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  1. Did Lexapro Pull You Out Of Major Depression & You Have Remained Stable?
  2. My birthday's coming up and I'm depressed
  3. I just started prozac what to expect
  4. excitement ever again?
  5. What's the point of life?
  6. What is wrong with me?
  7. feeling low
  8. what if I still have a headache after two weeks of taking lexapro 10mg after two week
  9. T has been out of town
  10. Depression Zoloft not working anymore TMJ
  11. when will I start feeling better with Zoloft
  12. please help me
  13. im so confused i dont know if i have depression please help me
  14. in need of housing
  15. I need advice?
  16. Severe Fatigue not improving!! On depression meds & Hypo-thyroid
  17. Unsupportive people
  18. I think I have on/off depression
  19. Lexapro making me more anxious - normal?
  20. Pristiq and terrible sexual side effects
  21. Help! Bad day... I hate the flux!
  22. mood swings
  23. Depression and Verbal abuse
  24. depression
  25. how do i wean off my antidepresants
  26. Question for anyone who has taken an AD
  27. Lexapro generic?
  28. short memory
  29. Zero coping skills
  30. Scared to take Cymbalta... Please Help
  31. Slow, depressing music really helps me, does it help you ?
  32. Question about disclosing drug information
  33. NJ-looking for psychiatrist that has suffered depression.
  34. sleeplessness when taking amitriptyline
  35. Am I
  36. Sleep with Depression Issues
  37. Effexor XR and weight
  38. Depression
  39. Anyone know anything about Prozac?
  40. heat sensitivity
  41. zoloft
  42. Wellbutrin?
  43. feeling really bad
  44. bad dreams
  45. Re: Lamictal withdrawal? I'm a wreck.
  46. Question regarding antidepressants--drug dependence
  47. Please help me understand......
  48. Ratio-Citalopram - Weight Gain?
  49. Help!!
  50. help!
  51. scared
  52. yet more questions!
  53. moods swings
  54. My Story and my birthday
  55. Former 5-htp users
  56. Please give me advice
  57. Weight gain from meds
  58. It's me again with an update
  59. Zoloft Withdrawal (Issues?)
  60. depression
  61. Some questions about Depression
  62. Questions about side effects.. what should I do???
  63. viagara for sexual side effects
  64. Hi
  65. new here - when do you decide that you need more help?
  66. Is There Any Way I Can Increase Dopamine? Desperate To Get Out Of This Black Hole
  67. Failed back syndrome 2 yrs ago, permanent nerve damage and now depression???
  68. Prozac Or Citalopram...
  69. citalopram
  70. lexapro users
  71. Anyone tried Pristiq??
  72. This is me ... depression?
  73. Lexapro and Irritability
  74. Trapped and drowning ... no way out?
  75. What do I do?
  76. am i depression
  77. Struggling with too much. Custody battle, addict brother, abusive father, MIL
  78. meds side effects
  79. working conditions
  80. Depression
  81. about health supplements
  82. How does a depressed person succeed as a salesman ?
  83. plz save me
  84. postnatal depression
  85. Any one this combination
  86. Priistiq
  87. Exercise and Good Diet and Good Sleep -- does it help ?
  88. Effexor XR=Mother's Hell On Earth(sort of long post)
  89. Emptiness and Meds
  90. Pristiq
  91. ~Gonna do it, made a appt for dr. Monday~
  92. weather related sadness
  93. SSRI (lexapro) and no emotion
  94. Does it affect you with your period?
  95. SSRI and add Welbutrin for libido?
  96. Great for a long long time but now!
  97. finding the end of the tunnel
  98. is cymbalta working
  99. successfully gotten off of lexapro (while taking buspar)?
  100. Introduction
  101. Trying to figure why the world turned upside down
  102. i always feel alone
  103. Pristiq
  104. Lonely Empty Nester
  105. walking to end the pain
  106. depression
  107. Depressed but still fighting!
  108. how much is too much of xanax and zoloft
  109. dipression
  110. What to do?
  111. switch from effexor to lexapro ""need advice""
  112. sertraline tablets
  113. pegnant
  114. So how does one get help with depression with no money or insurance?
  115. depression and support
  116. wellbuterin side effects? anger?
  117. Immediate deep sleep and dizziness...depression?
  118. effexor xr
  119. St Johns Wort
  120. Question about Zoloft dosage
  121. Any info on combining remeron with paxil?
  122. Oh dear
  123. We Seem Normal
  124. i'm tired of feeling like this!
