. too shy to speak to a shrink??
  147. New Wellburtin side effects?
  148. I feel very frustated citalopram+ seroquel????
  149. Self-Medication
  150. Do Chronic medication=Depression
  151. Not sure what to do now...
  152. L-Tyrosine Helps With Depression
  153. Started Prozac and feel a much worse.
  154. Napping. Help.
  155. First day on BUDEPRION XL 150 mg
  156. Any Antidepressant that don't have this side effect?
  157. Help me with my marriage ......andipressants????
  158. Here We Go
  159. So dark
  160. Cymbalta and Weight Gain
  161. cymbalta
  162. Back to the doctor, I guess
  163. Depression Headaches & Fatigue
  164. Lithium
  165. Need to go to doctor for meds but have no money..what to do??
  166. lexapro & abilify
  167. What antdepressant do I take if any.
  168. My shrink called me a sociopath because I refused payment
  169. Zoloft success stories????
  170. Depressed, dumped after 6 years
  171. I'm a worthless piece of crap
  172. Getting fed up
  173. what does citalopram do?
  174. Anxiety or Depression?
  175. Pristiq help....
  176. Wellbutrin stopping only on for a few days
  177. is depression causing this or something else?
  178. Question about my Effexor XR
  179. My life just seems so messed up.
  180. depressed - son is in the army
  181. Any suggestions... checking into hospital
  182. Anyone here have a hypothyroid?
  183. am i depressed, bi polar, or what is wrong with me
  184. How can I support from afar?
  185. I feel Numb and Need Help
  186. Help
  187. what is going on with me.
  188. Stopping Pristiq
  189. how to be free from depression & enjoy the life
  190. Wellbutrin Feedback?
  191. Nortriptyline and low body temp, lightheaded etc need help...
  192. was there ever a recovery......
  193. Things don't seem right.
  194. Stress
  195. Uncertainty for the future - I know I need help...
  196. Celexa- help!
  197. Question about Celexa
  198. I am feeling really depressed
  199. Amoryn and Seradyn
  200. What does Wellbutrin do to dopamine levels?
  201. Seroquel
  202. Low Dopamine Levels
  203. do i have depression?
  204. Need advice
  205. Can someone help me understand depression??
  206. Trying to get through it all
  207. zoloft
  208. Prozac and Alcohol
  209. Could I have a problem?
  210. Wellbutrin is working well, but I am so...
  211. What's wrong with me?
  212. Weight
  213. ...Deeper and Deeper...
  214. How to help another
  215. depression
  216. is major depression treatable?
  217. New to Lexapro and have a question.
  218. Weight gain and medication
  219. Feeling angry
  220. Cymbalta vs.Zoloft
  221. Question on weight and meds.....
  222. Changing from SSRIs to MAOIs
  223. Phenelzine questions
  224. fluoxetine
  225. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) for depression
  226. antidepressants
  227. Trying to find answer for my depression
  228. What is wrong with me?
  229. I need some advice
  230. Mental Health Resources
  231. I know what's wrong, I just can't seem to fix it.
  232. depression-it aint an illness, its my life!
  233. Bad Health
  234. Symptoms of Depression
  235. what do you think I should do
  236. feeling down and need advice
  237. Wellbutrin for recurring depression?
  238. I honestly dont think anyone will ever love me.
  239. dr says meds dont usually stop working?
  240. Recieving treatment
  241. need advice
  242. Is it depression or not?
  243. Aripiprazole Abilify, Abilify Discmelt
  244. Has anyone here ever had a breakdown
  245. Lamictal Anyone?? Help MUCH appreciated!!!
  246. why would meds not work if they did before?
  247. finally shrink app tomorrow
  248. lingering thoughts
  249. need some-one to help
  250. Everything's changed

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