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  1. general question.....
  2. wierd pain from depression???
  3. I can't take it anymore!
  4. Does getting councelling help!!!
  5. Just another day.....*sigh*
  6. any remedies for depression?
  7. So I'm getting some free lexapro samples....
  8. Introduction
  9. help...no one will listen to me
  10. Still No Libido After I Stopped Taking Effexor!!!
  11. EFFEXOR WITHDRAWAL Please help me!!
  12. weight gain on antidepressants
  13. On proxac weekly...need someone to talk to !
  14. More or less Wellbutrin...
  15. Why Won't It End?
  16. Paxil vs Effexor
  17. I feel depressed but compared to everyone elses problem I feel selfish
  18. cymbalta
  19. Antidepressant's(welbutrin) and 5HTP
  20. going to the hospital
  21. Lexapro withdrawal question
  22. Kiba, Arememom still loves you
  23. what about non God believers?!
  24. 5htp?
  25. CAn't take SSRI's anymore-disturbed sleep and anorgamic
  26. Can you take Oxycontin and Zoloft together?
  27. sleeping all the time
  28. Gaining weight
  29. Emotional
  30. Depression or hormone imbalance???
  31. Depressed And Pregnant
  32. same ole rant different day
  33. PAXIL dulled all my feelings
  34. Am i ready to wean myself off Ad's alone, yet?
  35. What AD options are there for me?
  36. Just rambling on ...
  37. Very Blue Today
  38. I am taking three antidepressants BUT
  39. Getting dicouraged with antidepressants
  40. When Is Enough Enough
  41. I'd rather stay in bed
  42. All new to me....
  43. how do you know
  44. New
  45. getting of seroxate
  46. GRRRRRR>........SO SICK OF THIS!
  47. generics
  48. severely depressed, need someone to talk to
  49. Depression - Does anyone really understand it?
  50. please help...a friend...
  51. Desperation
  52. The Downward Spiral
  53. been on lexapro for 4 months and not a 100% better
  54. Something for EVERYONE
  55. Finally accepting that I need help
  56. The good and the bad.
  57. Just when I thought things were getting better...
  58. Alexithymia
  59. Is this a symptom of depression?..ROP
  60. Being crazy or normal?
  61. Switching from Celexa to Cymbalta
  62. severe pms... pushing away loved ones
  63. I'm so confused and Depressed PLEASE HELP ME
  64. Why are my own thoughts trapped inside me?
  65. Paxil - take am or pm
  66. ZAPS..what are they?
  67. ADs approved for those with former EDs
  68. Doxepin? Need some advice please...
  69. Good dreams
  70. I don't get along with anyone... Am I really the problem?
  71. Counsellors/Therapists
  72. soooo lonely...can't take it...
  73. college depression? or inability to adjust?
  74. depression headaches
  75. Tired of not fitting in
  76. Feeling let down by people
  77. does anyone understand Me
  78. Input on Cymbalta please!
  79. Depression Success Stories?
  80. seeking help is making me more depressed and anxious!
  81. Remeron/Mirtazepine...anyone using this?
  82. Advice needed please.........
  83. Feel no effect from prozac-thinking about lexapro
  84. SSRI drugs rejected by body.
  85. There aren't any depressed people like me :-(
  86. New to Board. Needed to talk to people who understand
  87. Trazadone Questions
  88. Lexapro and Effexor?
  89. Accutane-Induced Depression?
  90. Wellbutrin - taken it for 1.5 yrs
  91. Lexapro, Lexapro lexapro!
  92. Nervous about starting meds...
  93. New here too
  94. An Invitation to a similar party...
  95. College depression? Not sure what to do...
  96. The good and the bad!!!
  97. Finding my smile...
  98. So...
  99. Lexapro?
  100. Feel better today>
  101. my heart is breaking
  102. My story
  103. Prozac
  104. Going to doctor tomorrow...
  105. I should be excited.
  106. Psychologist?
  107. new here
  108. Mood swings.....scaring people away
  109. Random bad thoughts
  110. miss
  111. depressed help plz
  112. Social Withdrawn
  113. New to Prozac
  114. unwanted, intrusive thoughts
  115. MeDiCaTiOn
  116. Celexa experiences?
  117. I'm a terrible mess (this is long)
  118. What can help with the bad thoughts?
  119. New
  120. help me
  121. Can never do enough
  122. Depression Meds
  123. I Should Have Known Better
  124. I was really feeling down a few minutes ago.
  125. Anyone get hyper/over-excited on Lexapro?
  126. Is anyone else on proxac weekly?
  127. Afraid
  128. Is this depression? And what do I do...?
  129. Serafem-side effects and solutions
  130. I feel like my life is falling apart....
  131. Effexor withdrawl?
  132. Indiana
  133. JohnDiv
  134. Wellbutrin and Sexual Response Question
  135. Am I just being hyper sensitive?
  136. Cymbalta
  137. Nedding help?
  138. Finally making some progress...but still stressed out!
  139. Am I just being hyper sensitive?
  140. Post-College Depression
  141. Treating Zoloft Side Effects...
  142. i don't know what to do
  143. has anyone just run away???
