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  1. How do I cope with my boyfriends depression?
  2. Med ?? Prozac and Effexor together?
  3. Cymbalta's Effects On Norepinephrine..how Potent?
  4. Cymbalta/no Libido...medications To Help?
  5. I always talk to my self ,is it normal?
  6. medication
  7. The confidence balloon
  8. Unbelievable!!!
  9. I'm about to see a psychiatrist for the first time. any advice?
  10. Seeing scary images when I close my eyes
  11. Wellbutrin Experiences
  12. Just need to tell someone
  13. does prozac work
  14. What should I do about this?
  15. Just need someone to talk to
  16. Can Xanax cause depression?
  17. Question for those who have used Paxil
  18. Is it back?
  19. why is it alwasy me??!
  20. Your thoughts, please
  21. how can you tell
  22. Afraid to love due to death?
  23. Stopped Depakote, feeling moody and family emergency!
  24. feel like im in limbo
  25. when depression becomes anger
  26. feeling really low.
  27. Choosing the right medication...Prozac not helping my fatigue
  28. celexa withdrawal and how to wean
  29. can't shake it off
  30. going off paxil- eating issues??
  31. New- need serious help on med topamax and wellbutrin sr
  32. HELP Please!!!!
  33. Black licorice and depression
  34. Effexor XR and Celexa Combination
  35. What IS this feeling?!
  36. effexor vs paxil?
  37. Just venting and hating life...nothing unusual here!
  38. Need some help PLEASE
  39. How Do You Deal With Terrifying Thoughts
  40. What can I do??
  41. Doctors - Kickbacks from certain medications?
  42. Depression question
  43. What a rolle coaster ....
  44. Effexor Success Story
  45. To fineanddandy
  46. Crazy side effect from coming off cymbalta
  47. So easily able to go from happy to sad
  48. How to make my life better?
  49. Depression pills because of eating disorder
  50. Some quick help please
  51. Cymbalta And Dexedrine....problems If Used Together?
  52. How Long Does It Take Paxil to Work
  53. st johns wort
  54. itching on 10mg. of lexapro
  55. Drugged out!!!
  56. Zoloft vs Effexor
  57. Do Depressing Songs Make you Depressed?
  58. Paxil a second time
  59. Why me? SAD is back!
  60. I´m on my 2nd day of zoloft and
  61. Effexor - Euphoria?
  62. Depression
  63. paxil + Welbutrin(sp?)
  64. need ur answer plz!
  65. Update
  66. talking about depression
  67. Anti Antidepressants, they just are not for me!
  68. Hi all , I started taking Wellbutrin XL about 2 months ago
  69. should i take antidepressents? (fluoexetine)
  70. I am very depressed and in a slump
  71. I have this off and on feeling that people say is depression what is it?
  72. want to be better
  73. When will the nausea go away?
  74. I am 33 yr old Guy and Very Depressed!!!
  75. Lexapro for 8 weeks and still not there....
  76. Wellbutrin the answer?? Insecure, hopeless, bored easily... Help!
  77. Hi Kiasmama
  78. hOW DO i GET HELP?
  79. fearful thoughts stop breathing
  80. antidepressants prescribed for allergies?
  81. tired on SSRIs
  82. I feel like my walls are crumbling.
  83. Does Cymbalta affect menstrual cycles
  84. Falling out of love
  85. Wellbutrin Qx - Agitation
  86. Hey Roxx
  87. Trazodone Question
  88. using Prozac To Stop Zoloft Withdrawal
  89. Difference Bwt. The Two of Them?
  90. Vagus Nerve Stim
  91. Can You All Please Pray For My Friend??? Please!!!
  92. weight gain
  93. manic depression information
  94. Depressed, of course.
  95. Nardil advice/info please!
  96. Extreme tiredness
  97. Wish me a lot of luck!!
  98. Perphe****ne question
  99. Sertraline and Paranoia
  100. vayansse (dexedrine) and depression?
  101. Second opinion
  102. Is this depression or something else?
  103. My depression story and a question
  104. Need some inputs
  105. took a big step backwards!i need help!
  106. Depression
  107. Emsam / muscle tension!
  108. what is the best depression pill
  109. Anti-Depressant Overload ?
  110. ive never been happy
  111. I'm so terrified for my life!!!
  112. Depression
  113. Why Am I So weird...and obsessive?
  114. Starting Wellbutrin XL300
  115. should i take trazodone before major surgery
  116. My problems are getting better...
  117. Attitude due to Wellbutrin or is this really me?
  118. Side effects six weeks after stopping prozac?
  119. On Effexor ad Wellbutrin but wanting to backpack SE Asia...
  120. Her depression is going to destroy our marriage
  121. Zoloft vs Celexa?
  122. Depression? Doubtful
  123. cymbalta withdrawal...itching??
