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  1. anyone with chronic depression..
  2. been a while and depressed again
  3. Wellbutrin stopped working is this strange???
  4. is there hope for me! is there ppl who take more than one A'D?
  5. Questions, I think I may be depressed.
  6. is this depressive behavior?
  7. Different from everyone else
  8. I think I'm paranoid but I'm too scared to get help...
  9. depression,anxiety,negativity
  10. Does wellbutrin works for depression?
  11. Provigil = weight gain?!
  12. How long does it take for prozac to kick in?
  13. What is this
  14. Effexor and Wellbutrin??
  15. Anyone have experience with quitting Remeron?
  16. Opening myself up to others at interviews
  17. zoloft and dosage
  18. what do they mean when A'D doesn't work???
  19. Headaches and Celexa?
  20. Ever wonder if your doctor
  21. Lithium????
  22. Need to taper with Seroquel?
  23. Can anyone identify with this.....
  24. Need support/advice, weaning from Remeron
  25. Zoloft-Can't Stand the Side Effects
  26. I'M relapsing on effexor..please help!
  27. Safe to take Wellbutrin,Zoloft and Fish oil capsules?
  28. Depression and Anger
  29. Never fits in
  30. what ind of depression do you have?
  31. going too high?
  32. Can Zoloft cause muscle twitching?
  33. ive become uncontrollably unsocial- please help!
  34. first time anti-depressant user...
  35. confused
  36. Trying so hard
  37. depressed
  38. Effexor
  39. Forgetting the Past
  40. Hospital anyone?
  41. Considering switching to Wellbutrin from Paxil...
  42. Switching A'D side-effects?
  43. Effexor XL. Anyone taking it?
  44. aggression and prozac-questions!
  45. does serotonin get lower at first when starting a med?
  46. How can I help?
  47. Wellbutrin stopped working...
  48. Horribly depressed...please help...
  49. Back to square one...
  50. Hey yall need input ASAP
  51. crying eyes over marriage trouble
  52. Something positive for once....
  53. two issues I really want to talk about
  54. Does Seroquel and/or Klonopin Make You Gain Weight?
  55. zombi
  56. My story:sorry its long(and boring)
  57. Rapid Heart rate when standing..can depression cause this?
  58. Hello
  59. Anyone try trazodone for depression
  60. I Have Hope....Breaking New Ground!!
  61. Lexapro And Heart Palpatations
  62. alternatives to anti-depressants
  63. Cymbalta fatigue
  64. Zoloft - please help my sweetheart :(
  65. Depressed Beyond Words
  66. confused, and overwhelmed!!
  67. effexor to lexapro?
  68. psychotic depression-what works
  69. job
  70. No future.
  71. Can you believe worrying about feeling good??
  72. Depression...
  73. depression and work
  74. Lexapro Users?
  75. Hey! Anystudents on A'D's???
  76. Please help, i dont feel normal
  77. How do you know it's depression? Options?
  78. Luvox
  79. its been a few days
  80. Serious Depression Issues - Need Advice
  81. Whats wrong with me??
  82. I'm unsuccessful at everything!
  83. Depression can cause lack of energy?
  84. Wellbutrin- When does it start working??
  85. increasing Cymbalta dosage
  86. can't "fix" my stress!
  87. Scared Overwhelmed Please Help New to this
  88. Tingling & Numb Fingers
  89. Do all A'D's do that??????????????
  90. Wellbutrin Side Effects
  91. hey yall just need some quick advise
  92. when improvement reach the top
  93. new today depression has hit again
  94. Anyone using lexapro????
  95. Is there anyway to LOSE weight while on Paxil??
  96. asthmatic and Depression
  97. paroxetine/seroxate
  98. Prozac and Wellbutrin -opinions needed
  99. new to boards
  100. New user!!
  101. Cymbalta works great
  102. Stuck In Neutral And Unable To Get Out
  103. Weight Gain?
  104. When to Take Zoloft
  105. 20 years old and suffering from Depression
  106. Sam-e
  107. Just need to talk
  108. Is there any students taking some AD's??
  109. I'm new please read and help
  110. RE: Advice
  111. Has anyone tried Orexia cream for the sexual problems?
  112. CYMBALTA & Exercise
  113. Depression may cause Blurred Vision?
  114. is there an A/D without sexual side effects? (nt)
  115. Depression and Job Loss. Please read.
  116. New here.
  117. Wich kind of A'D is best for a depression with insomnia???
  118. really wierd
  119. Does wellbutrin works to counteract loss libido?
  120. switch from zoloft to wellbutrin ?
