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  1. Please help... Prozac experience
  2. zoloft
  3. Virrbrid????
  4. Scars ruining my life
  5. Help Working Through My Depression
  6. Effexor XR Ton's of weight gain
  7. Bupropion
  8. Honestly just searched for the 1st board that came up
  9. Numb/Flat/Empty/Dead/Dulled Emotions For 7 Months!
  10. Outnumbered
  11. antidepressants for menopause??
  12. Does anyone have any positive things to say about?
  13. New to zoloft and have a ?
  14. What can I expect from cognital behavioural therapy?
  15. SSRI's and Melatonin...?
  16. Wellbutrin and Celexa... Anyone?
  17. MTHFR/Deplin
  18. What happened to me? Anyone else?
  19. Lost...?
  20. More Viibryd Questions?
  21. hungry all the time on Viibryd
  22. Zoloft and eye twitching
  23. I'm a 29 yr old male with deficient estrogen levels
  24. Suffering through effexor withdrawals
  25. Can just anyone listen to me for once?
  26. Delayed Withdrawal from Wellbutrin XL 150
  27. Therapy Question
  28. Coming off it all!! How long does this last??
  29. Effexor... anyone???????????
  30. Can someone HELP ME?
  31. Is there hope for me. Or is it time to submit.
  32. Keys to the cure are out of reach
  33. "Brain fog"
  34. Effexor problems, please help
  35. Effexor problems, please help
  36. Dopamine agonists for treating depression
  37. Being humble when others succeed far beyond you
  38. Viibryd advice
  39. Zoloft Withdrawal
  40. Does this happen to you
  41. Want my life back! Please help!
  42. Pristiq, Effexor, Prozac, or Virvird??????
  43. STD and bankrupt employer
  44. Fighting to remain positive.
  45. After 4 years, Pristiq on bad list
  46. Never noticed never seen= the girl in the corner
  47. How can I help my daughter?
  48. Weaning/tapering Off Celexa/lamictal
  49. Uncontollable Urge To Cry!
  50. I need help
  51. Your experience on Zoloft... ?
  52. Uninsured, chronically depressed, $40 in the bank. What now?
  53. Home on a Saturday
  54. Sad and no one to talk to
  55. severe depression
  56. Turn 30 in 2 weeks, havent accomplished anything.
  57. I just have a quick question???
  58. Minocycline Helped Me!!
  59. weight gain on Effexor XR
  60. Need advice on my medication
  61. Fired before Short term disbility paperwork was turn in
  62. what antidepressents can i try
  63. Highschool dropout?
  64. me and my wellbutrin
  65. Pristiq
  66. depression after medication
  67. taking fluanxol, chlorprothixene & anafranil together
  68. Withdrawal. Please help!
  69. Can't afford my antidepressants
  70. I don't know what else to try! Seroquel? Any suggestions??
  71. Did you lose your job due to depression/axiety?
  72. Long Wait for AD to Work.
  73. My Thoughts...
  74. Trying to get help
  75. I think I have depression and have no idea what to do.
  76. New to board
  77. I want to hurt myself.
  78. Broken and don't know what to do
  79. depression...
  80. question about Wellbutrin
  81. Can't finish my work... problem being a student
  82. Would you take this job?
  83. Viibryd and weight gain.
  84. Interfering family
  85. Is this depression?
  86. Is my 6 yo depressed?
  87. *IS* this depression???
  88. Depressed and anxious when thinking about work
  89. Anyone know of Medications that help Depression other than Antidepressants?
  90. Medicine - Weight Gain - Pregnancy
  91. my depression
  92. the girl in the corner
  93. Normal or depressed?
  94. Does Bupropion cause Miniature seizures?
  95. Possible depression- unsure.
  96. Help for dysthymia
  97. Started Wellbutrin HCL SR 150 this morning
  98. Wellbutrin 150 mg, Making Me Worse?
  99. Am I depressed?
  100. fuzzy
  101. Question for anyone who has stopped anti-depressants
  102. i keep lighting myself on fire
  103. How do you feel about clinical trials?
  104. I am miserable... After pristiq???
  105. postnatal depression
  106. Can this really be depression?
  107. I don't know if this goes here but I just need some help please.
  108. can depression be genetic?
