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  1. Long term effects on endocrine system caused by Effexor XR
  2. Increasing dosage
  3. Dakota skye?
  4. Recently prescribed fluoxetine
  5. Sooo patronizing!
  6. Mental Illness
  7. risk factor
  8. HypoMania 12
  9. i am overwhelmed
  10. Cymbalta?
  11. being depressed and being in love
  12. contradiction
  13. Depression has anything to do with Promiscious
  14. Need some advice...
  15. extremely shy
  16. Effexor XR- Weight Gain? Please respond
  17. When the one you love is severely depressed...please help!
  18. Hi, new here and overwhelmed
  19. Fluoxetine
  20. Dont know what to do
  21. girlfriend left me and my friend died !
  22. Very important please help, Should I go and talk or not?
  23. Do you have problem of organism with AD?
  24. Provigil
  25. light therapy?
  26. How do i move on in my life?
  27. my diary of fighting with depression
  28. New doc?
  29. Quick Quesrion
  30. sleep deprivation...cure for depression?
  31. Advice please
  32. news/need help Kiba
  33. Weaned off Effexor, now going on Wellbutrin
  34. Scared, but hopefull
  35. You won't believe this
  36. Whats wrong with me?
  37. Extreme loss of appetite
  38. wellbutrin xl and sleep aid
  39. Depression= no job
  40. Feeling overwhelmed.
  41. Effexor Withdrawls, how to cope?
  42. Need advice please Zoloft withdrawal
  43. The Power of Now
  44. Despair...Is there a reason for it?
  45. had a great weekend
  46. I did it!...well half way there
  47. old member is back
  48. Indifferent
  49. How can i do it???
  50. this is one of the best boards i've seen...
  51. Job doing my nut in
  52. *When the one you love is depressed*
  53. Should i be feeling BAD?
  54. Help Me Please!!!!
  55. how much longer??
  56. How to work full time???
  57. need your help...
  58. depression problem
  59. Don't know what to do
  60. feelings are hurt bad
  61. just a hoax?
  62. learning the hard way
  63. effexor withdrawel
  64. what is wrong with me?
  65. First day on Wellbutrin...
  66. a few hours of sleep
  67. Lightwave therapy - circadian rythms?
  68. Cymbalta in Combination with another antidepressant?
  69. misery
  70. argh
  71. Scared
  72. Why am I so bleah...?
  73. I think I'M depressed now
  74. cry, cry cry----no sleep
  75. Janis Joplin
  76. I have no strength to fight
  77. Can't get in to see my psych & need med adjustment. What to do?
  78. If?
  79. Which Wellbutrin??
  80. Wellbutrin XL Dosage Question
  81. Doctors
  82. highly sensitive people
  83. Louise Hay and other self help
  84. sickofeffexor or somebody?
  85. feel like an "everready battery"
  86. "Medication isn't Going to Solve your Problems"
  87. started wellbutrin and STILL tired, so sick of it
  88. Meds for Depression HELP!
  89. job and still depressed
  90. Has anyone taken anti-depressants over 10 or 15 years?
  91. I think I'm just being a big baby.
  92. feeling worse for a week now
  93. Why does everyone think im GAY?
  94. Could I be depressed and not know it?
  95. Just need to get stuff out
  96. family histories and delaing with stress ??
  97. shoulder to try on...
  98. Odd Dreams
  99. Effexor Question
  100. Anyone tried Lamictal for Depression?
  101. jerks at retail
  102. My life sucks
  103. need a hug
  104. uncomfortable with touch
  105. depression SUCKS
  106. I'm new here
  107. what would you do?
  108. Lexapro and Wellbutin XL
  109. Feel like I'm going crazy...
  110. So sad all of the time...
  111. crying, crying, crying
  112. Testosterone Patches
  113. just wanted to write some words
  114. Once again!
  115. What's wrong wiv me?!
  116. Please Help! Can depression make you have alot of physical symptoms?
  117. Any experience of valium?
  118. Dry Eyes Due to Prozac, Topamax
  119. Is it real? Or is it in your head?
  120. What to do in addition to taking meds?
  121. Insomnia and I'm scared!!!
  122. Could the meds screw me up this bad?
  123. anxiety on zoloft
  124. where do I get help?
  125. does anyone?
  126. Started taking Cymbalta and Zanax!
  127. Are anti-depressants dangerous or safe?
  128. Relapse...Prozac dosage question
  129. what would you do about doc?