  121. At the end of the rope..........
  122. Anyone experiencing insomnia with effexor?
  123. newbie
  124. advice would be greatfully recieved
  125. Remeron
  126. Unsure
  127. Help Me w/a new Med...
  128. Celexa vs. Lexapro?
  129. Feeling Very Bad, Need Emotional Support
  130. Had enough
  131. Odd Side Effects
  132. Anyone taking multiple brands of ADs together?
  133. Someone who take A'D for life and weight problem???
  134. Advice on being emotionless?
  135. Need help, depressed
  136. Psyciatrists
  137. I've been seeing a therapist for over a year now
  138. I need some advise!! PLEASE
  139. antidepressant loss of libido side effects..there is hope!
  140. Depression after Child Loss
  141. Effexor results
  142. i wish i could be the way I used to be
  143. Help! mood problems!
  144. is there alot of ppl taking A'D for the rest of their life???
  145. went to my new Dr.
  146. Bad day..so so down
  147. Confused!
  148. Help
  149. Depressed mess, needs support!
  150. what's wrong with me?
  151. Wow, how did I get here?
  152. Now I'm Really Freaking Out, Cymbalta Puts Weight On You?
  153. Zoloft ? - Please help
  154. Ortho tri cyclen and depression?
  155. any students on A'Ds???
  156. depressed and alone
  157. so depressed i could just die..
  158. What happens when you call?
  159. Celexa and lower GI distress.
  160. Love for friend leading to depression.
  161. is there alot of ppl who takes A'D for life!
  162. Looking for someone to talk to, NOT a therapist!
  163. Taking Zoloft at night.
  164. Question
  165. whats happening to me :(
  166. Dangerous Territory
  167. Paxil and Effexor Withdrawal
  168. depression & sleeping
  169. Depression
  170. no one to talk to
  171. Going backwards on Wellbutrin?!?
  172. What happens when parents don't care enough to seek treatment?
  173. is this Depression
  174. Depression and the friend situation
  175. Don't know what to do
  176. Are You Taking Effexor
  177. Looking to better understand...
  178. Bad weekend
  179. Cipralex (escitalopram) New User
  180. How long till Wellbutrin kicks in?
  181. hi
  182. Trouble Hiding my pain
  183. Wellbutrin + SRRI success??????
  184. Does Anyone Take Their Wellbutrin SR at Night?
  185. Lifelong Deppression
  186. Well Known Crazy Cure For Depression
  187. Wellbutrin XL 450 Mg daily
  188. I finally made a BIG decision.. and i can't carry it through.
  189. new drug to reverse loss libido???
  190. Sertraline (Anti-Depressant)
  191. Wanted to update yall
  192. Just starting Cymbalta in addition to my other meds...
  193. Weight gian and Lexapro???
  194. Zoloft and Elavil
  195. Difference between depression and homesickness
  196. anyone tried topomax for depression?
  197. Depressed anxiety both at same time due to loss of loved 1
  198. just lonely i guess
  199. Something is off
  200. Not doing so good
  201. Lexapro and heart problems
  202. tummy problems!
  203. Depression affecting my work performance
  204. What to combat low sex drive from Prozac?
  205. Celexa and Wellbutrin
  206. confused
  207. zoloft
  208. little question!!
  209. Insomnia causes depression?
  210. Stuck in Florida
  211. How hard is it to get off of Wellbutrin XL?
  212. frustrated by your apathy!!!!!!!!
  213. Meds comparison
  214. effexor
  215. whats difference with effexor and effexor xr
  216. talking/conversations....
  217. Cymblata and Trazadone
  218. i feel guilty
  219. depression/
  220. Did or Does Effexor XR Work For Anyone?
  221. I feel so resigned
  222. Adding Wellbutrin?
  223. getting a girlfriend??
  224. effexor xr
  225. Family: The reason for my depression, how to cope...
  226. *sigh* I'm depressed and only one person knows...
  227. Is There Anyone Who Is On Lexapro And Topamax?
  228. Cant handle the guilt
  229. questions about depression
  230. Effexor and Sex
  231. Change of medication
  232. Effects of Remeron
  233. Wife on Wellbutrin. Now even more depressed.
  234. stuck in life
  235. Please Help Me, I Need Help
  236. Sexual Effects of Lexapro
  237. Depression I have... zoloft 100mg, question...
  238. Does anyone take the "older" medications?
  239. is that rare?
  240. -
  241. seizure on wellbutrin, SCARED to try again....
  242. getting a girlfriend while on meds?
  243. Going MIA
  244. how do you wean off meds?
  245. DEPRESSION - Free Cure And Instant Relief from?
  246. girlfriend's anxiety and my depression
  247. I'm so depressed.... I am to blame
  248. over the counter sleep meds?
  249. Cyclothymia?
  250. anxious and depressed

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