  109. What's wrong with me ?
  110. Brother has a SEVERE addiction to Nyquil
  111. Wellbutrin
  112. Depressed and nobody believes
  113. lexapro vs. generic
  114. Withdrawl from Lexapro
  115. Wow what do I do?????
  116. New to board... looking for support
  117. garbage medicine
  118. withdrawal off pristiq 50mg
  119. found the switch... LONG
  120. Vitamin/Supplements for Depression
  121. Does it ever get better?
  122. Worried about HIV
  123. ADD, anxiety, depression all coincided?
  124. I need some help
  125. Your Sexual Side Effects ( If Any ) from Cymbalta?
  126. boyfriend troubles
  127. I think I just need encouragement
  128. natural cure for depression
  129. Have any of you ever, while unmedicated... ?
  130. Wellbutrin vs Generic?
  131. Stopped Prozac but Still Have Tremors?
  132. Remeron questions.....
  133. Possible depression symptoms
  134. One of my favorite quotes
  135. Adderall for depression? Seeking advice
  136. Bupropion SR(generic for Wellbutrin) &Mirtazapine(Remeron) at night. Any Experiences?
  137. i think i have collapsed
  138. Depression
  139. Dark Cloud
  140. whatever happened to that child-like love for life?
  141. depression and addiction
  142. Will I ever get help?
  143. I need advice?
  144. Question for women with depression
  145. Viibryd
  146. St. John's Wort for depression
  147. Am I sad or depressed?
  148. Insomnia with Paxil
  149. Anybody ever heard of a Wellbutrin dose of...
  150. Wellbutrin & Tics
  151. feels desparate
  152. Can't find a medication
  153. taking 200mg/ Sertraline (Zoloft) for 3 months
  154. lexapro & the generic
  155. What do I do?
  156. immune to medication
  157. Pristiq... not motivated?
  158. how do I know?
  159. Is my GF depressed or just scared to commit????
  160. Depression Update- It's Still There
  161. Depression and Body Pain
  162. Prozac/ritalin
  163. The best thing to do in depression is...
  164. Zoloft question
  165. Solutions for Wellbutrin induced vivid dreams...
  166. Effects of stopping anti-depressants
  167. How do I get my life back on track?
  168. In need of support
  169. My lonliness is killing me
  170. I'm depressed...need advice.
  171. Teenage depression
  172. Teenage depression
  173. Is this really worth it ?
  174. Looking for advice
  175. very alone
  176. Quitting Zoloft- help!
  177. Do Antidepressants really help?
  178. Depression and memory loss.
  179. Confused and need some advice....
  180. Increasing prozac
  181. Depression
  182. Brain zaps
  183. Moan / Asking for advice (Periorbital Hyperpigmentation)
  184. important question
  185. cipralex depression neck pain please advise
  186. wellbutrin and stomach pains
  187. wellbutrin/zoloft hybrid?
  188. Depression: self-fulfilling prophecy
  189. Wellbutrin is perfect... except for anxiety, any thoughts?
  190. Pristiq?????
  191. Wellbutrin XL Thoughts
  192. diagnosis?
  193. diagnosis?
  194. Pristiq vs Effexor
  195. Failing in life.
  196. Lexapro
  197. Avoiding a rebound
  198. Dealing with Depression
  199. I'm not sure anymore
  200. Citalopram
  201. husband cheating and blaming it on me
  202. someone help me
  203. So confused... HELP ME!
  204. scopolamine or ketamine
  205. Meds stop working. Poop-Out/tachyphylaxix
  206. Pattern in Depression Flare-up Days - Question's
  207. Pristiq/Effexor, burning throat & stomach pain?
  208. deppressed bipolar
  209. Im so affraid to ask for help, I dont want to be seen as a failure.
  210. Wellbutrin progression
  211. Anxiety because of new meds?
  212. Lexapro. Does a lower dose help shift weight?
  213. Please help..
  214. anybody else thinking of going off Effexor Xr?
  215. Afraid to seek help.
  216. My story... am I depressed/need help?
  217. Today is a day I would like to say goodbye!!
  218. Antidepressant withdrawal
  219. Being Pushed Away
  220. I have so many reasons to be alive, so why don't I want to be?
  221. Questions on getting off of Zoloft
  222. Depressed and looking for leave
  223. Empty nest and depression
  224. Do I admit myself into a hospital or chance it?
  225. just cost me my job...
  226. What to Expect From Doctor (first visit) and Yasmin
  227. which is best?
  228. What does CBT entail? 4th time of rock bottom
  229. Celexa and Ativan, NO appetite
  230. As depressed as I've ever been...
  231. Exhausted (tired) from depression
  232. Does anyone besides me have severe PMS (PMDD)?
  233. Tired of being alone..
  234. Weight gain with abilify?
  235. Wellbutrin Sr
  236. Looking for some encouragement
  237. How can I help my mom?
  238. Mentors for Men with Depression
  239. Atypical Depression
  240. Please help, Depreesion ??
  241. I don't know what to do
  242. Prozac, Lamictal,xanax weight gain
  243. Anyone use thyroid meds for depression
  244. Was given Ativan and Celexa
  245. I feel lost
  246. Cymbalta and terribe sweating...
  247. Depressed about life
  248. right medication?
  249. Sad
  250. Feeling So unlucky

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