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  1. if im diagnosed with depression
  2. Lexapro and weight gain/loss
  3. Am I alone in feeling this way??
  4. My Life in Hell
  5. Zoloft Vision Problems
  6. New to Luvox, please help
  7. JUBY- Lexapro side-effects**
  8. Hello Q that I can not find!:)
  9. increased prolactin levels
  10. Do you think mental distress is a form of torture?
  11. Help!!! Early Awakening Problem...
  12. Remeron
  13. Osiyo!!!
  14. I'm hesitating to take Effexor 75mg XR + Xanax 0.5mg
  15. meds
  16. Hello from Mr. Pianoman
  17. Depresstion long term
  18. Lexapro side effects
  19. My story from hell
  20. My GF has depression (17yrs old)
  21. Male who is depressed and ignores/doesn't look at women
  22. Hello, I am new here
  23. Risk Factor - When to check yourself in
  24. self-help therapy
  25. Depression ruining relationship (again)
  26. My Life Right Now
  27. PLEASE Help. Paxil/Prozac.
  28. MY sister
  29. Parnate
  30. no job, no money, need counseling
  31. Why aren't there blood test?
  32. Help - taking Zoloft but not feeling better (felt GREAT for 3 days)
  33. Effexor XR question
  34. My girlfriend has depression
  35. absolute nightmare
  36. anyone taking Lexapro
  37. effexor and lithium
  38. What are You Doing About Thursday
  39. Nardil
  40. how long does it take for reaction in meds
  41. does it really help
  42. this is why i dont drink
  43. Is this a safe friendship? Meeting people on the psych ward
  44. How can i stop myself from thinking too much?
  45. heard it all before...read x post...
  46. The Big Squeeze
  47. Tis the season to feel worse!!
  48. A bit confused?
  49. depression
  50. I'm back, just wanted to say hello......
  51. alcohol
  52. Dealing with the guilt of passing on the depression
  53. The Emptyness Inside Me!!!
  54. just want a miracle pill
  55. New here!! Support
  56. When you INCREASE meds does it take another 4-8 weeks to see improvment?
  57. depressed and lonely
  58. Seroquel Question
  59. advice please
  60. Depresion
  61. SAM-e & stomach pain
  62. Anyone tried The vagus nerve stimulator?
  63. Wellbutrin isn't helping my eating
  64. Vanity
  65. Doing well off Lexapro
  66. Hi
  67. depression
  68. is anything ever going to work?
  69. what in the hell is wrong with me?
  70. Wife Won't seek help for depression
  71. How to treat depression
  72. what a royal mess
  73. Am I going through withdrawal? Please help me, I'm miserable...
  74. I just realized I've been unhappy for the past 10 years +
  75. rTMS? Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  76. Going through a bad episode - need advice (kinda long)
  77. Depression
  78. please help
  79. first time on this board
  80. Just been put on Citalopram
  81. depression
  82. Please help...Could this be a form of depression
  83. Can I quit Efexor XR 75mg + Xanax 0.5mg after 2 days?
  84. hypnotherapy.......
  85. how can I help someone with depression and psychosis?
  86. First dose of Cymbalta last night...ugh...will it get better?
  87. Anyone on Celexa?
  88. I just wish someone could understand
  89. Do the holidays get you down?
  90. cipralex side effects
  91. depression
  92. Could I be depressed??
  93. Cymbalta - Would love to hear your experiences
  94. Wellbutrin Dosing
  95. MAOI Patch vs. Lamictal/Depikote
  96. how come some people seem to have such easy lives?
  97. Messy home exacerbating depression
  98. Panic Attacks
  99. Efexor XR 75mg + Xanax 0.5mg, is that good?
  100. Please help
  101. depression
  102. Medication Question
  103. a good cry
  104. SAD & Vitamin D?
  105. I'm going to explode
  106. ......
  107. Question about Cymbalta...
  108. medication and weight gain
  109. Psychiatrist upped prozac from 20mg to 40mg-a little scared
  110. Depression
  111. Anyone understand?
  112. it hit me hard out of nowhere
  113. Is this depression or what?
  114. Similar Depression Symptoms?
  115. Atypical depression?
  116. Steps That I have Taken To Beat The Monster
  117. Starting Lithium and I'm nervous...
  118. depresion
  119. Stopping Remeron after 14 weeks use.
  120. has anyone ever tried Depakote ER? i was on Lithium but i wont take it anymore
  121. why do they tell you not to get off medication quickly
  122. venlafaxine read the small print
  123. depression or pospartum depression
  124. do all antidepressants make you tired?
