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  1. Don't want to go back to the nurse practitioner
  2. Effexor XR triggering Chronic Fatigue?
  3. Hearing voices when drifting off to sleep... just tell me this is normal?
  4. depression and anxiety
  5. Question on increase in SSRI dosage
  6. Does Xanax prevent serotonin syndrome?
  7. Resolutions
  8. SSRI antidepressants
  9. my mom's depression and i cant help her
  10. depression and pregnancy
  11. Can I stop Effexor XR after 6 weeks?
  12. Tryptophan (Amino Acids) increases the effects of SSRIs
  13. Sound Like Depression?
  14. My current situation
  15. dr started me on 150 mg Wellbutrin 2 times a day need info.
  16. The Mask
  17. Warning this is Depressing
  18. Stuff it! I'm coming off!
  19. Mirtazapine sexual side effects or something else?
  20. What is my next one after Effexor XR
  21. Stressed with my life...
  22. Dysthymia, major depression, and med questions
  23. Terminated in midst of short-term disability leave
  24. Question for trg247
  25. Has anyone received long term disability for depression?
  26. hospitalizatoin
  27. Does Cymbalta have withdrawal side effects?
  28. depression after surgery
  29. there goes another Christmas....
  30. depression
  31. Anyone have tips for post-holiday blues?
  32. what's wrong???
  33. Some problems with Effexor XR, need help plz
  34. Merry Christmas Everyone
  35. what anti d is best for severe depression? i need help!!!
  36. Effexor Xr
  37. Depressed for no reason?
  38. Christmas Blues
  39. Has anyone ever had an on/off depression? Or am I just weird..
  40. depression
  41. Making Decisions That Will Effect Your Recovery
  42. lonely and depressed
  43. Anyone ever heard of this
  44. Starting Over!!!
  45. Lonely today
  46. Ever feel like Jack Nicholson in "Schmidt"?
  47. People treating you different
  48. amitriptyline withdrawals
  49. Omega 3 supplements for depression?
  50. OCD and depression
  51. How long does Zoloft stay in your system???
  52. depression or normal?
  53. Expect too much from people
  54. Not enjoying things
  55. anxiety and blurred vision
  56. Anyone take Buspar?
  57. Why do I hate myself for the stupidest things???
  58. Hey Positivity 17- Happy Holidays?
  59. Do you have to change meds every year or two?
  60. Effexor :(
  61. Simple Request: Being Happy
  62. will miss her
  63. long term effects of ssri's
  64. work depression
  65. Psychotic depression- misdiagnosis?
  66. Wellbutrin Xl Generic
  67. Coffee and Effexor XR, do they interact?
  68. what to do?
  69. down in the dumps
  70. How long do meds stay in your body.
  71. AD relapse linked to placebo effect
  72. Finally off Antidepressants
  73. Depression after a break up
  74. what are the generic names for welbutrin xl?
  75. depressed
  76. Extra - this thread is for you.....
  77. Back down the rabbit hole.
  78. Dr. increased my Prozac...questions
  79. Effexor XR 75 mg, after 20 days, should I ask for a bigger dose?
  80. Distressed, anxious, lacking understanding in oneself.
  81. Antidepressants and No Motivation - Need help
  82. How Long Wellbutrin Withdrawl?
  83. Not sure what to do
  84. Boyfriend w/cancer, etc, dumped me, now my depression is worse
  85. my new freind
  86. Tapering Off Zoloft
  87. Changing meds on your own
  88. sinking and need a life ring...
  89. Depression and physical symptoms
  90. Help!! I'm cracking.
  91. My Life is Cursed
  92. Omega-3 and Anti-Depressants
  93. Zoloft - Weight gain?
  94. Don't want to go home for Christmas break
  95. Don't want to feel better?
  96. Therapy - is it necessary?
  97. Severe Wellbutrin side effects
  98. Good News - Long Wait
  99. antidepressant side effects
  100. Getting Help for Adult Child
  101. Wellbutrin & Tiredness
  102. another fine mess
  103. Effexor XR 75 after 14 days not working, should I ask my dr to up to 150mg?
  104. how to deal with the weird pressure on my head from anxirty
  105. Please, please, anyone who can help me or can relate…..
  106. Need Someone To Talk To After Attempt To Hurt MYSELF!!!
  107. Weird Symptom. Is This Normal?
  108. My friend
  109. paxil verses prozac
  110. Question for trg247
  111. Relationship Depression
  112. Nose problem
  113. empty nest
  114. Soo depressed sometimes
  115. Holden Cauffield
  116. Doctors appointment aftermath
  117. 5th Wheel
  118. Volunteering works for depression
  119. is this what its like?
