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  1. Saturday Check In
  2. Hi from newbie - depression and anger
  3. Forcing yourself to function/work
  4. Can you help? Need a new direction!
  5. Just wondering
  6. Question About Social Anxiety
  7. why does everyone think im not trying!?
  8. I want "myself" to come back...
  9. Could my Lexapro tapering cause head tingles and dizziness? Help!
  10. Trazodone for sleep
  11. Friday - 1st daily check in!
  12. Success with Vistaril (hydroxyzine hcl)?
  13. Effexor and general hell
  14. Social anxiety to blame
  15. Depression !?! No, no way? You got to be kidding me?
  16. Will Not Take This Again!!
  17. Help in SouthWest Michigan
  18. Anyone up for a "daily check-in?"
  19. What's the best anti-anxiety med?
  20. nobody likes me
  21. Coming off Paxil
  22. Cotton wool brains!!!!!!!
  23. anyone tried/use Cymbalta?
  24. Lexapro Withdrawl Problems
  25. manic depression ?
  26. Therapist - patient confidentiality?
  27. How do you know if you have it or not?
  28. How do I help my wife?
  29. Elavil (Endep) question
  30. If you don't need meds, can they make you feel down or worse?
  31. newbie here
  32. Lexapro is a nightmare for me -- Need advice!
  33. weight gain with ADs
  34. Somethings got to give
  35. From Prozac to Effexor
  36. no drugs
  37. Has anyone ever felt this???
  38. The tears won't stop...
  39. Two Medication Questions...
  40. please explain "brain zaps"
  41. meds for the first time
  42. Wellbutrin and generic differences
  43. Advice please
  44. my depression
  45. what would happen if........
  46. Depressed?
  47. New to Forums - Lexapro Withdrawal?
  48. For Everone Living With Depression
  49. Vivid, strange, bad dreams.
  50. no enjoyment of anything.
  51. borderline personality disorder
  52. Need some advice here!!
  53. Going to the doctor
  54. Living for today?
  55. quetions about depression
  56. How to wean off wellbutrin xl
  57. Reader for a long time, finally steps up to speak
  58. Please I Need Advice!!!
  59. Down
  60. depressed and not talking
  61. I think I figured at least one thing out.
  62. I don't know whats wrong with me... Any ideas?
  63. Feeling Soooo Low..but no time to Care
  64. I dont know what to do to help them??Please help me!
  65. Side Effects from Risperdal
  66. no good with titles
  67. Anyone got anything good to say about meds?
  68. Adjunct to Wellbutrin?
  69. Wellbutrin XL and Effexor
  70. Does this sound like depression?
  71. Does this sound like depression?
  72. Lexapro and lower blood pressure
  73. Combating side effects of SSRIs: Luvox, Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, etc.
  74. Anyone have better luck with Wellbutrin SR than XL??
  75. Anyone ever hear of this?
  76. Anyone ever hear of this?
  77. Telling your therapist how you feel about them
  78. Am I depressed or co-dependent?
  79. think its time to get out....
  80. Help with SSRI's
  81. Diagnosis changed
  82. up and down road to where?
  83. Can someone exlplain half-life to me??
  84. Pain and Depression
  85. Severe INSOMNIA HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. Effects of depression on teenagers
  87. Obsessed with death
  88. How long does it take to get off Luvox? Major withdrawl.
  89. Can you beat depression without meds??????
  90. Child Abuse and Depression
  91. Scared and lost! Help Please
  92. When your beyond fed up
  93. am I NOW out of options....just want to cry!
  94. Don't know what's happening...
  95. Keep getting worst
  96. another depressive
  97. hi im new
  98. hello im new
  99. hello im new
  100. just.......nuthin........
  101. If I ever needed you it's now...
  102. My 18yr old Daughter needs to get off Paxil...my doc says "cold turkey"??
  103. Mirtazapine
  104. Not only did Zoloft make my eye red but also gave me high blood pressure.
  105. How long??
  106. hello im new
  107. Are these strange side effects??
  108. Zoloft side effects...
  109. Cymbalta ???
  110. Zoloft made my eye red.
  111. WellbutrinXL vs SR ....GENERIC???
  112. Unipolar Depression and Work problems
  113. Wellbutrin = INSOMNIA??
  114. depression/derealization
  115. depression/derealization
  116. Sexual Side effects after SSRI's ?
  117. Friendships?
  118. Quick onset depression
  119. Reducing dosage of Paxil
  120. Wellbutrin started today.....seeking info!
  121. Can Zoloft effect hormone levels?
  122. Prozac side effects - When will they go away?!
  123. My dilema!
  124. How long does Zoloft take to work for depression?
  125. if one of your issues is sleep
  126. "Reign Over Me"
  127. The docs say my partners depressed but theres more to it!
  128. Help On Getting Up In The Am/push,shove?
  129. Cymbalta vs Effexor?
  130. What's the point?
  131. ups & downs
  132. effexor help
  133. what to expect from psychiatrist?