  125. are antidepressants the way forward?
  126. 20 mg of prozac (generic) is that a large amount?
  127. Clinical Depression
  128. How oftern you see your Docs?
  129. What do i do??
  130. Depression Treatment For Years and New Discovery (Advice Please)
  131. zoloft?
  132. Boyfriend depressed
  133. I am convinced NO antidepressant will ever work for me
  134. Depression
  135. depression
  136. depression
  137. big step now
  138. Husband so sad
  139. Phoenix1
  140. Another question on Wellbutrin XL
  141. Depression it's Here to Stay : (
  142. Is It Depression?
  143. TRG247 - Guess I am back
  144. feeling depressed over a health anxiety
  145. question on Wellbutrin XL
  146. please help
  147. Treatment without health insurance
  148. depression
  149. What is wrong with me?
  150. Anyone had any luck on Tofranil/imipram? please help
  151. depression
  152. A Death Of A Close Friend!!!
  153. I kind of need to vent...
  154. how soon does cymbalta start to work?
  155. Lost and confused
  156. can effexor be taken with hydrocodone
  157. ok how much longer do I have to wait
  158. Has Depression Hurt Your Career?
  159. I'm normal and happy on the outside, but deep down I'm very depressed
  160. Foggy- Dream like feeling???
  161. Zeolites and Natural Zeolite
  162. Which antidepressant makes you NOT unable to concentrate?
  163. Student with recurrent Clinical Depression
  164. How does it feel to have agitated depression?
  165. Depression
  166. What Are the Side Effects of Going off Lexapro
  167. dothiapin
  168. Wellbutrin vs generic. also remeron
  169. hiding depression?
  170. how long is effexor meant to be taken
  171. Weaning From Welbutrin......
  172. Sexually side effects of Wellbutrin
  173. Relapsing?
  174. Could i be going through depression, whats it feel like?
  175. why does lanoxin make you so tired
  176. Wellbutrin & Seizures
  177. Weight gain and meds
  178. Wellbutrin Udate....thoughts?
  179. i just started Lithium ER ...has anyone ever been on it???
  180. effects of alcohol abuse
  181. need a friend
  182. switching from effexor to zoloft
  183. apparently its all just a rubbish excuse...
  184. depression
  185. how can i help myself with my depression?
  186. Am I depressed?
  187. Just got through some depression...am I at risk for more?
  188. So Sad
  189. Depression meds question.. what could this mean?
  190. Need Advice
  191. I think I am slipping into depression
  192. Can you be depressed and not realize it?
  193. sertraline i need help
  194. depression
  195. Depression
  196. What else can I do?
  197. Just gone on to meds not feeling to great :-(
  198. Help , I dont know what to do anymore.
  199. Welcome back Sannah... we have been missing you!!!
  200. Depressions
  201. How do I tell my parents??
  202. Should i Try and seek help for my ex
  203. How do I get my Ex to Seek help for Depression
  204. okay this is just weird
  205. Depression
  206. Paranoid about antidepressants
  207. I am so depressed
  208. depression + why pushing family away?
  209. SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder
  210. mokie
  211. Looking for medication advice
  212. My world is black
  213. r there any foods to help fight depression
  214. Want to help
  215. lucky escape...or not??? -long
  216. How Can I Stop Mumbling?
  217. tips on raising the serotonin level in the brain
  218. I can't even think anymore..what's wrong with me?
  219. how long does it take for cymbalta to get out of your system?
  220. how long does cymbalta take to get out of system
  221. Ugh. So, here I am. Need advice (who doesn't - right?)
  222. I wanna stop my meds, what do you think?
  223. Little things make me cry - Depression or Anxiety?
  224. 16 scared
  225. Antidepressant: Citalopram.
  226. Dont know what to do...
  227. Mid life crises
  228. depression
  229. Venlafaxine Dosage
  230. concerned
  231. Celexa and Night Sweats -- Miserable, Need Advice!
  232. how do you stay in therapy when you don't want to?
  233. Autumn Blues
  234. Depression
  235. j2006
  236. Whats wrong?
  237. Hi everyone!
  238. depression and short term memory.
  239. Great
  240. weakness
  241. yawning
  242. Depression
  243. Extra - how are you?
  244. Wellbutrin XL/Not smoking
  245. Lexapro and withdrawl
  246. confused boyfriend
  247. depression
  248. A little depressed
  249. How do I cope with my boyfriends depression?
  250. Med ?? Prozac and Effexor together?

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