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  1. Does anybody have anything nice to say.
  2. Sorry...
  3. venlafaxine want to come off it
  4. Propranolol & Lexapro: Any advice?
  5. Anyone ..pristiq?
  6. Can Someone Help or Understand?
  7. what to do when waking up sad
  8. I know you all are tired of my ???'s
  9. how to find a cure
  10. I Ask Myself Why Each Day..
  11. Don't Understand this Depression
  12. Does anybody take Prozac @ Nite?
  13. Feeling cold sensation in my chest area...
  14. Abilify questions
  15. Why do I feel this way..
  16. Can depression lead to Bulimia..?
  17. Where has my Sex Drive gone, has anybody seen it???
  18. I am having trouble sleeping on Prozac
  19. start my health recovery today..panic
  20. Best Antidepresssants for Low Energy?
  21. How long to adjust?
  22. Hi
  23. discussing depression with inlaws
  24. reactive depression
  25. depression,anxiety, and now unable to work
  26. evening depression
  27. Re: Derealization
  28. 1 more question for Prozac users... please!
  29. depression really??
  30. Pristiq Side Effects?
  31. Depression recently getting worse
  32. Getting Off Effexor XR
  33. Depression at a young age..
  34. effexor
  35. I just want to say to all...
  36. im getting tired of this feeling
  37. Pristiq
  38. Depression?
  39. Please......when will Prozac start to work...?
  40. Thought I'd say hi.....
  41. Celexa used to work for me
  42. am i depressed?
  43. SSRI's and sexual dysfunction
  44. Risperdal/Paxil and big round stomach
  45. Just need to vent
  46. Prozac Questions, please help.
  47. what is the rumination subscale
  48. Help with talking to doctor
  49. Depression and hallucination
  50. Does it ever really get better?
  51. help please i don't know whats wrong with me
  52. Help!!
  53. Almost 7 weeks on Prozac and I feel horrible
  54. can't see the bottom
  55. my sister hates me
  56. Went from Lexapro to Prozac
  57. Depression, serotonin and sexdrive
  58. listen to me...
  59. Life .. in shambles
  60. Need advice on feeling of emptiness
  61. depressed about life
  62. I finally asked for help...but is it too late?
  63. Depressed about the inescapable realities of life
  64. Can't cry
  65. Is sibutramine any good as an antidepressant?
  66. What should i do
  67. My mother has pretty much given up on me.
  68. Don't know what to do
  69. My story...is there real help out there?
  70. PLEASE HELP ME... Are you suffering from Wellbutrin Generic Budeprion?
  71. Vagal Nerve Stimulator
  72. Any Pristiq users.....I need advice!
  73. Lost my job & feeling really down
  74. without the bitter the sweet would never seem as sweet
  75. Stablon (Tianeptin) bad sinde effects anyone??
  76. hi can anyone help
  77. Please help me.......please
  78. Im Almost Possitive I Have Depression.. Do You Think I Do.
  79. Please help... I'm new.
  80. does lorazepam make you feel weird when you wake up
  81. Does depression affect reasoning and cause black and white thinking?
  82. could I have depression?
  83. Sertraline (Zoloft) questions
  84. please help me. its killing me
  85. how long does it take to get cymbalta out of your system?
  86. in love with tobacco and alcohol
  87. Should I or Shouldn't I take pristiq
  88. Why do I do this to myself?
  89. I can't do it anymore
  90. Has anyone had extreme fatigue as a symptom of depression?
  91. feeling hated, worthless....i want out
  92. Am I really depressed?
  93. symptoms
  94. Want to get rid of it!!!
  95. tired, lost, miserable, and feel my life is over
  96. Almost 4 weeks and still feel bad
  97. New to the board
  98. Stuck
  99. Is it depression or low self esteem??????
  100. Job Dissatisfaction & break up of a relation
  101. Depressed and feeling guilty...
  102. Pristiq Withdrawl Symptoms
  103. Lexapro - 20 mgs too high?
  104. out of work and depressed
  105. Depression
  106. Safe to take green tea supplements with antidepressants?
  107. Need advice/peace of mind.
  108. Can missing ONLY one dose of effexor do this??!
  109. Feeling Lost in Life...
  110. help
  111. Anyone on Social Security cause of Mental illness?
  112. paxil withdrawal
  113. lack of emotion
  114. Am i suffering with depression????
  115. Citalopram (Celexa) question
  116. Re: Side effects of Pristiq
  117. Seroquel...Can anyone Help...???
  118. mind not staible
  119. I'm depressed, just need someone to talk to
  120. Anyone NOT gained weight on Prozac?
  121. Update on effexor
  122. have been on clift for more than six months...perhaps feeling a bit better overall, b
  123. My family and Christmas
  124. Can anyone relate??
  125. I get the most depressed during this time of year - Christmas. Any suggestions?
  126. Effexor or Pristiq?
  127. Cymbalta...Anyone had Success with?
  128. I'm wrecking our relationship
  129. Depression caused by envy of others?
  130. Depression is worse - please help!!!!
  131. Help me get my life back
  132. hello from inside my very own black hole
  133. In need of wellbutrin advice!!
  134. what do i do?
