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  1. Forced retirement due to back injury
  2. Medicine help -- Venlafaxine
  3. No motivation
  4. PTSD or what??
  5. Am I becoming depressed or just stressed with life?
  6. Do I Have Depression?
  7. Depressed
  8. Just want to be happy.
  9. Loxamine (Paxil) making anxiety worse
  10. Unable to feel emotion (?)
  11. Coming off of Paxil - Help with side effects
  12. Advice needed.
  13. Argumentative ruminations
  14. Don't feel worthy to feel better
  15. Nearing the end of my wits, need help
  16. brain fog/ anxiety
  17. I don't feel good, I'm crazy
  18. What is wrong with me
  19. Wellbutrin and breathing difficulties?
  20. unhappy inside
  21. Lexipro withdrawal
  22. Someone help me understand
  23. Dry Mouth- Wellbutrin
  24. Chronic lightheaded ness for almost a year
  25. how do i feel emotionas again?feeling numb
  26. Religious Trauma Syndrome Anyone?
  27. Advice Needed. Very miserable.
  28. Bupropion: safe and unsafe dosage amounts
  29. Down Again
  30. Effexor help PLEASE!
  31. Memory Loss with Celexa
  32. Re: Evening Depression
  33. Pristiq, weight gain and low thyroid readings
  34. need people to talk to :/
  35. Does acid reflux cause depression?
  36. can medication be discontinued
  37. Has anger got something to do with depression?
  38. Can Metoprolol (beta blocker) cause/aggravate depression?
  39. Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Disorder and Hormones?
  40. Iam so depressed and so embarrassed
  41. Pathetic
  42. Effexor Xr 150mg
  43. New Here. Looking for support...
  44. Brintellix...
  45. Wellbutrin Major Side Effects!
  46. my dog chow
  47. is my depression as a result of my emotionally damaging childhood unfixable?
  48. I can't seem to figure this out ... need advice
  49. Switching from Lexapro to Wellbutrin
  50. Thought I was getting better
  51. Wellbutrin and DRY MOUTH
  52. Losing faith in myself
  53. Can I take melatonin with my SSRI?
  54. Effexor withdrawals for over a year?
  55. Feeling Betrayed by Family - Advice Needed
  56. Ok am new now what
  57. New and looking for a buddy?
  58. venlafaxine withdrawals
  59. SSRI headaches
  60. Feel sick with depression
  61. Having some pretty strange thoughts...
  62. lexapro not working after five weeks
  63. Antidepressant not working as well?
  64. Needing help please
  65. Feel Like a Failure
  66. pretiq
  67. Spaced out/unbalanced
  68. Five weeks into Cymbalta and ????
  69. life is tough lately. vent
  70. need to vent
  71. ocd and depressed
  72. Not sure what to do---new undiagnosed
  73. Stressed and in need of advice!
  74. Adderall + Zoloft?
  75. Vitamins and Omega 3 for depression
  76. Ignore me
  77. I'm depressed and I am worried agoraphobia starting
  78. Cymbalta - how does it work?
  79. Things could have been worse
  80. Feeling depressed and miserable all the time?
  81. How to Stop Taking Venlafaxine 37.5MG (effexor)
  82. idk how to cope
  83. Lack of Interest in Love
  84. Depression and relationship ocd
  85. Viibryd - suddenly (1 week) quit working?
  86. Is this depression or dDscontinuation Syndrome?
  87. Once on an antidepressant, always needing one?
  88. Viibryd side effects? Abilify
  89. Wellbutrin
  90. Is anyone having success with prozac
  91. Treatment Resistant Depression -- any new info 2014?
  92. Think my therapist want to drop me
  93. Psych Med Withdrawal
  94. SO depressed...
  95. Had anyone had luck with prozac
  96. Is anyone on prozac please let me know
  97. should i go visit the doctor's for depression?
  98. Is anyone on prozac please respond
  99. Setback on lexapro
  100. Depression?
  101. I think I am more depressed than I realized
  102. Anyone else who cries because?
  103. Just want to try explaining my depression
  104. just diagnosed
  105. Any comments on Pristiq?
  106. I need advice or someone to talk to
  107. Trying to crawl out of the abyss
  108. Am I crazy or what?
  109. Prednisone and Depressive Feelings
  110. major changes
  111. Deplin and OCD Anxiety Depression
  112. mental health
  113. Tips for keeping depression under control?
  114. Zoloft - causing depression
  115. Need Support
  116. Sad & lonely all the time
  117. Please read, I need help.
  118. Feeling Sad and Melancholic
  119. debbie downer here...
