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  1. It helps to know I'm not alone.
  2. where have I gone
  3. Lexapro and Effexor XR take together?
  4. ending marriage and need to talk
  5. Paxil
  6. ADHD and Depression
  7. Advise Badly Needed
  8. crying before I go to sleep, don't want people to know
  9. babysitting job from hell
  10. anyone ever been on Luvox or Zoloft
  11. cymbalta withdrawals
  12. Looking for Advice and Support
  13. Severly depressed
  14. Afraid of taking Wellbutrin...How long have you been on it?
  15. Going off Effexor
  16. what about wellbutrin
  17. am i depressed???
  18. What Meds worked best for you?
  19. Dream
  20. OCD / Zoloft
  21. Taken by a Taker <sad look>
  22. Just started new meds, anyone on Lexapro?
  23. skin discolourant after takeing pills
  24. ex called me!
  25. staring an antidepressant
  26. I need good advice. Please
  27. update: date canceled
  28. Inferioraty over peers love lives.
  29. ashamed/embarrassed about being depressed
  30. Thinking about < deleted >
  31. Does medication actually help?
  32. date tomorrow night !!
  33. Can anyone help me with 8 year old that wants to kill herself?
  34. Does Anyone Know
  35. How to gain friendships when you are low?
  36. Anyone ever taken an MAOI?
  37. Telling It All (or most of it)and Drinking
  38. I'm bl**dy-well burnt OUT!
  39. It always helps to talk to people you trust.
  40. Cymbalta??
  41. Early 20's missing out
  42. Always feel quilty about everything.
  43. Alone without my BF
  44. evenings hardest
  45. how can I tell
  46. Norepinephrine
  47. VNS trial application
  48. going to friend's house...
  49. He's pushing me away....HELP!
  50. just learned dad has ADHD
  51. i just quit terrible job,
  52. Question Regarding Meds
  53. success with Buspar!
  54. Where do I start?
  55. Assertiveness!!!
  56. Effexor Blood Pressure Questions
  57. New To Effexor XR
  58. does anyone get visions?
  59. My History with Depression & What Worked
  60. Do you ever feel "trapped" in life?
  61. sleep
  62. Anyone taking Seroquel?
  63. Suggestions to help my depressed mother..
  64. Any luck?
  65. Welbutrin Side Effects
  66. quitting job-- need advice ASAP
  67. Do I have to stay on anti's 4ever?
  68. not sure if im still depresseed
  69. Feeling down
  70. Does taking medication ever make you feel fake?
  71. Just the beginning...It gets worse
  72. sorry to put this out there
  73. Unable to laugh
  74. Can?
  75. I think too much!
  76. why is it Over Nothing?
  77. Weaning off Effexor
  78. Ever feel what you do isn't good enough
  79. I am a walking Pyschology textbook and i'm so depressed.
  80. Depression and relationships
  81. Can depression affect relationships?
  82. Wellbutrin side effect- help!
  83. If?
  84. Question about Cymbalta from worried wife
  85. i'm a horrible daughter
  86. Anyone her uncomforatble being touched?
  87. Has anyone ever had a PANIC ATTACK?
  88. Can you tell me if these are legitimate reasons to have depression?
  89. don't want to do this... :(
  90. left stove on.. AGAIN
  91. Having weird side effects from Paxil CR
  92. Cymbalta?????
  93. Free Help
  94. I just can't concentrate or focus on my job
  95. having a job and depression
  96. Can anyone cheer me up?
  97. cure for depression
  98. Does anyone have any experience with Depression with Atypical Features?
  99. some good news.....
  100. meds and weight gain
  101. Prozac and tired...
  102. Why Is Life Sooooooooo Bloody Unfair?????????
  103. am I depressed?
  104. other symptoms of depression
  105. wow, my second post... in a really long time!
  106. Hey
  107. Deep Depression
  108. my story.....(CONTINUED THREAD)
  109. I don't know how to handle the depression and anxiety attacks any longer
  110. Seeking advice...or at least understanding.
  111. Is Life Supposed to be this way?
  112. I think i'm depressed??
  113. Wellbutrin XL and Hunger/Weight Update
  114. Lexapro = numbness?
  115. For paine and all the others that posted all alone
  116. celexa + klonopin
  117. Provigil
  118. Lexapro = Always Hungry?
  119. depression and my relationship - help!
  120. i just dont know what to do anymore!!!
  121. How long?
  122. I Have To Go To My Dr. Asap, Any Suggestions?
  123. Help!
  124. Hey Pinkeetoz
  125. insomnia on wellbutrin xl
  126. already junior member!?