  135. newbie to pristiq
  136. Life.
  137. Effexor
  138. Depression questions post concussion.
  139. Just started medications... wondering if i should be worried.
  140. effects of depression
  141. PCS & antidepressants
  142. not sure...am i depressed?
  143. How do you help someone refusing help?
  144. HELP coping with depression and depressed partner
  145. Seeing someone you love suffer
  146. Am I depressed??
  147. Help
  148. Holiday woes
  149. Lexapro questions
  150. My entire family hates me for being ill????
  151. Update on effexor i started
  152. Need help
  153. Remeron's effects on weight!
  154. tips accepted!
  155. Prozac day 2 feeling worse
  156. why
  157. I Don't Know What's Wrong With Me..
  158. unsupportive family
  159. Prozac and Serotonin
  160. Advil PM
  161. When do you feel your most tired after taking effexor dose?
  162. Obsessive thoughts regarding fear of going crazy - self doubt, loss of sense of self
  163. Desperate for some help.... Please help
  164. Anyone out there tonight?
  165. 3 years along this path...
  166. Depression leading to gambling
  167. How long does effexor take before you notice a change?
  168. depression
  169. medications
  170. Lamotrigine
  171. depression getting worse.
  172. Feel Lost
  173. How to get out of this shell...?
  174. This is me
  175. What is there left to do?
  176. so hard
  177. Need help,but have no health insurance.
  178. Effexor and headaches?????
  179. My ex is in a big Depression
  180. Lexapro
  181. experience with taking effexor at night
  182. Looking for suggestions. Maybe add Abilify? Different type of medicine?
  183. Xanax
  184. Best time of day to take Effexor?
  185. Just wanting somewhere to talk
  186. anxious!!! help me!!!
  187. Need CYMBALTA Help!
  188. strange question about meds and time of the month
  189. lost
  190. Zoloft and sweating
  191. Day 12 on Effexor
  192. Luvox, Abilify, Klonopin.....
  193. How can I get through a day when depressed
  194. Pristiq questions...
  195. depression skin problems
  196. Threatened with Sectioning!!!!!
  197. Is a pharmacy website like this legitimate?
  198. Efexor withdrawal
  199. Not sure what to do anymore.
  200. Depression worsens
  201. is there a cure like this years
  202. bored of life!
  203. I need help
  204. Do i HAVE to take food with my meds?
  205. Is there a generic of Cymbalta or Paxil?
  206. My Luvox isn't working and I want to cry....
  207. Am I depressed? This is long, sorry :\
  208. Depression...Life's Troubles
  209. To all the depressed souls out there
  210. I'm a teenager right now how does other people like me the normal friend
  211. Troubles.
  212. The connection
  213. Depressed
  214. Antidepressants
  215. stuck in a test thats moved to a grinding hault
  216. Will it ever get better!!!
  217. Can I mix these meds?
  218. Have ALWAYS been a cold person but...
  219. Depression or something else?
  220. does it affect your period
  221. Gas & Bloat from Pristiq!
  222. Effexor and Nausea
  223. concerned
  224. Depression and latest drugs
  225. Prozac Withdrawl and the itchy's
  226. depression causing problems
  227. Hoe soon after i take my dose will i know?
  228. Scared but taking effexor for 1st time and...
  229. Stunned
  230. what is the point
  231. Quite young and confused...
  232. I don't know the basics
  233. Medication suggestions?
  234. What if i lose it when i take my first dose?? too scared
  235. Deppression from chronic pain
  236. after stopping methadone when will the weight come off
  237. So not more than 1 person here has ever taken effexor?!?!?!?!?!?
  238. Pristiq side effects
  239. Double-medication safety
  240. Need advice
  241. Switching from celexa to Effexor, anyone else take effexor?
  242. Wellbutrin - Strange Jaw Twitch ??????
  243. don't even know how to title this
  244. I need some help with my depression
  245. Can't sleep
  246. Need to get off 37.5mg of Effexor...NOW!!
  247. it's about having some heart problem
  248. Just started Mirtazapine (AKA Rameron, Zispin), Advice Please
  249. St. John's Wort
  250. AD's cause of breast pain??

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