  144. Selfish
  145. Can depression cause CFIDS?
  146. depression from loneliness
  147. Big Scare - Now Depressed!
  148. ***? I don't understand my life
  149. weight gain on zoloft?
  150. Nothing's worth anything
  151. Need Help!! My Story
  152. Depression and Blood Pressure- Please help
  153. hello
  154. The occupations of depressed people
  155. Boyfriend's depressed, and now me?? HELP!
  156. I can't pretend anymore
  157. Conflicted - Stay on or get off Effexor
  158. What caused these feelings?
  159. can you get just TOO sensitive to everything?!
  160. My last resort
  161. Falling apart again....
  162. Barbeque today -- all welcome
  163. I am ill
  164. Monster
  165. What is wrong with my life..help me please
  166. New here. Anyone taking Sarafem?
  167. Could I be depressed?
  168. I need help
  169. Zoloft aftermath? Anyone the same?
  170. anyone changed from prozac or other AD to wellbutrin because of sexual side effects?
  171. how do i get my doctor too....
  172. New here, Effexor side effects
  173. depression or "drama queen"?
  174. New and overwhelmed
  175. First post/I'm so sad
  176. psychotic depression
  177. jobs and depression
  178. Is this depression?
  179. I depressed or am I just being paranoid?
  180. Sever Depression [Warning: Very long]
  181. depression
  182. counseling...again
  183. Depression through the eyes of a 15-year-old
  184. Depression?
  185. A little bit of hope goes a long way
  186. Do You Ever Struggle With Therapy
  187. anyone on cymbalta & other ssris????
  188. anyone take natural meds. 4 depression??
  189. Another diagnosis?
  190. Ginkgo to help SE w/ anti-depressant
  191. Do you wake up at exactly the same time every night?
  192. Citalopram
  193. belize's Place
  194. Going off effexor and really scared!
  195. My Story - Lexapro & Effexor XR
  196. What doctor?
  197. Success? Anyone?
  198. Battling this for 30 or more years
  199. New to this board
  200. Help! Im spiraling downward
  201. provigil/ modafinil
  202. Getting away from head spins
  203. new here
  204. residential treatment center for depression
  205. What Next???
  206. just dont know what i'm doing
  207. meds
  208. Close call with death...
  209. Questions for those on medication..
  210. new here
  211. my story
  212. Mental Health Center
  213. SAME-E and St. John's Wort
  214. Sickofeffexor, I need your help!
  215. I don't know where else I can let this out....thank you for listening!
  216. How do I know if it's depression or anxiety?
  217. AGITATED depression...not quite mania...HELP!!
  218. cymbalta & withdraws? whinning off?
  219. new to this board and newly diagnosed with depression
  220. depression and hormones
  221. coming off luvox
  222. no libido after not taking effexor
  223. living with a drunk
  224. jobs
  225. when it gets too much
  226. Does The Cycle Ever End?
  227. Wellbutrin XL and Insomnia
  228. Wellbutrin/Cymbalta/Phentermine
  229. Best time to take Zoloft?
  230. Are you an actor too?
  231. High Expectations? Excuses?
  232. Another ? about Lexapro/Wellbuterin Withdrawl
  233. tmg,dmg,5htp,trytophan,dhea... ?
  234. Paxil and Pregnancy
  235. cutting
  236. anyone care about the worst summer of my life?
  237. The fire is burning me alive!!!
  238. TMG/DMG/Tryptophan/st. johns wart.. anyone try ?? ?
  239. Lexapro, depression, and side affects
  240. zoloft
  241. I can't do this alone! Please help!
  242. mental health services
  243. Just don't know what to do
  244. I am so FED UP!!! FED UP!!!
  245. Fluoxetine / Prozac make you tired?
  246. I slept all day yesterday......
  247. I don't think there is anyone who can help me.
  248. So depressed you can't breathe
  249. Is something else wrong with me?
  250. in a real scary place

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