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  1. Selegiline- Wow!!!!
  2. Problems with weight gain
  3. confussed and depressed
  4. Off Topamax...COLD TURKEY advise anyone?
  5. I am surprisingly, depressed
  6. Empty mind
  7. How can you tell if you're depressed.
  8. Cipramil
  9. Hormones and Depression
  10. My advice-Post Natal Depression
  11. Meds, no meds--What's YOUR story?
  12. On The Ropes Again!!!
  13. Geodon-- Is it lethal?
  14. Anti-Depressants and Neuro-Transmitters
  15. Has anyone not had a bad experience going on or coming off Effexor?
  16. Yay, we have internet again!!
  17. Withdrawal HELP!(Effexor)
  18. Help, my crazy little mind!
  19. Starting Paxil and quite worried
  20. Not just another day
  21. wondering why
  22. All Most Afraid When Feeling Good
  23. Can't keep feeling this way
  24. Am I crazy or too sensitive??
  25. Please help...again
  26. hmm.
  27. All Locked Up, What To Do?
  28. Can quitting Wellbutrin cause hormone changes in women?
  29. whats wrong with me.....
  30. Panic Now
  31. meds questions
  32. depression?
  33. Medication for Depression
  34. I love my new med...
  35. Chucking Meds
  36. So unmotivated
  37. Effexor XR Side Effects...Fatigue\Tiredness?
  38. Please Forgive Me!!
  39. Getting slightly depressed over lack of friendships
  40. I need help
  41. Getting Worse
  42. Effexor XR and Wellbutrin XL together...
  43. What can I do?
  44. Help, I Need A Friend
  45. completely worthless
  46. Wellbutrin Withdrawal
  47. Would like to find a therapist, but nervous...
  48. What I learned today
  49. some kinda help needed
  50. omega 3 supplement
  51. trg247: Wonder if my thinking is helping or hurting
  52. Has anyone ever filed for disability for anxiety/depression?
  53. whats wrong?
  54. hormone related depression??
  55. Husbands Depression????
  56. Scared of my 17yr old son.
  57. Cymbalta and seizures...
  58. No Motivation
  59. Feeling Blue!!!
  60. prozac and headache medicine
  61. tired
  62. Wonder if my thinking is helping or hurting
  63. does it get any eaiser
  64. Just goes to show ya it aint good to live in the dark
  65. Hi Sassisue01
  66. Down the rabbit hole..
  67. Depression, is a relief...
  68. Returning to board once more
  69. One Thing After Another
  70. Another Day
  71. Closeted Depression
  72. Message for gatsby...
  73. Could this be depression?
  74. Effexor Dosage
  75. Does anyone get better?
  76. PLEASE READ: Been on Paxil CR for 11 days and feeling like crud!
  77. Same old song
  78. Please help... Desprate and Scared
  79. Another depressed newbie
  80. Help! relaping again
  81. Birth Control and Depression
  82. I always feel so sad
  83. I don't understand
  84. Effexor XR Side Effects...Gastro one
  85. Remeron
  86. Can't stop crying.
  87. Up and Down
  88. is it okay to still be crying after being on meds?
  89. Headaches, overeating sweets, ....what's going on? Anyone else?
  90. What to do now?
  91. What is CBT?
  92. need advice ?????
  93. Advice needed about meds.?
  94. Side effects of Venlafaxine (Efexor)
  95. Okay yall whats going on???
  96. Effexor 150 mgs side effects
  97. dont know what to do
  98. Having a bad day
  99. C. L. Nav...
  100. Hi. Yeah, I'm new.
  101. Lexapro & Psycologist
  102. Crawling Out of My Skin
  103. Prozac - Good or bad?
  104. AD withdrawal and "brain zaps"
  105. taking many pills, not getting much better!
  106. Psychiatrist?
  107. Hi, I'm new and have depression, possibly psychosis
  108. What else along with depression?
  109. New here
  110. I don't know how to help my Dad, can anyone help?
  111. Effexor XR Nausea
  112. Is there a test for serotonin level?
  113. Celexa/Citalopram
  114. Vicious Cycle
  115. Okay I'm ready to try again
  116. How much longer will this last
  117. 2 weeks on Paxil- daydreaming and not able to focus. Normal side-effect?