  124. New to this board
  125. Cymbalta (60mg.) And Terrible Side Effects At Night..please Read!
  126. Depression
  127. Anyone stop effexor and want to start back????
  128. Help.....trying to ward off depression
  129. Depression Or Perimenopause
  130. My battle (please read)
  131. newbie, learning to live with depression
  132. Weaning off wellbutrin
  133. Lamictal
  134. Wait out the sexual side effects?
  135. A hypothetical (How do you remove anti-depressing drugs from the body?)
  136. newbie with questions
  137. TRG247 - Leaving for a while.
  138. Prozac/tired!
  139. Med change
  140. The Musings of Middle Age
  141. Anxiety and Self-Esteem
  142. Different antidepressant meds, need advice
  143. Suffering from Depression and Stress...
  144. Celexa and Weight Gain
  145. Hi Everyone
  146. MY STory, i need help 2
  147. Long Term Zoloft use
  148. Saturday Night
  149. help!!!!!
  150. How do you know?
  151. Celexa and Facial Pain -- Need Info Desperately!
  152. on celexa trying to stop acne with yaz
  153. Hi KT & Phoenix
  154. Hi Sannah
  155. nagging
  156. Sannah......
  157. Daughter causing depression
  158. How does it start?
  159. Depression
  160. Depression
  161. Got kicked out of the house Wedsday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  162. am i suffering?
  163. depression
  164. Fatigue and pain from depression
  165. Not sure if there is anything left. .
  166. mom's depression
  167. life
  168. hard break up
  169. suggested schedule for tapering off Paxil??
  170. Feeling ugly
  171. Time to give up the fight?
  172. possibly depressed?
  173. Sad Today
  174. Lack of motivation - housework problems etc.
  175. Thanks naturemomma & Debora E.
  176. depression
  177. depression
  178. Celexa help with emotional eating
  179. My daughter fainting right frequently
  180. EVERYTHING is coming down on me at once.............
  181. How do I support my bf who suffers from depression?
  182. How long for Wellbutrin to "settle in"?
  183. Do you have side effects when switching SSRI"s?
  184. Hi everyone
  185. It's been a while - having a hard time again
  186. Wellbutrin and Effexor
  187. Wellbutrin and Effexor
  188. Your Inner Child
  189. Just need an ear.....Taking Lexapro and Ambien CR
  190. Med Question
  191. Depression or not?
  192. Depression and disability
  193. Sudden cessation of Avanza
  194. Need a new job.
  195. Depression
  196. Been on Cymbalta 1 day. Don't like the way it makes me feel. Should I keep takinging
  197. Generic Wellbutrin
  198. Hair thinning from antidepressant?
  199. Anyone gain/lose weight on Celexa/other meds?
  200. Zoloft anyone?
  201. Marital therapy and depression
  202. Reassurance//help???!
  203. Another BAd night....
  204. Botox works for depression
  205. effexor xr
  206. I Really Need Help About Generic Wellbutrin Xl
  207. Carsam
  208. No health insurance or job - need advice
  209. Depression, Anxiety, and Self Injury!!!!
  210. Dakota.....
  211. Janart, on getting scared..I am for different reasons!
  212. why??
  213. Celexa sexual side effects?
  214. Anyone starting to get scared
  215. ever feel like this
  216. Playing tug-of-war!!
  217. Cymbalta withdrawal
  218. Day 2 on tapering Effexor
  219. Effexor & pregnancy...
  220. Adjustment Disorder
  221. what to do next?
  222. How do you know when to ask for a med increase?
  223. Deplin anyone?
  224. am i crazy?
  225. Wellbutrin SR
  226. Celexa
  227. Effexor withdrawal....dr. told me to just stop
  228. I'm posting this once again...
  229. How do YOU get out of a downward spiral? NEED HELP NOW!!!
  230. Effexor Withdrawal....please help!
  231. neurotransmitter test
  232. Celexa and chest pain
  233. Am I depressed? What do I do?
  234. I have NO friends.
  235. Wellbutrin newbie...and Valium for anxiety.
  236. difficult morning
  237. All Alone am I
  238. Thinkning about getting some prozac good idea: advice...
  239. Depression never gets better?
  240. feeling like crap right now
  241. Going cold turkey...
  242. Sannah
  243. My therapist suggested that I not read all these threads on the board....
  244. Numbness on Wellbutrin?
  245. can't taper off effexor!!!!
  246. lexapro question
  247. How to get a spouce to support you....
  248. help.
  249. The short version of my story
  250. ECT Treatments - looking for information

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