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  1. Depressed anxiety both at same time due to loss of loved 1
  2. just lonely i guess
  3. Something is off
  4. Not doing so good
  5. Lexapro and heart problems
  6. tummy problems!
  7. Depression affecting my work performance
  8. What to combat low sex drive from Prozac?
  9. Celexa and Wellbutrin
  10. confused
  11. zoloft
  12. little question!!
  13. Insomnia causes depression?
  14. Stuck in Florida
  15. How hard is it to get off of Wellbutrin XL?
  16. frustrated by your apathy!!!!!!!!
  17. Meds comparison
  18. effexor
  19. whats difference with effexor and effexor xr
  20. talking/conversations....
  21. Cymblata and Trazadone
  22. i feel guilty
  23. depression/
  24. Did or Does Effexor XR Work For Anyone?
  25. I feel so resigned
  26. Adding Wellbutrin?
  27. getting a girlfriend??
  28. effexor xr
  29. Family: The reason for my depression, how to cope...
  30. *sigh* I'm depressed and only one person knows...
  31. Is There Anyone Who Is On Lexapro And Topamax?
  32. Cant handle the guilt
  33. questions about depression
  34. Effexor and Sex
  35. Change of medication
  36. Effects of Remeron
  37. Wife on Wellbutrin. Now even more depressed.
  38. stuck in life
  39. Please Help Me, I Need Help
  40. Sexual Effects of Lexapro
  41. Depression I have... zoloft 100mg, question...
  42. Does anyone take the "older" medications?
  43. is that rare?
  44. -
  45. seizure on wellbutrin, SCARED to try again....
  46. getting a girlfriend while on meds?
  47. Going MIA
  48. how do you wean off meds?
  49. DEPRESSION - Free Cure And Instant Relief from?
  50. girlfriend's anxiety and my depression
  51. I'm so depressed.... I am to blame
  52. over the counter sleep meds?
  53. Cyclothymia?
  54. anxious and depressed
  55. How to cope when you can't?
  56. Prozac Side Effects
  57. Paxil/Menstruation ?
  58. Wellbutrin success???
  59. Has anyone gained weight on Wellbutrin or Stratterra?
  60. Wellbutrin and libido!
  61. Weird question!
  62. Tapering Off Zoloft?
  63. another question about wellbutrin
  64. Does Wellbutrin works?
  65. Progress?
  66. Where you at Macadameia and Nutty Prof?
  67. Lexapro question
  68. Need Cymbalta Feedback
  69. Does Prozac make you feel like crap when you first start taking it?
  70. Looking for Zigwyth ....
  71. effexor
  72. How is Lexapro?
  73. Withdrawal symptoms of Zoloft?...rop
  74. That feeling?
  75. ?Anxiety/depression
  76. what dose works for you?
  77. Effexor Flat mood,memory loss no libido!
  78. Is it possible I have depression?!
  79. psychotic depression
  80. how do i know
  81. AD's and alcohol - do you, or don't you ?? Experiences?
  82. effexor and cymbalta, interchangeable?
  83. How hard is it to switch from Lexapro to Prozac?
  84. Bad Couple of Days
  85. Bad thoughts?
  86. lexapro what can i take with it?
  87. my depression, long time!
  88. Just tired of feeling tired!!!!!
  89. Should I just suffer in silence?
  90. Does anyone know when to Emsam patch will be released?
  91. has lexapro caused anyone irratability?
  92. Do all antidepressant cause memory loss?????
  93. *Versailles*
  94. anyone taking an ad with lamictal?
  95. Should I.....
  96. How Much Fish Oil to Take?
  97. trg247, how are things?
  98. how did you respond to upping your cymbalta dose and what dose works for you?
  99. Changing from Paxil (after >10yrs) to Cymbalta
  100. Did you change from Prozac to Wellbutrin?
  101. SNRI's
  102. What you think?
  103. Why don't many people take Prozac?
  104. Cymbalta vs. Effexor
  105. Lexapro side effects- please share
  106. hiya im new here
  107. Where you at nutty prof???/
  108. Where you at Macedemia?
  109. anti's and memory loss!!
  110. stiil tierd after hours asleep
  111. ZOLOFT- a few questions.
  112. Has anyone gone off meds for years, then back on ?
  113. What was this?
  114. Wellbutrin XL...Side effects?
  115. Depressed and sister not helping
  116. not doing well + some questions
  117. Lexapro making me nauseated again.
  118. What natural vitamin can i take to help with depression?
  119. Should I try another Medication?
  120. does libido ever come back from coming off depressent?