  127. Anti-depressants and metabolism
  128. My observations
  129. New to the boards
  130. Effexor - Withdrawal Success and Relief of Side Effects?
  131. A MAGIC combination! It seems to work!
  132. Help needed fast!!!!!
  133. Don't know what to do
  134. religion / spirituality?
  135. I wish
  136. All You KNow
  137. MAOI & Male Infertility
  138. My soul is dead with depression
  139. Distancing myself from loved ones
  140. More DEPRESSED on PROZAC?!?
  141. Advice for teens by a teen
  142. Night Time Is Better
  143. self loathing
  144. Depression hurts....worse than anything.
  145. Tried many different medicines
  146. Getting stuck....
  147. Is this depression?
  148. all righty.. what's WRONG with me?
  149. Deep depression
  150. help is needed, it's desparately needed (long post)
  151. Connie
  152. Any good ideas for weight loss while on SSRI's
  153. new here...strange med combo....
  154. wanting to start a new med
  155. Is my Depression Coming Back??????
  156. Cymbalta with Lexapro?
  157. im in need of very good advice
  158. Any feedback on ECT?
  159. Does anyone have any comments on botox helping depression?
  160. Has anyone read this book?
  161. Antidepressants and Alcohol!! :(
  162. Acne from Zoloft?
  163. Upped Lexapro & Still Not Feeling Much Relief
  164. the light at the end of the tunnel is nearer
  165. Lexapro/Wellbutrin combo? All together now!
  166. Lexapro and Wellbutrin - switching and withdrawal
  167. Lexapro Withdrawal -- PLEASE PLEASE HELP
  168. I'm so Moody
  169. Overwhelmed with loneliness
  170. Feeling stupid
  171. feeling lost
  172. Feel an outsider
  173. can anyone relate to my story...thank you
  174. Do you get mood swings and thoughts?
  175. What's happening to me??
  176. depression plus over counter meds
  177. constipation
  178. Going back on an AD you thought stopped working before?
  179. intro to me
  180. Getting worse thoughts?
  181. Need To Talk To Someone Who Takes Seroquel
  182. mom helping son
  183. Anyone?
  184. Lazy or depressed
  185. Depression: 7+ years long
  186. Hate vivid dreams
  187. depressed........... help
  188. Your most embarrassing "I must have dreamt it" moment?
  189. How to know?
  190. How Can I Prove The Start Of My Depression...
  191. I'm still looking
  192. Meds Can Be A Gift.......
  193. I'm new to all this, need advice
  195. Need Advice! on 3 meds, spacy and confused: Meds or sleep deprivation??
  196. lexapro and exercising
  197. Tegretol, Fluanxol and Topamax - any success???
  198. Anti with Buspar?
  199. Success with Buspar!
  200. Does ne1 need to know about this???
  201. Lithium Takers How Much Weight Have You Gained??????!!!!!!!!!!
  202. Anyone try Torfanil?
  203. Cant Get Things Done
  204. Your experiences with cymbalta...
  205. C.L. hey...
  206. Agomelatine ? new AD, first of its class... any info?
  207. Feel that I need meds but afraid to go on them...
  208. Is 3 years too long????
  209. Having those feelings!
  210. Has Anyone Had A Difficult Time Going from 10 mg of Lexapro to 20 mg?
  211. Wellbutrin XL 150 or 300
  212. anyone?
  213. Selegiline Transdermal Patch?
  214. Hi
  215. Imploding
  216. a piece of me
  217. Deserved hope for Vagus Nerve Stimulation?
  218. Anti-depressants
  219. The Road Back
  220. Just prescribed Lexapro and SCARED!
  221. What to do?
  222. please help me
  223. How To Say Goodbye To My Doctor
  224. i'm new here, wanted input about effexor
  225. Can't concentrate!
  226. I revisited the psych ward yesterday....
  227. Need Help
  228. Sad and wanting to smile
  229. Help with meds?
  230. Ginkgo biloba helps SEXUAL SIDE EFFECTS causd by SSRI"S
  231. help!frightened about mood/personality changes in boyfriend going off depression meds
  232. Celexa and Lexapro?
  233. Debough....
  234. Exercise and Depression
  235. Brain Damage?
  236. Pain with your depression?
  237. should i go to GP?
  238. WHERE is BeachLady......???
  239. No libido after 11months
  240. Space Required With Amitriptiline????
  241. Treatment Resistant to SSRI's.......
  242. does anyone struggle with meds?
  243. I just need to talk
  244. Started wellbutrin!!!
  245. sick of myself
  246. Betrayal anyone?
  247. Which medication has the least side-effects?
  248. Why Does It Have To Hurt!
  249. high protein or high carb diet best?
  250. Zoloft

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