  120. How I communicate with my doctor - Ideas
  121. Gonna blow up eventually
  122. I'm scared...
  123. Mood is dropping to frightening levels
  124. depression
  125. Physical Pains of Depression?
  126. mood swings/ depression
  127. im confuesed and i need help
  128. help
  129. Someone to listen....
  130. Teen w/ moderate depression - med help please
  131. zoloft depression
  132. I can't ever take anit-depressants...
  133. The ache in my heart
  134. I Can't Go On Like This!!!
  135. A hard decision
  136. not able to share with my shrink
  137. depression affects everything
  138. when to take effexor xr 75mg?
  139. Do depression pills ever expire
  140. Oversensitive
  141. Lexapro - expensive
  142. I self-harmed
  143. my body
  144. wisdom teeth getting pulled
  145. No Hope For Me
  146. Where did it go wrong
  147. Member of staff with depression
  148. i have taken welbutirn xl 150 mg a day for three days. Is it o.k to stop and drink
  149. Does melatonin help for lack of sleep due to cymbalta?
  150. Rough Week
  151. feel like .......i dont' know
  152. Dealing with the deepest days of depression
  153. combining antidepressants with brain wave therapy
  154. Depression
  155. fear of leaving the house
  156. 1/2 dosage of lexapro
  157. Any correlation with behavior issues and children with large pupils
  158. feeling down
  159. I dont know where it went bad
  160. New to this site-
  161. Cymbalta Experiences
  162. Cannot figure out when to take my Cymbalta...
  163. Depression Question
  164. did i actually get anywhere with this??
  165. Severe Holiday Depression
  166. drugs interaction
  167. Therapy help
  168. Effexor XR 75mg and eyes pressure
  169. Annoying issues!
  170. Friend
  171. I feel mentally/emotionally broken
  172. Depressed and In Need
  173. what does it mean when you dream that you are deaf
  174. Paxil Withdrawl and lots of weight loss
  175. Bad dreams
  176. depressed out of my mind...it came on so fast
  177. I give... I think I have depression.
  178. feel like crying...
  179. Sannah - Where are you?
  180. just not sure
  181. if im diagnosed with depression
  182. Lexapro and weight gain/loss
  183. Am I alone in feeling this way??
  184. My Life in Hell
  185. Zoloft Vision Problems
  186. New to Luvox, please help
  187. JUBY- Lexapro side-effects**
  188. Hello Q that I can not find!:)
  189. increased prolactin levels
  190. Do you think mental distress is a form of torture?
  191. Help!!! Early Awakening Problem...
  192. Remeron
  193. Osiyo!!!
  194. I'm hesitating to take Effexor 75mg XR + Xanax 0.5mg
  195. meds
  196. Hello from Mr. Pianoman
  197. Depresstion long term
  198. Lexapro side effects
  199. My story from hell
  200. My GF has depression (17yrs old)
  201. Male who is depressed and ignores/doesn't look at women
  202. Hello, I am new here
  203. Risk Factor - When to check yourself in
  204. self-help therapy
  205. Depression ruining relationship (again)
  206. My Life Right Now
  207. PLEASE Help. Paxil/Prozac.
  208. MY sister
  209. Parnate
  210. no job, no money, need counseling
  211. Why aren't there blood test?
  212. Help - taking Zoloft but not feeling better (felt GREAT for 3 days)
  213. Effexor XR question
  214. My girlfriend has depression
  215. absolute nightmare
  216. anyone taking Lexapro
  217. effexor and lithium
  218. What are You Doing About Thursday
  219. Nardil
  220. how long does it take for reaction in meds
  221. does it really help
  222. this is why i dont drink
  223. Is this a safe friendship? Meeting people on the psych ward
  224. How can i stop myself from thinking too much?
  225. heard it all before...read x post...
  226. The Big Squeeze
  227. Tis the season to feel worse!!
  228. A bit confused?
  229. depression
  230. I'm back, just wanted to say hello......
  231. alcohol
  232. Dealing with the guilt of passing on the depression
  233. The Emptyness Inside Me!!!
  234. just want a miracle pill
  235. New here!! Support
  236. When you INCREASE meds does it take another 4-8 weeks to see improvment?
  237. depressed and lonely
  238. Seroquel Question
  239. advice please
  240. Depresion
  241. SAM-e & stomach pain
  242. Anyone tried The vagus nerve stimulator?
  243. Wellbutrin isn't helping my eating
  244. Vanity
  245. Doing well off Lexapro
  246. Hi
  247. depression
  248. is anything ever going to work?
  249. what in the hell is wrong with me?
  250. Wife Won't seek help for depression

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