  121. Effexor and Irritability
  122. new to taking wellbutrim...want some insight
  123. Prozac vs. Fluoxetine
  124. Going to Doc.
  125. wich one should i take????????????
  126. am i crazy or is it real!
  127. Who's been to the e.r. for depression/su thoughts?
  128. Help/chat
  129. scared to take meds
  130. Zoloft and Klonopin
  131. very depressed from breakup
  132. Disablilty for chronic depression?
  133. Wellbutrin
  134. Where is Nutty Proff?
  135. Hey Lucinda
  136. Effexor and severe insomnia!!
  137. New-need You guys Bad
  138. Generic Prozac
  139. Why are you depressed?
  140. my life is a mess
  141. What do you think?
  142. Hey! Low sex drive!!
  143. Is it true?
  144. sleeping too much
  145. Effexor or Paxil for depression/anxiety
  146. Celexa-vison changes
  147. help
  148. Scared to take Paxil
  149. Will I get......
  150. low and lower
  151. Okay, men.....HOW did you decide to start meds?
  152. Help! Weight gain!!
  153. Paxil ???s
  154. Getting better....However.
  155. What about celexa?
  156. I have tried?
  157. What do you think?
  158. What about this?
  159. when to take AD meds when you are taking 2 different kinds?
  160. new on the site
  161. karen82252 "you so get it"!
  162. Going To Start Taking Effexor ?
  163. Long Term Effects of Elavil
  164. Help! ..its a bad side effects!
  165. Anyone take Lexapro and Inderal?
  166. Generic Paxil CR?
  167. Sleeping too much.
  168. Worried about my Girlfriend
  169. I just need to talk with someone who understands.
  170. Can this happen?
  171. new to site, new to Cymbalta
  172. effexor and memory loss!
  173. Just really feeling frustrated.
  174. How Can I Not Gain Weight Again On Lexapro?
  175. How long
  176. New medicine, New problem
  177. Another depressed sole
  178. When will I sleep?
  179. when/ if side effects go away...
  180. Medicine helping?
  181. Help Me
  182. wellbutrin and, uh, constipation?
  183. Medicine?
  184. Best way.....
  185. Does Prozac make you tired and other side effects?
  186. Remeron/Mirtazapine/Zispin 45mg
  187. I Want To Sleep........!!!
  188. Deprenyl?
  189. Roller Coaster
  190. Pressure
  191. I need a friend who...
  192. has this ever happened to anyone?
  193. Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL sexual side effects.
  194. is this depression????
  195. Lexapro & Dry Eyes?
  196. What does it feel like to be on medication?
  197. What happens when...?
  198. depression!!
  199. Newbie
  200. Fatigue-Help!
  201. lexapro
  202. sinking back
  203. AD and sex.. any advice??
  204. Way too much going on
  205. Still no emotions
  206. weird feeling
  207. Looking for a purpose
  208. I am a failure as a woman.
  209. impramine
  210. hopeless from depression
  211. New User of Citalopram
  212. Can Wellbutrin XL cause muscle cramps?
  213. Anxiety vs. depression
  214. How long....
  215. Taking Zoloft.
  216. New Here wanted to intoduce myself
  217. Why do I refuse to get help?
  218. Feeling low and lonely
  219. Hey Guys!! !!!
  220. help for the severly depressed
  221. another treatment for depression?
  222. Waves of Good Feelings?
  223. should I stop?
  224. Afraid of medications?
  225. i get depressed
  226. Can Wellbutrin XL or Lexapro cause liver damage?
  227. old subject : weight gain on SSRIs ??
  228. Zoloft raises blood pressure?
  229. did anybody get headache?
  230. No where else to go
  231. Buspar
  232. Weight Issues with Cymbalta??
  233. Effexor XR & sexual side effect?
  234. Reasons to Get Off Meds?
  235. Cymbalta and sex drive
  236. Down and Out
  237. Paxil is working on depression, but>>>>
  238. antidepressants and thyroid meds
  239. 3.30AM cant sleep need to vent
  240. I think I need some help
  241. What time of day do you recommend taking Lexapro?
  242. Depression past coule yrs?
  243. Zoloft side effects...
  244. Y'All Are Scarin' Me Regarding Lexapro!
  245. Doctor gave me Lexapro to take with the Wellbutrin XL.
  246. Med. side-effect?
  247. effexor + wellbutrin?
  248. wellbutrin and agresive behavior
  249. I think I'm depressed
  250. Increasing Zoloft

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