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  1. Pregnancy and Effexor XR
  2. Wellbutrin xl
  3. Would you try a medicine again?
  4. Living in fear it will return
  5. Is this depression...Please Help!
  6. my first time here.
  7. Can someone help me please !
  8. merry christmas
  9. Dilantin for Depression & Anxiety
  10. Any chance of Wellbutrin working in 1 week?
  11. Advice please...
  12. Lexapro vs. wellbutrin
  13. new from downunder
  14. does anyone fight depression without meds.?
  15. Dosage Increase Questions
  16. In need of help...
  17. Depression Relapse after 10 years
  18. Now I know I'm not alone in this
  19. Doing well so far, please read!
  20. Finally feeling better
  21. what to do when feelings get intense?
  22. my big heart makes me depressed
  23. Hope you can have a Merry Christmas!
  24. thoughts on Prozac
  25. how do you ask for help?
  26. What does depression do to you?
  27. Wellbutrin XL and alcohol.
  28. Wellbutrin SR Anxiety side effect...does it go away?
  29. thank you all from newbie
  30. whyyy??
  31. what are your coping secrets?
  32. Has Anyone Experience Itching While On Wellbutrin XL
  33. Nobody believes me.
  34. Can you fake depression?
  35. Zoloft taken off market?
  36. Boyfreind.... and Depression
  37. Well i finally decided.....
  38. Remeron
  39. Panic attacks while on XANAX anyone else?
  40. Wellbutrin and eye problems
  41. Looking for rehab hospital to deal with depression
  42. Wellbutrin Zombie..how long will this last
  43. How to get the guts to ask for help?
  44. Am i going crazy?Consultant seems to think so.
  45. Need Help
  46. Cognitive Therapy vs. Medication -Opinions?
  47. Yikes! A friend on Paxil
  48. Prozac.......
  49. Scared of getting help
  50. has anyone ever had this symtom from an atidepressant?
  51. Trapped
  52. Depression Speeds up Aging?
  53. I think I found a way to channel my feelings... not in a good way
  54. Lexapro
  55. depressed friend
  56. I recommend this book...
  57. Effexor XR To Lexapro
  58. I just feel like my life is pointless a fair amount of the time.
  59. Am i 'depressed'??
  60. *sob*
  61. I am new and need advice
  62. Help- my mind is all a mess!!
  63. Depressed at lack of conversation
  64. I feel alone and helpless..
  65. I'm so down because I am gay.
  66. Update on Lexapro.
  67. anyone on Prozac weekly ??
  68. wellbutrin XL question
  69. Numbness in right arm and hand..Prozac?
  70. I am alone no more denial
  71. stopped wellbutrin, gaining weight
  72. Question about a med free life...
  73. winter blues
  74. Depression and drinking to make it "go away"...
  75. has effexor been a effective drug for any of you?
  76. MAO inhibitors
  77. Hello to all the mums, daughters, friends, dads, aunts, brothers, grannys.....
  78. Does anyone ever feel they are spinning their wheels?
  79. Just Got Relesed From The Hospital
  80. VNS therapy anyone???
  81. To MarciaD,Indysasha and countrygirl1
  82. How do they Diagnose depression?
  83. arghh
  84. Where do I start
  85. Many issues =depression + history
  86. ? About meds!!
  87. Wellbutrin XL Help...
  88. New here! :(
  89. depressed and nowhere to turn
  90. B-12 and depression
  91. wellbutrin xl
  92. lexapro insomnia
  93. Need Some Help...
  94. Hey friends
  95. Codependent???
  96. Have you seen this commercial?
  97. Not sure what qualifies as Depression
  98. I'm afraid to take any antidepressants
  99. I cannot stand on emore day of this
  100. don't post much, but really need an ear
  101. Pain is making me depressed..
  102. Enough is enough
  103. mao inhibitors
  104. Provigil for wakefullness???
  105. i think i might be depressed
  106. EFFEXOR withdrawals/could i have them skipping a day
  107. My elderly Mom depressed, please, send her your advice, encouragement, etc. THANK U!
  108. depression?
  109. Big Black Cloud Over Kiba
  110. I screwed up again
  111. zoloft claims and effexor CRAP!