  130. Please talk to me . . .
  131. The power of music
  132. It is that time of year again...
  133. i feel like i want to just sleep forever and i wish i was invisible
  134. Symptom of depression
  135. Lexapro to Effexor Help
  136. what do i do now?
  137. Lexapro And Exhaustion
  138. bored, tired, unmotivated..
  139. Effexor xr
  140. My son was cruel and heartless!!
  141. Friend is depressed
  142. Is this it????
  143. Trying(and failing miserably) to quit cymbalta.
  144. Just Let It All Out
  145. Should I give up trying to find love/companionship?
  146. switching med to prozac...anyone take it?
  147. depressed about going back to school.
  148. Advice in my situation?
  149. meds question
  150. Lexapro Day 5 side effects
  151. Is it possible to actually get over depression?
  152. Any side effects from Aurorix?
  153. effexor xl
  154. Do I have Post Partum or just depressed?
  155. Anyone MORE DEPRESSED from meds??
  156. depression with limited meds
  157. At my wits end!
  158. Wellbutrin is messing me up so much!
  159. Anyone taking Lexapro??
  160. Cymbalta? Dosage? Side effect?
  161. Bonecrushing
  162. Would you guys try meds again?
  163. Has anyone?
  164. is it just me?
  165. Sky High Cholesterol & Triglycerides on Zoloft
  166. Some help with getting my life sorted out...!
  167. Why do I suck so bad. :S
  168. I am new to the group
  169. More questions about constipation
  170. are you filled with self-doubt and loathing
  171. I've been off all meds for nearly two years now.
  172. Anyone crave chocolate and on tricyclics?
  173. how to ween off paxil ?
  174. started taking paxil, what are these brain zaps i keep reading about?
  175. how do you know
  176. Sam-e?
  177. What to do?
  178. self centered and immature
  179. cannot miss it!
  180. Weight loss and depression meds
  181. klonopin?
  182. professional counseling
  183. Cymbalta???
  184. Celxa anyone??
  185. pmdd/pms
  186. did anyone try 5 htp?
  187. Dr will only see me if I'm on a med??
  188. Well that's what I get...
  189. What do you guys think of zoloft?
  190. Best Antidepressants?
  191. I'm Back!!!!
  192. new to this
  193. question
  194. Anger with Wellbutrin
  195. Did any of you guys get worse?
  196. Stopping Prozac
  197. who decides if you need to be in a hospital
  198. what was the best and the worst Antidepressant for u?
  199. introversion and depression
  200. stressed or depressed?
  201. Can you fight major depression without meds?
  202. Want to give up
  203. Having a good day makes depression worse
  204. Does wellbutrin cause headaches?
  205. As Dark Approaches and TV Beckons
  206. Alone again, no one to have fun with.
  207. what does this mean
  208. can someones depression bring you down?
  209. The chances of being employed after years of mental illness?
  210. Does anyone here take Seroquel?
  211. Am I suffering from depression?
  212. venlafaxine
  213. sometimes it feels like my meds arent working
  214. Any college students want to share their experiences?
  215. Failing just too soon
  216. too embarresed to go doctors.
  217. Question about where to start...
  218. High EPA Fish oil for Depression study
  219. questions about paxil? How were your experiences with it, etc?
  220. Got the Whole Package (Depression, Anxiety, OCD) and really need some medication
  221. Back in black
  222. Really worried
  223. On medication for life?
  224. At a really low point
  225. Me? Depressed? ...Maybe
  226. im back (same crap)
  227. Ativan???
  228. My depression hits on the weekends
  229. sad sad day for me(Steve Irwin)
  230. Depression After Sex??
  231. Ugh!! I hate being so helpless!!
  232. pleassse respondd need answers...
  233. Ok What Do You Think Of This?
  234. please help
  235. the worst
  236. What to do? Paxil to Zoloft?
  237. I may quit the TTC thing
  238. Effexor
  239. dont think anyone understands me at all
  240. Wud they have to know??
  241. Weaned, but now feeling depressed and anxious again
  242. Depressed
  243. Options running out. Now what?
  244. Depression: Drugs or therapy or both?
  245. Depression leads to self-harming
  246. Oh. My. Head. !!!
  247. New Day
  248. post natal depression maybe??
  249. The Question Of Doom: Why are you depressed?
  250. Thinking of going on medication for depression/anxiety...please help!

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