  118. this is bad im just so depressed
  119. what dose of lex.are you on
  120. Anyone tried Vagus Nerve Stimulator for depression.
  121. Major Depression
  122. What kind of doctor are you seeing?
  123. Effexor XR Side Effects when will they end....
  124. Can Someone Tell Me How Paxil Cr Made Them Feel The First Week?
  125. psychotic depression/despair
  126. Does Anyone Have Lack Of Family Support??
  127. Anxiety/depression adult children issues...
  128. PMS and depression
  129. I don't know what to do
  130. Sleep
  131. Major Depressive Disorder
  132. Walk-in clinic?
  133. A little bit of advice please
  134. Can intense aerobic exercise offset the sexual side effects from SSRI medications?
  135. A little bit of light
  136. St Johns Wort % or MG extract. help!!
  137. Drinking while depressed
  138. Addicted And In Pain!!
  139. MAOIs and other antidepressants
  140. I'm Stuck in a Depression Time Warp
  141. Depressed... i think
  142. Alcohol Abuse & Depression
  143. zoloft and libido
  144. libido and prozac users
  145. Is Paxil Cr A Bad Drug To Take??
  146. Is Ambien safe?
  147. Surely someone . . .
  148. Going through the motions
  149. Days of dread
  150. Soon after daily dose of Effexor XR or others.
  151. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  152. Feeling like I have something stuck in my throat.
  153. supplements along side antidepressants
  154. ADHD and fibromyalgia......makes depression so much harder....
  155. mirtazapine and weight gain... help
  156. Help Terrible relaps
  157. check out what I read today
  158. Depression and Paxil CR..... please respond
  159. "Taylor made" antidepressants coming soon?
  160. I'm so lost... and please read!
  161. erough!!
  162. Vitamin D
  163. Depression/Love/Help
  164. Has anyone got any tips?
  165. My life has no meaning
  166. So Scared
  167. Effexor XR
  168. Drinks, Drugs, Depression..which board?
  169. Is this a part of my depression?
  170. The cover up
  171. need some advice
  172. young and gone
  173. question about paranoid
  174. sickness causing depression?
  175. Paxil withdrawal or Wellbutrin effects?
  176. finding the right AD
  177. feel like a failure
  178. depressed because I am very lonely
  179. Trying to decide whether to take meds..
  180. you should have seem me at the party
  181. Bad day
  182. Causes of my depression rant
  183. need help
  184. How to get out of this?
  185. Don't need this depression thing too
  186. info for ladybandit08
  187. so tired
  188. Giant Capsule Swallowing Management
  189. Effexor XR. Dosage Increase.
  190. Very Depressed Please advice!!
  191. Tired
  192. Should I leave my program?
  193. HATELiFE
  194. Dont want to be sad
  195. As if from nowhere...
  196. I am at rock bottom, and need someone to take a look at this
  197. Stopping Effexor!
  198. Cymbalta and muscle twitching…this may surprise you!!!
  199. I Hope Someone Can Indentify With This!!
  200. Anyone experience weight gain on effexor?
  201. Effexor XR Withdrawl
  202. Need advice and understanding
  203. taking pain meds when on AD's
  204. I need some advice again
  205. Currently taking Cymbalta.....add Wellbutrin ?
  206. This is mostly for the ladies
  207. what are my options? genetic predisposition to insanity!
  208. What are your strengths, who helped you, and more
  209. going through an awful patch
  210. Effexor XR
  211. bye bye Zoloft
  212. Need someone to talk to.
  213. My Cousin, Need Help!
  214. Electroconvulsive Therapy or ECT
  215. Birth Control pill help depression?
  216. Suddenly senstive to AD's?
  217. Are more sensitive people more likely to be depressed?
  218. Anybody have a nervous breakdown?
  219. Which antidepresant to take?
  220. generic antidepressants
  221. Avoidence, procrastination, and other stuff
  222. Triggers - Be careful on entry
  223. Scared To Death!!!! Help Please!!!!
  224. Depressed because I am looking for a deeper meaning in life
  225. Does anyone being treated for depression with wellbutrin???
  226. Does anyone feel their jobs/relationships are short lived due to depression?
  227. Too bogged down & want to be invisible.
  228. breaking point
  229. The Other Side Of Sleep!!
  230. Going off effexor?
  231. Can;t stop from crying
  232. Derpessed please read
  233. Depprestion
  234. how bad...
  235. Am I thick or is it part of depression??????
  236. ZOLOFT - Weightgain/Tiredness ??
  237. Sleep seems to be a hot topic please help me!!!
  238. Immediate Urgenttttttttttt Helppppppppppppp Needed.......???????????
  239. As anyone experience insomnia with their depression?
  240. Difference between Paxil and Paxil CR
  241. i am confused...
  242. Zyprexa
  243. A great book
  244. sleep
  245. Who can relate this.
  246. Derpession treated diet?
  247. Effexor XR. Is this a side effect?
  248. Depression after 50
  249. don't know what's wrong w/ me...
  250. sickness triggered depression??

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