  134. Waking Up At Night
  135. Should I reduce my meds??
  136. My Battle with depression
  137. A ReIntroduction
  138. Want to become independent
  139. Family - please help me cope
  140. depressed and looking for psychologist-which type would be best?
  141. Depression question
  142. this is just too much
  143. this is just too much
  144. Celexa is making me EXHAUSTED. Normal??
  145. Baaad day....
  146. dont know whats wrong with me
  147. under a lot of stess and depression returning
  148. Citalopram (Celexa)
  149. Wellbutrin XL ???
  150. 1st day on Effexor xr
  151. Can upping your dosage make you MORE depressed?
  152. desensitized?
  153. depression back again
  154. I feel as though I've failed.
  155. Religious and Depressed
  156. Medication Ineptitude
  157. Therapeutic community?
  158. Wellbutrin info please
  159. Bad nightmare
  160. 8 weeks on Wellbutrin and nothing
  161. I need of help........
  162. Don't pay any attention to me, just needing to write thoughts down !
  163. MAOI patch
  164. When does this go away
  165. Everythings wrong.
  166. Is this what she is talking about??
  167. Anyone seen 'The number23'?
  168. I'm doomed
  169. Inexpensive therapy options
  170. 19 yrs old and deeply depressed
  171. Just added Effexor XR to Zoloft
  172. Is it possible?
  173. Need help with rejection sensitivity
  174. never seem to get it right!
  175. Anyone GAIN weight on 5-htp?
  176. Hurting so bad
  177. weight loss after antidepressants
  178. Another Prozac Question?
  179. C.r.a.p.
  180. Feeling really down today
  181. I lower effexor dose, I start thinning!
  182. melatonin for sleeping?
  183. I'm ashamed of public outbursts
  184. Looking for Madgirlthing
  185. Living with what you've done
  186. i've let everyone down
  187. mixed emotions
  188. Depressed at 17 :(
  189. Serious mental problems..
  190. any self esteem book recommendations?
  191. Effects after going off Wellbutrin?
  192. effexor
  193. letter to a seperated loved one
  194. Does Anyone Else Get The Chills?
  195. Antidepressant Help
  196. How to get off Zoloft and what can I expect?
  197. SSRI's and Stomach Pain
  198. Valerian and lexapro?
  199. so low
  200. Does anyone know which antidepressants are NONanticholinergic
  201. pms/pmdd/depression
  202. pls help me stop obsessing over stupid incident
  203. Can Wellbutrin lead to depression?
  204. Feeling worthless lately....
  205. Tramadol For Depression??
  206. Tramadol For Depression
  207. I saw my doctor today
  208. cymbalta
  209. Wellbutrin XL 2nd week..When will I feel the effects?
  210. Life is so stressful...jealousy, regret, and depression.
  211. Is There Even Such A Thing!! As A Competent Inpatient Facility?
  212. going off celexa
  213. Want to Sleep All Day/Unmotivated
  214. Suffering
  215. Weight loss aftering being on anti-depressants
  216. get made to feel guilty about being depressed
  217. culture issues and other stuff....
  218. Why am I doing this to myself?
  219. i felt like whinging.
  220. Pessimist or Depressed?
  221. Went off effexor xr cold turkey
  222. fiance in mental health center
  223. Cymbalta Advice please
  224. My issue(s)
  225. new to paxil, and i feel BAD...
  226. How can a guy make me feel like this...
  227. Thinking about finally coming to terms with possible depression
  228. structural change of brain by depression
  229. Depression from giving up a pet
  230. Is there any anti depressant that doesn't affect the libido?
  231. Paying money for false happiness when others get the real thing for free
  232. Finding a Medication that doesn't cause weight gain?
  233. Depression and Life
  234. I feel miserable for no reason
  235. Need to share
  236. completley crap......
  237. Prozac
  238. Help!
  239. i think im reaching a breakdown
  240. feeling down today
  241. Broken up and in pain
  242. Rosie ODonnell uses inversion therapy for depression
  243. Has Anyone Out There Gone Through What I'm Going Through?
  244. Need Some Advice
  245. will they or wont they???
  246. To ect or not to ect?????
  247. Watch out for which Fish Oil brand you take
  248. Husbands Anger Outburst and Wellbutrin?
  249. 5 Htp
  250. Cymbalta Question

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