  125. Depression and ... bananas?
  126. Lexapro side-effects
  127. Adderall for depression..
  128. I cry myself to sleep everynight
  129. impulse controle disorder
  130. drugs
  131. Is my chronic boredom really depression?
  132. Depressed, on and off, but mostly on.
  133. help.
  134. Ok ***???
  135. But I already see a MHP, would like some opinions??
  136. out of meds
  137. Lost 20 plus pounds on anti-depressants
  138. feel bad all the time
  139. depression
  140. Xanax dependence?
  141. Accupuncture for Depression?
  142. Antidepressants and eyes
  143. depression
  144. Are people just trying to be nice?
  145. Meds for teenager--how to decide?
  146. Can Hardly Breathe
  147. does it ever get better
  148. Frustration!!
  149. Should I call the DR.
  150. womans depression
  151. Depression and Lisinopril
  152. depression
  153. Cymbalta ~ Question about my mother
  154. Prozac..please, Please Read...
  155. Why??
  156. Do the dreams mean anything!!!!
  157. Medication Free!
  158. Prozac taken with Ionomin (Appetite Suppressant)
  159. crying
  160. anxiety, depression, bipolar or big complainer?
  161. Depression (visual disturbances)
  162. looking for someone to relate..
  163. Okay, not sure if I am depressed or just messed up... anyone up for a life story?
  164. I am so tired
  165. Just poppin in again....
  166. Now I am desperate....
  167. does such a thing exist?
  168. Pristiq
  169. Just started Pristiq..
  170. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--What to expect?
  171. Cymbalta withdrawl
  172. Pls Answer Me Nowwwwwwwwwww
  173. Paxil Side Effects
  174. Is someone out there willing to listen to me? maybe help? PLEASE!
  175. myself
  176. Too many meds. Other issues.
  177. I think my story may be one of the worst..please help if you can
  178. how to deal with depression / jealousy
  179. how do i talk to people?
  180. Depression/Anxiety Alternative to Lexapro?
  181. doctor diagnosis protocol
  182. worry and tension
  183. postnatal depression
  184. anyone go off celexa?
  185. Sex problems
  186. My Girlfriend
  187. Lexapro and RLS?
  188. Depression/Lexapro/Xanax
  189. Body pains and depression
  190. Depression
  191. I am totally off anti-depressants!
  192. post op depression
  193. just don't want to live anymore
  194. what time do you take your cymbalta?
  195. I stopped Effexor for 2 days--boy do I feel sick!
  196. low sodium from AD'S????
  197. weight gain and effexor
  198. depression
  199. I am miserable!
  200. If your taking Xanax, can you also take St John's wort or Valerian root
  201. pregnant... in depression
  202. miss my friend
  203. Just sending this out to Cyber Space...
  204. Depression
  205. depression
  206. depression
  207. Anybody on MAO Inhibitors?
  208. PMDD/ Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder
  209. past and presant trazodone takers..
  210. Tapering off Wellbutrin XL 300
  211. How do I know for sure?!
  212. Depression
  213. Curious what other people think about my situation
  214. depression
  215. I donno what to do anymore
  216. Mild depression
  217. Cymbalta
  218. I miss sex with my boyfriend :(
  219. My son, my son... as always, to put it mildly, exasperating
  220. Sexual desire and depression meds
  221. meds
  222. Brain altered after long term use of AD's?
  223. Does Prozac slow your metabolism down
  224. My Dear Friends can you help me?
  225. Med Combo Question
  226. Happy moments--bipolar?
  227. didn't they take serzone off??
  228. help please? i need some advise. Quick replys?
  229. i dont know if im depressed or not
  230. Never enough sleep... medicine or depression??
  231. Depression
  232. ending citalopram and woozy moments
  233. Social Anxiety & Depression
  234. Lexapro or Wellbutrin SR for Dysthymia??
  235. How do I not blame my parents?
  236. medication
  237. HIV and Depression
  238. depression medication
  239. how long do dizzy spells last for paxil withdrawls
  240. depression
  241. need some advice
  242. very long depression
  243. help i dont know how to help him
  244. Depression certificate
  245. Hello...
  246. Human Givens Therapist
  247. Ex love of my life birthday was today
  248. Thinking About Edronax
  249. Depression/Anxiety
  250. i was taken off xanax in 3 days..had a stroke

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