  120. Feeling very numb and apathetic on lexapro... ?
  121. Need help but I don't know how to get it
  122. Hate being ugly...
  123. Lexapro isn't working?!
  124. Trying something new...
  125. Wockhardt Generic Venlafaxine FDA holds.
  126. Pristiq withdrawal Symptoms
  127. Did anyone not feel better on viibryd until they went to 40
  128. Did it ever take anyone a long time for antidepressants to start working
  129. Prozac making me depressed
  130. Feeling alone and worthless
  131. My Story
  132. What do you do when nothing else works?
  133. Triggers
  134. What happens if you tell a therapist you're suicidal?
  135. Bupropion (Wellbutrin) XL anxiety - any way to combat this?
  136. my experiences
  137. Has anyone had any luck with viibryd
  138. Can you increase your self-esteem??
  139. Is a relationship possible when you are suffering from depression??
  140. How do I know what my diagnosis was?
  141. Second counseling session
  142. Horribly depressed after my neighbors moved
  143. Anyone taking Abilify? Sort of new here.
  144. Difference between taking zoloft vs. lexapro
  145. Should I see my college's counselor?
  146. Depression and Work....
  147. Has anyone moved to a sunnier state due to depression?
  148. clomipramine advice needed
  149. Not really sure what to do feel stuck
  150. my depression
  151. Effexor problems !?!? Help
  152. Can't seem to get any help
  153. Depressed over job humiliation, how to handle it?
  154. I really Need Everyones Opinion
  155. struggling and tired of platitudes
  156. Famly issues advice please!
  157. Fluoxetine and bupropion
  158. Starting lexapro
  159. Effexor XR
  160. crosing over from celexa to prozac
  161. I don't know if I can do this anymore...
  162. Lexapro
  163. I can't get over my depression about my health problems
  164. Help
  165. New member
  166. Fatigue
  167. Antidepressants, can they permanently change your brain?
  168. 5 htp
  169. My hell...
  170. first visit to a psychiatrist. what to expect?
  171. Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms are BRUTAL!
  172. transcranial magnetic stimulation ... TMS
  173. Always alone, im ugly no women are interested in me
  174. Discontinuing Pristiq
  175. Recurring depressive episodes since 16, where do I go now?
  176. Recurring depressive episodes since 16, where do I go now?
  177. I feel so alone, and hopeless at times
  178. gabapentin
  179. Effexor Xr
  180. Does anyone take trileptal for anxiety and racing thoughts?
  181. A lifetime on meds?
  182. Prozac Discontinuation-- Continued
  183. Bupropion
  184. What is happening to me?
  185. time 4 Prozac
  186. Haven't been here in a while
  187. Weed effect without smoking weed, depression, tiredness.
  188. SAD Treatment - Fluoxetine or 5HTP
  189. What should i tell her?
  190. What is wrong with me?
  191. Question About Effexor Xr
  192. I don't know what to do.
  193. Chronic pain
  194. Effexor Xr
  195. Advice from those in Melbourne, Australia
  196. Depressed
  197. dillee
  198. A True Clinical Depression Recovery Story
  199. My story
  200. Help please depressed teen
  201. Need some input...
  202. Adderal and Wellbutrin
  203. Started celexa today 2.5 liquid... how long will it take to work?
  204. Deciding if I should start antidepressants at this time
  205. Depressed.
  206. I am scared to try Wellburtin XL...
  207. i hate my job
  208. 30 y/o Daughter with OCD
  209. Citalopram 20mg
  210. Wellbutrin (bupropion) after an SSRI
  211. Anyone relate to these feelings?
  212. Help can't find an antidepressant to help
  213. Crisis team been called in, think I will be hospitalized
  214. What do you feel like when an antidepressant starts to work
  215. think i have phycotic depression and think i might end up on a section help
  216. Anyone out there taking Effexor XR ?
  217. Do benzos help?
  218. I need help...
  219. Please help me if you take antidepressants
  220. Did you ever feel like you would never get over your severe depression anxiety and
  221. Urgent ssri users please respond!!!
  222. Alcohol and Cigarettes
  223. Does anyone get vivid disturbing dreams from antidepressant meds
  224. Depressed and confused
  225. Depression and histamine
  226. exercising and depression recovery
  227. Zoloft and adderell bad mix? Advice needed
  228. Vitrectomy & enduring depression/sadness
  229. Humming - Please help
  230. Paxil users please respond
  231. down and out
  232. Am I Alone?
  233. does anyone use paxil or cymbalta?? please answer for depression and severe anxiety
  234. Paxil withdrawl, tips for coping please....
  235. Celexa withdrawal and jaw pain?
  236. Feeling Blah
  237. Could you lose weight taking Zoloft..?
  238. Mirtazapine for depression
  239. how do you get rid of obsessive thoughts?
  240. Effexor
  241. Celexa Withdrawal: Advice?
  242. struggle with depression
  243. I feel dead.
  244. how long does it take for abilify to start working???
  245. Prozac (Wellbutrin?) Side Effects????
  246. Dysthymia and SSRIs
  247. Depressed? Should I seek help?
  248. Brand vs. Generic Prozac Side Effects?
  249. Major depression and anxiety
  250. Book Suggestions

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