  112. New to board but not depression
  113. Wellbutrin & Pregnancy
  114. i need some support
  115. cymbalta
  116. New here...
  117. L-Tyrosine?
  118. 2 Questions
  119. Will I EVER have good friends? Ones in real life?
  120. There is no colour on my canvas
  121. Is it natural to feel like this?
  122. Depressed
  123. New to this board--Is this depression?
  124. Hey everyone, giving you some info
  125. Anti Depressants??
  126. Dont know what i'm doing
  127. A Crush (erotic transference) on a Shrink/Therapist
  128. Splitting Your Tablets
  129. Anything for sexual dysfunction from SSRI's?
  130. lost in life
  131. Wellbutrin, Day 3
  132. Is this normal? I'm really feeling bad today
  133. depression and appearence
  134. confused
  135. Need Some Opinions-Is the dog helping or hurting?
  136. Ok so i'm depressed, now what do i do?
  137. Frustration (at lack of understanding about depression)
  138. Feeling ignored
  139. what do I do now?
  140. Cymbalta and cold sweats...
  141. How do I get off prozac weekly !
  142. Need A Safe Place...
  143. New here as well-really need to vent
  144. I wish I could open up
  145. Wellbutrin dose and headache, please help
  146. Wellbutrin - queezzy stomach?
  147. Need some advice
  148. Wellbutrin/Prozac (Fluoxitine)
  149. Trying to get into routine taking meds
  150. Wellbutrin and Lexapro
  151. Jennita.... question for you
  152. Physical pain and depression....anyone else here struggle with this?
  153. Really down and out!
  154. pleeaasse respond.. wellbutrin = speed ?
  155. Versailles
  156. WellbutrinXL/No appetite???
  157. It's a never ending story.....
  158. Don't know
  159. Prescribing Ethics
  160. I feel down
  161. What is this I feel?
  162. Wellbutrin side effects
  163. Possible solution for my anxiety?
  164. i cant kick this feeling..
  165. Worried Mum
  166. Wellbutrin work?
  167. effexor xr good / bad
  168. Life and the boss from hell
  169. Practical ways to deal with motivation issues?
  170. Terminal Apathy
  171. Kiba is back!!!
  172. I have to be depressed right?
  173. Depressed, Pregnant and Angry
  174. Depressed, Pregnant and Angry
  175. what to wish for if there WAS a magic wand??
  176. zoloft and wellbutrin
  177. Diazepam (Valium)???
  178. Cymbalta
  179. Why?
  180. Does Risperidone Work?
  181. brain shivers from effexor
  182. birth control pill causing depression to elevate
  183. Depression in the Winter?
  184. has anyone tried st. John's wort?
  185. Effexor and Wellbutrin combination?
  186. dont know what to do
  187. ORGASMIC ability on antidepressants...survey says...
  188. reactive vs. non-reactive
  189. Sons Depression
  190. Why do I feel like this? Please help!
  191. Should I try another anti-depressant?
  192. Ahhh!
  193. This is hard...
  194. Paxil and fatigue
  195. being kept from grandkids
  196. Anti-depressants?
  197. Okay, For Pms Depression, Should It Be Paxil Or Prozac?
  198. How does one know...
  199. Feeling very sad because of what I did.
  200. Cymbalta And In Need Of Some Help Here!
  201. Ways to overcome depression during this time of year???
  202. Just need someone to talk to
  203. Effexor and weight gain??
  204. Can You Please Help---just Found Out I Have A Benign Tumor On My Uterus--which Causes
  205. I started Zoloft yesterday
  206. My first time here...
  207. Desperate....Dont know what to do??
  208. Can't get myself to seek help
  209. Thoughts that get to you?
  210. No sense of belonging...how to go on??
  211. Switching to Prozac and I am scared
  212. I am so worried about taking prozac
  213. worried about taking prozac
  214. i am addicted to internet
  215. i HATE my life..heartbreak..hate..vent
  216. antidepressants show up in drug test?
  217. troubled friendships
  218. anyone doing combination of lexapro and wellbutrinxl?
  219. Broken Heart
  220. Remeron -anxiety side affects? Please help!
  221. face changing
  222. Need advice asp
  223. Just need to say it
  224. risperdol
  225. Why don't people get it?
  226. Q's for Wellbutrin takers
  227. not sure what i have
  228. This may be a strange question
  229. please please, anyone at all in the exact same situation as me?
  230. newbie
  231. Wellbutrin and night vision??
  232. trying to save relationship
  233. How do i get help?
  234. The hope you all want.
  235. Will I get my girlfriend back?
  236. my mum
  237. Can depression & stress affect menstral cycles?
  238. hi, ritalin how much
  239. New here. Just need to vent.
  240. How do you repair your snapper?
  241. ZOloft...any experiences with it?
  242. What next?
  243. Screw it!
  244. I'm really sad.
  245. Why am I not Depressed when Sick?
  246. Citalopram and Zopiclone - any good - need help
  247. Depression causes dizziness?
  248. Golfinggirl information about Elavil
  249. Hi Dot368
  250. Extremely LONELY, need some advice!!

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